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Supporters—Two swans, wings inverted, argent, ducally gorged, gules.

| Motto-Vir ea nostra voco. Scarcely can these things be called our own.

GEORGE-ROBERT HOBART-HAMPDEN, EARL of BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, Baron Hobart, of Blickling, and a Baronet; born 1 May

1789 ; succeeded his uncle, Robert,

the late earl, 4 Feb. 1816; took the

name and arms of Hampden, by royal sign manual, 1824; married, 3 May

1819, miss Jane Glover.

SIR HENRY HobART, knt., was created a bart., 1611, and appointed lord chief justice of the common pleas, 26 Nov. 1611; author of the celebrated “Law Reports,” and d. 1625, and was succeeded by sir John, of Blickling House, co. Norfolk, 2d bart., who d. 1647, and was succeeded by his nephew, sir John, 3d bart., who deceasing, was succeeded by sir HENRY HobART, 4th bart., who was Killa in a duel with Oliver le Neve, esq., 1699, and was succeeded by his son, § JOHN HOBART, 5th bart., who was elected a K.B., 27 May 1725, and created a er 28 May 1728, by the title of baron Hort, of Blickling, co. Norfolk, and advanced, 5 Sept. 1746, to the dignity of earl of Buckinghamshire; m., 1st, Judith, da. of Robert Britiffe, of Beaconsthorpe, co. Norfolk, esq., and by her (who d. 7 Feb. 1727) had issue, 1. JOHN, 2d earl. 2. Robert, d. 22 May 1733. 3. Dorothy, m., 21 Oct. 1752, sir CharlesHotham Thompson, bart., and d. 1798. The earl m., 2dly, 10 Feb. 1728, Elizabeth, sister to Robert Bristow, esq., and by her (who d. 12 Sept. 1762) had issue, 4. GEORGE, 3d earl. 5. HENRY, many years M.P. for Norwich, and chairman of §: committee of ways and means, d. 10 March 1799, having m., July 1761, Anne-Margaret, da. of John Bristow, esq., by whom (who d. 12 July 1788) he had 1SSue, 1. Henry, in holy orders, canon of Hereford, m., 5 May 1800, Mary, da. of sir Thomas Beauchamp-Proctor, bart., and has issue, 1. George, b. 6 Sept. 1802, in the army; 2. Charles, b. 4 March 1808. 2. Anne-Catherine, m., 23 Sept. 1784, Montagu Wilkinson, esq., (who took the name of Montagu,) and d. 25 March 1800. 3. Maria-Anne, m. capt. Fraser. 4. Leonora. His lordship d. 22 Sept. 1756, and was succeeded by his eldest son, John, 2d earl, ambassador to the court of St. Petersburgh 1762; and 1776, apointed lord-lieut. of Ireland; b. 1722, m., st, 15 July 1762, Mary-Anne, da. and co-h. of sir Thomas Drury, bart., and by her (who d. 30 Dec. 1769) id issue,

