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holding in the left hand a club reversed, and

supporting against his left shoulder a banner as the dexter.

Motto-Verité sans peur. fear.

Truth without

WILLIAM KING, Lond KING, Baron of Ockham, co. Surrey; born 20 Feb. 1805; succeeded his father, Peter, the late lord, 4 June

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1835, Ada-Augusta, only child and h. of GeorgeGordon, 6th lord Byron, and has issue,

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SIR PETER KING, 1st lord King, was the son of Jerome King, of Exeter, gent., and by his mother's side was nephew of the celebrated John Locke; he was bred to the law; 1699, he was elected to parliament for Beeralstone; 1708, he was chosen recorder of London, and on the accession of George I. succeeded lord Trevor, as chief justice of the court of Common Pleas; 29 May 1725, he was created a peer, by the title of lord King, baron of Ockham, and appointed lord high chancellor, in the room of the earl of Macclesfield; a paralytic disorder seizing him, he resigned the seals in Nov. 1733, and d., 27 July 1734, having m. Anne, da. of Richard Seys, esq., by whom (who d. 1767) he left issue, two das., Elizabeth and Ann, both d...unm.; and four sons, successively lords King, viz. 1. JOHN, 2d lord, m. Elizabeth, da. of Robert Fry, of Yearly, co. Devon, but d. s.p. 19 Feb. 1740; 2. PETER, 3d lord, d. unm. 22 March 1754; 3. WILHo!, 4th lord, also d. unm. 16 April 1767; and 4. THOMAS, 5th lord, b. 19 March 1712, m., 17 Aug. 1734, Wilhelmina-Catharine, da. of John Troye, of Brabant, esq., by whom (who d. 3 June 1784) he had issue, 1. PETER, 6th lord. 2. ANNE, b. 10 Jan. 1735, d. 3 Oct. 1797. 3. WILHELMINA, b. 1 March 1738, m., 1784, George Murray, admiral R.N., uncle to the duke of Atholl, and d. 29 Dec. 1795. ift Thomas, b. 11 April 1740, d. 27 June Thomas, 5th lord, d. 4 April 1779, and was succeeded by his son, PETER, 6th lord, b. 6 Oct. 1736, m., 24 Nov. 1774, Charlotte, da. of Edward Tredcroft, of Horsham, co. Sussex, esq., by whom (who d. 25 Oct. 1829) he had issue, 1. PETER, 7th lord.

2. WILLIAM, b. 24 Feb. 1780, d. 3 Dec. 1798.

3. Gronge, b. 28 Jan. 1783, m., 20 Oct. 1808, Charlotte, da. of Nathaniel Tredcroft, of Horsham, co. Sussex, esq., and has issue, 1. Caroline, b. 6 Aug. 1809. 2. Georgiana, b. 12 Oct. 181 1. 3. Harriett, b. 8 Jan. 1813, d. young. 4. Frederick, b. Aug. 1815. 5. Henry, b. June 1819. His lordship d. 23 Nov. 1793, and was sueceeded by his son, PETER, 7th lord, b. 31 Aug. 1776, m., 26 May 1804, Hester Fortescue, da. of Hugh, earl Fortescue, (by Hester, sister to George, 1st marquess of Buckingham, K.G.,) and had issue, 1. WILLIAM, present lord. 2. HEsther, b. 2 May 1806. 3. ANNE-EMily, b. Nov. 1807. 4. Peter-John-Locke, b. 25 Jan. 1811. m., 22 March 1836, Louisa-Elizabeth, da. of William-Henry Hoare, of the Grove, co. Şo esq., and has issue, 1. a da., b. 29 Aug. 1837. 5. Charlotte-Louis A, b. 4 Sept. 1814. his o d. 4 June 1833, and was succeeded by his son, WillIAM, present and 8th lord. Heir Apparent—Hon. By RoN-Noel KING, his lordship's son. Creation–29 May 1725. Arms—Sable, three spear-heads argent, embrued proper; on a chief or, three battleaxes azure. Crest—A dexter arm cou at the elbow, habited azure, adorned with three ermine spots or, the cuff turned up sable, the hand grasping the truncheon of a spear also sable, the head silver. Supporters—Two mastiffs regardant, of a black colour, with white belly and nose, collared gules. Motto–Labor ipse voluptas.

