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PRINCE ADOLPHUS-FREDERICK, Duke of CAMBRIDGE, Earl of Tipperary and Baron of Culloden, (so created 27 Nov. 1801,) Chancellor of the University of St. Andrew's, Knight of the Garter, Grand Cross of the , Bath, and Grand Master and First and Principal Knight Grand Cross of the most distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George, G.C.H., K.B.E., K.R.E., a Field-Marshal in the Army, Colonel of the Coldstream Guards, and Ranger of Richmond Park; born 24 Feb. 1774 ; married, 1st, at HesseCassel, 2 May 1818, and 2dly, at the Queen's Palace, Buckingham House, l June 1818, her serene highness, Augusta-Wilhelmina - Louisa, princess of Hesse, youngest da. of Frederick, landgrave of Hesse, and niece of his royal and serene highness the elector of Hesse; b. 25 July 1797, and has issue, .* * 1. Prince GEORGE-WILLIAM-FREDERICK-CHARLES, K.G., G.C.H., a colonel in the army, b. 26 March 1819. 2. AUGUSTA - CARoll NE - CHARLoTTE - ELIZABETH - MARY - SoPHIALouis A, b. 19 July 1822. 3. MARY-ADELAIDE-WILHELMINA-ELIZABETH, b. 27 Nov. 1833.

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PRINCEss August. A soph I.A. DUCHESS of Gloucester, oWTHENTo A.V-7-2 vo LANDGRAVINE OF HESSE Homi Bourt G. PRINCESS sophia.

*** The Sovereign's sons, brothers, and uncles, are styled PRINCEs of THE BLood Royal, and have precedency of all other dukes, with the title of Royal Highness, which title was also, by special warrant, in 1816, conferred on the Duke of Gloucester, deceased, and, 6 April 1818, on Prince Leopold of Saxe Cobourg (King of the Belgians).



BERNARD-Edward HOWARD, Duke of NORFOLK, K.G., EARL MARs HAL and HEREDITARY MARs HAL of ENGLAND, (the functions of which high office his grace and his successors were empowered to execute in person, notwithstanding their being of the Roman Catholic religion, by act of parliament, which received the royal assent 24 June 1824,) Earl of Arundel, Surrey, and Norfolk; Baron Fitz-Alan, Clun and Oswaldestre, and Maltravers; P.C., F.R., and A.S.; premier duke and earl, next to the blood royal ; succeeded Charles, the late duke, 16 Dec. 1815; born 21 Nov. 1765; married, 23 April 1789, Elizabeth, 2d da. of Henry Belasyse, last earl of Fauconberg, (which m. was dissolved by act of parliament, May 1794, and she re-m., 26 May, in the same year, Richard Bingham, earl of Lucan, and d. 24 March 1819,) and by her had issue, HENRY-CHARLES, earl of Surrey, P.C., treasurer of the Queen's household, M.P. for the Western Division of Sussex, b. 12 Aug. 1791; m., 27 Dec. 1814, Charlotte-Sophia Leveson-Gower, eldest da. of George, 1st duke of Sutherland, K.G., and has issue, 1. Henry-Granville, lord FitzAlan, M.P. for Arundel, b. 7 Nov. 1815; 2. Edward-George, b. 20 Jan. 1818; 3. Mary-Charlotte, b. 13 Dec. 1822; 4. Bernard-Thomas, b. 30 Dec. 1825; 5. Adelixa-Matilda, b. 6 Aug. 1829.

JOHN HOWARD, K.G., 1st duke of on the failure of the male line of the Mow

Norfolk of this family, was the only son of brays, and death of Richard, duke of York,

sir Robert Howard, knt., by Margaret, his 2d son of *ś. IV., to whom the

wife, da. of Thomas Mowbray, duke of Nor- last heiress of that house had been married,

folk. He was created baron Howard 1470, and he was advanced by king Richard III., 28 B


