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port, which was accepted by the con- minary, made the following report, vention :

which was accepted : The committee to whom it was re The committee appointed to ascerferred to report on the appropriation of tain what number of trustees of the the monies contributed to the diocesan General Theological Seminary of the fund, agreeably to the third canon of Protestant Episcopal Church in the this diocess of 1821, respectfully report, United States, the diocess of New-York

That they found the aggregate amount is entitled to, beg leave to report, that contributed to be $ 424 25. The cạnon they find this diocess entitled to twenrequires that “one half of the amount ty-four trustees. This number is decontributed, if necessary, shall be ap- termined in the following manner :-By propriated, under the direction of the the third article of the constitution of convention, exclusively towards defray; the Theological Seminary, each diocess ing the necessary expenses of clergy- is entitled to one trustee, and to one admen attending the convention from a ditional trustee for every eight clergydistance; and the remainder shall be men in the same. This diocess conappropriated to defraying the contin- tains more than eighty-eight clergymen. gent expenses of the convention.”' The The nuinber of trustees for the diocess, canon also precludes from the benefit and clergymen of the same, will thereof the fund all clergymen whose pa fore be twelve. Next your committee rishes do not contribute.

find, that there has been subscribed to It appeared to your committee that the funds of the seminary, from this clergymen coming less than twenty diocess, property to the amount of miles could not be considered as com- $81,9573 viz. Mr. Sherred's legacy ing from a distance; and by a calcula- $ 56,000 ; cash received from various tion of the number of miles, overtwenty persons in the city of New-York, and each, necessarily travelled in coming to elsewhere in the diocess, $ 4857 ; a dothis convention, by clergymen entitled nation from E. Warren, esq. of Troy, to an allowance under the canon, the $2000; a donation of sixty-three lots of committee have found that about one land in the city of New York, from C. half of the receipts will be distributed C. Moore, esq." formerly valued at in a fair proportion, by allowing to $ 20,000, but in this estimate valued at every such clergyman who has come to $ 12,600 ; a donation of three lots from the convention from the north or west, Peter G. Stuyvesant, esq. valued at for every mile over twenty of the dis- $ 1500; donations of books from the tance from his parish, eleven cents; and corporation of Trinity church, New, to every such clergyman who has come York, John Pintard, esq. and other infrom the south, for every such mile the dividuals, valued at $ 5000. The sum of six cents.

number of trustees to which the diocess With regard to the appropriation of is entitled for this property, according the remainder of the fund, your com to the principle laid down in the above mittee would recommend, that after de- mentioned article, will be twelve; makfraying from it the expense of printing ing in all twenty-four trustees from the the bishop's circular, reported to this diocess of New York. The committee convention yesterday, and of advertis- beg leave farther to report, that there ing the change of place of meeting, the are subscribed, but not paid, by membalance be appropriated to printing the bers of this diocess, sums to the amount journal of this convention, to be distri- of $17,000; and from information buted in such way as the convention which they have received, they do not

doubt that a larger sum will be realized Signed in behalf of the committee. previous to the meeting of the next GeBENJAMIN T. ONDERDONK, neral Convention. They therefore re

Chairman. commend that two additional trustees Troy, October 6th, 1822.

be nominated by this convention, to be

added to the former number, provided The committee on the subject of the the funds necessary to entitle the dio*Trustees of the General Theological Se- cess to the same be actually placed un


may direct,


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der the control of the seminary before mote the general and permanent interpor

the meeting of the next General Con- ests of the church, and to recommend vention.

the institution to the patronage and In behalf of the committee, confidence of episcopalians throughout JONATHAN M. WAINWRIGHT,

the United States. Chairman. The parochial and missionary reports

made to the bishop, furnish the followThe following preamble and resolu- ing aggregate :-Baptisms (adults 206, tion were adopted:

children 849, not specified 347) 1402 The bishop having informed the con- -marriages 417--funerals 1193-comvention that the consolidation of the municants 4722. theological seminaries had taken place, The following sums were reported as in conformity with the conditions con- having been colected :

tained in the resolation on that subject, For the Episcopal Fund, $ 616 77 me passed the last convention : Thereupon, resolver, That, agreea For the Diocesan Fund,

For the Missionary Fund, *2163 71%

4296 bly to the pledge already given, this TIE convention du concur in the saine, and