Labour itself is pleasure.


FREDERICK-JOHN MONSON, BAR on MONSON, of Burton, co. Lincoln, and a Baronet, D.C.L. ; born 6 Feb. 1809; succeeded his father, John-George, the late lord, 14 Nov. 1809; married, 21 June 1832, Theodosia, da. of Lathum Blacker, of Newent, co. Gloucester, esq.

This family was seated at Reson and South Carleton, co. Lincoln, as early as the reign of Richard II. Sir Thomas Monson, of South Carleton, was created a bart., 29 June 1611; and his great-great-grandson, JOHN, 1st lord Monson, and 5th bart., was elected a K.B. in 1725, and created lord Monson, of Burton, 28 May 1728; m. Mararet Watson, da. of Lewis, 1st earl of ockingham, and by her (who d. Feb. 1752) had issue, 1. JOHN, 2d lord. 2. Lewis, created lord Sondes. (See that title.) 3. GeoRGE, brigadier-gen. in the East Indies, b. 16 April 1730, and d. without issue 1777, having m. Anne Vane, da. of Henry, 1st earl of Darlington, who d. 14 Sept. 1776. John, 1st lord Monson, d. July 1748, and was succeeded o his eldest son, John, 2d lord, b. 28 July 1727, m.,, 13 June 1752, Theodosia, da. of John Maddison, esq., by whom (who d. 20 Feb. 1821) he had issue, 1. JOHN, 3d lord. 2. GEong E-HENRY, b. 17 Oct. 1755, m., 15 March 1784, Susanna, da. of George Johnston, esq., and widow of Thomas Smith, of Hawkesworth, co. Essex, esq.; and d. 17 June 1823, leaving issue one da., Georgiana-Theodosia, b. 3 Jan. 1786. 3. EvelyN-TYRw Hit, d. young. 4. CHARLEs, b. 11 March 1758, major-gen. in the army, d. 11 Jan. 1800. 5. WILLIAM, colonel in the army, and lieut.-col. 76th regt. of infantry, b. 15 Dec. 1760, and d. 26 Dec. 1807, having m. at Calcutta, 10 Jan. 1786, Anne, da. of John Debonnaire, and had issue an only son, William-John, b. 14 May 1796, m., 8 May 1828, Eliza, da. of Edmund Larken, of Bedford Square, esq., and has issue, 1. William-John, b. 18 Feb. 1829; 2. Debonmaire-John, b. 7 March 1830; 3. CharlesEdmund-John, b. 29 May 1831, d. 18 April 1832; 4. Eliza-Edome, b. 14 Feb. 1833; 5. a son, b. 10 Aug. 1836. 6. Thom As, in holy orders, rector of Bedale, co. York, b. 10 May 1764, m., 1st, 29 July 1790, Anne-Shipley, da. of Joseph Greene, and by her (who d. 8 Sept. 18ib) had issue, 1. Theodosia-Helena-Jane-Anne, b. 16 June 1794, d. 1795.

