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at half-past One (Special). Also on Tuesdays, January 16th,

The Church Union Gazette.

23rd, and zoth, at Three o'clock.

N.B.--All Council Meetings will commence at 3 p.m,

JANUARY 1, 1877.

unless notice is given to the contrary.




VOLUME OF C. U. G. FOR 1876.

GENERAL NOTICES :- Ordinary Meetings in 1877; New Member of

The Volume of the Church Union Gazette for 1876, bound

Council; Council Meetings; Volume of C. U. G. for 1876; The

in cloth, will be ready shortly, and will be sent from the Office,

E. C. U. Directory; Subscriptions ; Circulars convening Branch

post free, for 35.

Meetings; Ordinary Associates .. .. .. .. ..

Every Branch Secretary and District Union Secretary

1. Lawlessness, Sacerdotalism, and Ritualism;" The Church Union

should provide himself with a copy for reference, charging

Gazette; Organizing Secretary's Engagements; Altar Decoration

the cost, if necessary, to " Expenses of Branch or D. U.,"

Fund; Tamil Cooly Mission, Ceylon; Bishop Wilberforce Memo-

rial Window, Southampton ;.. .. .. ..

towards which a grant is made by the Council.

.. ..



Summary of Proceedings of Council

There are a few copies left of the Volumes for 1871, '72,

BRANCH AND D. U. NOTICES :-Proposed Nottinghamshire D. U.; 1'73, '74, '75 ; for the prices of these see Tract Committee's

Bristol D. U. .. .. .. .. ..

List (page 35).

GENERAL INTELLIGENCE : -The Inhibition of Rev. A. Tooth by Lord
Penzance; Church Law and State Law ..

CORRESPONDENCE:--The Numerical Strength of the E. C. U. ..

The Directory for 1877. is being sent out. Every Member
Gloucester Branch, and Central Gloucester D. U. .. .

ő is entitled to a copy, also every Associate-Member and


West London D. U. ..

Woman who subscribes not less than 5s. to E. C. U.

.. .. .. .. .. .. ..
Bradford; British Guiana; Burwell and Newmarket .. .. 10

All men (except Officers of Branches) entitled to copies

Annual Meeting of the Cambridge Branch; Cardiff ; Clifton .. 11 ought to receive them before Jan. 6, and all Women entitled

Exeter ; Great Yarmouth ... .. .. .. .. ..

to copies should receive them before Jan. 13.

Hastings and S. Leonard's; Hatcham, New Cross, and Peckham; The copies for Officers of Branches are delayed a few

Newcastle-on-Tyne and Gateshead: Oxford..

.. 13 days, as they have to be bound; but it is hoped that they

Anniversary of the Paddington Branch.. ..

may be sent out not later than Jan. 13.
Penrith ; Plymouth, Devonport, and Stonehouse ...

The Secretary very much regrets that by some unaccount-
Anniversary of the Retford and Bassetlaw Branch ..

able error two names (those of Rev. E. J. Tompson and Rev.
Rochester and Chatham; South Liverpool ..

J. M. Valpy) have been omitted from the list of the Bury S.

Sunderland; Sydenham . . " "

Edmund's Branch.

West Bromwich ..


.. ..

West Kensington and Notting Hill

Wimbledon and Neighbourhood .. ..


Names and Addresses of Candidates for Membership..



Members and Associates are requested to note that


.. .. .. ..

Subscriptions for 1877 become due on January 1. It is

Suffolk District Union .. .. .. .. ..

.. 29

earnestly hoped that all persons who have hitherto neglected

Lambeth, Newington, and Camberwell Branch ..
A Churchman's Reasons for joining the E, C. U. (Paper) ...

to send their promised Subscription for 1876 will send it
The Recent Charge of the Archbishop of Canterbury (Paper)

without delay to the Secretary of the Union, Lt.-Colonel
E. C. U. Tract Committee's List

J. B. Hardy, 35, Wellington-street, Strand, W.C.


General Notices.

A special Reminder will at once be sent from the Office to

any Members who owe for more than two years. With this


exception no Reminders will be sent from the Office till after

The following days and hours have been fixed for Meetings

Lady Day, when the amounts collected by Branch Secre-

during the year 1877:--

taries are paid into Head Quarters.

