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5. Frances-Blanche-Anne, b. 11 Nov. 1828. 6. Augustus-Cholmondeley, b. 8 Nov. 1820. 7. Somerset-John, b. 23 Jan. 1831. 8. Harriet, b. 5 July 1832. 9. Isabella, b. 1 July 1833. 10. A da., b. 31 Aug. 1834. 11. A da., b. 14 Aug. 1837. 5. WILLIAM-OTHER, b. 27 Aug. 1791, d.

yoff 6. John, b. 5 May 1793, lieut. of the Juno frigate, accidentally killed in Jamaica, 10 June 1816. ić ARTHUR, b. 14 Nov. 1796, d. 5 March 6. 1: FRANCEs-Elizabeth, b. 25 March 785. 9. CHARLoTTE, b. 10 June 1788, d. 16 My 1792. 10. HARRIET, b. 8 Nov. 1794, d. unm. 12 Feb. 1813. 11. MARIA-LUCY, b. 18 March 1798, d. 17 Jan. 1799. His lordship d. 16 March 1798, and was

succeeded by his eldest son, CHARLEs, 2d lord, b. 22 March 1786, who d. unm. 5 June 1807, and was succeeded by his next brother, GEORGE, present and 3d lord. Heir Presumptive—Hon. FREDERick CALTHortPE, his lordship's brother. Creations—Baronet, 6 April 1728; Baron, 15 June 1796. Arms—Quarterly, 1st and 4th. Chequy or and azure, a fess ermine—CALTHoRPE. 2d and 3d. Gules, on a fess argent, between three boars' heads couped or, a lion passant azure—Gough. Crest—A boar's head erased at the neck and erect azure, bristled or, between two wild men, wreathed around the temples and loins, and holding in the exterior hand a club erect or. Supporters – Two wild men, wreathed about the temples and loins with oak, and holding in the exterior hand a club erector. Motto—Gradu diverso, via una. The same way by different steps.

JOHN ROLLE, BARon ROLLE, of Stevenstone, co. Devon, so

created 20 June 1796; late Recorder of Torrington.

His lordship was

born 16 Oct. 1756; married, 1st, Judith-Maria, only da. and h. of Henry Walrond, of Bovey, co. Devon, (who d. 1 Oct. 1820); his lordship m., 2dly, 24 Sept. 1822, the hon. Louisa Trefusis, da. of Robert-GeorgeWilliam, late lord Clinton, but has no issue by either marriage.

GEong E Roll E, a merchant in London, at the time of the Reformation, was a considerable purchaser of abbey lands, and settled at Stevenstone, co. Devon. He d. 1552, leaving 6 sons, of whom Henry, the 4th, was great-grandfather of Robert Rolle, of Heanton, who m. Arabella, 2d da. and co-h. of Theophilus, earl of Lincoln and baron Clinton, by which match his descendants acquired the barony of Clinton (see that title). GEORGE ROLLE, 2d son of the above named George, was seated at Marrais, co. Cornwall, he was the grandfather of Sir John Rolle, who, on failure of the male line of the elder son of George Rolle, succeeded to the estate of Stevenstone. He was distinguished for his attachment to king Charles II. during his exile, and was made a K.B. at his coronation, 1661. He d. at a very advanced age, 1706, and having survived his eldest son, John, was succeeded by his grandson, Robert Roll E, who d. 1710, without issue, and was succeeded in his estates by his next brother, John Roll E, esq., who was M.P. for co. Devon, and offered by queen Anne's last ministry an earldom, which he refused; m. Isabella, da, of sir William Walter, of

Saresden, co. Oxon, bart., and d. 6 May 1730, leaving issue 4 sons, 1. HENRY, created, 8 Jan. 1748, baron Rolle, but d. without issue, 1750, when that title became extinct. 2. John, who took the name of Walter, was M.P. for co. Devon, and d. 30 Nov. 1779. 3. WiLLIAM, d. without issue. 4. DENYS Roll E, 4th son of John, m. —, and d. 25 July 1797, leaving issue an only son, JOHN, present lord. Heir Apparent—None. Creation—20.June 1796. Arms—Or, a fess dancetté between three billets azure, the fess charged with three onto, and each billet with a lion rampant gold. Crest—An arm couped below the elbow and erect, wested or, cuffed and charged with a fess dancetté between double cottises azure, the hand holding a roll of parchment proper. Supporters—Two leopards regardant gules, spotted and ducally crowned or. Motto—Nec rege, nec populo, sed utroque. Neither, for the king, nor for the people, but for both.


RICHARD COLLEY.WELLESLEY, B.Anon WELLESLEY, of Wellesley, co. Somerset, so created 20 Oct. 1797, K.G., K.C., K.S.L., and D.C.L. His lordship is also Earl of Mornington and Marquess Wellesley

in Ireland.

See MARQUEss Wellesley, in the Peerage of Ireland. Heir Apparent–None.

