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CHARLES-RODOLPH TREFUSIS, BARon CIINTON, of Maxtock, co. Warwick ; born 9 Nov. 1791 ; succeeded his brother RobertCotton-St. John, late lord, Oct. 1832; married, 25 Oct. 1831, lady Elizabeth-Georgina Kerr, da. of William, 6th marquess of Lothian, and has issue, – 1. EMILY-HARRIETT, b. 6 Sept. 1832; —2. CHARIESHENRY-ROLLE, b. 2 March 1834;-3. MARK-GEong E-KERR, b. 13

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JOHN DE CLINTON (descended from

Geoffry de Clinton, chamberlain to king #o I.) was summoned to parliament 27 Feb. 1299. From him descended, in a right line, EDWARD, 8th baron, K.G., who was created, 4 May 1571, earl of Lincoln, and the o remained merged in the earldom, till the death, without issue, 1692, of EDWARD, 5th earl and 12th baron, when the earldom devolved on his cousin and h. male, FRANCIS, 13th earl, and the barony fell into abeyance between the issue of his aunts, Arabella, wife of Robert Rolle, and Margaret, wife of Hugh Boscawen, and so continued till, in 1721, the king was pleased to determine the abeyance in favour of HUGH FORTESCU E, son and h. of Hugh Fortescue, by Bridget, da. and h. of the above-named Hugh and Margaret Boscawen. He was created, 1746, earl Clinton, but d.s.p. 1751, when the barony again fell into abeyance between Margaret Fortescue, his sister and h., and Margaret, countess of Orford, who was da. and sole h. of Samuel Rolle, son and h. of Robert Rolle, and Margaret Clinton above-named; but Margaret Fortescue o unm., 1760, the dignity devolved on the said MARGARET, countess of Orford, and on her death, 1781, descended to her son, GEORGE, earl of Orford, who d. S.p. 1791, when the barony devolved on ROBERT-GEORGE-WILLIAM TREFUSIS, of Trefusis, co. Cornwall, esq., as floor randson and h. of Francis Treusis, esq., by Bridget, da. of Robert Rolle and Arabella Clinton. He claimed and was allowed the barony in 1794, and became 15th bertina-Marianne, da. of John-AbrahamRodolph Gaulis, of Switzerland, by whom (who d. 7 Feb. 1798) he had, 1. ROBERT-COTTON-ST. JOHN, 16th

5. A son, b. 5 Jan.

lord. 2. MARIANNE, d. 3 March 1806. 3. ANN E-MATILDA, b. 28 June 1790, m., 27 March 1827, the hon. and rev. Edward Moore, 3d son of Stephen, 2d earl of Mountcashel. 4. CHARLES-RODOLPH, present lord. 5. GEoRGE-Roll E-WALPole, capt. R.N., b. 8 April 1793. 6. Louis A, b. 29 Nov. 1796, m. John, lord Rolle. His lordship d. 28 Aug. 1797, and was succeeded by his son, RoBERT-Cotton-St. John, b. 28 April 1787, m., 4 Aug. 1814, Frances-Isabella, eldest da. of William-Stephen Poyntz, of Cowdray Park, co. Sussex, esq., lady of the bedchamber to the queen dowager, (who re-m., 1835, col. sir Horace Seymour, 3d son of lord H. Seymour,) but d. S.p. Oct. 1832, and was succeeded by his next brother, CHARLEs-Rodol, PH, present and 17th lord. Heir Apparent—Hon. CHARLES-HENRYRoll ETREFUsis, his lordship's eldest son. Creation—27 Feb. 1299. Arms—Quarterly of 4. 1st. Argent, a cheveron between three spindles sable—TREFUSIS. 2d. Or, a fess dancetté between three billets azure, the fess charged, with three bezants, and each billet with a lion rampant of the field–Roll, E. 3d. Argent, six cross crosslets fitchée, three, two, and one, sable; on a chief azure, two mullets pierced or— CLINTon. 4th. Quarterly, or and gules— SAY. Crest—A griffin sejant, wings elevated or; the dexter claw resting on an antique shield argent. Supporters – Two eyhounds argent, plain collared and lined gules. Motto—Tout , vient de Dieu. All things come from God.