2. John-Joseph-Thomas, in holy orders, rector of Burton, co. Lincoln, and chaplain to the queen, b. 7 July 1791, m., 26 Aug. 1812, Elizabeth-Anne, 2d da. of the rev. Christopher Wyvill, of Bedale, co. York. He m., 2dly, Il Aug. 1824, Sarah, eldest da, of the above rev. §: Wyvill, of Bedale, co. York, and by her had issue, 3. Thomas-John, b. 28 April 1825. 4. Henrietta-Anne-Theodosia, b. 28July 1826. 7. CATHARINE, b. 12 Sept. 1754. 8. CHARLoTTE-GRAcE, b. 29 March 1759, m., 16 Aug. 1777, Henry Pierse, of Bedale, co. York, esq., and d. 19 July 1793. 9. Theodosi A-MARGARFT, b. 20 Sept. 1762, m., 9 March 1782, sir John Shaw, of Eltham, co. Kent, bart. 10. HARRIETT-ANNE, d. an infant. His lordship d. 20 July 1774, and was succeeded by his son, Joh N, 3d lord, b. 20 May 1753, m, 13 July 1777, Elizabeth Capel, dal of William, 4th earl of Essex, by whom (who d. 23 Feb. 1834) he had issue, 1. JOHN-GEORGE, 4th lord. 2. ELIZABETH, b. 24 Aug. 1779, d. unm., 1 March 1838. 3. CHARLotte, b. 13 Feb. 1783. His lordship d. 20 May 1806, and was sueceeded by his only son, John-GEorg E, 4th lord, b. 1 Sept. 1785, m., 30 Oct. 1807, Sarah Saville, eldest da. of John, 2d earl of Mexborough, by whom (who m, 2dly, 21 Oct. 1816, Henry-Richard, earl of Warwick) he had issue, FREDERICK-JOHN, present lord. His lordship d. 14 Nov. 1809, and was succeeded by his only son, FREDERick-John, present and 5th lord. Heir Apparent— Creation—Baron, 28 May 1728; Baronet, 29 June 1611. Arms—Or, two cheveronels gules. Crest—A lion rampant proper, supporting a column or. Supporters—Derter, a lion or. Sinister, a griffin, wings elevated, argent; beaked and membered azure: each gorged with a plain collar azure charged .# three crescentsor, *. having a line reflexed over the backs, ue. Motto—Prest pour mon pais. Ready for my country.

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HENRY BROMLEY, Lonn MONTFORT, Baron of Horseheath,

co. Cambridge

, D.C.L. ; born 14 May 1773; succeeded his father, Thomas,

the late lord, 24 Oct. 1799; married, 5 Sept. 1793, miss Elizabeth Watts,

and by her has no issue.

John Bromley, of Horseheath Hall, co, Cambridge, esq., M.P. for that county, d. 7 Oct. 1707, having m. Mercy, eldest da. and co-h. of William Bromley, of Holt Castle, co. Worcester, esq., (descended from sir Thomas Bromley, lord high chancellor of England, 1579,) by whom (who d. 29 Aug. 1705) he had issue an only son, HENRY BROM LEY, 1st lord Montfort, b. 20 Aug. 1705, represented co. Cambridge in parliament, and was created baron Montfort, of Horseheath, 9 May 1741, m. Frances, da. of Thomas Wyndham, o and sister and sole h. of sir Francis ndham, of Trent, co. Somerset, bart., by whom he had issue, THOMAS, 2d lord, of whom she d. in childbed, 11 Feb. 1733; and Frances, m., 28 May 1747, Charles-Sloane Cadogan, 1st earl of Cadogan, and d. May 1768. His lordship d. 1 Jan. 1755, and was succeeded by his only son, Thomas, 2d lord, b. 1733, m., 29 Feb.

1772, Mary-Anne Blake, da. of sir Patrick Blake, of Langham, co. Suffolk, bart., b whom he had issue, HENRY, o His lordship d. 24 Oct. 1799, and was succeeded by his only son, HENRY, present and 3d lord. Heir Apparent–None. Creation—9 May 1741. Arms Quarterly, per pale dovetailed gules and or. Crest—Out of a mural crown or, a demi lion rampant sable, supporting a banner vert, charged in the dexter chief point with a griffin passant, gold. Supporters—Derter, an unicorn, cream coloured, ducally gorged and chain reflexed over the back, or. Sinister, a horse argent, semée of pellets, and gorged with a collar dovetailed azure, charged with three lozenges, or. Motto—Non inferiora secutus. Despising mean pursuits.

FREDERICK PONSONBY, Bahon PONSONBY, of Sysonby, co. Leicester, and Earl of Bessborough, Wiscount Duncannon, &c., in Ireland;

born 24 Jan. 1758.

