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HENRY DEVEREUx, viscount HEREFord, and a Baronet, P.C., Premier Viscount of England ; born 9 Feb. 1777; succeeded his father, George, the late and 13th viscount, 31 Dec. 1804; married, 12 Dec. 1805, Frances-Elizabeth, 3d da. of sir George Cornewall, of Moccas Court, co. Hereford, bart., and has issue, –1. HENRY CORNEWALL, b. 21 Nov. 1807; 2. Rob Ent, b. 3 May 1809; —3. WALTER-BouhcHIER, commander R.N., b. 3 Nov. 1810 : —4. HUMPHREY-DE-Bohu N, b. 29 June 1812; —5. FRANCEs-CAT HARINE, b. 19 May 1814;-6. HENRY ST. JOHN, Viscount BOLINGBROKE, and ST. JOHN, Baron St. John, of Lydiard Tregoze, Baron St. John, of Battersea, and a Baronet ; born March 1786; succeeded his father, George-Richard, the late viscount, 18 Dec. 1824; married, 3 June 1812, Maria, 2d da. of sir Henry-Paulet St.-John-Mildmay, bart., by whom (who d. 21 Dec. 1836) he had issue, –1. MARIA, b. 17 March i813; —2. ANNE-JANE*b. 8

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SIR WALTER DEvereux, K.G., (descended from Robert D'Evereux, one of the companions of William the Conqueror,) having m. Anne, sole da, and heiress of William, lord Ferrers, of Chartley, was summoned to parliament by that title 1461, and being slain at Bosworth 1485, was succeeded by his son and heir, John, lord Ferrers, of Chartley, who d. 1497, leaving by Cecily, his wife, sister and heiress of Henry Bourchier, earl of Ewe and Essex, and sole heiress of the o of Bourchier, besides other issue, a son and heir, WALTER, lord Ferrers and Bourchier, K.G., created, 2 Feb. 1549, viscount Hereford, m., 1st, Mary, da. of Thomas Grey, marquess of Dorset; and, 2dly, Margaret, da. of Robert Garneys, of Kenton, co. Suffolk. By his first wife he had issue, Richard, who d. in his lifetime, leaving a son, WALR, K.G., who succeeded his grandfather as viscount Hereford, was created, 4 May 1572, earl of Essex, and dying 1576, was succeeded by his son, Robert, 2d earl, K.G., the celebrated and unfortunate favourite of queen Elizabeth, whose son, Robert, 3d earl, the general of the parliament army,

against king Charles, of s.p. 1646, the earldom became extinct: the viscounty devolved on his cousin, sir WALTER DEVEREUX, bart., son of sir Edward Devereux, bart., only son of the 1st viscount, by his wife, above named; and the baronies of Ferrers, of Chartley, Bourchier, &c., fell into abeyance between the issue of his two sisters, Frances, who m. William Seymour, duke of Somerset, and Dorothy, who m. sir Henry Shirley, bart., in favour of whose ndson, sir Robert Shirley, king Charles I. was pleased, in 1677, to determine the abeyance of the first-mentioned barony. Sir WALTER DEveREux, who, on the death of Robert, 3d earl of Essex, became 5th viscount Hereford, was succeeded by his son, LEICESTER, 6th viscount, who had two sons, LEICESTER and EDWARD, successively 7th and 8th viscounts, who both d. s.p.; and on the death of the last of whom, in 1700, the title devolved on PRICE, 9th viscount, son of Price, son of rge, son of sir George Devereux, of Sheldon Hall, younger brother of the 5th viscount; he d. 1740, leaving an only son, PRICE, 10th viscount, who d. s.p. 27 July 1748, when the title again fell to a collateral line, viz. to EDWARD, son of Arthur, son of Vaughan Devereux, younger brother of Price, father of the 9th viscount. Edward DEVEREUx, 11th viscount, succeeded Price, 10th viscount, 13 April 1750, m. Catharine, only da. of Richard Mytton, of Garth, co. Montgomery, esq., and had issue by her, (who d. 2 Feb. 1748,) 1. BRIDGET, . b. 9 May 1739, m. Price Jones, esq., and d. May 1781. 2. EDWARD, 12th viscount. 3. CATHARINE, b. 7 Feb. 1748, m., 26 Oct. 1793, the rev. John Ackland, of Broadclist, co. Devon, and d. 20 Jan. 1804. 4. GEORGE, 13th viscount. The viscount d. 20 Aug. 1760, and was succeeded by his son, Edwańd, 12th viscount, b. 19 Feb. 1741, m., 2 June 1774, the hon. Henrietta-Charlotte-Tracy, eldest da. of Anthony Keck, of Tew, co. Oxford, esq., and dying without issue, 1 Aug. 1783, was succeeded by his brother, GEORGE, 13th viscount, b. 25 April 1744, m., 15 Dec. 1768, his cousin, Marianna, only da. and h. of George Devereux, of Tregoyd, co. Brecon, esq., and by her (who d. 23 June 1817) had issue, (besides 7 children, who d. young,) 1. HENRY, 14th viscount. 2. MARIANNA, b. 14 Feb. 1773, m., 14 Oct. 1801, major-gen. sir James Cockburn, of Langton, bart., of N.S., and G.C.H. 3. CHARLOTTE-HENRIETTA-MARIANNA, b. 29 March 1775, m., 24 June 1809, Henry