Creation—Baron Wellesley, in England, 20 Oct. 1797.

ROBERT-JOHN SMITH, Banon CARRINGTON, of Upton, co. Nottingham, and Baron Carrington, of Bulcot Lodge, in Ireland; born 16 Jan. 1796, succeeded his father, Robert, late lord, 18 Sept. 1838; married, 17 June 1822, Elizabeth-Catherine, 2nd da. of Cecil Weld, 1st lord

Forester, and by her (who d. 23 July 1832) has issue;

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BELLA, b. 8 April 1824; —2. Cecil E-CATHER IN E-MARY, b. 12 Sept.


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3. Ron Ent, b. 26 May 1831, d. Feb. 1832.

Chatfield, D.C.L., by whom (who d. Jan. 1838, art. 34) he had issue, 1. Samuel, b. 1922: 2. Frederick-Chatfield, b. 1823: 3. Rowland, b. 6 Dec. 1826; 4. a son, b. 24 Feb. 1829; 5. Eugenia-Mary, b. 15 Feb. 1831, and other issue. 6. Caroline, b. 4 Aug. 1790, m., 13 Jul 1814, major-gen. Thomas Carey, and } 17 Feb. 1816. 21 7. Lucy, b. Oct. 1791, d. unm. 25 March 1820. 8. Henry, b. 12 Dec. 1794, m., 14 July 1824, lady Lucy Leslie, dal of Alexander, 7th earl of Leven and Melville, and has issue. 1: Henry-Abel, b. 7 March 1826; 2. Robert-Merrille. 9. Barbara, b. 12 July 1797; m., 25 oct. 1836, James-John Gor - ., R.N. 10. Charlotte, b. 15 o: m., 19 Oct. 1825, the hon. Alexander Leslie-Melville, brother of the earl of Leven and Melville. 5.George, of Selsdon, co. Surrey, a banker in London, b. 30 April 1765, m., 12 May 1792, Frances-Mary, da. of the late sir John-Parker Mosley, bart., and d. 26 Dec. 1836, leaving issue, 1. George-Robert, b. 2 May 1793, M.P. for yo m., 5 May 1818, Jane, eldest da, of J. Maberly, of Grosvenor-square,

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His lordship m., 2dly, 19 Jan. 1836, Charlotte, 3d da. of John Hudson, esq., and widow of the rev. Walter Trevelyan, and dying 18 Sept. 1838, was succeeded by his only son, RoBERT-John, present and 2nd lord... Heir Presumptive—None. Creation—Baron Carrington, in Ireland, 16 July 1796; Baron Carrington, in England, 20 Oct. 1797. Arms—Or, a cheveron cottised between three demi griffins, the two in chief respecting each other sable. Črest—An elephant’s head or. Supporters—Two griffins, wings elevated sable, the dexter charged with three fleursde-lis, the sinister with three trefoils sliptor. Motto—Tenaw et fidelis. Persevering and faithful.

HENRY WILLIAM-POWLETT, (late Townshend,) BARon BAY. NING, of Foxley, co. Berks, in holy orders, Rector of Broome, with Great and Little Oakley, co. Suffolk; born 8 June 1797; succeeded his brother, Charles-Frederick-Powlett, the late lord, 2 Aug. 1823; took the surnames of WILLIAM-PowLETT, and the arms of PowleTT, by royal WILLIAM ORDE-POWLETT, B.Anon BOLTON, of Bolton Castle, co. York; born 31 Oct. 1782; succeeded his father, Thomas, the late lord, 30 July 1807; married, 12 May 1810, the hon. Maria Carleton, eldest da. of Guy, 1st lord Dorchester, K.B., but has no issue.

sign manual, 8 Sept. 1823.

HIS .." is maternally descended from Anne, created viscountess Bayning of Foxley, co. Berks, in her own right, for life only, "... II., after the title of viscount Bayning, of Sudbury, had become extinct by the decease of her brother Paul, wiscount Bayning, without issue male, 1638. The viscountess d. 1698, when the title became again extinct; but was revived 1797 in her descendant, CHARLES TOWNS

HEND, 1st Iord #; His lordship's grandfather, the hon. WILLIAM TownshBND, 3d son of Charles, 2d viscount Townshend, b. 9 June 1702, aidede-camp to the king, and groom of the bedchamber and privy purse to Frederick, prinee of Wales, m., 29 May 1725, Henrietta, only da. and sole h. of lord William Powlett, by his 2d wife, Anne, da. of gen. Randolph Egerton, by Anne, eldestda. of Anne, in her own right viscountesss Bayning, and d. 29 Jan. 1738, having had issue by her, (who d. 1755,) 1. William, d. *...* 2. Chahles, 1st lord Bayning. 3. FREDERick, d. young. 4. Caroline, m., 8 Feb. 1759, Frederick Cornwallis, archbishop of Canterbury, brother of Charles, 1st earl Cornwallis, and d. without issue, 5 Jan. 1949. 5. ANNE, m. Charles Hedges, esq., and d. 1758. 6. HENRIETTA, d. of: 7. Donorhy, m. Miles-Butten Allen, esq. Chahles Townshrind, the only surviving son, was created baron Bayning, of Foxley, co. Berks, 27 Oct. 1797, m. Annabella, da. of the rev. Richard Smith, by Annabella, only da. of William Powlett, esq., (by Annabella, da. of Charles, 1st earl of Tankerville,) and by her (who d. 3 Jan. 1825) had issue, 1. Canolin E, b. 30 Sept. 1778. 2. AMElia, b. 31 Dec. 1779. 3. HENRIETTA, d. young. 4. ANNABELLA, b. 12 Dec. 1783. 5, chartles - FREDERick - POW