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GEORGE.JOHN MILLES, BAmon SONDES, of Lees Court; co. Kent; born 20 Jan. 1794; succeeded his brother, Lewis-Richard, late lord, 1. March 1836; took the surname and arms of Milles only by royal sign manual, 27 Dec. 1820; married, 5 July 1823, Eleanor, 5th da. of sir Ed

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LEWIS WATSON, 1st lord Sondes, b. 28 Nov. 1728, was the 2d son of John, lord Monson, (see that title,) by Margaret, da. of Lewis, earl of Rockingham, represented co. Kent in parliament 1754, and was created baron Sondes, of Lees Court, 22 May 1760, m., 12 Oct. 1752, Frances, 2d da. and co-h. of the right hon. Henry Pelham, 1st lord of the treasury, (only brother of Thomas, duke of Newcastle,) by Catharine, eldest da, of John Manners, 2d duke of Rutland, and had issue by her, (who d. 31 July 1777,) 1. LEWIS-THOMAS, 2d lord. 2. HENRY, b. 20 April 1755, d. I Aug. 1833. # CHARLEs, b. 24 Oct. 1761, d. 16 April 1769. - 4. GeoRGE, b. 20 Feb. 1768, d. 17 June 1824. His o d. 30 March 1795, and was succeeded by his son, Lewis-Thomas, 2d lord, b. 18 April 1754, m., 30 Nov. 1785, Mary-Elizabeth, only da. of Richard Milles, esq., of North-Elmham, co. Norfolk, (who re-m., 23 Jan. 1809, major-gen. sir H. - T. Montresor, K.C.B., G.C.H., and d. 29 Sept. 1818,) and had issue, 1. MARy-GRACE, b. 29 Dec. 1786, m., 3 May 1808, sir John-Henry Palmer, of Carleton, bart. 2, GRAce, b. 1 Aug. 1790, d. 9 Sept. 1794.

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3. LEwis-Richard, 3d lord. 4. GEORGE-JOHN, present lord. 5. HENRY, b. 10 Aug. 1796, in holy orders. 6. Richa Rd, in the army, b. 6 Jan. 1800. 7. CATHERINE, b. 10 June 1802, m., 23 April 1829, William - Brooke de - Capell Brooke, esq., 2d son of sir Richard-Brooke de-Capell-Brooke, bart. His lordship d. 20 June 1806, and was succeeded by his eldest son, LEwis-Rich ARD, 3d lord, who dyin unm., 14 March 1836, was succeeded by his next brother, GEorge-John, present and 4th lord. Heir Apparent—The hon. GEoRGE-WATson MILLEs, his lordship's eldest son. Creation—22 May 1760 Arms—Ermine, a fer de moulin between two martlets in pale sable; on a chief en*...* azure, two marlion's wings conjoined or. Crest—A lion rampant, erminois, holding between the paws a fer de moulin as in the arlins. Supporters—A griffin, wings elevated argent, gorged with a marquess's coronet, or. Sinister, a bear proper, gorged with a belt argent, rimmed, buckled, and charged with two crescents or. Motto— Esto quod esse videris. Be what you seem to be.

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NATHANIEL CURZON, BARon SCARSDALE, of Scarsdale, co. Derby, and a Baronet of England and Nova Scotia, born 3 Jan. 1781, succeeded his father, Nathaniel, late lord, 27 Jan. 1837, and is unmarried.

THIS family, is of great and undoubted antiquity. Richard de Curzon was lord of Kedlestone, co. Derby, temp. Hen. I. His descendant, (through along series of honourable alliances,) FRANCIS CURzoN, of Kedleston, esq., living temp. Edward VI., m. Eleanor, da, and co-h., of Thomas Vernon, esq., (by Anne, da. and co-h. of sir John Ludlow, in right of which marriage a contested claim to the barony of Powis has been frequently brought forward.) His grandson,

Sir John CURzoN, of Kedleston, was created a bart. of Nova Scotia 1636, and of o 1641, and d. 1686; he was succeeded by his son,

Sir. NATHANIEL, 2d bart., m. Sarah, da. of William Penn, esq., and by her (who d, 4 Jan. 1728) had issue,