Wellington, of Hay Castle, co. Brecknock, esq

4. JULIANA-STRATFord-MARIANNA, b. 16 Jan. 1778, m., 14 Feb. 1820, Henry Eyre, of Botleigh Grange, co. Hants, esq. 5. CATH ERINE-ELIZA-MARIANNA, b. 6 June 1784, m., 1st, 25 March 1806, Walter Wilkins, of Maeslough, co. Radnor, esq., (who d. May 1831,) and 2dly, 8 Nov. 1831, William-Richard Stretton, esq. 6. GEORGIANA-MARIANNA, b. 10 Dec. 1785, m., 24 June 1809, Thynne-Howel Gwynne, of Givermale, co. Brecknock, esq. he viscount d. 31 Dec. 1804, and was sueceeded by his only son, HENRY, present and 14th viscount. Heir Apparent—HENRY CoRNEWALL, the viscount's eldest son. Creations — Wiscount Hereford, 2 Feb. 1549; Baronet, 1615. Arms — Quarterly. 1st. Argent, a fess gules, and in chief three torteaux—DEveREUx. 2d. Argent, a cross engrailed gules between four water bougets sable—BouncHIER. 3d. France and England quarterly, within a border argent—THöMAs, of WoodSTOCK, duke of Gloucester, son of king Edward III. 4th as 1st. Crest—Out of a ducal coronet or, a talbot's head argent, eared gules. Supporters—Derter, a talbot argent, eared gules, ducally gorged of the last. Sinister, a reindeer proper ducally gorged and lined or. Motto—Virtutis comes invidia. Envy is the attendant of virtue.

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NICHOLAS ST. John, of Lydiard Tregoze, Wilts, (descended from a younger son of the house of St. John, of Bletshoe,) had issue two sons, sir John, ancestor of the

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bert Rich, earl of Warwick, by whom he

had am only son,
1. HENRY, secretary of state to

Anne, created, 7 July 1712, baron St.

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viscounts Bolingbroke, and sir Oliver, who of Lydiard, Tregoze, and viscount Boling

was, by king Charles I., created viscount Grandison, in Ireland, and baron Tregoze, in England, but d. S.p. 1630. Sir John, eldest son of Nicholas, left a son, sir John, who was created a baronet 1611, and was grandfather of HENRy, created, 2 July 1716, baron St. John, of Battersea, and viscount St. John, for life, with remainder to his 3d and 4th sons, John and Holles, and their issue male; m, 1st, Mary, da, and co-h. of Ro

