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Harewood, (a lady of the bedchamber to her Majesty,) and has issue.

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Sin Maurice Berkeley, knt., 2d son of Maurice, 2d lord Berkeley, of Berkeley Castle, (see eart of Hokeley, was sometime constable of the Tower of London and governor of the Castle of (, loucester, and in high esteem for his martial achievements in the reign of Edward III., was present at the battle of Cressy, and died in the camp before Calais, 12 Feb. the following year, leaving a son and heir, sir Thomas, who d. 1.61, leaving sir Maurice Berkeley, knt., his son and heir, who by Catharine, his wife, sister and co-h. of John de Botetourt, lord of Weley Castle, co. Worcester, had issue a son, Sir MA to Rio k, who was also knighted, and by Joan, his wife, da. of air John Dinham, had issue a son, also named Maurice: which Maurice by inquisition 7 H. IV. (1405), was found to be cou-in and co-h. of Joyce, wife of sir Hugh Burnel, grand-daughter and heir of John, 2d lord Botetourt, whereby he became possessed of wooley Castle aforesaid; he m. Ellen, da of William Montfort, and d. 1464, leaving issue, Sir William Berkeley, K.B., fought va. liantly on behalf of king Richard III., at the battle of Bosworth, and was attainted in the first year of king Henry VII. : he m. Anne, da. of Sir Humphrey Stafford, knt., and was father of sur Richard Berkeley, seated at Stoke (, ifford, co. Gloucester, who d. 1514, leaving issue by his wife, Elizabeth, da, of sir Humphrey Coningsby, knt.; two sons, sir John, of Stoke Git . ancestor of Norborne, lord bott tourt ; and air Maurice Berkeley, of Bruton, co. Somerset. The said sir Maurice was standardbearer to king Henry VIII., king Edward VI., and queen Elizabeth; he m., 1st, Catharine, da. of William Blount, lord Mountto: (who d. 25 Feb. 1559, ) and 2dly, Elizaoth, da. of Anthony Sands, esq. (who d. 16 June 1585): by his first wife he had issue a son and heir, Sir H Exh y Behkrley, of Bruton, knt., m. Margaret, da. of Sir William Lygon, of —, co. Stafford, esq., and left issue three sons, 1. Sir MA water, ancestor of the viscounts Fitzhardinge, the barons Berkeley, of Stratton, and the earl of Falmouth. 2. Sir H E N hy, of Yarlington, co. Somerset, ancestor of the Berkeleys of Yarlington. 3. Sir Edward, of whom hereafter. 4. MARG An or, m. sir Lewis Pollard, of King's Nyinpton, co. Devon.

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Sir John Portman, representative of a family long seated in the co. of Somerset, was created a baronet 25 Nov. 1612; he m. Anne, da, of sir Henry Gifford, knt., and d. 4 Dec. 1612, leaving issue, 1. Sir Henry, 2d bart., d.s.p. Feb. 1624. 2. Sir John, 3d bart., d. unm. 10 Dec. 1624. 3. Sir Hugh, 4th bart., d. unm. 1632. 4. Sir William, 5th bart. 5. Joan, m. George Speke, of Whitelockington, and had a i. lo. m. to Edward Berkeley, esq., as above-mentioned. 6. Anne, m. sir Edward Seymour, of Berry Pomeroy Castle, co. Devon.

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co. Inverness, so created by patent, 28 Jan. 1837; married, 6 Aug. 1823, Charlotte-Georgina, eldest da. of George, lord Stafford, and has issue, 1. SIMON, b. 21 Dec. 1828;-–2. ALEXANDER-EDw ARD, b. 13 Jan. 1831 ;—3. GEoRGE-STAFF or D-Edward, b. 17 Feb. 1834; 4. AMELIA-CHARLot TE, b. 20 Feb. 1826; –5. FRANCEs-GEORGINA, b. 6 June 1827; —6. CHARLoTTE-HENRIETTA. In 1823 his lordship was served nearest and lawful heir male of Thomas Fraser, father of Simon, last lord Lovat, and petitioning his Majesty to recognise his claim to the dignity of Baron Lovat, the case was referred to and heard before the House of


THE name of FRAs ER is of great antiuity in Scotland: Sir Gilbert Fraser, of

§r Castle, was sheriff of Traquair, temp. Alexander II., and was grandfather of sir Simon Fraser, the faithful friend and associate of sir William Wallace, and also of sir Alexander Fraser, who married the princess Mary, sister of king Robert Bruce, and fell at Dupplin Moor, in Aug. 1332.

