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John-Horace-Ferdinand, lieut.-col. in the army, b. 30 Sept. 1793, n., 2 June 1814, Georgiana-Maria, eldest,da. of GeorgeFerdinand, 2d lord Southampton, which lady d. 8 Aug. 1830. He m., 2dly, 8 July 1834, Charlotte-Georgiana, 2d dal of the hon. sir William Ponsonby, and d. 7 Nov.

D5. JAMES-HENRY, b. 20 June 1777. Sir Thomas d. 1 Jan. 1781, and was succeeded by his eldest son, Sir Thomas STAPLETon, who was summoned to parliament as baron le Despencer on the death of lady Austen in 1788, as above mentioned, b. 10 Nov. 1766, m., 1 July 1791, Elizabeth, 2d da-, of Samuel Eliot, of Antigua, esq., and had issue, | 1. THoMAs, b. 24 April 1792, m., 2 Feb. 1816, Maria-Wynne, 2d da. of Henry Bankes, of Kingston House, co. Dorset, esq., and d. Jan. 1829, having had issue by her, (who d. 15 Oct. 1823,) 1. Thomas-Henry - Wynne, b. 5 Feb. 1821, d. an infant. 2. MARY - FRANCES-ELIZABETH, present baroness. 2. Elizabeth-MARy, b. 23 March 1793, d. unm. 30 Dec. 1823. 3. MARIA-FRANcks-CAthARINE, b. 22 Sept. 1794, m. Robert, present and 3d earl of Roden, K.P. 4. EMMA, b. 27 Feb. 1796, m., 5 May 1825, Charles Brodrick, esq., eldest son of the late archbishop of Cashel, and nephew of viscount Midleton. 5. WILLIAM, b. 2 Dec. 1797, in the army, d. at Barrackpore, in Bengal, 26 Sept. 1826. 6. Emily, b. 8 Dec. 1798, m., Nov. 1817, hon. major-gen. H.-R. Packenham, C.B., brother to Thomas, 2d earl of Longford, K.P.

7. Miles-John, in holy orders, rector of Mereworth, co. Kent, and vicar of Tudleycum-Capel, b. 21 March 1801, m., 29 Dec. 1820, Anne-Byam, only child of the late hon. Thomas-Norbury Kerby, of the council

* Antigua, and d. 11 June 1830, leaving ssue, 1. Adelaide, b. 25 Oct. 1822, to whom her majesty stood sponsor. 2. Anne-Byam, b. 20 oct. 1823. 3. Jane-Elizabeth, b. 14 July 1825. 4. Maria-Catherine, b. 3 Jan. 1827. 8. FRANcks, b. 23 Jan. 1803, d. unm., 25 Aug. 1835. 9. ANNA-Francos-Esthen, b. 15 April 1805. m., 3 Dec. 1828, Henry Maxwell, esq., eldest son of rev. Henry Maxwell, heir presumptive to lord Farnham. 10. Sir Francis-Jenvis, bart., (see debrett's New Baronetage, in holy orders, b. 6 Aug. 1807, m., 17 May 1830, Margaret, eldest da. of 4: George Airey, lieut.-gen. and K.G.H., and has issue, 1. Francis-George, b. 19 March 1831. 2. and 3. Catherine-Elizabeth and Florence-Maria, (twin das.,) b. 5 Nov. 1832. 4. Richard-Talbot-Plantagenet, b. 27 April 1834. 5. A son, b. 25 Nov. 1835. His lordship d. 1 Oct. 1831, and was succeeded in the baronetcy by his only surviving son, hon. and rev. sir Francis-Jervis Stapleton, bart., and in the barony of Le Pof by his granddaughter, MARY-FM.A.Ncros-Elizabeth, present baroliness. Creation—49 Hen. iii., 1264. Arms—Quarterly of 4. 1st. Argent, a lion rampant sable — Stapleton. 2d. Azure

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gules; a bend sable; in the 2d and 3d quarters a fret or–LE DEspences. Supporters-Dorter; a griffin, wings elevated or, gorged with a plain collar sable, thereon three ol. argent i line reflexed over the back of the *...i. Sinister, a bull argent, spotted liver colour, armed, unguled, plain collared and chained or.