The bishop, on behalf of the commitcordially recommend the Theological tee of the Protestant Episcopal Church beSeminary, as now constituted by the for Propagating the Gospel in the State

General Convention, to the patronage of New-York, reported of the episcopalians of this diocess. That the following missionaries are

The committee on so much of the now engaged :-The Rev. Deodatus bishop's address as relates to the pro- Babcock, at Buffalo, Erie county, and posed college at Geneva, made the fok parts adjacent; the Rev. Amos G. Baldlowing report, which was accepted : win, at Sandy Hill, Washington county,

The committee to whom was refer- and parts adjacent; the Rev. Moses red so much of the address of the bi- Burt, deacon, at Granville, Washington shop as relates to the establishment and county, and parts adjacent; the Rev. patronage of the college, proposed to Leveret Bush, at Oxford, Chenango, be founded in the village of Geneva, county, and parts adjacent; the Rev. beg leave to submit the following reso- Lawson Carter, deacon, at Ogdenslutions to the consideration of the con- burgh, St. Lawrence county, and parts

adjacent;. the Rev. Pahiner Dyer, deaResolved, That this convention is con, at Manlius, Onondaga county, and deeply impressed with a sense of the parts adjacent; the Rev. Samuel Fuladvantages which would result from the ler, in Albany and Greene counties; establishment of a college, combining tire Rev. Ezekiel G. Gear, at Binghaman accurate and extensive course of li- ton,Broome county, and parts adjacent; Terary and scientific education with a the Rev. Algernon S. Hollister, deacon, system of religious worship and in

and in- at Trenton, Oneida county, and parts struction, according to the principles of adjacent; the Rev. Levi S. Ives, deathe Protestant Episcopal Church; and con, at Batavia, Genesee county, and that in their opinion the local situation parts adjacent; the Rev. Daniel Nash, of Geneva, and the conditions of the in Otsego county; the Rev. George H. charter recently granted to the college, Norton, at Richmond, Ontario county, proposed to be founded in that village, and parts adjacent; the Rev. Amos are eminently favourable to the attain- Pardee, at Oswego, Oswego county, ment of these objects.

and parts adjacent; the Rev. Thomas K. Resolved, That the bishop and stand- Peck, deacon, at Onondaga, Onondaga iding committee of this diocess be it county, and parts adjacent; the Rev.

quested to prepare and carry into effect, Marcus A. Perry, at Unadilla, Otsego by and with the advice and approbation county, and parts adjacent; the Rev. of the trustees of the proposed college, Joshua M. Rogers, at Turin, Lewis such a plan for the collection of funds county, and parts adjacent; the Rev. and the endowment of the college, as Charles Seabury, at Setauket and Islip, miqy seem to them best fitted to pro- Suffolk county; the Rev. James Thomp

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son, in Greene cotinty; the Rev. Phi- there twenty years ago. Society has neas L. Whipple, deacon, at Fairfield, been fluctuating-beyond the control Herkimer county, and parts adjacent. of any one.--In addition to my other

The committee established some new labours I have, when convenient, catemissionary stations; but the state of the chised the children, and attended upon funds did not warrant them to annex a a Sunday reading school. Our reading higher salary than $100 per annum, has been confined to the Prayer Book, which is $ 50 less than the usual mis- and the young people have been taught sionary salaries. And still there are to respond together.-Baptisms in difmany places in want of missionary aid. ferent places about 20; marriages 8;

The treasurer has received, (with the burials 6. balance then on hand,) since the last convention, $ 2174 5; and the expen

The Rev. Samuel Fuller, missionary ditures for missionary services have in Albany and Greene counties, reports been $1863 70; an amount equal to to the bishop as follows :- The state of the balance being now due for mission the church at Rensselaerville has not ary salaries.

of the sum received, materially changed since my report last $ 1000 have been contributed by the year. The worship is conducted with New-York Protestant Episcopal Mis- order and solemnity. One person has sionary Society, and the auxiliary so- been added to the communion. The cieties, whose generous exertions are youth have been catechised in the church deserving of the warmest gratitude of during the intermission of the service; the friends of the church.

and a few persons, who are communiThe bishop also laid before the con

cants, are ready and desirous to be convention the following

firmed. - In the month of December I

visited a few places in Oneida and Reports of the Missionaries.