FEBRUARY—Thursday, 8th ... ... ... 8 p.m.

APRIL-Thursday, 19th ...


JUNE-Annual Meeting and Anniversary.

Days and hours will be duly announced in C. U. G.

The Organizing Secretary of the Union will be much

DECEMBER—Thursday, 13th ...

obliged to Secretaries of Branches and District Unions if they

... ... 8 p.m.

will kindly send him a copy of all Circulars which they issue


from time to time to Members of their respective Branches

and District Unions, convening Meetings, &c. Many
The following Member has been added to the Council Secretaries already do this, and if all would do so regularly it

during the past month :-

would assist him very materially in making arrangements for

Rev. WILLIAM Cooke (Hon. Canon of Chester, and Journies, and generally in promoting the better organization

Author of "The Power of the Priesthood in Absolution"), of the Union.

The Hill House, Wimbledon, as Delegate of the Sussex

District Union, vice W. A. Lindsay, Esq., resigned.


The number of Ordinary Associates on the Roll of the

Union for 1877 is 94). The numbers given in the Directory
The Council will meet at the Office of the E. C. U., 35, | amount to 941; but i has since been enrolled at Burwell, and
Wellington-street, Strand, W.C., on Wednesday, Jan. 3, 1 at Paddington, and 4 more payments have been received

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from Miles Platting. This is an increase of 153 on the Associate Members and Women-Associates who subscribe only numbers on the Roll last year.

25. 6d. a-year obtain the C. U. G. by increasing their subscription to In order to maintain a similar increase during the ensuing 45.; and by increasing to 5s. they can have a copy of the Directory, year the Organizing Secretary ventures to ask particular of bist o

particular or List of Members and Associate Members of the Union, sent attention to the following Notice:

them every year. The Wardens and Secretaries of Parochial Associations are re

ORGANIZING SECRETARY'S ENGAGEMENTS. quested to call a Meeting of their Associations some time in January for the purpose of informing the Associates and others The Rev. T. Outram Marshall hopes to attend Meetings and belonging to E. c. U. in their Parishes or Congregations as to the give Addresses as under :work which the Union is engaged in, and also for the purpose Jan. 16. Newark. To form a D. U. for Nottinghamshire, and of Collecting the Subscriptions of iso, or 6d., for 1877, and of

to attend an Evening Meeting of Communicants. enrolling new Associates.

24. Canterbury. Meeting of Branch. All such Subscriptions, together with the Christian and Surname 30. City of London. Midday Sermon, and Evening of the Associates by whom they are paid, and also all names of

Meeting of Branch, to consider a proposal for fresh Communicants wishing to become Associates, should be sent

forming a Central London District Union as early in the year as possible to the Rev. T. Outram Marshall, 35, He hopes also to be able to attend a Meeting in or near Wellington-street, Strand, W.C., who will send in return the Colchester to form a Branch, but no day is yet fixed for the Cards issued annually by the President and Council for that pur- Meeting. pose.

Where there is no Parochial Association the Branch Secretaries are requested to receive and transmit these small Subscriptions.

ALTAR DECORATION FUND (SCOTTISH CHURCH All Members of the Union (especially Clergymen and District

UNION). Visitors) who know any Communicants who would like to help the The Organizing Secretary of E. C. U, acknowledges with thanks work of the E. C. U., but who cannot afford more than is. or the receipt of 10s. from Miss Isabella G. C. Clifford for this Fund, 6d. per annum, will greatly help the cause by sending in their Names particulars of which were given on page 306 of the C. U. G. for and Subscriptions to the Office.

December, 1876. He will be glad to take charge of any further
Offerings that may be sent to him, and will forward them to the

President of the Scottish Church Union.


Third Edition, pp. 750, 165.; by post, 175. 2d.

Mr. H. W. Green, Normanton, Rectory,,

Preface to desires to acknowledge the receipt of 2s, from Rev. T. Macdonogh Second Edition, separately, Is. Preface to Third Edition,

for the above Mission, 35. 6d.