DE CLIFFORD, in whose favour

king William IV. was pleased to terminate the abeyance of this barony, 1833; born Nov. 1791; married, 21 Aug. 1822, John Russell, esq., R.N., son of lord William Russell, and nephew of the duke of Bedford, by whom (who d. 27 April 1835) she had issue, –1. EDWARD-SOUTHWELL, b. April 1824;-2. John, b. 7 July 1825, d. 1827;-3. SYDNEY., b. Dec. 1826, d. 22 Jan. 1838;-4. KATHE RINE-SARAH-GEong INA, b. 15

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6. CARol INE, b. 1831.

Bromflete, lord Vescy, subsequent to which match, although Henry Bromflete was created baron Wescy, to him and the heirs male of his body, the Cliffords were uentl

- as Clifford. HENRY, 11th baron, was created earl of Cumberland, 1525, and the barony remained merged in the earldom till 1605, when, on the death of GEORGE, 3d earl, without issue male, it was separated from the earldom of Cumberland, and descended to his da. and h., ANNE, who m., 1st, Richard Sackville, earl of Dorset; and 2dly, Philip Herbert, 4th earl of Pembroke and Montomery, by which latter she had no issue. She claimed the barony 1628, and her petition was referred to the house of lords, but no further proceedings were had in it. Upon her death, 1675, the dignity fell into abeyance between her two das., and co-hh., Margaret, wife of John Tufton, earl of Thanet, and Isabella, wife of James Compton, earl of Northampton; but the issue of the last-mentioned lady becoming extinct, it became vested in THOMAS TUFTON, 6th earl of Thanet, son and h., of Margaret, who accordingly claimed and was allowed the barony by the house of lords 1691. He dying without issue male, 1729, it again fell into abeyance between his five das. and co-hh., Catharine, wife of Edward, viscount Sondes, son of Lewis, earl of Rockingham; Anne, wife of James, 5th earl of Salisbury; MARGARET, wife of Thomas Coke, viscount Lovell, afterwards earl of Leicester; Mary, m., 1st, to Anthony Grey, earl Harold, son of Henry, duke of Kent, by whom she had no issue; and 2dly, to John, earl Gower; and Isabella, m., 1st, lord Nassau Paulet, son of Charles, 3d duke of Bolton; and 2dly, sir Francis-Blake Delaval, K.B.-In 1734, the king was pleased to terminate the abeyance in favour of MARGARET, then lady Lovell, afterwards countess of Leicester, the 3d da, and co-h., and on her death without surviving issue, 1775, in favour of EDWARD SOUTHWELL, esq., son and h. of Edward Southwell, of King's Weston, co. Gloucester, esq., (who d. 16 March 1755,) by Catherine, da. of the above-named Edward, viscount Sondes, and lady Catherine Tufton, and sole h. of her brothers, Lewis and Thomas, earls of Rockingham. He m.


Sophia, 3d da. of Samuel Campbell, of

Mount Campbell, co. Leitrim, her (who d. 3 Aug. 1828, aged 85) . EDWARD, late lord. Rob ERT-CAMPBELL, d. Aug. 1793. HENRY, d. young, 1777. Joh N, d. 5 April 1778. MARY, d. 14 Aug. 1789. 6. CATHARINE, b. 19 Sept. 1768, m., Nov. 1790, col. George - Kien - Hayward Coussmaker, of the foot-guards, d. 1801, and had Issue, 1. SOPHIA, present baroness. 2. George, b. June 1797, d. 1821, unm. 7. Sophis, b. 10 June 1771, m., 13 April 1790, John-Thomas Townshend, afterwards viscount Sydney, and d. Nov. 1798. 8. Elizabeth, b. 11 June 1776, m. WilliamCharles Keppel, 7th earl of Albemarle. 9. HENRIETTA, b. 19 May 1777, m., 22 #. 1798, Frederick Delme, esq., and d. 1800. His lordship d. 1 Nov. 1777, and was succeeded by his only son, EDw ARd, late lord, b. 23 June 1767; m., Feb. 1789, lady Mary Bourke, 2d da. of Joseph, 3d earl of Mayo, archbishop of Tuam, but d. s. p. 30 Sept. 1832, when the barony fell into abeyance between the issue of his three late sisters, Catherine, Sophia, and Elizabeth, viz. mrs. Russell—the two das. of the late mrs. Townshend—and Augustus, viscount Bury, son and h. of the late countess of Albemarle, which abeyance his late majesty was graciously pleased to terminate in favour of Sophi A, present baroness. Heir Apparent — The hon. EdwardSouthwell Russell, her ladyship's eldest son. Creation–29 Dec. 1299. Arms—Quarterly. 1st and 4th. Azure, on a chevron between three mullets or, as many trefoils slipped vert—CoussMAKER. 2d and 3d. , Argent, 3 cinque-foils gules, each leaf charged with an annulet or— SouTH well. Supporters—Dexter, a wyvern, wings elevated gules. Sinister, a monkey proper, ringed round the loins and line or.