June 1483, to the dignity of duke of NorFolk. He was slain at the battle of Bosworth 22 Aug. 1485, leaving an only son, THOMAS, 2d duke, K.G., who was created earl of Surrey on the same day that his father was created duke of Norfolk. He was attainted 1 Hen. VII., but three years afterwards restored to the titles of earl of Surrey and baron Howard, and at length by king Henry VIII., 1511, created duke of Norfolk and earl marshal, m., 1st, Elizabeth, da. and h. of sir Frederick Tilney, knt., by whom he had issue, besides several other children, 1. THOMAS, 3d duke. 2. Sir Edward, K.G., standard-bearer to king Henry VIII., and admiral of England. 3. Sir EDMUND, marshal of the army at the battle of Flodden, and father of Catherine Howard, 5th wife of king Henry VIII. The duke m., 2dly, Agnes, da. of Hugh Tilney, by whom he had issue a son, 4. WILLIAM, ancestor of the earls of Nottingham and Effingham, (extinct,) and of the present earl of Effingham (see that title). The duke d. 21 May 1524, and was succeeded by his son, THoMAs, 3d duke, K.G., m., 1st, the princess Anne, 3d da. of king Edw. IV., by whom he had no surviving issue; and 2dly, Elizabeth, da. of Edward Stafford, duke of Buckingham, by whom he had issue two SonS, 1. HENRY, K.G., the celebrated earl of Surrey, beheaded in his father’s life-time, 20 Jan. 1546, leaving issue by Frances, da. of John Vere, earl of Oxford, 1. THOMAS, 4th duke. 2. HENRY, K.G., created, 1603, earl of Northampton, but d. unm. 2. THOMAS, created viscount Bindon, which title became extinct on the death of his son, Thomas, 3d viscount, 1610. The duke d. 25 Aug. 1554, and was succeeded by his grandson, Thom As, 4th duke, K.G., m. Mary, da. and at length heiress of Henry Fitz-Alan, earl of Arundel, by whom (who d. 25 Aug. 1557) he had an only son, 1. PHILIP, earl of Arundel. His grace m., 2dly, Margaret, da-, and h. of Thomas, lord Audley, of Walden, by whom he had issue, 2. THoMAs, ancestor of the earls of Suffolk and Berkshire (see that title). 3. WILLIAM, ancestor of the earls of Carlisle, (see that title,) and of the Howards of Corby Castle. The duke was attainted and beheaded 1572, and all his honours forfeited; but his eldest son, - PHILIP, inheriting, in right of his mother, the earldom of Arundel, together with the baronies of Fitz-Alan, Clun and Oswaldestre, and Maltravers, was summoned to parliament as earl of Arundel, 1580; m: Anne, sister and, co-h. of George, lord Dacres, of Gillesland. He was attainted 1590, and d. in the Tower 1595, leaving an only son, HoMAs, K.G., restored to the earldoms of Arundel and Surrey, 1603, and created earl marshal 1621, and earl of Norfolk 1644 ; m. Alathea, da. and co-h. of Gilbert Talbot, earl of Shrewsbury, and had issue two SOnS, 1. HENRY-FREDERICK. 2. WILLIAM, m. Mary, sister and sole h. of Henry, lord Stafford, and was ancestor of the Howards, earls of Stafford, extinct. The earl d. 4 Oct. 1646, and was succeeded by his eldest son, HENRY - FREDERICK, earl of Arundel,

Surrey, and Norfolk. He was summoned to parliament by writ during his father's life-time, as barön Mowbray, m. Elizabeth, da. of Esme Stuart, duke of Richmond and Lenox, K.G., and had issue by her, nine sons and three das., of whom we shall notice only five sons, viz. 1. THOMAS, who became 5th duke of Norfolk. 2. HENRY, 6th duke. 3. PHILIP, a cardinal. 4. CHARLEs, m. Mary, eldest da. and co-h. of George Tattershall, of Finchampstead, co. Berks, and had issue, Henry-Charles, m. Mary, da. of John Aylward, and was father of CHARLEs, 10th duke. 5. BERNARD, (ancestor of the present duke,) of whom hereafter. The earl d. 17 April 1652, and was succeeded by his eldest son, THOMAS, restored by act of parliament, 1660, to the title of duke of Norfolk, with limitation to the issue male of his father, d. unm. 1677, and was succeeded by his next brother, HENRY, 6th duke; created, 27 March 1669, baron Howard of Castle Rising, and, 19 Oct. 1672, earl of Norwich, and earl mar. shal of England, with extensive limitations of the latter honour; m. Anne, da. of Edward Somerset, marquess of Worcester, by whom he had issue, 1. HENRY, 7th duke. 2. THOMAs, of Worksop, co. Notts, in ; of which manor he claimed, and was allowed, at the coronation of king James II., 23 April 1686, to find the king a right hand § and to support his right arm whilst e held the sceptre. He was drowned in his lo to France, 9 Nov. 1680, leaving issue his wife, Mary-Elizabeth, da. and sole h. of Sir John Savile, of Copley, co. York, bart., (who d. 10 Dec. 1732,) 1. THOMAS, 8th duke. 2. EDWARD, 9th duke. 3. Henry, d. unm. 4. Richard, d. unm. 5. Philip, m., 1st, Winifred, da. of Thomas Stonor, of Stomor, co. Oxon, b whom he had a son, Thomas, b. 1727, } wnm. 1763; and a da., Winifred, m. William, lord Stourton; and 2dly, Harriot, da, and co-h. of Edward Blount, of Blag. don, co. Devon, esq., by whom he had a son, Edward, b. 1744, d. unm. 1767, * a da. Anne, m. Robert-Edward, iord etre. 6. Mary, m. Walter Aston, son and h. apparent of Walter, lord Aston, of Forfar. 3. ANNE-ALATHEA, d, young. 4. ELIZABETH, m. GEORGE, 1st duke of Gordon. 5. FRANCEs, m., the marquess of Valparesa, a Spanish nobleman. bo. 7%. , jo.” da, of Robert Ickerton, esq., whom (who d. 28 1693) he had q., by ( Aug 6. GEORGE ; 7. JAMEs. 8. FREDER1ck-HENRY. 9. John, all d. without issue. 10. CATHERINE ; 11. ANNE, nuns. 12. PHILIPPA, m. Ralph Standish, of Standish, co. Lancaster, esq. His grace, d. 11 Jan. 1683, and was succeeded by his son, HENRY, 7th duke, K.G., summoned to *...* during his father's life-time, i. an. 1677, as baron Mowbray. He was constable and governor of Windsor Castle, warden of Windsor Forest, and lord-lieut. of Norfolk, Berks, and Surrey; m. Mary, gla, and h; of Henry Mordaunt, earl of Pé. terborough, from whom he was divorced

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