HARRIETT-ANNE_CURZON, B.Anoness ZOUCHE, of Harringworth ; born 7 Sept. 1787; married, 14 Oct. 1808, the hon. Robert Curzon, son of the 1st viscount Curzon, declared baroness Zouche, 9 Feb. 1829, and

has issue, – 1. ROBERT, b. 15 March 1810;

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WILLIAM L.A. ZOUCHE was summoned to parliament in the 2d year of king Edward II., and continued to be summoned till the 22 Edward III., and dying in 26 Edward III., was succeeded by his grandson, WILLIAM, son and heir of Eudo la Zouche, from whom the title descended in a direct and uninterrupted line from father to son, for nine generations. EDWARD, the last lord Zouche, d. without male issue, in 1625, and the barony fell into abeyance between his two das. and co-hh., Elizabeth and Mary. Mary, the youngest, was twice, n., 1st, to Thomas Leighton, esq., and 2dly, to William Connard, esq., but from her there is no known issue in existence. Elizabeth, the eldest, was the wife of sir William Tate, of Delapree, co. Northampton, knt., and had issue by him, Zouche Tate, who d. 1650, leaving issue, William Tate, his son and heir, who d. 1695, and was succeeded by his eldest son, Bartholomew Tate, esq., who d. 1704, having had issue 2 sons, viz. Bartholomew, who d. without issue 1776; and Edward, who d. an infant; and 3 das., namely, Catherine, m. Charles Hedges, esq.; Mary, m. Samuel Long, esq., by whom she left issue; and Susanna, who d. unm. Catherine Hedges had issue by her said husband, 2 sons, and 2 das., all of whom d. without issue, except the eldest da., Susanna, who m., 8 Jan. 1750, sir Cecil Bisshopp, of Parham Park, co. Sussex, bart., and d. Dec. 1791, having issue by him, (who d. Sept. 1779,)

Sir CECIL BISSHOPP, 12th lord Zouche, in whose favour his majesty was pleased to terminate the abeyance of the barony of Zouche, by writ, dated 27 Aug. 1815; b. 29

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4. CAthAR in E-ANNABELLA, b. 1 Dec. 1791, m., Aug. 1826, George-Richard Pechell, esq., capt. R.N., M.P., equerry to the ueen dowager, brother of sir Samuelrooke Pechell, bart. 5. CA Roline, b. 10, d. 17 Sept. 1797. His lordship d. 11 Nov. i. when the barony of Zouche again fell into abeyance between his two das. and co-hh., which abeyance his o was graciously pleased to terminate in favour of the eldest, HARRIETT-ANNE, present baroness. Heir Apparent—Hon. Rob ERT CURzoN, her ladyship's son. Creation—13 Jan. 1308. Arms—Quarterly of 4. 1st. Argent, on a bend cottised gules, three bezants—Bisshopp. 2d. Azure, three swans' heads erased at the neek argent–H EDGE's. 3d. Perfess or and gules, a pale counter-changed, and three Cornish choughs proper—TAtr. 4th. Gules, ten bezants, four, three, two, and one, and a canton ermine–Zouch E. Supporters—Two falcons, wings displayed and inverted argent, beaked, membered, and belled or.

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ROGER DE GREY, of Ruthyn, younger son of John, lord Grey, of Wilton, was summoned to parliament among the barons of the realm, 17 Ed. II. His great-greatandson, Edmund, 4th lord, was created, 465, earl of Kent, and the barony continued merged in the earldom, till the death, without issue, in 1639, of HENRY, 9th earl, when it devolved on his only sister and heiress, SUSAN, wife of sir Michael Longueville, of Wolverton, co. Bucks, and on her death descended to her son and heir, CHARLES LONGUEWILLE, who claimed it in 1640, but was opposed by the then earl of Kent, the heir male of the Grey family, on the plea that, “when once a barony by writ was involved in an earldom, it should wait upon such earldom, and might not be after transferred to another family by a da. and heiress, so long as the earldom continued in the male line.” This plea, however, was overruled by the house of lords, and the principle thereby established, that an earldom, or other superior dignity, does not attract a barony in fee. Mr. Longueville was accordingly summoned to parliament as lord Grey, of Ruthyn, 6 Feb. 1640; but d. without male issue, leaving an only da., SUsANNA, m. sir Henry Yelverton, of Easton Mauduit, co., Northampton, bart., and had by him (besides other issue) 2 sons, CHARLES, who, on his mother's death, ome lord Grey, of Ruthyn, but d. unm.; an HENRY, succeeded his brother as lord Grey, was created, 1690, viscount Longuevillé, and d. 1704, leaving issue, TALBoT, 2d viscount, created, 1717, earl of Sussex, and d. 1731, leaving issue, GEorg EAUGUSTUs, 2d earl, who d. unm., 1758; and HENRY, 3d earl, b. 1729, m., 1st, Hesther, da, of John Hall, of Mansfield Woodhouse,

