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in 1700, (and she m., 2dly, sir John Germain, bart.) His grace d. 2 April 1701, without issue, and was succeeded by his nephew, homas, 8th duke, b. 11 Dec. 1683, m., 26 May 1709, Mary, da. and sole h. of sir Nicholas Shireburne, of Stonyhurst, co. Lancaster, by whom (who m., 2dly, Peregrine Widdrington, esq., and d. , 24 Sept. 1754) he had no issue. he duke d. 23 Dec. 1732, and was succeeded by his brother, Edward, 9th duke, b. 5 June 1646; m., 26 Nov. 1727, Mary, 2d da. and co-h. of Edward Blount, of Blagdon, co. Devon, esq., 3d son of sir George Blount, of Sodington, bart. His grace d. without issue, 20 Sept. 1777, when the earldom of Norwich and barony of Howard of Castle Rising became extinct; the baronies of which he was seised in fee fell into abeyance between the him. of his two nieces, Winifred, lady Stourton, and Anne, lady Petre, before mentioned; and the titles of duke of Norfolk, earl of Arundel, Surrey, and Norfolk; earl marshal and hereditary marshal of England, and baron Fitz-Alan, Clum and Oswaldestre, and Maltravers, devolved on his second cousin, CHARLES, 10th duke (grandson of Charles Howard, of Graystock, co. Cumberland, 4th son of Henry Frederick, earl of Arundei, and brother of Thomas and Henry, 5th and 6th dukes, as before stated). His race was b. 1 Dec. 1720; m. Katherine, 2d a. and co-h. of John Brockholes, of Claughton, co. Lancaster, esq., and d. 31 Aug. 1786, having had issue by her (who d. 21 Nov. 1784) 3 das. who all d. young, and an only son and successor, CHARLES, 11th duke, b. 15 March 1746; m., 1st, 1 Aug. 1767, Marian, only da. and h. of John Coppinger, of Bally volane, co. Cork, esq., who d. 28 May 1763; and 2dly, 2 April 1771, Frances, da. and sole h. of Charles-Fitzroy Scudamore, of Hom-Lacy, co. Hereford, esq., (by Frances, da. and sole h. of James, last viscount Scudamore,) by whom (who survived him, and d. 22 Oct. 1820) he had no issue. His grace d. without issue, 16 Dec. 1815, and was succeeded by his 3d cousin, BERNARD-EDWARD, present and 12th duke, whose immediate descent we now proceed to state. BERNARD HowARD, esq., 8th son of Henry-Frederick, earl of Arundel, and brother of Thomas amd Henry, 5th and 6th dukes, m. Katherine, 2d da. and co-h. of George Tattershall, of Finchampstead, co. Berks, esq., and widow of sir Ric ard Lechford, knt.; and d. 1717, leaving issue by her (who d. 8 April 1727) 3 das., Elizabeth, Mary-Rosa, and Mary-Josepha, and one son, Bk RNARD, m. Anne, da of Christopher Roper, lord Teynham, and d. 22 April 1735, leaving issue by her (who d. 1744) a da-, Anne, abbess of the English nuns of the Bastile at Paris, and 4 sons, 1. BERNARD, b. 1711, d. unm. 27 May 1745. 2. HENRY, of whom presently. 3. Thomas, in holy orders, canon of St. Peter's, Douay; and 4. CHARLEs, D.D., superior of the seminary of St. Gregory, at Paris, d. 1793. ENRy How ARD, above mentioned, was b. 9 April 1713;... m., 30 Oct. 1764, Juliana, 2d da. of sir William Molyneux, of Wellow, co. Notts, bart., and sister of sir Francis Molyneux, bart., gentleman usher of the black rod, and d. 11 Nov. 1787, leaving issue by her, 1. Bean ARD-Edward, present duke.