1. HARRIET, b. 7 April 1762, m., March 1780, Armar Corry, 1st earl of Belmore, which m. was dissolved by act of parliament, 1792; and she re-m. the same month, William, marquess of Lothian. 2. CA Rolf NE, b. 24 Feb. 1767, m. WillianAssheton Harbord, 2d lord Suffield. 3. Sophia, b. 5 April 1768, m. Richard, 2d earl of Mount-Edgecombe. The earl m., 2dly, 24 Sept. 1770, Caroline, da. of William Conolly, of Stratton Hall, co. Stafford, (by Anne Wentworth, da. of Thomas, 3d earl of Strafford,) and by her (who d. 26 Jan. 1817) had issue 3 sons, who all d. infants, and 1 da., 4. AMELIA-ANNE, b. 20 Feb. 1772, m. Robert, 2d and late marquess of Londonderry, K.G. His lordship d. 3 Aug. 1793, and was succeeded by his half-brother, GEoRGE, 3d earl, m., May 1757, Albinia, da, and co-h. of lord Were Bertie, 2d son of Robert, 1st duke of Ancaster, by whom (who d. 11 March 1816) he had issue, 1. GEORGE, d. an infant. 2. ROBERT, 4th earl. 3. GEorge-VERE, b. 1761, d. 5 Dec. 1802, an., 1st, Jane, da. of Horace Cattano, and by her had issue, 1. GEORGE-ROBERT, present earl. 2. Charles, R.N., d. June 1813. 3. Augustus-Edward, in holy orders, prebendary of Wolverhampton, b. 1 Nov. 1793, m., 1st, 12 Sept. 1816, Mary, eldest da, of the late John Williams, esq., serjeant-at-law, and by her (who d. 25 Jan. 1825) had issue; 1. Albinia-Frances, b. 28 June 1817; 2. Vere-Henry, b. 8 Dec. 1818; 3. Frederick-John, b. 6 March 1821; 4 Augustus-Charles, b. 1 April 1822; 5’ Georgiana-Mary, b. 6 July 1823; 6. Charles' Edward, b. 6 Jan. 1825. The rev. A.-E." Hobart, m.,2dly, 15 Aug. 1826, Mary-Isabella, da. of rev. Godfrey Egremont, and by her has issue, 7. George-Augustus, b. 2 June 1827; 8. William-Arthur, b. Oct. 1828; 9. Bertie-Henry, b. 18 March, d. 16 July 1830; 10. Maria-Catherine, b. 5 July 1831; 11. Louisa, b. 16, d. 17 Sept. 1832; 12. Charlotte-Augusta, b. 17 July 1833; 13. Louisa-Selina, b. 21 July 1834. 4. Albinia-Jane, (to whom and her two

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The hon. G. V. Hobart, m-, 2dly, 26 April 1802, Janet, da, of colonel Maclean, of Coll, N.B., and had issue by her, 6. Vere-Catherine-Louisa, m., 31 July 1832, Donald-Cameron, of Lochiel, esq. 4. Charles, lieut. R.N., killed in the action with the count de Grasse. 5. HENRY-Lewis, D.D., dean of Windsor, and of Wolverhampton, rector of Haseley, co. Oxon, and vicar of Nocton, co. Lincoln, and registrar of the order of the

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Creations— garter, n., 5 Oct. 1824, Charlotte-Selina, 28 May 1728; and Earl, 5 Sept. 1746.

2d da. of Richard Moore, esq., of Hampton- Arms—Quarterly, 1st and 4th. Argent, a

Court Palace, and has issue, saltire gules between four les displayed 1. Louisa-Charlotte, b. 7 Feb. 1826. azure—HAMPDEN. 2d and 3d. Sable, an 2. A da., still-born, 30 Jan. 1832. estoile or, between two flanches ermine3. A da., b. 28 July 1833. Hobart.

4. Arda., b. 27 May 1835. 5. A son, b. 13 Sept. 1836. 6. ALBIN1A, b. 1759, m., 14 July 1784, Richard Cumberland, .# 7. HENRIETTA-ANNE-BARBARA, b. 1760, m. 28 May 1789, the right hon. John Sullivan, of Ritchings Park, Herts, and d. 12 Dec. 1828. 8. MARIA - FRANces-Maray, (twin with Henrietta,) m. George, 2d earl of Guilford. 9. Charlotte, b. 1770, m., 28 May 1789, Edward Disbrowe, of Walton, co. Derby, esq., and d. 15 Aug. 1798; he d. 30 Nov.

Crests—lst A talbot statant ermine collared, and line tied in a knot over the back gules—HAMPPEN. 2d. A bull statant, per pale sable and gules, semée of bezants, and a ring affixed in the nose or—Hobant.

Supporters Derter, a buck. Sinister, a

talbot; both regardant proper, and gorged
with a radiant collar o o: line reflexed
over the back or.
Motto—Auctor pretiosa facit. The founder
makes it more valuable; and, vestigia nulla
retrorourn. -

There is no receding.