1. Sir John, 3d bart.

2. Sir NATHANIEL, 4th bart.

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succeeded by his eldest son, Sir NATHANIEL Curzon, 1st lord Searsdale, and 5th bart., created, 9 April 1761, baron Scarsdale, of Scarsdale, co. Derby, and appointed chairman of the committee of...]. of the house of lords. His lo o: 27 Oct. 1751, Caroline Colyear, eldest of Charles, 2d earl of Portmore, K.T., (by Juliana, duchess of Leeds,) and by her (who d. 7 Feb. 1812) had issue, 1. NATHANIEL, 2d lord. 2. Charles-William, b. 22 March 1758, in the army, d. 21 March 1804. 3. John, b. 27 Oct. 1760, R.N., deceased. 4. DAvid-FRANcis, b. 18 July 1762, in holy orders, rector of Kedleston and Mugginton, co. Derby, d. 21 Feb. 1832. 5. HENRY, admiral of the white, b. 24 May 1

765. 6. JULIANA, b. 13 Aug. 1773, d. unm. 22 Feb. 1835. His lordship d. 5 Dec. 1804, and was succeeded by his eldest son, NATHANIEL, 2d lord, b. 16 Sept. 1751, m.; 1st, 18 Aug. 1777, Sophia-Susannah Noel, 3d da. of Edward, 1st viscount and 8th baron Wentworth, and by her (who d. 28 June 1782) had issue, 1. Sophia-CA Rolin E, b. 13 Jan. 1779, m. Robert, viscount Tamworth, son of Robert, 7th earl Ferrers. 2. NATHANIEL, present lord. His lordship m., o Felicité-AnneJosephe de Wattines, of Tournay, and had issue by her, 3. Freilicitro-ANN E-Joseph E. 4. Augustus, major in the army, b. 1786, d. unm. 20 Nov. 1829 5. Edward, capt. R.N. 6. WILLIAM, ... deputy-assistant-adjutanteral to the British army in the Nethernds, killed at Waterloo. 7. FREDERack-Hippolitus, in o orders, m., 13 Dec. 1826, Augusta, 2d da. of

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3. Sophia-Felicia, b. 7 March 1835. 4. A da., b. 14 Dec. 1837. 10. FRAxcis-James, barrister-at-law, b. 25 April 1903. 11. MARy-Elizabeth, b. 28 March 1806, m., 29 Aug. 1825, John Beaumont, of Boro, esq. 12. Canoline Esthen, b. March 1808, m., 13 Feb. 1827, William-Drury Holden, of Lock's Park, co. Derby, esq., eldest son of Robert Holden, above named. His lordship d. 27 Jan. 1837, and was succeeded by his eldest son, NAthAxist, present and 3d lord. Heir Presumptire–Hon. Edwand CubzoN, his lordship's next brother. Creations-Baronet of Nova Scotia, 1636; of England, 1641; Baron, 9 April 1761. Arms—Argent; on, a bend sable, three popinjays or, collared gules. est—A popinjay rising, wings displayed and inverted or, collared gules. Supporters—Two female fi ter representing Prudence, habited †. mantled azure, holding in her sinister hand a javelin, entwined by a remora Hol The sinister representing Liberality, habited argent, mantled

res, the dex

purpure, and holding in

both hands a cornucopia, resting against her shoulder proper.

Motto itecte et suaviter. mildly.

Justly and

GEORGE IRBY, BAR on BOSTON, of Boston, co. Lincoln, and a Baronet, D.C.L.; born 24 Dec. 1777; succeeded his father, Frederick, the late lord, 23 March 1825 ; married, 24 Nov. 1801, Rachel-Ives, eldest da. and co-h. of William Drake, of Amersham, co. Bucks, esq., and by her (who d. 6 Sept. 1830) had issue, –1. GEORGE-IVES, b. 14 Sept. 1802, m., 25 Jan. 1830, Fanny-Elizabeth, eldest da of William-Hopkins Northey, esq., and has issue, 1. a dai, b. 27 Nov. 1831 ; 2. a son, b. 9 March

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12 Jan. 1805; —3. CHARLoTTE

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