2. The right hon. He Nav-Thomas, b. 7 Oct. 1766; took the surname of Molyneux in addition to and after that of Howard, by royal sign manual, 9 July 1812; and that of Howard in addition to, and after, HowardMolyneux, 14 Oct. 1817; appointed deputy earl marshal of England, 15 Jan. 1816, and obtained, 15 Oct. 1817, a royal sign manual, granting to him the rank and precedence of younger son of a duke; m., 1801, Elizabeth, 3d da. of Edward Long, esq.; and d. 17 June 1824, leaving issue by her, who d. 24 May 1835, 1. Henry, of Greystoke Castle, b. 25 July 1802. 2. Henrietta-Anna, b. 17 July 1904, m. Henry-John-George, earl of Carnarvon. 3. Isabella-Catherine-Mary, b. 29 Sept. 1806, m., 8 Sept. 1829, Charles-John, viscount Andover. 4. Charlotte-Juliana - Jane, b. 13 Feb. 1849, m., 5 Oct. 1831, James-Wentworth Buller, of Downes, co. Devon. 5. Juliana-Barbara, b. 24 March 1812, m., 7 July 18:51, sir John Ogilvy, of Inverquharity, bart., and d. 27 Dec. 1833. 3. Edwa Rid-CHAR1. Es, F.R.S., b. 28 May 1774, d. 27 Sept. 1816, leaving issue, 1. Edward - Giles, m., 11 Nov. 1826, Frances-Anne, eldest da. of George-Robert Heneage, of Hainton Hall, co. Lincoln, esq., and has, 1. Edward-Henry, b. 13 Feb. 1829;—2. Charles-Robert, b. 16 Sept. 1831 –3. Mary-Isabella, b. 1 July 1834;-4. A da., b. 1 July 1836. 2. Juliana-Barbara, m., i2 Feb. 1829, the hon. Henry-Valentine Stafford-Jerningham, eldest son of lord Stafford. 4. MARy-Bro port, b. 29 Sept. 1767, m. Robert-Edward, 10th lord Petre. 5. Jult ANA-BARBARA, b. 25 June 1769, m. Robert-Edward, 9th lord Petre. Heir Apparent—HENRY-CHARLEs, earl of St. RR Ey, only son of the duke. Creations—Earl of Surrey and Duke of Norfolk, 28 June 1483; Earl Marshal and Hereditary Marshal of England, 19 Oct. 1672. His grace is earl of Arundel by inheritance and tenure of the Castle of Arundel; and by act of parliament, 3 Car. I., the baronies of Fitz-Alan, Clun and Oswaldestre, and Maltravers, were inseparably united to that earldom. Arms—Quarterly of 4. 1st. Gules, a bend between six, cross crosslets fitchee argent, on the bend an inescocheon gules, charged with a demi lion within a double tressure, pierced through the mouth with an arrow, all gules, being an augmentation granted to the 2d d'Ée for his services at the battle of Flodden—How A.R.D. 2d. England, with a label of three points for difference—Thomas of BRoth ERtoN, earl of Norfolk, and marshal of England, son of king Edward I. 3d. Checky or and azure —WARREN, earl of Surrey. 4th. Gules, a lion rampant argent, Mowbray, duke of Norfolk. Crest—Qn a chapeau gules, turned up ermine, a lion statant so or, ducally gorged argent, being the crest of Thomas of Brotherton. The ancient family crest of Howard was, out of a ducal coronet or, a pair of wings expanded gules, the dexter wing charged with a of it: between six cross crosslets fitchée argent, and the sinister wing charged with a bend between six cross crosslets fitchée argent. Supporters—Derter, a lion argent. Sinister, a horse argent, with an acorn slip in his mouth, being one of the supporters of the Fitz-Alans, earls of Surrey.

Motto—Sola virtus invicta. Wirtue alone is unconquerable.

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This illustrious o derives its name from its original place of residence in Normandy, Seymour being a corruption of St. Maur. Sir William Seymour fived in the time of Hen. III., and was great-grandfather of Sir Roger, who, in the reign of Rich. II., m. Cecilia, da. and co-h. of John Beauchamp, baron of Hache. 6th in descent from this Roger was Sir John Sky Mouh, who attended Henry VIII. in the wars of France and Flanders; he m. Margaret, da. of sir John Wentworth, of Nettlested, co. Suffolk, and d. 1586, leaving issue 6 sons and 4 das.; of whom queen Jane Seymour m. king Henry VIII., and was mother of kin dward VI. ; of the sons, Thomas, the 4th, m, queen Catherine Parr, widow of Henry VIII., and was created lord Seymour, of Sudley Castle, 1547, but was attainted and beheaded 1549; and Sir EDWARD SEYMOUR, K.B., the eldest surviving son, was created viscount Beauchamp 1536, in 1547 earl of Hertford, and in the same year baron Seymour of Hache, and the following day duke of SoMERSET; remainder to his issue male by his second wife, Anne Stanhope, which failing, to his issue male by his first wife Catherine. His race was appointed lord protector of Eng: #. but afterwards suffered attainder, and was beheaded 1552; off issue by his 1st wife, a son, Edward, seated at Berry-Pomeroy, co. Devon, ancestor of the present duke, (of whom hereafter,) and by his second wife also a son, Edward, created 1558, baron Beaucham and earl of Hertford, m. Catherine, da: an at length sole h. of Henry Gray, duke of suffolk, and sister of lady Jane Gray. This lady's mother was, Frances, da. and co-h. (with her sister Eleanor, wife of Hen Clifford, 2d earl of Cumberland) of Charles Brandon, duke of Suffolk, by Mary, queen