SIMon FRASER, the immediate ancestor of the house of Lovat, supposed to be nearly allied to the above-mentioned knights, fell at the battle of Halidon Hill, in 1333, leavin issue a son, Hugh, 1st lord Lovat, father o Hugh, 2d lord, father of Hugh, 3d lord, father of Thomas, oth lord, father of Hugh, 5th lord, who fell, with eighty gentlemen of his clan, in battle with the Macdonalds of Lochlochy, 2 June 1544; he m., 1st, Anne, da. of John Grant, of Grant, and had an only son, who fell in battle with his father; he m., 2dly, Janet, da. of Walter Ross, of Balnagowan, and had a son, Alexander, 6th lord, who, by his wife, Janet, da. of Campbell, of Calder, had,

1. HUGH, 7th lord.

2. Thom As, ancestor of the present peer.

3. JAMES, ancestor of the Frasers of Ardochy.

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2. Hugh, master of Lovat, m. Anne, da. of Alexander Leven, and d. 1643, leavin issue by whom (who m., 2dly, sir Ralp Delaval, bart.) a son, HUGH, 10th lord. 3. THOMAS, 12th lord. HUGH, 9th lord, d. 1646, and was succeeded by his grandson, HUGH, 10th lord, b. 1643, m., 1659, Anne, da, of sir John M'Kenzie, of Turbat, bart., and dying in 1672, was succeeded by his SOn, HUGH, 11th lord, m. Amelia, da. of John, 1st o: of Atholl, but, dying 4 Sept. 1696, without male issue, the title and estates devolved upon his great uncle, THoMAs, 12th lord, m. da, of MLeod, of M'Leod, and dying, in the isle of Skye, in May 1698-9, left issue a son, SI Mon, who, being outlawed for treason, and resident in France, the estates were entailed on the heirs of Amelia, eldest da, and

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The rebellion of 1715, of. , however, the state of affairs, Simon, lord Lovat, retoo. in Scotland, and o assisting the government in quelling the insurrection, : his title and estates; in 1740, he ..". the conmission of lieutenant-general and general of the Highlands from Charles Edward, with a patent creating him duke of Fraser; he himself took no active part in the rebellion, but sent his son and clansmen to join the standard of the prince; being convicted of high treason before the house of lords, 10 March 1747, he was beheaded on Tower Hill, 9 April following, in the 80th year of his age. He left three sons, Simon, his heir: Alexander, who d. 1762; and Archibald-Campbell, heir to his brother. Simox, master of Lovat, who joined Charles-Edward at the head of his clan, surrendered himself in 1746, and was confined in Edinburgh Castle till 1750, when he obtained a free pardon; he was subsequently colonel of a regiment in the service of Great Britain, and lieutenant-general in the army; he distinguished himself at Louisbourg and Quebec, and dying without issue in 1782, was succeeded in his estate (to which he had been restored for his distinguished military services) by his half brother, ARchibald - CAM parll, Faasen, esq., of Lovat, who had issue, by his wife, Jane, sister of sir William Fraser, of Leadclune, bart., five sons, all of whom he survived : at his decease, in 1815, the male descendants of Hugh, 9th lord Lovat, becoming extinct, the male representation of the family, as well as the right to the extensive entailed estates, devolved upon the descendants of Alexander, 6th lord, whose descent we now proceed to trace. Thomas, 2d son of Alexander, 6th lord