CHARLES-WILLIAM-WENTWORTH FITZWILLIAM, EARL FITZWILLIAM, Viscount Milton, Lord Fitzwilliam, Baron of Milton, in England ; also Earl Fitzwilliam, Viscount Milton, and Baron Fitzwilliam, of Lifford, in Ireland, F.R. and A.S.; born 4 May 1786, succeeded his father, William, late earl, 8 Feb. 1833; married, 8 July 1806, Mary, da, of Thomas, 1st lord Dundas, and by her (who d. 1 Nov. 1830) had issue, 1. CHAR hott E., b. 10 July 1807;-2. MARGARET-BRU cr, b. 27 Jan., and d. 3 Feb. 1809; –3. MARY, b. 2 May 1810, m., 2 May 1831, Leonard Thompson, of Sheriff Hutton Park, co. York, esq.; 4. WILLIAM-CHARLEs, viscount Milton, b. 18 Jan, 1812, m., 15 Aug. 1833, lady Selina, da. of Charles, present earl of Liverpool, and d. 8 Nov. 1835, leaving issue, 1. a son, still-born, 14 Nov. 1834; 2. a da., (posthumous,) b. 11 Jan. 1836;-5. FRAN ces-LAURA, b. 22 Oct. 1813, m., 23 June 1837, William Bridgeman-Simpson, esq., youngest son of the hon. John Bridgeman-Simpson ;—6. WILLIAM-THOMAS-SPENCER, viscount Milton, b. 12 Oct. 1815, M.P. for Malton ; – 7. GEoRGE, b. 3 May 1817; — 8. ANNE, b. 14 May 1819; — 9. DoRo THY-HENRIETTA, b. 2 April 1822; —10, John, b. o Sept.



1823, d. 15 June 1824;

b. 3 Sept. 1829.

THE family of Fitzwilliam is of an antiquity equalled by few, and surpassed by none in this country; the present earl being the 22d in lineal male descent from one William Fitz-Goderick, a cousin of king Edward the Confessor. The eldest branch of the Fitzwilliams, was seated at Sprotsborough, co. York, till the reign of Henry VIII., when it ended in co-heiresses married into the families of Suthill, and Copley. From a 3. son of the Sprotsborough family escended William Fitzwilliam, K.G., who was created earl of Southampton by king Henry VIII., but d.s.p. The immediate ancestor of the present earl was John Fitzwilliam, 6th son of sir John, of Sprotsborough, who lived in the reigns of Henry V. and VI., and was seated at Milton, co. Northampton. Sir William Fitzwilliam, great-grandson of John, was lord justice of Ireland 1560, and lord deputy from 1571 to 1575; and his grandson, WILLIAM, was, in 1620, created baron Fitzwilliam of Lifford, in Ireland: and dying in 1644, was succeeded by his only surviving son, WILLIAM, 2d baron, who d. 1658, leaving a son, WILLIAM, 3d baron, created, 1716, viscount Milton and earl Fitzwilliam, in Ireland, and dying 1719, was succeeded by his SOn, John, 2d earl, m. Anne, da. and h. of John Stringer, of Sutton-upon - Lownd, Notts, and d. 1728, leaving issue by her (who d. 1726) an only son, WILLIAM, 3d earl, and 5th baron Fitzwilliam, in Ireland, created an English peer, 19 April 1742, by the title of lord Fitzwilliam, baron of Milton, co. Northampton: 6 Sept. 1746, his lordship was created a viscount and earl of Great Britain, by the titles of viscount Milton, and earl Fitzwilliam, of Norborough, co. Northampton ; b. 15 Jan. 1719, m., 22 June 1744, Anne Wentworth, eldest da, of Thomas, marquess of Rockingham, K.B., and by her (who d. 30 Aug. 1765) had issue, 1. ANNE, b. 24 March 1745, d. 8 Dec. 1819. 2. CHARLOTTE, b. 14 July 1746, m. Thomas, 1st lord Dundas. 3. WILLIAM, 4th earl.

