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P R E F A G E.


7"Nour'lnst year's address, we gave the Public reason to expeSI, that we stould spare neither pains nor ex fence to procure them the greatest information, satisfaction, and pleasure, according to their various depositions and tastes, which the nature of our undertaking zvould admit. The acknowledgements we have received during the course os the year, andthe public approbation testified'by the still increasing sale os our Magazine, while others of the kind arc drooping and dying, shew that our pretences were not false, nor our promises impositions.

Amidst the growing number of humble imitators, and monthly compilations., the London Magazine hath /hod the shock of'forty-four years, and is JIM strong and flourishing. To our subscribers- and correspondents, known and unknown, for their generous aid, their ingenious contributions,andjudicious pieces in prose and verse, we return our sincere thanks, and grateful acknowledgements. We hope they will continue their affijlance and approbation, which tve desire no longer than we continue to deserve. They may be assured our ambition is not merely to secure, but to increase the savours of the public to our miscellany.

The political department, antiquities, and new literary productions and discoveries, shall be carefully regarded; and original dissertations, essays, and poems on moral, philosophical, entertaining, and humorous subjiils, jhall be communicated monthly. As to those sent to us during the Li/t year, which ■we have omitted, we hope the authors will believe that the sole reason of their omijjion was, their not being so suitable to our design, aud not from tapricioujness or disapprobation.

We wish for a speedy reconciliation between Great Britain and the colonies, upon a constitutional and eternal foundation (as our frontispiece exhibits) for the happiness of every part of the British Empire—ai:d as we have now completed the political debates to the present session, we stall be able to publish more of those learned essays and ingenious pieces of wit and entertainment furnished by our unknown correspondents. While the differences exist, and there, are such important debates in parliament upon them, we agreeable to the original plan of our work, give a comprehensive, and withal as concise an account as psjjible, of those great affairs; but1 so as -thai tin different tastes of readers stall have Jidtable matter to gratify them. In brief, nothing stall be wanting in the course of the next year\ tt give the London Magazine a.1 the perfection tve can, and to continue it worthy of our friends approbation, and the smiles and encouragement of the pubic.

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