Lovat, was of Knockie, in the shire of inverness, and of Strichen, co. Aberdeen, and d. 2 Oct. 1612, act. 66, leaving a son, Thomas, (who d. March 1645, father of thomas Fraser, father of another Thomas Fraser, father of Alexander, who, by his wife, Emilia, da of James, lord Boo, had issue, 1. JAMrs, d. unm., and was succeeded by his brother. 2. At.--Andra. 3. Thomas. 4. Mannox, m., 1715, James Craig, advocate. Alexanden Fraser, 2d son, and heir to his brother, was a lord of session, by the title of lord strichen, and general of the Scottish mint ; he m. Anne, countess of Bute, and dying 15 Feb. 1775, left issue an only son, Alexandron Fraser, of Strichen, n., 1764, Jean, only da. of William Menzies, esq., and had issue 4 sons and 4 das-, of whom the eldest, Aloxa worn Fraser, of Strichen, was a capt. of the 1st regiment of dragoon guards, and m., 1800, Amelia, da. of John Leslie, of Balquhain, and dying, 28 April 1803, was succeeded his son, Thomas Alexandra, created lord Lovat, as above. Heir Apparent—Hon. Simon Faasen, his lordship's eldest son. creation–28 Jan. 1837. Arms—Quarterly, 1st and 4th. Azure, three cinquefoils, argent. 2d and 3d. Gules, three antique crowns or. Crest—A buck's head erased or, attired argent. Supporters—Two bucks proper. Motto—Je suis prest. I am ready.

WILLIAM BATEMAN-HANBURY, BAR on BATEMAN, of Shobden, co. Hereford, so created by patent, 30 Jan. 1837; took the surname and arms of Bateman, by royal sign manual, 24 Feb. 1837; married, 16 Aug. 1822, Elizabeth, da. of lord Spencer-Stanley Chichester, and sister of Arthur, lord Templemore, and has issue, 1. WILLIAM-BATEMAN :

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Waller, of Gregories, co. Bucks, by whom (who d. 23 Aug. 1700, aet. 63) he had, besides other issue, THoMAS HAN BURY, of the Middle Temple, barrister at law, m. Elizabeth, da; and co-h., of George Clerke, of Watford, co. Northampton, esq., and d. 30 Jan. 1721–2, leaving issue, a da., Elizabeth, m. Walter Plummer, and a son, WILLIAM HAN BURY, of Kelmarsh, esq., m., 10 Feb. 1735, Sarah, da. and h. of William Western, of Rivenhall, co. Essex, esq., (by Anne, da. of sir James Bateman, knt., lord mayor of London, and sister of William, viscount Bateman, of Ireland, upon the decease of whose son, John, 2d viscount Bateman, that dignity became extinct,) and d. 1768, leaving issue by her, (who d. 1766,) 1. WILLIAM. 2. ANNE, m. John Harvey Thursby, of * co. Northampton, esq., and d. 3. CHARLott E., d. Yog. WILLIAM HAN BURY, of Kelmarsh, esq., only son, m., 24 Oct. 1777, Charlotte, da. of Charles James Packe, of Prestwould, co. Leicester, esq., and d. 16 Nov. 1807, leaving issue by her, (who d. 1816,)

1. WILLIAM, created Baron Bateman. 2. Sir John, a major-general, and K.C.H. 3. GeohgE, in holy orders, rector of Kelmarsh. 4. ANNE, m., 20 July 1809, sir Sotherton Branthwaite Peckham-Micklethwaite, of Iridge Place, co. Sussex, bart. Heir Apparent – Hon. WILLIAM-BATEMAN BATEMAN-HANBURY, his lordship’s eldest son. Creation—30 Jan. 1837. Arms—Quarterly. 1st and 4th. Or, a bend engrailed vert, plain cottised sable; in chief a crescent on a crescent for difference, HANBURY. 2d and 3d. Or, on a fess sable between three Muscovy ducks proper, a rose of the field, BATEMAN. Crests—lst. Out of a mural crown, sable, a demi lion or, holding in the dexter paw, a battleaxe sable, helved gold, HANBURY ; 2d. a duck's head and neck between two wings proper. Supporters—Two lions argent, gorged with plain collars each charged with a rose between two fleurs-de-lis, or, and chains of the latter affixed to each collar and reflexed over the back. Motto—Nec prece, nec pretio. by prayer, nor by price.


FRANCIS-WILLIAM CAULFEILD, BARoN CHARLEMONT, of Charlemont, co. Armagh, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, so created 13 Feb. 1837, with remainder to his lordship's only surviving brother, the hon. Henry Caulfeild, of Hackley Lodge, co. Armagh; Earl of Charlemont, Yo: Caulfeild, Baron of Charlemont in the Peerage of Ireland, ., &c.

See EARL of CHARLEMont, in the Peerage of Ireland. Heir Presumptive—Hon. HENRY CAUL

FEILD, only surviving brother of the earl. Creation—13 Feb. 1837.