dowager of France, 2d da. of king Henry VII.

By her he had issue,
.1. Edward, who d. in his father's life-
time, leaving a son and heir,
WILLIAM, 2d duke.
2. FRANcts, created 1640, Baron Sey-
mour, of Trowbridge, and d. 1664, leaving
a *i. heir,
arles, lord Seymour, of Trowbridge,
who d. 1665, and was father of FRANCIS
and CHARLES, 5th and 6th dukes.
The earl d. 1621, aged 83, and was succeeded
by his grandson,
WILLIAM, who was created marquess of
Hertford 1640, and in 1660 restored to the
title and dignity of duke of Somerset; m.,
1st, Arabella Stuart, granddaughter of Mat-
thew Stewart, earl of Lennox; but she being
cousin-german to king James I., and the
marriage being without the king's privit
or consent, they were both committed o
soners to the Tower, where she d. 27 Sept.
1615, s.p.-His grace m., 2dly, Frances, eld-
est da. of Robert Devereux, earl of Essex,
the unfortunate favourite of queen Eliza-
beth; and sister and co-h. of Robert, last
earl of Essex of that family, by whom he
had 2 sons, who lived to man's estate, and
3 daughters. The sons were,
1. HeNRy, who d. in his father's lifetime,
leaving issue,
1. WILLIAM, 3d duke.
2. Elizabeth, m. Thomas Bruce, 2d earl
of Aylesbury.
2. JOHN, 4th duke.
His grace d. 24 Oct. 1660, and was succeeded
by his grandson,
WILLIAM, 3d duke, who d. unm. 12 Dec.
1671, whereupon his only surviving sister,
Elizabeth, countess of Åylesbury, became
heiress general of the body of her grand-
father; but the duchy reverted to her uncle,
John, 4th duke, 2d surviving son of the


2d duke; but he d. also sp. in 1675, when the duchy devolved on his cousin, FRANC1s, 5th duke, then baron Seymour, of Trowbridge, eldest surviving son of Charles, baron Seymour, of Trowbridge, who was o son and heir of Francis, baron Seymour, of Trowbridge, next brother of the 2d duke, as above stated; but he also d. unm. 1678, being murdered at Genoa, and was succeeded by his only brother, CHARLEs, 6th duke, b. 12 Aug. 1662, was first lord of the bedchamber to king Charles II. ; chancellor of Cambridge; president of the council to king William III. ; master of the horse to queen Anne, and K.G.; he m., 1st, Elizabeth, sole da. of Jocelyn Percy, 11th earl of Northumberland, and sole h. of that most ancient and illustrious family, and by her, (who had been previously m. to o Cavendish, earl of Ogle, son of Henry, duke of Newcastle, and to Thomas §. esq., but had no issue by them,) he , besides two sons, who d. infants, 1. ALGERNON, 7th duke. 2. PERcy, d. unm. 1721. 3. CHARLEs, d. unm. 1711. 4. Eliza BETH, m. Henry O'Brien, earl of Thomond, in Ireland, and d.s.p. 5. CATHE RINE, m. sir William Wyndham,

6. ANNE, m. Peregrine Osborne, 3d duke of Leeds.

7. FRANCEs, d. unm. 1720. His grace m., 2dly, Charlotte, da. of Daniel Finch, earl of Winchilsea, and by her (who d. 21 Jan. 1773) had issue,