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GEORGE-EDWARD THICKNESSE-TUCHET, BAR on AUDLEY, of Heleigh, co. Stafford, born 26 Jan. 1817, succeeded his father, George

John, late lord, 14 Jan. 1837.

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May 1769; 2. JOHN-TALBOT, 8th earl,
who d. without issue, April 1777, when the
earldom of Castlehaven ame extinct; 3.
Elizabeth, m., 10 Nov. 1749, Philip Thick-
nesse, esq.; 4. Mary, d. unm. On the death
of John Talbot, 8th earl of Castlehaven,
1777, the barony of Audley, being a barony
in fee, descended to the eldest son of his
sister, Elizabeth Thicknesse, viz.
upon became 21st baron Audley, and by
royal si manual, Dec. 1783, took the sur-
name of Tuchet, and the arms of Tuchet
and Audley, b. 4 Feb. 1758, m., 1st, 21 May
1781, Elizabeth, 2d dal of John-Hussey De-
laval. 2d lord, Delaval, and by her (who d.
11 July 1785) had issue,
1. GEORGE-JOHN, 22d lord.
2. John, b. 1784, killed at the battle of
Copenhagen, unm., 2 April 1801.
3. Eliza BETH-St’sANNAH., b. 3 April 1782,
m., Nov. 1805, John Cossins, esq.
His lordship. m., 2dly, 2 May 1792, Au-

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PETER - ROBERT DRUMMOND - BURRELL, BARon WILLOUGHBY DE ERESBY, and BARon GWYDIR, of Gwydir, co. Carnarvon, and a Baronet, Joint Hereditary Great Chamberlain of England, and Lord-Lieutenant co. Carnarvon, P.C.; born 19 March 1782; succeeded his father, Peter, 1st lord Gwydir, 29 June 1820, and his mother, Priscilla-Barbara-Elizabeth, in the barony of Willoughby of Eresby, 29 Dec. 1828; took the surname of DRUMM on D in addition to that of BURRELL, by royal sign manual, 5 Nov. 1807, and his issue, the surname and arms of Willough BY, instead of those of BURRELL, by royal sign manual, 26 June 1829; married, 20 Oct. 1807, Clementina-Sarah, da. and sole heiress of James Drummond, lord Perth, and has issue, –1. CleMENT INA-Elizab ETH, b. 2 Sept. 1809, m., 8 Oct. 1827, Gilbert-John Heathcote, esq., M.P., eldest son of sir Gilbert Heathcote, bart.;-2. ElizaBETH-SUsAN, b. 21 Sept. 1810; ––3. CHARLoTTE-AUGUSTAARABELLA, b. 3 Nov. 1815; –4. FREDERick, b. 4 Feb. 1818, d. 17 May 1819;-5. ALBERIC, b. 25 Dec. 1821.

DEscENT or THE BA Rony or

Robert DE WILLoughby, of Eresby, co. Lincoln, (son of William de Willoughby, knt., by Alice, his wife, da. and co-heiress of John, baron Beke, of Eresby,) was summomed to parliament apparently in the barony of Beke, o by the title of “willoughby,” 7 Edward II., 1313, and the dignity continued in his male descendants till 30 Henry VI., when ROBERT, 5th lord, d. leaving an only da. and heiress, Joan, who m. Richard, Iord Welles, who was afterwards summoned to parliament, as “Rich

ard Welles de Willoughby.” Their only surviving child and heiress, Joan, m. Richard Hastings, who was summoned to parliament as “Richard Hastings de Welles,” but dying without surviving issue, the barony of Willoughby reverted to the male line, and became vested in her cousin, WiLLIAM DE WILLoughby, great-grandson of Thomas, next brother of the 5th lord. He d. 1525, leaving an only da. and h., CATH ERINE, who m., 1st, Charles Brandon, duke of Suffolk, by whom she had 2 sons, Henry and Charles, dukes of Suffolk, who both d. minors; and 2dly, Richard