11. CHARLEs-WILLIAM, b. 11 Sept. 1826; — 12. A son, b. and d. 18 March 1828;


4. FRANCEs-HENRIETTA, b. 22 Oct. 1750, d. unm., 28 Oct. 1835. 5. EMILIA-MARIA, b. 12 Dec. 1741, d. 8 Aug. 1752. . 6. HENRIETTA, b. 20 March 1753, d. unm. 7. DoRo Thy, b. 22 May 1754, d. 16 March 1809. 8. GeoRGE, b. 28 Feb. 1756, in the army, d. 8 May 1786. His lordship d. 10 Aug. 1756, and was succeeded by his son, WILLIAM, 4th earl in the peerage of Ireland, and 2d in that of England, who took the surname and arms of Wentworth, 1807, lord-lieutenant of Ireland 1795, b. 30 May 1748, m., 1st, 11 July 1770, lady Charlotte Ponsonby, youngest da. of William, 2d earl of Bessborough, (by lady Caroline Cavendish, da, of William, duke of Devonshire,) by § (who d. 13 May 1822) he had an only child, CHARLES-WILLIAM, present earl. The earl m., 2dly, 21 July 1823, Louisa, da. of Richard, 3d viscount Molesworth, and widow of William Brabazon, 1st baron Ponsonby, of Imokilly, by whom (who d. 1 Sept. 1824) he had no issue. he earl d. 8 Feb. 1833, and was succeeded by his only son, CHARLEs-WILLIAM, present earl. Heir Apparent WILLIAM - THoMAS SPENCER, viscount Milton, the earl's eldest surviving son. Creations—Baron, 1 Dec. 1620; Viscount and Earl, 21 July 1716 (Irish honours); Baron, 19 April 1742;. Wiscount and Earl, 6 Sept. 1746 (English honours). Arms—Quarterly, 1st and 4th. Lozengy, argent and gules. 2d and 3d. Sable, a cheveron between three leopards’ faces or. Crest—Out of a ducal coronet or, a triple plume of ostrich feathers argent. Supporters—Two wild men wreathed about the temples and loins, and each holding in the exterior hand the trunk of a tree (without leaves) eradicated proper, and disposed across the body bendwise, that in the hand of the dexter o in bend sinister, that in the hand of the sinister supported in bend dexter. Motto—Appetitus rationi pareat.

- Let your desires obey your reason.

GEORGE-FRANCIS WYNDHAM, EARL of EGREMONT, Baron Cockermouth, and a Baronet, Captain R.N. ; born 30 Aug. 1785; succeeded his uncle, George-O’Brien, the late earl, 11 Nov. 1837; married, 14 Nov. 1820, Jane, 3d da of the rev. William Roberts, vice-provost of

Eton College, but has no issue.