8. FRANCEs, m. John Manners, marquess of Granby.

9. CHARLoTTE, m. Heneage Finch, 3d earl of Aylesford.

The duke d. 2 Dec. 1748, aged 87, and was succeeded by his only surviving son,

ALGERNoN, 7th duke, who on the death of his mother had been summoned to parliament as baron Percy. Perhaps no subject of the crown of England ever possessed more numerous honours than this duke.— From his father, he inherited the titles of duke of Somerset and baron Seymour. From his mother, the barony of Percy; and he was further created, 2 Oct. 1749, baron Warkworth and earl of Northumberland, with remainder, in default of issue male, to his son-in-law, sir Hugh Smythson, and the heirs male of his body by the duke's daughter, and only surviving child, Elizabeth; and again, 3d of the same month, baron Cockermouth and earl of Egremont, with remainder, on like failure of issue male of his own body, to his nephews, sir Charles Wyndham and Percy O'Brien Wyndham, sons of his sister Catherine, and the heirs male of their bodies successively. His grace m. Frances, eldest da. and co-h. of Henry Thynne, esq., only son of Thomas, viscount Weymouth, and by her had issue an only son, George, who d. on his travels at Bologna, 11 Sept. 1744, aged 19; and an § da., Elizabeth, m., July 1740, sir Hug Smythson, of Stanwick, co., York, bart. The duke d. 7 Feb. 1750, whereupon the earldom of Northumberland, &c., descended to his son-in-law and da.; the earldom of Egremont and barony of Cockermouth devolved on his nephew, sir Charles Wyndham ; and the issue male of the first duke of Somerset, by his 2d wife, becoming extinct in him, that title and the barony of Seymour (after a H. of 214 years) became the inheritance of the elder line, which had been so unprecedentedly excluded in the original creation, and whose descent we now proceed to trace. o

Sir Edward SEYMoUR, eldest son of the

1st duke, was seated, as before mentioned, at Berry Pomeroy, co. Devon, and was father of sir Edward, who was created a bart. 29 June 1611, and d. 1613, leaving is.*. sir Edward, 2d bart., who was father o Sir Edward, 3d bart., whose eldest son and heir, Sir Edward, 4th bart., m., 1st, Margaret, da. and co-h. of sir William Wale, knt., alderman of London, by whom he had two sons, 1. Edward, his successor. 2. Willi AM, lieut.-gen. and M.P. for Cockermouth, d. unm. 1727. He m., 2dly, Lettice, da. of Francis Pop* of Littlecote, co. Wilts, by whom he la 3. FRANcts, ancestor of the marquess of Hertford (see that title). He was speaker of the house of commons, 1672, and dying 1707, was succeeded by his son and heir, Sir Edward, 5th bart., m. Letitia, sole da, and h. of sir Francis Popham, of Littlecote, aforesaid, by whom he had four sons and eight das. ; he d. 1740, and was succeeded by his eldest son, Sir EDWARD, who, on the death of Algernon, 7th duke of Somerset, 1750, became 8th duke of Somerset and baron Seymour, and when his right of succession had been clearly proved to sir Dudley Ryder, knt., then attorney-general, and a report made to his majesty, 23 Nov. 1750, was summoned to the house of peers, and took his seat accordingly; m., 1716, Mary, da. of Daniel Webb, of Monckton Farley, co. Wilts, esq., niece and h. to Edward Somner, of Seend, co. Wilts, esq., and had issue, 1. EDWARD, 9th duke. 2. WEBB, 10th duke. 3. Willia M, barrister-at-law, m., 5 June 1767, Hester, da. and sole h. of John Maltravers, of Melksham, co. Wilts, esq., and by her (who d. May 1812) had issue, 1. Edward, in holy orders, b. 3 May 1768, d. unm. May 1820. 2. William, b. 28 March 1769, m. miss Wilhelmina Howell, and d. 1797, and had issue by her (who re-m. mr. Foulds) a posthumous da., Maria, b. 14 Nov. 1797. 3. Hester, b. 24 Nov. 1770, m., 1794, Peter Awdry, esq., and d. 1795. 4. FRANcis, in holy orders, dean of Wells, b. 1726, m., 1749, Catherine, da. of the rev. mr. Payne, vicar of Holm-Lacy, co. Hereford, and had issue, 1. Edward, d. unm. 23 June 1795. 2. Francis-Compton, col. in the army, m. and left issue, 1. Francis - Edward, commander R.N., b. 21 Sept. 1788, m., 4 Feb. 1815, Elizabeth, da. of Charles Cooke, esq., and has issue, Francis Payne, b. 23 Dec. 1815; Elizabeth, b. 23 Feb. 1819; Charlotte-Hamilton, b. 11 June 1820, m., 15 April 1837, Philip Penry Williams, of Penpont, co. Brecon, esq.; 2. EdwardWilliam, lieut. R.N., b. 1791, m., Sept. 1821, Charlotte-Alice, da. of — Green, and widow of Richard Wilkins, esq.; 3. Henry-John-Hyde, b. 1795, m., 20 Nov. 1821, Charlotte, da. of sir Samuel Whit