broke, with remainder to the issue of his father. He was attainted 1714, and afterwards restored to his estates, but not to his titles; twice m., but d.s.p., 15 Dec. 1751. The viscount m., 2dly, Angelica-Magdalena, da: of George Pillesary, by whom (who d. 1736) he had issue, 2. GEORGE, d. unm. 1716. 3. JOHN, 2d viscount. 4. Holi, Es, d. unm. 1738. 5. HENRIETTA, m. Robert Knight, created earl of Catherlough, in Ireland. John, 2d viscount, m., 1st, 17 April 1729, Anne, da. and soleh. of sir Robert Furnese, bart., and by her (who d. 11 July 1747) had issue, 1. Elizabeth-Louis A, m. William, 1st lord Bagot. 2. ANNE: 3. Louis A: both d. infants. 4. Fr.EDERICK, 3d viscount. 5. HENRY, gen. in the army, and col. 36th foot, d. s.p., 4 April 1818, having m., 31 Aug. 1771, Barbara, da. of Thomas Bladen, esq. 6. John, surveyor-general of the crown lands, d. unm. 8 Oct. 1793. The viscount m., 2dly, Hester, da. of James Clarke, co. Herts, esq., and by her (who d. 8 March 1752) had no issue. The viscountd. Feb. 1749, and was succeeded by his son, FREDERick, 2d viscount Bolingbroke, and 3d viscount St. John, b. 1734, m., 9 Sept. 1757, Diana Spencer, sister to George, 2d duke of Molo (which marriage was dissolved o act o rliament, 8 March 1768, and she m., 2dly, the late hon. Topham Beauclerk). By this Hol he had issue, 1. GEORGE-RICHARD, late viscount. 2. FREDERick, b. 20 Dec. 1765, a gen. in the army, m., 1st, 8 Dec. 1788, Mary, da. of William, 5th o: of Lothian, by whom (who d. 6 Feb. 1791) he had issue, 1. Robert-William, consul-gerferal at Algiers, b. 5 Feb. 1791, m. Eliza-Maria, da. of John Barker, of Wakefield, co. York, esq., and has issue a son, b. 9 May 1834. He m. 2dly, 6 April 1793, Arabella Craven, sister to William, earl of Craven, and by her (who d. 9 June 1819) had issue, 2. George-William, b. 4 May 1796, in holy orders, rector of Stanton Lacy, co. Hereford, m., 28 Jan., 1830, HenriettaFrances, only da. of Maurice Magrath,


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3. CHARLotte, who d. young. His lordship d. 5 May 1787, and was succeeded by his esdest son, GEongr-Richand, 3d viscount Bolingbroke, and 4th viscount St.John, b. 6 Marc 1761, m., 1st, 26 Feb. 1783, Charlotte, da. of rev. Thomas Collins, of Winchester, by whom (who d. 11 Jan. 1803) he had issue, be. sides a son and da-, who both d. unm., 1. HENRY, present viscount. His lordship m., 2dly, 1 Aug. 1804, IsabellaCharlotte-Antoinette-Sophia, baroness Hompesh, and had issue, 2. Frradinand, b. 16 Oct. 1804, m., 8 Nov. 1826, Selina-Charlotte, da. of Maurice-St. Leger Keatinge, esq., (by lady Martha Brabazon, da. of the 8th ears of Meath,) and has issue, 1. Ferdinand-William-Maurice, b. 14 Nov. 1827; 2. John-Henry, b. Dec. 1828; 3. Charles-Louis; 4. Robert-Frederic (twin with Charles). 3. Charles-Robkar, b. 21 Nov. 1807. noons.”ian, b. 28 Sept. 1810, d. 5. IsabelLA; 6. Antonia. The viscount d. 18 Dec. 1824, and was succeeded by his eldest son, HENRY, present and 5th viscount St. John, and 4th viscount Bolingbroke. Heir Apparent — The hon. HENRY ST. John, his lordship's son. Creations—Baronet, 22 May 1611; Baron St. John, and Viscount Bolingbroke, 7 July 1712; Baron St. John, of Battersea, and Wiscount St. John, 2 July 1716. Arms—Argent, on a chief gules two mullets or. Crest—On a mount vert a falcon rising or, ducally gorged gules. Supporters—Dexter, a falcon, wings displayed or, ducally fo. gules. Sinister, an eagle, wings displayed or, charged on the breast with the hames, an ancient badge of the family of Tregoze. This badge resembles an antique shield rimmed gold, the field per pale argent and gules, and charged with a crescent sable, thereon a label of three points or. Motto—Nec quaerere nec e honorem. Neither to seek or despise ło,