This family is of great antiquity, being descended }. Ailwardus, o soon after the Norman Conquest, was possessed of lands in Wymondham, co. Norfolk, from whom descended sir John Wyndham, of Crounthorpe and Felbrigge, in the said co., who was knighted at the battle of Stoke, and beheaded for his adherence to the house of York, 6 May 1503: his son, sir Thomas Wyndham, d. 1512, leaving issue 2 sons, the oungest of whom, sir John, m. Elizabeth, and co-h. of John Sydenham, of Orchard, co. Somerset, esq., and d. 1575, ieaving issue besides 4 das., 1. John, of whom hereafter. 2. EDMUND, ancestor of the Wyndhams of Kentsford, co. Somerset. 3. Hugh, ancestor of the Wyndhams of Wivelscomb, co. Somerset. 4. CHARLEs, ancestor of the Wyndhams of Sandhill, co. Somerset. John, the eldest son, d. in his father's lifetime, leaving issue by his wife, Florence, da, of John, .# sister and co-h. of Nicholas Wadham, of Merifield, co. Somerset, esq., an only son, Sir John WYN DhAM, knt., m. Joan, da. of sir Hugh Portman, of Orchard, knt., and d. 1641, leaving issue, besides 6 das., 1. Sir John, of whom hereafter. 2. HENRY, d. unm. 3. Thomas, ancestor of the Wyndhams of Crounthorpe, co. Norfolk. 4. HUMPHREY, ancestor of the Wyndhams of Dunraven Castle, co. Glamorgan, and Clearwell, co. Gloucester. 5. GEoko E, d. unm. 6. Sir Hugh, baron of the exchequer. 7. Sir WADHAM, ancestor of the Wyndhams of Wilts. 8. Sir Georg E, ancestor of the Wyndhams of Cromer, co. Norfolk. 9. FRANcis, d. tunm. Sir John Wv Ndham, eldest son, m. Catherine, sister and co-h. of Ralph, lord Hopton, and was father of sir William Wyndham, who was created a bart. 9 Dec. 1661, who by his wife, Frances, da. of Anthony Hungerford, of Farley Castle, esq., had an only son, who left issue, viz. Sir Edwahd WYNDhAM, bart., m. Catherine, da. of sir William Leveson-Gower, bart., and had issue an only son, cir William Wyndham, bart., the celebrated statesman, m., 1st, 22 July 1708, Catherine, 2d da. of Charles, duke of Somerset; and 2dly, MariaCatharina, da. of Peter D'John, of Holland, widow of William, marquess of Blandford, o: d. 17 July 1740, leaving issue by his 1st wife, 1. CHARLES, earl of Egremont, of whom hereafter. 2. PERcy O'Bar EN, of Shortgrove, co. Essex, esq., d. unm. 21 July 1774. 3. CATHER INE, d. unm. April 1734. 4. Elizabeth, m., 1749, hon. George Grenville, and d. 5 Dec. 1769.

It has already been stated, under the title of duke of Somerset, that Algernon, the 7th duke, was, 3 Oct. 1749, created baron of Cockermouth, and earl of Egremont, with remainder to his nephew, sir Charles Wyndham, bart., and Percy-O'Brien Wyndham, sons of his sister. Catherine, by sir William Wyndham, bart. Pursuant to this patent, on the death of the duke without issue, 7 Feb. 1750, the said titles devolved on his first-nained nephew, CHA alks, earl of Egremont, b. 19 Aug. 1710, m., 12 March 1751, Alicia-Maria, da. of George, 2d lord Carpenter, and sister of George, earl of Tyrconnel, and by her (who m., 2dly, count Bruhl, of Saxony, and d. 1 June 1794) had issue, 1. GEORGE O'Birl EN, 3d earl. 2. Eliza orth-Aircra-Manta, b. 29 Nov. 1752, m. Henry-Herbert, 1st earl of Carnarwon. 3. FRANCEs, b. 9 July 1755, m. Charles, 1st earl of Romney. 4. CHARLort E-CATHARINE, b. 3 Sept. 1756, d. young. 5. Procy-Cha ales, secretary and clerk of the courts, and prothonotary of the common pleas in Barbadoes, b. 3 Sept. 1757, d. unm. 5 Aug. 1833. 6. CHARLEs-William, secretary and clerk of the inrollments in Jamaica, b. 8 Oct. 1760, m., 4 Feb. 1901, Anne, da. of George, 4th earl of Jersey, and relict of William-Henr Lambton, esq., and d. July 1828; she d. 2 April 1832. 7. Far: Dr. Rick-William, b. 7 April 1763, m., 1st, 21 July 1784, Frances-Harford, da. of Frederick Calvert, lord Baltimore, and 2dly, Julia de Sinorzewska, countess de Spyterki, and d. Feb. 1828, having had issue by his 1st marriage, 1. GEORGE-FRANCIS, present earl. 2. Frances, m., 10 July 1809, William Miller, of Ozleworth Park, co. Gloucester, esa. §: Laura, m., 1812, rev. Charles Boultbee, who d. 6 Sept. 1833. 4. Julia, d. unm. 23 Jan. 1811. 5. William, b. July 1794, d. an infant. The earl d. 21 Aug. 1763, and was succeeded by his eldest son, Georg E. O'Bhi EN, 3d earl, h. 18 Dec. 1751, F.R. and A.S., d. unm. 11 Nov. 1837, and was succeeded by his nephew, GEoRGEFRANcis, present and 4th earl. Heir Presumptive—None. Creations—Baronet, 9 Dec. 1661; Earl and Baron, 3 Oct. 1749. Arms—Azure, a cheveron between three lions' heads, erased or. --- Crest—A lion's head erased or, within a fetterlock, the lock gold and the bow counter compony or and azure. Supporters Derter, a lion azure, with wings inverted, or. Sinister a griffin, wings elevated, argent guttee gules: Motto—Au bon droit. To the best right.