combe, and has issue, Charlotte-Payne, b. 1 Dec. 1822; Julia, b. April 1824; Henry,

b. July 1825. 3. Mary, m., 1st, Sept. 1773, John Hyde, esq., one of the judges of the supreme court of judicature, Calcutta; and 2dly, 4 Feb. 1793, the rev. John Payne, and is d. 4. Catherime, m., 1st, June 1776, John Newton, esq., (which marriage was dis; solved by act of parliament, 1782,) and 2dly, M. Constant, and is d.

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5. Frances, m., 1st, Nov. 1784, dr. Thomas Bovet, and 2dly, 11 May 1803, the

rev. James Tuson, and d. 12 April 1836. SEYMour, eldest son of his grace.

3. MARY, m., 20 Oct. 1759, Wincent Bis- Creations—Baron Seymour, of Hache, co. coe, of Austin Friars, esq. Somerset, 15 Feb. 1546-7; and Duke of So

His grace, d. 15 Dec. 1757, and was suc- merset on the day following; Bart., 29 June ceeded by his eldest son, 1611.

Edward, 9th duke, b. Jam. 1717-18, d. Arms—Quarterly, 1st and 4th. ... Or, on unm: 2 Jan. 1792, and was succeeded by his a pile gules, between six fleurs-de-lis azure, brother, three lions passant guardant gules (being WEBB, 10th duke, who inherited his a coat of Atgm ENTATIon granted by king ndfather's estate at Monckton Farley, Henry VIII. on his marriage with lady Jane . 3 Dec. 1718, m., 11 Nov. 1769, Mary- Seymour). 2d and 3d. Gules, two wings Anne, da. and sole h. of John Bonnell, of conjoined in lure or—SEYMoUR. Stanton Harcourt, co. Oxford, esq., and by Crest—Out of a ducal coronet or, a demi her (who d. 23 'o','!'} had issue, phoenix in flames proper. 1. Edward; 2. WEBB; both d. young. | Supporters—Derter, an unicorn argent, 3. EDWARD-ADOLPH US, present duke. armed unguled and erined or, gorged with a 4. WEBB-John, b. Feb. 1777, d. 15 April ducal coronet per pale azure and gold, and 1819, unm. | chained of the last. Sinister, A bull azure, His grace d. 15 Dec. 1793, and was succeed- armed, unguled, ducally gorged and chained ed by his son, | or. Edward-ADolphus, present and 11th Motto—Foy pour devoir. Faith for duty.

CHARLES GORDON-LENNOX, DUKE of RICHMOND, Earl of March, and Baron Settrington, in England ; Duke of LENNox, Earl of Darnley, and Baron Methuen of Torbolton, in Scotland; and Duke of AUBIGNY in France, (which title was confirmed and registered by the parliament of Paris in 1777, and confirmed again, 18 March 1816, by Louis XVIII.,) K.G., P.C., Lord-lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum co. Sussex, High Steward of Chichester, and Chancellor of Marischall College, Aberdeen ; took the surname of Gordon in addition to and before that of Lennox, by royal sign manual, 9 Aug. 1836; born 3 Aug. 1791, succeeded his father, Charles, the late duke, 28 Aug. 1819; married, 10 April 1817, Caroline Paget, eldest da. of Henry-William, marquess of Anglesey, K.G., and G.C.B., and has issue, L-1. CHARLES, earl of March and Darnley, b. 27 Feb. 1818; —2. CARoll NE-AME LIA, b. 18 June 1819; 3. FitzRoy-GEoRGE-CHARLEs, b. 11 June 1820, in the army; —4. HENRY-CHARLEs-GEORGE, b. 2 Nov. 1821 ; –— 5. SARAH-GEorGIANA, b. 17 March 1823, d. 6 Jan. 1830 ; 6. ALEXANDER-FRAN cisCHARLEs, b. 14 June 1825 ; –7. AUGUSTA-CATHERINE, b. 14 Jan. 1827; –8. Lucy-FRANCEs, b. 3 June 1828;-9, GEoRGE, b. 22 Oct. 1829; —10. AMEL1A-FREDERICA, b. 4 Dec. 1830.