The Secretary of the E. C. U. acknowledges the receipt of 2s. 6d. The Author, seeing no prospect of being able to publish a from J. W. P. (Wiveliscombe) for the same Fund. cheap Edition, has made arrangements with his publishers to Vide Letter on “The Church in Ceylon ” in C. U. G. for Oct., let Members of the E. C. U. have a limited number of copies 1876, p. 264. of the above work at 125. post free, on application to the Secretary of the E. C. U. On a similar application possessors

BISHOP WILBERFORCE CONFIRMATION MEMORIAL of the two first Editions may have the preface to the Second

WINDOW IN S. MARY'S, SOUTHAMPTON. Edition on enclosing seven stamps, and the Preface to the Third Edition for twenty-six stamps.

Miss Lucy Phillimore desires to acknowledge with best thanks

for the above :-C. P., 1os.; E. H. M., il. ; per the Rev. W. W. *** Only a very few copies of the Book are now left. Perrin, 21. 155. 6d. Further contributions will be gladly received

by her at 5, Arlington-street, S. James's, London, S.W.


NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS.—The account of the meeting of the It is of great importance to the proper organization of the Union Warrington Branch on Dec, 11 is unfortunately crowded out. The that every Member and Associate should be well informed as to the account of the meeting of the Kilburn Branch on Dec. 14 was action of the Society, both at Head Quarters and in its Branches. received too late for insertion.

All persons, therefore, belonging to the E. C. U, are requested to observe that the Church UNION GAZETTE is the only Official Organ of the Union, and the only source from which full and reliable informa. SUMMARY OF THE PROCEEDINGS AT tion relative to the proceedings of the Union can be obtained. COUNCIL MEETINGS FROM NOV. 29 TO THE The GAZETTE is published on the ist of every Month, and

END OF THE YEAR. contains :(1) Reports of all Meetings of the Union.

The Council met three times-on Nov. 29, and Dec. 5 (2) Reports of Meetings of the District Unions, Branches, and and 12. Parochial Associations.

Arrangements were made for holding the first Ordinary (3) A Summary of the Proceedings of the Council. (4) Papers on Questions affecting the Church, written by leading

Meeting of the Session at the Westminster Palace Hotel on

December 7th. Members of the Union.

(5) All Notices which the President and Council issue from time C. W. Wilshere, Esq., of the Frythe, Welwyn, was to time for the information of Members,

unanimously elected to fill the seat on the Council vacated by (6) A List of the Pamphlets and Leaflets which can be obtained the death of the Hon. H. Walpole. at the Office of the Union.

Henry Hucks Gibbs, Esq., Governor of the Bank of (7) Items of General Intelligence on matters interesting to England, was unanimously elected as one of the Trustees of Churchmen. The cost of the GAZETTE, post free, is is. 6d. a-year.

rh the Union (in conjunction with the Earl of Glasgow and

The GAZETTE is sent, free of charge, to all Members and Women. |

mens W. Holland, Esq.), in place of the Hon. H. Walpole. Associates who subscribe not less than 115, 6d. a-year to the Funds

| It was resolved that the Council Meetings during the year of the Union, and to all Life Members.

87 shall be held at 3 o'clock, instead of at 1.30 as hitherto

[blocks in formation]

except in any case where the President may consider it neces- | March 15th (Thursday), by Rev. MALCOLM MacColl. sary to summon a meeting earlier in the day.

Subject-“Now, and Then; or, Tractarianism and Ritualism."

April uth (Wednesday), by Rev. Nicholas Pocock. A proposal to alter the day for Council Meetings from A

Subject--The Recovery from the Reformation," Tuesday to Monday was rejected by a large majority.

HENRY MARSHALL,) The result of the School Board Elections and the causes

JAMES DUNN, Sub-Committee for Lectures. which led thereto were considered.

A letter was read from Mr. Powell, the Secretary of the
Church of England Working Men's Society, thanking the

General Jntelligence.
Council for a grant of pamphlets and leaflets made by the
Tract Committee.
A Grant of £15 was made to the Tract Committee for

THE INHIBITION OF REV. A. TOOTH BY the purchase of Pamphlets and Leaflets.