FRANCIS NORTH, EARL of GUILFORD, Baron Guilford, co. Surrey, in holy orders, rector of St. Mary's, Southampton, and Alresford, co. Hants, and Master of St. Cross Hospital; born 17 Dec. 1772, succeeded his cousin, Frederick, late earl, 14 Oct. 1827; married, 1st, 20 Feb. 1798, Esther, da. of the rev. John Harrison, by whom (who d. 10 Aug. 1823) he had no issue; and 2dly, 4 May 1826, Harriett, da. of gen. sir Henry Warde, G.C.B., and has issue, –1. FRANcis, b. 11 March,

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SIR. Edward North, chancellor of the court of augmentations, and one of the executors of the will of king Henry VIII., was summoned to parliament, as baron North, by writ, 5 April 1554; he d. 1565, and was succeeded by his son, Roge:R, 2d baron, who d. 1600, and was succeeded by his grandson, Dudley, 3d baron, who d. 1666. DUDLév, 4th baron, son and h. of the 3d, m. Anne, da. and co-h. of sir Charles Montagu, by whom he had issue, six sons and six das., of whom we shall notice only the two elder sons, CHARLEs, 5th baron, and Francis, of whom hereafter. CHARLEs, 5th baron, d. 1677, and was succeeded by his only surviving son, WILLIAM, 6th baron, who d. s.p. 1734, when the title devolved on his cousin, Francis, 3d baron Guilford. FRANcis, 2d son of Dudley, 4th lord North, was successively solicitor and attorney general, lord chief justice of the Common Pleas, and lord keeper; created, 27 Sept. 1683, baron Guilford, and d. 1685, leaving issue by Frances, da. and co-h. of Thomas Pope, earl of Downe, a son and h., FRANCIS, 2d lord Guilford, who d. 1729, and was succeeded by his son, FRANCIS, 3d baron Guilford, and 7th lord North, who was created, 8 April 1752, earl of Guilford. The earl was b. 13 April 1704, m., 1st, 26 June 1728, Lucy *::: da, of George, earl of Halifax, and by her (who d. 7 May 1734) he had issue, 1. FREDERICK, 2d earl. His look 7??-, o: Jan. 1736, Elizabeth, da. of sir Arthur Kaye, and relict of viscount Lewisham, eldest son of the earl of Dartmouth, by whom (who d. 24 April 1745) he had issue, besides three children, who d. infants, 2. BRowNLow, consecrated bishop of Lichfield, 1771, translated to Worcester, 1774, and to Winchester, 1781; b. 17 July 1741, d. 12 July 1820, having m., 17 Jan. 1771, Henrietta-Maria, da, and co-h. of John Banmister, esq., and by her (who d. 19 Nov. 1796) had issue, 1. Henrietta, (who with her sisters, Lucy and Elizabeth, had the precedency of earl’s

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