GEORGE BYNG, Viscount TORRINGTON, Baron Byng, of Southill, co. Bedfordshire, and a Baronet; a Lord in waiting to her Majesty; born 9 Sept. 1812; succeeded his father, George, 6th viscount, 18 June 1831 ; married, 18 March 1833, Mary-Anne, da. of sir John Dugdale Astley, bart. ; and has issue, –1. A DA., b. 14 Jan. 1835.


This family is descended from Thomas Byng, who was seated at Wrotham, co. Kent, temp. Henry VII., where his descendants continued till the reign of Charles I., when George .# grandfather of the 1st viscount, sold the family estate there.

GEORGE BYNG, 1st viscount Torrington, was created a bart, 14 Nov. 1715, and a K.B. on the revival of the order 1725. He was an admiral R.N., commander-in-chief in the Mediterranean 1718, where he per

formed many important services; and 1st

lord of the admiralty; b. 27 Jan. 1663, and, 21 Sept. 1721, created baron Byng, of Southill, and viscount Torrington ; m., 1691, Margaret, da. of sir James, Master, and by her (who d. 1 April 1756) had eleven sons and four das. of whom only five sons and one da. survived him, viz. 1. PATTEE, 2d viscount. 2. GEORGE, 3d viscount, 3. Rob ERT, a commissioner of the navy and governor of Barbadoes, d. 1740, having m., 19 Dec. 1734, Elizabeth, da. of Jonathan Forward, esq., and by her had issue three Sons, i. Robert; 2. John; both d. 3. George, b. 1735, M.P. in several parliaments for Middlesex, who d. 27 Oct. 1789, having m., 5 March 1761, Anne, da. of William Connolly, of Castletown, in Ireland, esq., grandda. of Thomas Wentworth, earl of Strafford, and sister to Caroline, countess of Buckinghamshire, and by her (who d. Dec. 1805) had issue, 1. Anne-Elizabeth, b. 14 Feb. 1762; 2. George, M.P. co. Middlesex, b. 17 May 1764, m., Harriet, da. of sir William Montgomery, bart., and sister to Anne, marchioness Townshend; 3. William, d. , 4. Caroline; 5. Robert ; 6. Frances; 7. Sir John, G.C.B., K.S.W., and K.M.T., created Lo RD STRAF form (see that title). 4. John, admiral R.N., the circumstances of whose trial and execution at Portsmouth, 1757, are too well known to need recountIng. #. Edward, m. Mary, da. and h. of John Bramston, of Chigwell, co. Essex, esq., but d. s.p. 1756. 6. SARAH, m. John Osborne, esq., eldest son of sir John Osborne, of Chicksands, bart. His lordship d. 17 Jan. 1733, and was succeeded by his eldest son, PATTEE, 2d viscount, b. 1699, treasurer of the navy, joint vice-treasurer, and paymaster-general in Ireland, m., Jan. 1724, Charlotte Montagu, da, of Charles, 1st duke of Manchester, and by her (who d. 14 Sept. 1759) had a da., Caroline, and two sons, George and Frederick, who all d. young. His lordship d. 23 Jan. 1749, without issue * and the title devolved upon his brother, GEorg E, 3d viscount, b. 1701, gen. in the army, and col. 48th regt. of foot, 1749, m., 1736, Elizabeth, da. of sir Peter Daniels, and by her (who d. 17 March 1759) he had 1SSue, 1. GEORGE, 4th viscount. 2. JOHN, 5th viscount. His lordship d. 17 April 1750, and was succeeded by his eldest son, GEORGE, 4th viscount, m., 10 July 1765, Lucy Boyle, only da. of John, earl of Cork and Orrery, in Ireland, by whom (who d. 18 March 1792) he had issue three sons, who all d. young or unm. ; and four das., his co-hh., l, Lucy-ELIZABETH, b. 27 Oct. 1766, m.,