ANTHONY.ADRIAN KEITH-FALCONER, BARon KINTORE in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, so created by patent, July 1838; Earl of Kintore, Lord Keith of Inverury and Keith Hall, Lord Falconer of Halkertoun in the Peerage of Scotland.

See EARL of KINTone, in the Peerage of Scotland. Heir Apparent—WILLIAM-ADRIAN, lord

INVERURY, the earl’s son. Creation—July 1838.

CORNELIUS O'CALLAGHAN, BARon LISMORE, of Shanbally Castle, co. Tipperary, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, so created by patent, July 1838; Viscount Lismore, and Baron Lismore, of Shanbally, aforesaid, in the Peerage of Ireland.

See Wiscount Lismore, in the Peerage of Ireland. Heir Apparent — The hom. Cohn ELIUs

O'CALLAGHAN, the viscount's eldest son. Creation—July 1838.

WARNER-WILLIAM WEST ENRA, BA Ron ROSSMORE, of co. Monaghan, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, so created by patent, July 1838; Baron Rossmore, of Monaghan, in the Peerage of Ireland; Lord-Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum co. Monaghan.

See Baron Rossmone, in the Peerage of worstenna, his lordship's son.
Ireland. Creation—July 1835.
Heir Apparent – Hon. He way-Rourar-

ROBERT-SHAPLAND CAREw, Banox CAREw, of Castleborough, co. Wexford, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, so created by patent, July 1838; Baron Carew, of the county of Wexford, in the Peerage of Ireland.

See BARon CAREw, in the Peerage of Ire. LAND-Canrw, his lordship's son. land. Creation—July 1833. Heir Apparent - Hon. Robsar - shap

WILLIAM - FRANCIS - SPENCER PONsoNBy, Banos DE MAULEY, of Canford, co. Dorset, so created by patent dated 10 July 1838; born Feb. 1787; married, 8 Aug. 1814, Barbara Ashley-Cooper, only da. and sole h. of Anthony, 5th earl of Shaftesbury, and has issue, – 1. CHARLES-FREDERICK-ASHLEY-COOPER, b. 12 Sept. 1815, M.P. for Poole ;--2. FRANCEs-ANN E-Grong IANA, b. 24 July 1817, m., 14 Dec. 1837, George - William - Fox, lord Kinnaird ; – 3. AN thoxyAsh LEY, b. 11 April 1828, d. 29 Nov. 1829;-4. Ashley-GEong EJohn, b. 25 June 1831.

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John WROTTESLEY, Banos WROTTESLEY, of wrottesley, co. Stafford, so created 11 July 1838, and a Baronet ; born 24 Oct. 1771 ; married, 1st, 23 June 1795, Caroline Bennett, da. of Charles, earl of Tankerville, by whom (who d. 7 March 1818) he had issue, −1. JOHN, b. 5 Aug. 1798, m., 28 July 1821, Sophia-Elizabeth, 3d da. of Thomas Giffard, of Chillington, co. Stafford, esq.; 2. CHARLEs-A LEx ANDER. b. 21 Oct. 1799; —3. Rob Ent, b. 2 June 1801, in holy orders, m. Aug. 1828, Georgiana, da. of sir George Pigott, bart., and d. Jan. 1838; —4. GEong E-Thomas, b. 23 Aug. 1807, d. 5 April 1818; —5. WALTER, b. 8 April 1810;-6. CARoll NE, d. 3 July 1797; —7. EMMA, d. 8 March 1804;-8. HENRIETTA, b. 10 April 1805, m., 10 Jan. 1830, H. Strawbenzee, of Spennithorne, co. York, esq.; 9. Louis A, b. 28 May 1806, d. Feb. 1821 ; – 10. FAN NY-Is ABELLA, b. 1818, d. 12 April 1829. Sir John m., 2dly, 19 May 1819, the hon. mrs. John Bennett, da. of John Conyers, esq., of Copt Hall, Essex, and widow of the hon. John-Astley Bennett, R.N.

HE name of this family is taken from since the Norman Conquest; sir Hugh de o: of their residence, which they are Wrottesley was seated here tem w Hen - III, supposed to have been possessed of ever I as was also sir Willian de * ey, 9

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