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WILLIAM STOURTON, BARon STOURTON, of Stourton, co. Wilts; born 6 June 1776; succeeded his father, Charles-Philip, the late lord, 29 April 1816: married, Oct. 1800, Catharine, da. of Thomas Weld, of Lullworth Castle, esq., and has issue. 1. MARY, b. 16 Aug. 1801; 2. CHARLES, b. 13 July 1802, m., 1 Aug. 1825, Mary-Lucy, da. of Charles, 6th lord Clifford, of Chudleigh, and has issue, 1. William, b. 1 Oct. 1826; 2. Henry, b. 26 Dec. 1827; 3. Alfred, b. 26 Dec. 1828; 4. a son, b. 27 Sept. 1832; —3. CATHERINE, b. 27 Aug. 1803;-–4. Eliza, b. 30 Aug. 1806; 5. EDw AR D, b. 26 Oct. 1607, d. 27 Oct. 1828; — 6. ANNA-MARIA, b. 28 May 1809; –7. WILLIAM, b. 13 July 1810, m.; 16 Oct. 1838, Catherine-Alicia, eldest da, of Edmund Scully, of Bloomfield House, co. Tipperary, esq.;-8. Ten Esa, b. 21 March 1812, m., 19 June 1838, Henry-Benedict, lord Arundell of Wardour; –9. Apollonia, b. 21 May 1813;-10. CHAR Lott E., b. 28 July 1814;-11. Jon N. b. 22 March 1816, in the army; — 12. Man Manuke, b. 14 Aug. 1818; —13. EleAN on A, b. 1 Jan. 1820;--14. MARY-Lucy, b. 13 April 1823.

SIR JOHN STOURTON, sheriff of Wilts and Gloucester, and treasurer of the § household, (9th in descent from Rodolphus de Stourton, who was lord of Stourton at or soon after the Norman go was created by patent, 13 May, 26 H. W.I., 1447, baron Stourton. He was succeeded by his son and h., WILLIAM, 2d baron, who was father of JOHN and WILLIAM, 3d and 4th barons, who both d.s.p.; and of EDWARD, 5th baron; which Edward was succeeded by his son, WILLIAM, 6th baron, who was father of CHARLES, 7th baron, father of JOHN, 8th baron, who d. s.p., and of EDWARD, 9th baron; which Edward was father of WILLIAM, 10th baron, who was succeeded by his grandson, WILLIAM, 11th baron, m. Elizabeth, da. of sir John Preston, of Furness Abbey, and had issue, 1. EDWARD, 12th baron, m. but d.s.p.; 2. THOMAS, 13th baron, also d. o: ; and 3. Charles, m. Catherine, da. of Richard Frampton, of Moreton, co. Dorset, by whom he had issue, CHARLES, 14t baron, who d. s. p. 1753; and WILLIAM, 15th baron, who succeeded his brother 1753, m. Winifred, da. and co-h. of Philip Howard, esq., and niece and co-h. of Thomas and Edward, 8th and 9th dukes of Norfolk, and co-h. also with her sister, Anne, lady Petre, of the ancient baronies of Howard, Mowbray, Segrave, &c. His lordship d. 3 Oct. 1781, leaving issue by his lady (who d. 15 July 1754) an §§ son, CHARLES-PHILIP, 16th lord, b. 22 Aug. 1752, m., 15 June 1775, Mary, 2d da. and co-h. of Marmaduke Langdale, baron Langdale, (which title became extinct 1777, ) sister to Apollonia, baroness Clifford, and had issue, 1. WILLIAM, present lord. & CoNsTANTIA, b. 30 June 1777, d. 6 Dec. 1826. 3. MARMADUkr-CHARLEs, b, and d. 1778. 4. MARY, a nun, b. 1778.

5. Elizabeth, b. 1780, d. unm. 25 March 1836. 6. Charlotte, b. 28 June 1783, m., 23 Nov. 1802, Joseph Weld, of Pilewell, esq. 7. Apollonia, b. 4 Jan. 1785, m., 20 Jan. 1812, Thomas-Bland Davison-Bland, of Kippax Park, co. York, esq. } Sir Edward-MARMA duke, (took the surname of Vavasour only, by royal sign manual 27 Feb. 1826, pursuant to the will of sir Thomas Vavasour of Hazlewood, bart., and was created a baronet 14 Feb. 1828:) b. 6 May 1786, m., 6 Aug. 1813, Maria, sole da. of James Lane Fox, esq., and by her (who d. 10 June 1826) had issue, 1. Edward, b. 17 Jan. 1815. 2. Marcia, b. 2 Feb. 1816, m., 12 Nov. 1835, William Constable Maxwell, of Everingham Park, co. York, esq. 3. Charles, b. 13 April 1817. 4. Mary, b. 26 Dec. 1819. 5. William, b. 26 Feb. 1822. 6. Anne, b. 10 June 1823. 7. George, b. 18 July 1824. 8. Philip, b. 26 Feb. 1826. 9. Charles, M.P. for Knaresbro', who, by royal sign manual, 3 Jan. 1815, assumed the surname of LANGDALE only, pursuant to the will of Philip Langdale, of Houghton, co. York, esq.; b. 19 Sept. 1787, m., 1st, 27 Jan. 1817, Charlotte, 5th da. of Charles, 6th lord Clifford, and by her (who d. 31 March 1819) had issue, 1. Mary, b. 14 Nov. 1817. 2. Charlotte, b. 10 Jan. 1819. Mr. Langdale m., 2dly, 1 May 1821, Mary, eldest da. of the late Marmaduke-William Haggerston-Constable-Maxwell, of Everingham Park, co. York, esq., and has issue, 3. Charles, b. 7 March 1822. 4. Eliza, b. 17 May 1823. William, b. 28 March 1826. Philip, b. 27.June 1827, d. 28Jan. 1838. Fanny, b. 28 Nov. 1828. A da., b. 20 Aug. 1833.