Bertie, by whom she had a son and heir, PEREGRINE, who, on his mother's death, 1580, was summoned to parliament as baron Willoughby, of Eresby, m. Mary, da. of John, and aunt and heiress of Henry Vere, earls of Oxford, by which match his son acquired the office of hereditary great chamberlain of England. He d. 1601, and was succeeded by his son, ROBERT, who was created earl of Lindsey, and the barony of Willoughby merged in that earldom, and afterwards in the duchy of Ancaster, to which dignity Robert, 4th earl of Lindsey, was elevated 1715, and so remained till the death of Rob ERT, 4th duke, in 1779, when the barony fell into abeyance between his sisters and co-heiresses, Priscilla, late baroness, and Georgiana, marchioness of Cholmondeley, which abeyance his majesty was graciously pleased to terminate, 18 March 1780, in favour of PRisci LLA - BARBARA - Eliza BETH, who was also (with her sister Georgiana, marchioness Cholmondeley) |. heredita great chamberlain of England. This hig office, originally held by the Veres, earls of Oxford, passed from them to the Bertie family, with Mary, sister of Edward, and aunt of the whole blood, and heiress of Henry Vere, earl of Oxford, who d.1625. It remained in the Bertie family till the death, in 1779, of Peregrine, duke of Ancaster and Kesteven, when it fell into abeyance between his two daughters and co-heiresses, and was executed on their behalf by lady. Willoughby's husband, lord Gwydir, during his life, and subsequently (during her ladyship's life) by her son, the present baron. Her ladyship was b. 16 Feb. 1761; m., 23 Feb. 1779, Peter Burrell, esq., who was created, 16 June 1796, baron Gwydir, of Gwydir, co. Carnarvon, and had issue by him, who d. 29 June 1820, besides other issue, hereafter named, 1. PETER - ROBERT, present baron Willoughby and Gwydir.


This family is said to have been o: ally of Northumberland; but Randolphus Burrell, having m., 1325, Sermonda, da; and co-heiress of sir Walter Woodland, of Devon, settled in that county. From him descended .John BURRELL, of Woodland, who, in 1414, furnished at his own charge, a ship, 20 men at arms, and 40 archers, for the war with France; he left issue several sons, of whom Walter, the eldest, succeeded to the estate; and Geraldus, the youngest, bein bred to the church, became archdeacon an residentiary of Chichester, and vicar of Cuckfield, co. Sussex, where he acquired a considerable estate, which, at his death, 17 April 1508, he left to his nephew, RALPH BURRELL, of Cuckfield, whose son, THoMAs BURRELL, m. Dorothy Weston, and had issue, NiNIAN BURRELL, of Cuckfield, who d. 4 Sept. 1614, leaving issue, #. Jane, da. of Henry Smith, of Pepper arrow, co. Surrey, esq., who re-m. to Peter Courthope, of Danny, co. Sussex, esq., 5 sons, of whom WALTER, the eldest, m. Frances, da. of John Hooper, of Stockbury, Kent, esq., and had issue 9 sons, of whom Timothy Burrell, 6th son, left issue an only child and heiress, Elizabeth, who m. Thomas, 2d lord Trevor; and PETER BURRELL, of Beckenham, co. Kent, 9th son of Walter Burrell, of Cuckfield, co. Sussex, by Frances Hooper, settled at Beckenham, 1684, m. Isabella, 2d da. of John Merrick, of Stubbers, co, Essex, esq.,