lett, 2d lord. 6. William : 7. Axxe. 8. Lovisa ; all d. young. 9. HENRY, present lord. His lordship d. 16 May 1810, and was succeeded by his eldest son, Charles - Faroenick - Powlett. 2d lord, b. 26 Sept. 17:45, d. unm. 2 Aug. 1823, and was succeeded by his only brother, Hoxnv., present and 3d lord. heir Presumpture—None. Creation–27 Oct. 17:17. Arms—Sable, three swords in Fo: pointdownwards argent, pomels and hults or. Crest—A falcon rising or, belled gold and ducally gorged gules. supporter--Derter, a st sable attired unguled, collared and chain reflexed over the back or, the collar charged with three mullet-sable. Sint-ter, a lynx argent pelletee, ducally gorged and chain reflexed over the back gold; pendent from the coronet an escocheon or, there on two bar-sable, each charged with two escallops gold. Motto-store super rias antiquas. To stand in the track of my ancestors.

THE family of Orde is of great antiquity, and has very long been ossed of considerable landed estates in Northumberland and Durham, which, in the latter county, were held in capite under the bishop, chief in the palatine, especially at and in the neighbourhood of Orde, near Berwick-uponTweed, where probably the family was §. seated. Most of these estates, with additions in both counties, still remain in the family; and part of them at Orde, Norham, Grindon, &c., descended to John Orde, esq., the father of THOMAS, 1st lord Bolton, as heir male of his cousin, William Orde, of Sandy-Bank House, esq., member for Berwick-upon-Tweed in 1805. The 3 das. of the said William Orde, upon his death, became possessed of other considerable estates, which were not entailed, viz. Norham Castle and its demesnes, SandyBank, &c., &c., which have centred in the heirs of the 2d da., Isabella, wife of Robert Fenwick, of Lemmington, co. Northumberland, esq.

John ORDE, esq., father of Thomas, 1st lord Bolton, d. 1784; m., 1st, Anne, da, of Edward Ward, esq., of Nunnikirk, co.

Northumberland, whom he had 1 son, William Orde, esq., of Mo h, and also of Nunnikirk, who inherited the family estates,

and likewise those of the Wards of Nunnikirk, by his marriage with his cousin, Anne, da. and since h of William Warde, esq., of Nunnikirk; m., 2dly, Anne, da. of R. Marr, of Morpeth, esq., and widow of the rev: William Pye, of the same, and by her had 2 sons and 2 das., 1. Thomas, 1st lord Bolton. 2. John, admiral R.N., created a bart., 1790; m., 1st, Margaret, da. and h. of Stephens, esq., of Beaufort, South Carolina, who d. 1791, seaving no issue. He m., 2dly, Dec. 1793, Jane, eldest da. of John Frere, esq., of Roydon, co. Norfolk, and had issue, Sir John-Powlett Orde, present bart. (see Debrett's New Baronetage.) 3. ANN. E. 4. MARy, m. Robert Lisle, esq., of Acton House, co. Northumberland, and d. 1790. Thomas ORDE, 1st lord Bolton, b. 30 Aug. 1748, was, 20 Oct. 1797, created baron Bolton, of Bolton Castle, and on the death of Harry Powlett, 6th and last duke of Bolton, in 1794, took o royal sign manual the name and arms of Powlett; m., 7 April 1778, Jane-Mary, natural da. of Charles, 5th duke of Bolton, (who, on the death of her uncle, Henry, 6th and last duke of Bolton, without issue male, suc

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WILLIAM, present and 2d lord. Heir Presumptive. — The hon. Thom As * - PoWLETT, brother of his lordSnip. Creation—20 Oct. 1797. Arms—Sable, three swords in pile, points downwards argent, pomels and hilts or; on a canton argent an escocheon sable, charged with a salmon hauriant proper. Crest-A falcon rising, or, ducally gorged azure, charged on the breast with an estoile gules and holding in the beak a salmon proper. Supporters—Derter, a hind proper, ducally gorged or, and charged on the shoulder with a white rose. Sinister, a Cornish chough proper, also charged on the shoulder, with a white rose. Motto—Aimez loyaulté, Love loyalty.

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