LORD PENZANCE. The following new publications, which had been recom

It may be of value at the present time to show from the mended by the Committee, were ordered to be added to the words of the Inhibition itself that there is not even a semblance list :

of an appeal to Spiritual Authority in the Form of Inhibition

on served on Mr. Tooth by order of Lord Penzance. (1) “Personal Intercourse between Priest and People,”

The Inhibition makes no mention from beginning to end of by Rev. R. M. Grier.

the Bishop of the Diocese, and so shows that Lord Penzance (2) "The North Side and the Basilican Position, by proceeded in the true spirit of the Act under which he C. W. Wilshere, Esq.

ventured to pass a sentence of divorce between a Priest and (3) - The Bishop's Oath of Homage," by John Walter the souls which Christ had committed to his care. The Lea, Esq., F.R.H.S.

words of the inhibition are as follows: It was also decided to print a MS, offered by Rev. Canon JAMES PLAISTED BARON PENZANCE, Official Principal of the Bright, entitled “Roman Claims tested by Antiquity,” and Arches Court of Canterbury, to all and singular literate to add this to the Tract Committee's List.

persons in and throughout the Province of Canterbury, greeting.

Whereas............a Monition was issued by us bearing date the It is hoped that this may be ready by the end of January.

29th day of July, 1876, and duly served on the said Reverend Seventy Members, forty-one Associate - Members, and Arthur Tooth, commanding him to abstain for the future from forty-one Women Associates were elected during the month. &c., &c. ............ And whereas it has been made to appear

before us that the said Reverend Arthur Tooth has failed to pay due obedience to the said Monition since the Service thereof

upon him: We do therefore hereby order that for such his disobeBranch and District Union Notices. dience he, the said Reverend Arthur Tooth, Clerk, be Inhibited

for the term of three months from the time of the publication of

this Inhibition, and thereafter until the same shall have been PROPOSED NOTTINGHAMSHIRE D. U.

duly relaxed, from performing any Service of the Church, or A Meeting of the Members of the Nottingham, Newark and otherwise exercising the Cure of Souls within the said Diocese of Southwell, and Retford and Bassetlaw Branches will be held on Rochester, &c., 8c. Tuesday, January 16th, at 1.45 p.m., at the Grammar School, This is plain enough. There is no pretence to any Spiritual Newark, to consider the advisability of forming a Nottingham Authority here. shire District Union, and if this be considered advisable, to elect a President, one or more Vice-Presidents, a Delegate to the

CHURCH LAW AND STATE LAW. Council, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and an Auditor.

The following extract from a Pastoral addressed to the The following Resolution will also be proposed :

Congregation of S. John the Divine, Kennington, on Advent " In consequence of the recent action of the Court created under the

Sunday, by the Rev. D. Elsdale, the Vicar of the Parish, P. W. R. Act, this Meeting declares that in its judgment any sentence of Suspension or Inhibition pronounced by any Court sitting under the P. W. R. will be read with interest by many :Act is spiritually null and void, and that should any Priest feel it to be his Ĉuty to continue to discharge his spiritual functions notwithstanding such Surely our own day of trial is only graciously deferred sentence, he is hereby assured of the sympathy of the Meeting, and of such until we have grasped more firmly the grand principles of a support and assistance as the circumstances of the case may allow."

common law-the Law of Church and State. H. GEE, Chairman of the Nottingham Branch,

Church Law takes cognizance of Doctrine, Ritual, and (By authority of the President) Convener of the Meeting. Discipline, and of these subjects the two first are of less * * The Rev. T. Outram Marshall hopes to be able to pressing interest than the third, for the Priests have taught attend this Meeting and to give an Address on "The Develop

the Faith, and the People have demanded the Ceremonial, ment of the Organization of the Union and the Importance

whereas Church Government is all but unknown both to

Clergy and Laity. of District Unions.”

Of State law in Ecclesiastical causes we have had some recent experiences which may well drive Churchmen to study

the Canon Law of the Early Church. BRISTOL DISTRICT UNION.

We cheerfully concede to the State her own sphere of disArrangements have been made for the following course of cipline, within which the Church has no control except by public Lectures to be delivered in Bristol during the winter. way of moral influence. The place and hour of each Meeting will be announced in due

The Civil Law has full jurisdiction over all things that course by Circulars or Posters :

concern my bodily existence. Her Courts can (justly or un. January 23rd (Tuesday), by The Right Hon. Earl Nelson. I justly) deprive me of the fabric and Ornaments of my