by whom he had issue, 1. PETER. 2. Sir MERRick, of West-Grinstead Park, governor of the bank of England, member in several parliaments for Marlow and Grampound, created a bart. 12 July 1766, with remainder to his eldest brother, Peter Burrell, of Beckingham, and d. 1787, withOut issue. 3. FRANCEs, m. Richard Wyatt, of Egham, co. Surrey, esq. 4. Is ABELLA, m. Thomas Dalyson, of Manton, co. Lincoln, esq. 5. ANNE, m. Richard Acland, esq., brother to sir Hugh Acland, of Killeton House, co. Devon, bart. PETER BURRELL, of Beckenham, the eldest son, was an eminent merchant, and sub-governor of the South Sea, Company; he represented Haslemere and Dover in parliament, m. Amy, eldest da, of Hugh Raymond, of Sailing Hall, co. Essex, and of Langley, co. Kent, esq., and d. 1756, having had issue, 1. PETER, his heir. 2. RAYMoND, d. young. 3. Sir WILLIAM BURRELL, bart., who m., 1773, Sophia, da. of sir Charles Raymond, of Valentine House, co. Essex, bart., (who was so created 3 May 1773, with remainder to his son-in-law, William Burrell,) and d. 1796, leaving issue, Sir Charles-Merrick-Burrell, bart., member for New Shoreham (see Debrett's New Baronetage). 4. Jo HN, d. young. 5. AMELIA, m. Tobias Frere, esq. 6. ISABELLA, d. young. PETER, the eldest son, succeeded at Beckenham, m. Elizabeth, da. and co-heiress of John Lewis, of Hackney, co. Middlesex, esq., and d. 1776, leaving issue, 1. PETER, 1st lord Gwydir. 2. Eliza BETH-AMELIA, m. Richard-Hen3. Bennett, of Brabraham, co. ambridge, esq., and d. 27 Jan. 1837, aet. 92. 3. SUSAN-IsABELLA, m. Algernon, earl of Beverley. 4. FRANCEs - JULIA, m. Hugh Percy, duke of Northumberland, K.G. 5. ELIZABETH, m., 1st, Douglas Hamilton, 8th duke of Hamilton ; and, 2dly, Henry Cecil, 1st marquess and 10th earl of Exeter. Sir PETER BURRELL, 1st lord, succeeded his great uncle, sir Merrick Burrell, bart., in that title 1787, represented Boston in several parliaments, and officiated at the trial of Warren Hastings, as deputy great chamberlain of England; knighted, 6 July 1781; advanced to the dignity of baron Gwydir, co. Carnarvon, 16 June 1796; m., (as above stated,) 23 Feb. 1779, PriscillaBarbara-Elizabeth Lindsey, baroness Willoughby D’Eresby, in her own right, by descent, eldest da. of Peregrine, 3d duke of Ancaster, sister and co-heiress of Robert, 4th duke of Ancaster, (hereditary great chamberlain of England,) and by her (who d. 29 Dec. 1828) had issue, 1. PETER-ROBERT, present lord. 2. LINDSEY-MERRICK, b. 15 June 1786, late secretary of legation at the court of Dresden, m., 13 July 1807, Frances, youngest da. of the late James Daniel, esq., and has issue, 1. Albemarle-Brownlow-Lindsey-Peter, b. 1808, d. 3 May 1828. 2. Peter-Robert-Charles, b. 1810. 3. Lindsey-Peter, b. 1813. 4. Willoughby-James-Peter, b. 1814. io Charlotte-Fanny, b. 1809, d. 8 Dec. 28. 6. Georgiana-Charlotte, b. 1811. 7. Emma, b. 1812. 8. Susan-Anne, b. 1816.

9. Emily-Aurora, b. 1819. 10. Marcia-Sarah-Elizabeth, b. 1821. 11. Charlotte-Anne, b. 1822. 3. William-PEREGRINE - PETER, b. 1 Oct. 1788. 4. CHARLotte-ElizaBETH, b. 25 April 1790, d. young. 5. Elizabeth-JULIA-GEorgiaNa, b. 25 March 1793, m. John, earl of Clare. His o d. 29 June 1820, and was succeeded by his eldest son, PETER-Robert, present and 20th lord Willoughby de Eresby, and 2d lord Gwydir. Heir Apparent—The hon. Alberic DRUMMond-Willoughby, his lordship's only son.

