An Historical Account of the Diocese of Down and Connor, Ancient and Modern, Volume 1

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Page 250 - That man is little to be envied, whose patriotism would not gain force upon the plain of Marathon, or whose piety would not grow • warmer among the ruins of lona.
Page 360 - Et sciendu', q' p'fati moachi in obitu meo facient seruiciu' pro me sicud p' uno moacho ; & si m' placu'it, corpus meu' recipie't ad sepulturam. Hiis t', Rob'to filio Ursy, Joh'e filio ejus, & aliis." " Know men present and future, that I, Robert, son of Hugh de Wude, have given, and granted, and by this my present charter have confirmed, to God and S.
Page 272 - For the herinach, there are few parishes of any compass in extent where there is not an herinach, which, being an officer of the Church, took beginning in this manner : When any lord or gentleman had a direction to build a church, he did...
Page 25 - Now this1 dwellingplace was nearly circular, in measure from wall to wall about four or five perches. The wall itself externally was higher than the stature of a man ; but inwardly, by cutting the living rock, the pious inhabitant thereof made it much higher, in order by this means to curb the petulance of his eyes as well as of his thoughts, and to raise up the whole bent of his mind to heavenly desires, since he could behold nothing from his mansion except heaven.
Page 355 - and wherefore hast thou come hither ? * ' To address thee from thy Lord, and to amuse thee for a while.' ' I like this,' said Mochaoi. He afterwards fixed his beak in the feathers of his wing. Three hundred years did Mochaoi remain listening to him, having his bundle of sticks by his side in the middle of the wood, and the wood was not the more withered, and the time did not seem to him longer than one hour of the day. The angel afterwards bade him farewell. He went then to the church having his...
Page 272 - ... for ever with this intent, that he should keep the church clean and well repaired, keep hospitality, and give alms to the poor for the soul's health of the founder.
Page 342 - It was a simple circular wall or enclosure of raised earth, enclosing a space of more or less extent, in which stood the residence of the chief and sometimes the dwellings of one or more of the officers or chief men of the tribe or court. Sometimes, also, the rath consisted of two or three concentric walls or circuuivallations ; but it does not appear that the erection so called was ever intended to be surrounded with water.
Page 387 - ... cabins could not be found, nor any stone walls, but ruined roofless churches, and a few vaults at Gray Abbey, and a stump of an old castle in Newton, in each of which some Gentlemen sheltered themselves at their first coming over.
Page 414 - Prior of the late Priory or hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in Ireland, wa,s seized in fee in right of said priory, of the preceptory and manor of St.
Page 37 - Subprior, in the 49th year of his age and the 24th of his profession ; and Father Brother James Hillan, Procurator, in the 53rd year of his age and the 20th of his profession.

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