Subject-.. The Church of our Fathers (a call to Unity)." Church, turn me out of my Vicarage, snatch from me my This Lecture wlll be in preparation for the Bristol Mission. money, cast me into prison, deprive me of my life. But the February 22nd (Thursday), by Hon. C. L. Wood, President of the State, which guards, for the benefit of her citizens, all things E.C. U.

material in this realm of England, has no jurisdiction in Subject--"Life and Times of S. Thomas à Beckett.”

things spiritual, has no power to define Doctrine, to order

Ritual, to enforce Discipline. Hence to a Civil court, which

Proceedings of District Unions professes to leave as open questions the Doctrine of Eternal Punishment and of the Inspiration of Holy Scripture, of

and Branches. Baptismal Regeneration, and of the Real Presence, I reply that the Church has long ago closed these questions for ever. Or again, should a secular judge direct me to wear this or

BRISTOL DISTRICT UNION. that Vestment or to stand here or there at the Altar, I must remain as and where I am, for the Thirty-nine Articles teach The Committee of this District Union resolved early in the me that “the Church hath power to decree Rites and Cere- | Autumn to provide some public lectures for Bristol on monies as well as authority in Controversies of Faith ;” while Ecclesiastical subjects of general interest, with the object of finally, as is more to my present purpose, a sentence of sus- trying to remove some of the dense ignorance on Church pension of a Priest from his Spiritual Functions, or of inter- matters which, thanks to the Simeonite Trustees, prevails in ference between him and his Communicants, is (unless Bristol. The first of these Lectures was delivered on Tuespronounced canonically by his Bishop) null and void.

day, Nov. 28, by Colonel Bagnall, President of the Midland Yet the Catholic is not lawless because he repudiates the

Counties District Union, who took for his subject “ True and law of Erastianism. Nay, he binds himself the more loyally

False Notions of the the Ecclesiastical Courts. For the Church has her Courts

Mr. Todd Walton, Presi

dent of the Bristol District Union, was in the chair, and as well as her Synods. She has judicial as well as legislative power. And while I could not recognize Lord Penzance or

briefly introduced the lecturer, who was received with loud the Privy Council (with or without Episcopal assessors) as

(with or without Episcopal assessors) as applause. possessing any Canonical authority, I should be the more After noticing the fact that some Reformation was admitted bound by my ordination vow to submit myself to my Bishop, by all to have been necessary, he dwelt carefully on the principles sitting in Diocesan Court, or to the Provincial Court of the of the German and Swiss Reformations, showing their entire difArchbishop with his Suffragans.

ference from the principles of the English Church. He entered I offer, my dear friends, no apology for laying before you fully into the doctrine of the Holy Eucharist, to show that it was my own convictions as to the true Discipline of our Church, a false notion that at the Reformation the English Church gave for I should be doing you a wrong if I were not to indicate up the Sacramental System or the old truths of the Priesthood to you in this day of peace my view of the battle-field, and the Eucharistic Sacrifice. Some of John Wesley's hymns, Unless we Priests and People work out together a clear con- which were quoted at length, showed most plainly his belief in ception of the spiritual organization of the Church, be sure

the last mentioned truth. Another false notion was that a that the deluge of disestablishment will come, suddenly

new authority, that of the State, was introduced into the Church, sweep off our material fabrics and endowments, and leave us

and on this point Colonel Bagnall quoted some striking passages without an Ark. It is for us, therefore, to “abide in

from the letters of Bishop Gray of Capetown. A third false the Ship."

notion was that all the old Ritual was abolished at the Reformation, whereas it is a fact that in the Second Year of Edward VI., to which our present Prayer Book refers us as our standard of Ceremonial, Incense-boats, Censers, Candlesticks, Crosses, and

Pyxes were in use in the country. The inventories of the

Edwardian spoliators proved this, and therefore according to the
Prayer Book these Ornaments still “shall be retained and be in


The Rev. R. W. Randall, who was most warmly greeted, (To the Editor of the Church Union Gazette."). proposed, and Dr. Swayne seconded, a vote of thanks to the

lecturer, which was carried with acclamation. Several DEAR SIR, _Your readers will doubtless be glad to learn Calvinistic Protestants were present and endeavoured to that the Union bas made a nett gain of nearly 1,000 Com

interrupt the lecturer from time to time by remarks and municants during the past twelve months.

hissing. They showed as usual great ignorance of Holy Our numbers on Jan. 1, 1876, were 13,280; they are now

Scripture, one person objecting very strongly to the words of 14,225.