Creations—Baron Willoughby, by writ, 26 July 1313; Baron Gwydir, ig June 1796. Arms—Quarterly, 1st and 4th. Or, fretty azure—Willoughby. 2d and 3d. Or, three bars wavy gules, and a canton ermineDraummond. Crests—1st. The bust of a man couped and affronté proper, ducally crowned or— Willoughby. 2d. On a ducal coronet a talbot dog statant, collared and line tied in a knot over the back gules. Supporters—Derter, a grey friar habited proper. Sinister, a wild man, wreathed round the temples and loins. Motto—Animus non deficit a quus.

Equanimity is not wanting.

THOMAS BRAND, B.Anon. DACRE, of Gillesland, co. Cumberland, born 15 March 1774; succeeded his mother, Gertrude, the late baroness, 3 Oct. 1819; married, Dec. 1819, Barbarina, one of the das. of Admiral sir Chaloner Ogle, bart., and relict of Valentine Wilmot, of Farnborough, co.

Southampton, esq.

RANUlph d'E DAcar (descended from William de Dacre, sheriff co. Cumberland, temp. Henry III.) was summoned to parliament, 1321. From him descended THOMAS, 6th barom, who d. 1457, leaving a andda. and heiress, Joan, m. Richard iennes, who was summoned to parliament, 1459, as baron Dacre. He was ancestor of GREGORY FIENNES, 9th baron, who d. 1594, leaving an only sister and heiress, MARGARET, wife of Sampson Lennard, esq.; she claimed, and was allowed the barony, 1604. THOMAS LENNARD, 14th lord Dacre, eat-great-grandson of the above-named argaret, was created earl of Sussex 1674, and d. 1715, leaving 2 das. and co-heiresses, Barbara and Anne, between whom the barony of Dacre fell into abeyance. The former of these ladies m. lieut.-gen. Charles Skelton, but d. without issue, 1741, when the title devolved on her sister, ANNE, baroness Dacre, m., 1st, Richard-Barrett Lennard, by whom she had one son, THOMAS, 15th baron; she m., 2dly, Henry Roper, 8th lord Teynham, to whom she was 3d wife, and by whom she had (besides other issue) Charles, eldest son, m. Gertrude, sister and co-heiress of John Trevor, of Glynd, co. Sussex, esq., and had issue, CHARLES, 16th baron, and GERT RUDE, late baroness. The baroness m., 3dly, Robert, son of Henry Moore, 3d earl of Drogheda, by whom also she had issue; she d. 1755, when the barony descended to her eldest son, Thomas-BARRETT LENNARD, 15th barom, who d. without issue, 12 Jan. 1786, and was succeeded by his nephew, Charles-TREvoR RoPER, 16th baron,

who also d. without issue, 4 July 1794 and was succeeded by his only sister and heiress, Georaude, b. 25 Aug. 1750, m., 20 April 1771, Thomas Brand, of the Hoo, co. Herts, “. (who d. 21 Feb. 1794,) and had issue, . THOMAS, present lord. 2. HENRY-OTwAY, C.B., major-gen. in the army, late lieut.-col. in the Coldstream regiment of foot-guards, took the surname of Trevor only by royal sign manual 1824, m., 21 July 1806, Pyne, eldestda. of the late hon. and rev. Maurice Crosbie, D.D., dean of Limerick, and only brother of William, earl of Glandore, whose former marriage with sir John Gordon, of Park, bart., was dissolved by act of parliament in 1806, and has issue, 1. oil. m., 12 Aug. 1828, JohnHenry-Cotterell, esq., eldest son of sir lodeere: Cotterell, bart., who d. 3 Jan. 2. Julia, m., 28 June 1824, SamuelCharles Whitbread, of Ardington, co. Bedford, esq. 3. Henry, d. 27 Feb. 1814. 4. Thomas, m., 12 Jan. 1837, Susan-Sophia, eldest da. of the hon. Charles-Compton Cavendish, woman of the bedchamber to the Queen. 5. Gertrude, m., 21 July 1831, sir George-Hamilton Seymour, G.C.H., son of lord George Seymour, and cousin of the marquess of Hertford. 6. Henry, in the army. 3. GERTRUDE, b. 25 Oct. 1772. The baroness d. 3 Oct. 1819, and was succeeded by her eldest son, Thomas, present and 18th baron. Heir Presumptive Major-gen. HENRY

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