6 . 1788, Orlando Bridgman, late earl of Bradford. 2. GEORGIANA - ElizaBEth, b. 24 Feb. 1768, m. John, 6th duke of Bedford. 3. ISABELLA-ELIZABETH, b. 21 Sept. 1773, m. Thomas, 2d marquess of Bath. 4. EMILY, m., 1 July 1800, Henry Seymour, esq., eldest son of lord Robert Seymour, nephew to the marquess of †. and d. 3 Sept. 1824. His lordship d. 14 Dec. 1812, without issue o: and was succeeded by his only broer, John, 5th viscount, b. 11 Oct. 1742, m., 3 March 1767, Bridget, da. of commodore Arthur Forrest, who d. commander-in-chief on the Jamaica station, and by her (who d. 25 April 1823) had issue, 1. GEORGE, 6th viscount. 2. ElizaBETH-Lucy, b. 15 Aug. 1770, m., 26 Sept. 1797, rear-admiral Percy Fraser, R.N., (who d. 9 Dec. 1827,) and 2dly, 10 Aug. 1836, rev. George Goodenough Lynn. 3. CECILIA, b. 15 Aug. 1770, m., 31 Oct. 1805, J.-R.-Gregg Hopwood, of Hopwood Hall, co. Lancaster, esq. 4. ANNA-MARIA, b. 18 Aug. 1771, m., 29 Aug. 1794, Charles-Henry Hall, D.D., dean of Durham. 5. FRANCEs, d. Nov. 1796. 6. EDMUND, commissioner of the colonial office. 7. Joh N, of the East India Company's civil service, m., 5 Nov. 1806, miss Mayne, da. of Mayne, esq.; he d. Nov. 1811, at Trichinopoly, in the East Indies, leaving 1SSue, 1. George. 2. Amelia, m., 20 April 1836, Lawrence Fyler, esq., capt. 77th foot. 3. John. 8. BRIDGET-AUGUSTA-Fort REST, m., July 1806, the hon. Charles Herbert, capt. R.N., 2d son of Henry, 1st earl of Carnarvon, who was unfortunately drowned in going ashore at Gijon, in Spain, 21 Sept. # 9. HENRY-Dilkes BYNG, capt. R.N., m. Maria-Jane, da. of the hon. J.-B. Clerke, of his majesty's council of Cape Breton, and has issue, 1. Henry, R.N. 2. Cecilia, m., 22 Nov. 1836, Mortimer R. S. Whitmore, esq., royal fusileers. 3. Edmund; 4. John; 5. Beatrice. 10. FREDERick-GERALD, a senior clerk in the foreign office, and gent. usher of the privy chamber. 11. GEORGIANA, m. the rev. Geoffrey Hornby, nephew to the earl of Derby. 12. BEATRICE-CHARLoTTE, woman of the bedchamber to her Majesty, m., 30 Nov. 1820, the rev. Colin Campbell. 13. Lucy-JULIANA, m., 5 Oct. 1809, sir John Morris, bart. The viscount d. 8 Jan. 1813, and was succeeded by his eldest son, GEoRGE, 6th viscount, vice admiral of the blue, D.C.L., b. 5 Jan. 1768, m., 1st, 8 Feb. 1793, Elizabeth, da. of Philip Langmead, of Hoegate House, Plymouth, esq., and by her (who d. 20 Aug. 1810) had issue, 1. Lucy-ELiza BFTH, b. 11 Jan. 1794, m., 28 July 1836, rev. John Lukin, rector of Nursling, co. Hants, son of the dean of Wells. 2. 3. Two sons, d. infants. The viscount m., 2dly, 5 Oct. 1811, FrancesHarriett, 2d da. of admiral sir Robert Barlow, K.C.B., and had issue, 4. GEORGE, present viscount.