S. James in connection with the Anointing of the Sick, " If Dividing the Members into Clerical and Lay, I find that he have committed sins they shall be forgiven him.” Another we have 2,508 Clergymen on our Roll, of whom 7 are

cried “No, No," when Col. Bagnall spoke of the Church as Bishops, and 11,717 Lay Communicants.

6 built upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets." The large and continually increasing number of the Laity 1 (ne person was anxious to know if the New Testament was enrolled in our Union is in itself an answer to the absurd

among the “ Ornaments" of King Edward's Second Year. cry of an alienated Laity.” On the other hand, the fact

| These people were in a very small minority, just numerous

these people that already more than one-tenth of the whole number of

enough to afford amusement without doing harm. Among the Clergy of the Church of England are enrolled in the

the lecturers already announced who are shortly to follow Union should show our rulers in Church and State the are the Hon. C. L. Wood and the Rev. Nicholas Pocock. impolicy, to say the least, of trying to push to extremities a School of thought in the Church which is by no means insignificant, either in numbers or in influence.

GLOUCESTER BRANCH, AND CENTRAL GLOUThe proportion of men in the Union is 8,300 as against

CESTER D. U. 5,925 women.

The joint Annual Commemoration of the Branch and I mention these facts not as showing that we may be of the District Union was held at Gloucester on Wednessatisfied with the extent of our organization, but, ratber, as day, Dec. 6. showing what a good basis we have to start from in the The Holy Eucharist was Celebrated for the Intention of the present state of our Roll, and how easily we may, if all our Union at S. Aldate's Church at 8 a.m. Members will but put their shoulders to tbe wheel, increase The Annual Meeting of the Gloucester Branch was held our strength to 20,000 during the coming year.-Yours at the Spread Eagle Hotel, Gloucester, at 1.30 p.m., T. faithfully, T. OUTRAM MARSHALL,

Gambier Parry, Esq., in the Chair. Jan. 1, 1877.

Organizing Secretary E. C. U. I The Report of the Committee was read and adopted, and

the following were elected as the Officers for the ensuing Roll; we have now 486. In the S. George's, Hanover-square, year :-Chairman, T:Gambier Parry, Esq.; Vice-Chairman, and the Westminster Branches there has been a decrease ; A. H. Maule, Esq.; Secretaries, Rev. H. M. J. Bowles and in the Kensington, Brompton, and Chelsea, and much more in R. Groves Morris, Esq.; Treasurer, Rev. H. M. J. Bowles. the West Kensington and Notting-hill Branches, there has

At 2 p.m. the Central Gloucestershire D. U. (which com- | been an increase. prises the Cheltenham and Gloucester Branches) held its! The S. George's Branch had last year 65 men and 69 Annual Meeting, T. Gambier Parry, Esq., again in the

women, 134 in all. It has now only 58 men and 64 women, Chair.

122 in all.

The Kensington Branch had last year 77 men and 66 women, There was a very large attendance of Members, but few .

143 in all. It has now 76 men and 71 women, 147 in all. other Communicants. Considering that some years have

The West Kensington Branch had last year 36 men and passed since the District Union has held any Meetings, it is a 35 women, 71 in all. It has now 45 men and 46 women, matter of congratulation that the attendance was so good.

91 in all. The following were elected as Officers for the ensuing | The Westminster Branch had last year 93 men and 43 year:-President, T. Gambier Parry, Esq.; Vice-President, women, 136 in all. It has now only 88 men and 38 women, Lieut.-Colonel Basevi; Delegate to the Council, Rev. J. 126 in all. Edwards; Secretary, J. P. Balmer, Esq. ; Treasurer, Rev. I think that in our old-established Branches hardly enough G. Faussett.

is done by the Clergy of our Churches to bring the principal The Rev. T. Outram Marshall gave an Address on - The members of their congregations into the Union. I feel Present Position of the Church of England and the duty of satisfied that there are many persons in those congregations Churchmen therein."

who could in this manner be added to our ranks. We have A resolution of sympathy with Rev. T. Pelham Dale and not even enrolled all the Clergy and Charchwardens and Rev. A. Tooth was afterwards proposed by Rev. H. M. J.