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de Querouaille, a French lady, (who came 1. CHARLES, 2d duke. into England in 1670, with the duchess of 2. Louis A, m. James, 3d earl of Berkeley. Orleans, the king's sister, and was by that 3. ANNE, m. William-Anne, 2d earl of king created baroness Petersfield, countess Albemarle. of Fareham, and duchess of Portsmouth; The duke d. 27 May 1723, and was sucand by Louis XIV., duchess of Aubigny, ceeded by his son, in France,) b. 29 July 1672, m. Anne, da. of CHARLEs, 2d duke, b. 18 May 1701, m.,

lord Brudenel, (who d. in the lifetime of Dec. 1719, Sarah, eldest of the two das. and


co-hh... of William, earl Cadogan, and by her (who d. 25 Aug. 1751) had issue, 1. GEorg1ANA-CARoll NE, b. 20 March 1723, m-, 1 o, 1744, Henry Fox, 1st lord Holland, only brother to Stephen, 1st earl of Ilchester, created a baroness of Great Britain in her own right, 4 May 1762, and d. 24 July 1774. 2. LENNox; 3. CHARLEs-LENNox; both d. infants. 4. Louis A-MARGARET, d. May 1728. 5. ANNE, d. an infant. 6. EMILIA, b. 6 Oct. 1731, m., 1st, James, 1st duke of Leinster; and 2dly, William Ogilvie, esq. . CHARLES, 3d duke. 8. Grohg E-HENRY, b. 27 Nov. 1737, (who d. 22 March 1805,) a gen. in the army, and col. 25th regt. of foot, m., 1759, Louisa Ker, da of William, 4th marquess of Lothian, by whom (who d. 25 Dec. 1830) he had issue, 1. CHARLES, 4th duke. 2. Maria-Louisa, b. 2 Nov. 1760. 3. Emily-Charlotte, b. 1762, m., 23 Aug. 1784, the late hon. sir Geor of Berkeley, G.C.B., admiral of the white, brother to Frederick-Augustus, late earl Berkeley, and d. his widow, 19 Oct. 1832. His Majesty, 8 May 1807, was pleased to t to Mary-Louisa, eldest da., and mily-Charlotte, wife of the hon, sir George-Cranfield Berkeley. G.C.B., 2d da. of lord George Lennox, deceased, the same precedency as the das. of a duke of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. 4. Georgiana, b. 1765, m., 1 April 1789, Henry, 3d earl Bathurst. % MARGARET, b. 16 Nov. 1739, d. 10 Jan. 1741. 10. Louis A-AUGUSTA, b. 24 Nov. 1743, m., Jan. 1758, the right hon. Thomas Coo of Castletown, Ireland, and d. July 1821. ll. SARAH., b. 14 Feb. 1745, m., 1st, 2 June 1762, sir Thomas-Charles Bunbury, bart.; and 2dly, 1781, the hon. George Napier, son of Francis, 5th lord Napier, and d. 20 Aug. 1826. 12. CEcilia-MARGARET, d. 21 Nov. 1769. Charles, 2d duke, d. Aug. 1750, and was succeeded by his eldest son, CHARLEs, 3d duke, K.G., a field marshal, and col. of the royal regt. of horse guards, blue; m., 1 April 1757, Mary, eldest da. and co-h. of Charles Bruce, earl of Aylesbury, by Caroline, only da. of John, 4th duke of §: and by her (who d. 8 Nov. 1795) had no issue. His grace d. 29 Dec. 1896, without issue, and was succeeded by his no HARLEs, 4th duke, K.G., gen. in the o: col. of the 35th regt. of foot, governor of Plymouth, governor of Upper and Lower Canada, and lord-lieut. co. Sussex; b. 9 Sept. 1764; m., 9 Sept. 1789, Charlotte, da. of Alexander, 4th duke, and sister of George, 5th and last duke of Gordon, and had issue, 1. MARY, b. 15 Aug. 1790, m., 11 March 1820, sir Charles-Augustus Fitzroy, K.C.H., son of lord Charles Fitzroy. 2. CHARLES, present duke. 3. SARAH, b. 22 Aug. 1792, m., 9 Oct. 1815, lieut.-gen. sir Peregrine Maitland, K.C.B., col. 76th regt. and commander of the forces at Madras. 4. John-GEoRGE, M.P. for the Western