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HENRY WILSON, BARoN BERNERS, summoned to parliament by writ, dated May 1838, upon the decease of his brother, Robert, late lord Berners; in holy orders, rector of Kirby Cane, co. Norfolk, and of Alexton, co. Leicester, and vicar of Hixton, co. Leicester; married, 1788, Elizabeth, da. of Thomas Sumpter, of Histon, co. Cambridge, and has issue, –1. HENRY-WILLIAM, b. 23 Feb. 1797, m., 24 Feb. 1823, Mary-Letitia, eldest da, and co-h. of col. George Crump, of Alexton, co. Leicester; –2. Rob ERT, in holy orders, rector of Ashwellthorpe, co. Norfolk, b. 2 Sept. 1801, m., 1st, Emma, da. of William Piggott, of Dodeshall Park, co. Bucks, esq., and 2dly, 13 April 1832, Harriett, 2d da. and co-h. of col. George Crump, abovementioned ; –3. CHARLoTTE, m., 1809, Abbot Upcher, of Sheringham, co. Norfolk, esq., who d. 1819;-4.

Elizabet H, m. rev. William Chester, rector of Denton, co. Norfolk; —

5. MARY, m.

JOHN DE BOURCHIER, 4th son of William, earl of Ewe, by Anne, da. of Thomas of Woodstock, duke of Gloucester, (6th son of king Edward III.,) was summoned to parliament by the title of John Bourchier de Ferners, chevalier, 26 May, 33 Henry VI., 1455, and continued to be so summoned until 12 Edw. IV., 1472. He died in 1474, and was succeeded (his eldest son, John, having d. during his father's lifetime) by his grandson and %. JOHN DE BOURCHIER, who d. 1532, without male issue, but ū. two das. his co-hh., 1. MARY, m. Alexander Unton, esq., but d.s.p.; and 2. JANE, who became eventually sole heiress of her father, m. Edmund Knyvett, esq., serjeant-porter to king Henry VIII., and d. 17 Feb. 1561; and had issue, John Knyvett, of Ashwellthorpe, co. Norfolk, her eldest son and heir, whom she survived, and William Knyvett, who was ancestor of the Knyvetts of Fundenhall. She was succeeded in the barony of Berners by her grandson and heir,

Sir THOMAS KNY VETT, of Ashwellthorpe, knt., who accordingly petitioned king James I. for his summons to parliament, and obtained a certificate (upon reference of his said petition) from the commissioners for executing the office of earl marshal, of his right and title to the said barony, but d. 9 Feb. 1617, before the royal

confirmation of the said report could be ob-
tained. Sir Thomas also survived his eldest
son and heir apparent, and was succeeded
by his grandson,
THOMAS KNY VETT, of Ashwell-
thorpe, esq., who does not appear to have
taken any steps for reviving the claim to the
barony, but is nevertheless called on his
monument hereditary Lord Berners. He
m: Catherine, da. of Thomas, lord Burgh,
of Gainsborough, and d. 30 June 1658, leav-
ing issue,
1. Sir John.
2. Thomas, from whom the present ba-
ron is descended.
Sir John KNYvett, eldest son, m. Mary,
da, of sir Thomas Bedingfield, and d. 28 July
1679, leaving two sons and five das., viz., I.
Thomas, d. unm. 1693; 2. John, d. unm.
1689; 3. Elizabeth, m. Thomas Glemham,
of Glemham, co. Suffolk, esq., and had an
only child, Thomas Glemham, who d. unm.
1710; 4. CATHERINE, baroness Berners;
5. Mary, d. unm. 1709; 6. Jane, m. Oliver
Le Neve, esq., but d. s. p. 1704; 7. Muriel,
d. unm. 1688.
CATHERINE, 2d da. of sir John Knyvett,
becoming by the failure of all the other issue
of her father's body, his sole heiress, prose-
cuted her claim to the barony, and, by a
judgment of the house of lords, 30 May
1720, was declared to be entitled to the

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