Choirmen. And yet in these times the only body which can Bowles ; but as the meeting had by this time become very thin,

give succour of any kind to a Priest and his congregation and no notice of the motion had been given, nor had leave to

when attacked by opponents of their Ritual is the Union.

The S. George's and the Westminster Branches have held introduce it been asked before the discussion of the Agenda, it

this year, as last, two meetings in common. At one of these was thought better to act in strict accordance with the Rules,

the " Burials Bill," and at the other the important question and not put the motion to the meeting.

“Ought we to appear before the New Court ?' were discussed. A vote of thanks was given to Mr. Marshall for his Address

This latter question also formed the staple of a meeting of by the Chairman in the name of the meeting.

the Westminster Branch by itself, while the S. George's Mr. Marshall suggested that the strength of the Union in Branch by itself discussed “The Increase of the EpiscoGloucestershire would be very much increased if the Glouces pate." tershire Branch was divided into two or more local Branches, | The Kensington and Brompton Branch has had one so that meetings might be held at several different centres, meeting, at which the Burials Bill and the Prosecutions under and within easy reach of all the Members.

the Public Worship Regulation Act were the subjects of discussion.

The West Kensington and Notting-hill Branch has had, I WEST LONDON DISTRICT UNION.

| believe, one meeting, at which the position of the Defendants The Annual Commemoration of the West London District

ommemoration of the West London District in the recent suits under that Act has been discussed. Union (comprising the Branches at Kensington, Brompton, One change in our local affairs since last year cannot bat and Chelsea, S. George's, Hanover-square, West Ken- be an improvement, and may be franght with considerable sington and Notting-hill, and Westminster), was held on advantage to the Catholic cause. The important Church of Tuesday, Nov. 28. There were early Celebrations at S. George's, Hanover-square, has at length got a new churches witbin the district for the intention of the Union; Incumbent. I am afraid we cannot claim him as exactly a and a special Evensong at S. Thomas's, Regent-street, with sympathizer with us; but he is an earnest zealous man, who a sermon by the Rev. H. D. Nihill, Vicar of SS. Michael will do much to revive the dormant religious energies of the and All Angels', Shoreditch. The preacher dwelt principally

parish, and that cannot fail ultimately to benefit the cause upon the virtue of humility as the root of the Christian life

we have at heart.

The tone of the recent Church Congress was quiet, but and the soul of public worship, and deprecated a confident and blustering tone in speaking of our attitude under per

certainly satisfactory, and those who knew well the neigh.

bourhood in which it met were surprised at its Catholic secution. Those who were loudest in their words were often

spirit. most timid in their acts. We should be content to pray for

We have not yet had a decision from the Privy Council on strength to do the right thing, and trust humbly that God

the questions of Ritual brought before it. Till that decision would answer that prayer.

has been given it would be premature to determine what must The money collected at the conclusion of the Service, necessarily and in all cases be the attitude of Churchmen amounting to £2 53. 4d., was devoted to the funds of the towards those Ecclesiastical tribunals which the State has set District Union.

up. It may be that the decision may be so in harmony with The Annual Meeting was held immediately after Even- the Law and teaching of the Church that we shall be spared song in the S. John's Lecture Room, Cambridge-street, the arduous and painful questions and “cases of conscience" kindly lent for the occasion by the Rev. H. N. D'Almaine. with which we have been lately threatened. If these deci. The attendance was very good. The President, Dr. Walter sions were to be in our favour we should be saved from having G. F. Phillimore, was in the Chair.

to decide on our attitude towards these tribunals, because we The Office baving been said by the Rev. W.J. Richard

should not need to have any attitude at all. Our adversaries Son, Vicar of S. Thomas's, Regent-street, the Secretary, Mr.

would have no encouragement to hale us before them, and we

certainly shall not hale our adversaries. Bowes A. Paice, read the minutes of the last meeting; and

It may be, however, that these decisions will be adverse to these being duly confirmed,

us, and that the questions which now press upon the Clergy The President, who was warmly received, delivered his

and congregations of S. Vedast's, Foster-lane, and S. James's, address, as follows:

Hatcham, may come upon all of us and require general The numbers of our District Union are nearly the same as solution. at our Commemoration last year. We had then 484 on our! I have lately expressed at a meeting of one of our Branches

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