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5. FRANCEs - Elizabeth, twin with
George, b. 9 Sept. 1812, d. 13 Feb. 1832.
6. HiLAiRE-CARolin E, b. 23 June 1815.
7. Robert-BARLow-PALMER, b. 30 Nov.
8. JAMEs-MustER-Owen, b. 20 July 1818.
9. Russell - John - MoRRis, b. 4 April
10. STANHoPE - FREDERick - Hopwood,
(twin with Russell,) d. 15 July 1824.
The viscount d. 18 June 1831, and was
suceeeded by his eldest son,
GEorge, present and 7th viscount.
Heir Apparent—

Creations—Baronet, 19 Nov. 1715: Baron Byng, and Wiscount Torrington, 21 Sept. 1721. Arms—Quarterly. Sable and argent; in the first quarter a lion rampant of the second. Crest—An heraldic antelope or ibex erInline. Supporters—Derter, an heraldic antelope ermine, armed, unguled, maned, and tufted or, standing on a ship gun proper. Sinister, a sea-horse proper, also on a ship gun. Motto—Tuelor. I will defend.

AUGUSTUS - FREDERICK FITZGERALD, Viscount LEINSTER, of Taplow, in England, and Duke of Leinster, Marquess and Earl of Kildare and Offaley, in Ireland; born 21 Aug. 1791; married, 16 June 1818, Charlotte-Augusta Stanhope, youngest da, of Charles, 3d earl of


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HENRY MAYNARD, Viscount MAYNARD, and Baron Maynard, of Much Easton, and a Bart., Lord-Lieutenant of Essex; born 13 March 1786; succeeded his uncle, Charles, late viscount, 10 March 1824; married, 28 Dec. 1810, Mary, only da. of Reginald Rábett, of Bramfield Hall, co. Suffolk, esq., and has issue, 1. CHARLES-HENRY, b. 1814, in the army; —2. CHARLott E-MARY, b. 1811, m., 22 Dec. 1834, AdolphusFrederick-Molyneux Capel, esq., grandson of William, 4th earl of Essex; —3. EMMA, m., 25 Aug. 1836, J. Robert Ives, of Corpusty, co. Norfolk,

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SIR HENRY MAYNARD, of Estaines, co.
Essex, knt., by Susan, his wife, da. and co-
h. of Thomas Pierson, left issue 3 sons, 1.
WILLIAM, created baron Maynard; 2. Sir
John, of Tooting, K.B., whose issue male
became extinct in 1664; 3. Charles, ancestor
of the present viscount, of whom hereafter.
WILLIAM, eldest son of sir Henry, was
created a baronet 1611, baron Maynard, of
Wicklow, in Ireland, 1620, and baron May-
mard, of Estaines, in Essex, 1628; he d. 1640,
and was succeeded by his only surviving
WILLIAM, 2d baron, d. 1698, leaving 2
surviving sons, BANAst RE, 3d baron, and
WILLIAM, who had two sons, Thomas and
Prescut, who both d. unm. -
BANA stre, 3d baron, d. 1717, leaving 3
sons, successively barons Maynard, viz.,
HENRY, d. unm., 1742; GREY, d, unm.,
1745; and -
CHARLES, 6th baron, who being the

last male descendant of sir William, 1st
baron, aged and unm., was created by pa-
tent, 28 Oct. 1766, baron Maynard, of Much
Easton, co. Essex, and viscount Maynard,
with limitation, on failure of issue male of
his body, to his 3d cousin, sir William
Maynard, of Waltons, co. Essex, bart.,
#.o.o. of Charles, 3d son of sir
enry above named. The viscountd. unm.,
30 June 1775, whereupon the baronetcy and
the English and Irish baronies created in
1620 and 1628, became extinct, but the titles
conferred in 1766 devolved on Charles, 2d
viscount, eldest son and h, of sir William
Maynard, of Waltons, above named.
We now return to Charles Maynard, 3d
son of sir Henry, and brother of the 1st lord.
He was auditor of the exchequer, temp.
Charles II., and d. 1665, leaving issue a son,
William, who was created a bart., 1 Feb.
1681, and was father of sir William and sir
Henry, successively barts., of whom the last

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