division of Sussex, b. 3 Oct. 1793, n., 29 June 1818, Louisa-Frederica, da. of the hon. John Rodney, son of George, 1st lord Rodney, K.B., and has issue, 1. Louisa-Elizabeth, b. 14 Oct. 1819. 2. George, b. 5 Jan. 1821, in the E. I. company's military service. 3. Augustus-Frederick, b. 22 Aug. 1823. 4. Edward-Williers, b. 25 March 1826, d. 8 Feb. 1828. 5. Elizabeth-Frederica, b. 30 June 1828. 6. A da., b. 1 July 1833. 5. GroRoi ANA, b. 30 Sept. 1795, m., 11 June 1824, the hon. capt. William-LennoxLascelles Fitzgerald-de-Roos. 6. HEN Ry-Ad A.M., b. 6 Sept. 1797, R.N., fell overboard from the Blake as she was sailing into Port Mahon, 25 Feb. 1812, and was drowned. 7. JANE, b. 5 Sept. 1798, m., 20 July 1822, to Lawrence Peel, esq., sixth son of the late sir Robert Peel, bart. 8. Willi AM-Pirr, b. 20 Sept. 1790. 9. FREDE Rick, b. 24 Jan. 1801, capt. in the royal fusileers, d. unm. 19 Oct. 1829. 10. Stoss Ex, postmaster of Jamaica, b. 11 July 1812, m., 3 April 1828, Mary-Margaret, da, of lord Cloncurry, and has issue, 1. Berkeley, b. Jan. 1831. 2. A still-born child, Aug. 1832. 3. A son, b. 22 Dec. 1834. 4. A still-born child, 9 Jan. 1836. 11. Louis A-MAn Eli N.A., b. 2 Oct. 1803, m., 18 April 1825, William-Fownes Tighe, of Woodstock, co. Kilkenny, esq. 12. CHARLotte, b. 4 Dec. 1804, m., 4 Dec. 1823, Maurice-Frederick-Fitzhardinge Berkeley, capt. R.N., and d. 18 Aug. 1833. 13. ARTHUR, b. 12 Oct. 1806, in the army, M.P. for Chichester, m., 1 July 1835, Adelaide-Constance, da. of John Campbell, of Shawfield, N. B., esq., and had issue, 1. a son, b. 2, and d. 4 May 1836. 14. SARAh-Georgia N.A., b. 21 July 1809. His grace it. at Montreal, 28 Aug. 1819, and was succeeded by his eldest son, CHARLEs, present and 5th duke. Heir Apparent—CHARLEs, earl of MARch and DARNLEY. Creations—Duke of Richmond, co. York, Earl of March, (a title derived from the marches in South Wales,) and Baron Settrington, (English honours,) 9 Aug. 1675. As also at the same time created Duke of Lennox, Earl of Darnley, and Baron Methuen of Torbolton (Scots honours). Duke of Aubigny in France, registered in the parliament of Paris 1777. Arms—The royal arms of Charles II., viz. Quarterly, 1st and 4th. France and England quarterly. 2d. Scotland. 3d. Ireland. The whole within a bordure compony argent and gules, charged with eight roses of the last. Over all an escocheon of pretence gules, charged with three buckles or, for the Duchy of AUBIGN.Y. Crest—On a chapeau gules turned up ermime, a lion statant guardant or, ducally crowned gules, and gorged with a collar compony of four pieces argent and gules charged with two roses of the last. Supporters—Derter, an unicorn argent, armed, crined and unguled or, . Sinister, an antelope argent, also armed, crined and unguled or, and each supporter gorged with a collar compony as the crest. Motto—En la rose je fleurie. the rose.

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