Maddison counties. One Sunday I The Rev. Daniel Nash, missionary in passed with the Oneida Indians. Mr. Otsego county, reports to the bishop as Williams read the service, and I preachfollows:--Since my last report, I have ed a short discourse, which he interpreached one Sunday in Exeter, one at preted to them. They were quite rubriCherry-Valley, one at Cooperstown cal in conducting the worship, and apand Fly-Creek, one at Butternuts, four peared very devout. In the evening of in the town of Hartwick, and one at the same day I performed service and Windsor, in Broome county; I have preached to a small congregation in also visited Verona once, and the Verona; the next evening at Lenox ; church at Oneida twice. The remain- the next at Chitternengo; and the evening Sundays I have officiated at St. ing following at Perryville. --At RensJohn's, Otsego, and in Burlington. selaerville I have officiated thirty-seven About half of the Sundays I have at- Sundays, and a number of other times; tended both morning and evening performed two inarriages, baptized one prayer; often, however, I have found child, and officiated at one funeral. At the fatigue in speaking so great, that I Greenville I have officiated ten Sunhave been obliged to omit the evening days, and six other times, baptized one service. I have the satisfaction of meet- adult and two children, performed one ing at Burlington Flats a sober, decent, marriage, and officiated at one funeral. and respectable congregation. I have Two persons have been added to the officiated there one fourth of the Sun- communion. One Sunday, also, I offi

year past, and we flatter our ciated at Windham, and one at Athens selves, as we live at peace, that the and Catskill, by exchange, and once at church will increase. My expectations, Durham.-Collections for the missionhowever, may never be realized; for of- ary fund:-Rensselaerville $ 8 87– ten those upon whom we rely for assist- Greenville $3 13. Total $ 12. ance in building up a society, find it for their advantage to remove; often they The Rev. James Thompson, missionare cut off by death. Thus, at St. John's, ary in Greene county, reports to the bithere are but two families who were shop as follows:- I have continued to

days the

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officiate in the same places this year as two years a suspension of the services last, one half of the time at Windham, of our church, an effort has been made and the other half in the north and to resụscitate the society; and I am south parts of Durham; except one happy to be able to state, that there is Sunday at Monticello, Sullivan county, every reason to anticipate a favourable ane Sunday at Greenville, and one Sun- result. In addition to the expense in day at Balston, for the Rev. Mr. Clark, curred recently, by the entire complewho waş şick. Eleven persons have ţion of the church, the vestry have

pro: been added to the communion at Wind- cured a comfortable house and lot for a ham, and three persons at Durham. parsonage. The congregation is gra. Baptized three children and two adults; dually increasing in numbers, and what attended three funerals; married one is still more pleasing to relate, there couple; have preached frequently on

has been of late, as we hope, a very week days. A divine blessing has ap- considerable improvement in the spiripeared to attend my labours in the mi- tual condition of this people. Many nistry the year past. I have not enjoyed have been, with apparent earnestness

good health since some time in January, inquiring the way of salvation; and, ST

through great fatigue in the Windham within a very short period, about four congregation. I have not recovered my and twenty persons have connected health

as yet, though I have attended to themselves with our communion. At my ministerial duties.

the village of Palmyra, Ontario county,

where I have recently preached, there The Rev. George H. Norton, tais- seems to be a favourable opening for sionary at Richmond, Ontario county, the introduction of our services; and

parts adjacent, reports to the bi- the neighbouring clergy have, by their shop as follows:-After returning from occasional visits during the summer, the convention last fall, I continued to been endeavouring to improve the opofficiate alternately at Waterloo and portunity offered. You are well aware, Vienna, until the month of March, at Right Rev. and dear Sir, as well from which time I removed my family to the personal observation as from missionparish in Richmond, Ontario county. ary reports, how favourably disposed Since that period, in addition to the the people of this western region are toservices performed there, I have preache wards the introduction of episcopal ed at Ayon and Geneseo, Livingston doctrines and worship amongst them ; county, and at Le Roy, Batavia, and and that there is now nothing wanting Sheldon, Genesee county. The churches but a competent number of faithful la in șhese several places were found in bourers to gather in the extensive harrather a languishing state, owing ng vest, which is fast ripening for the sickle. doubt to their having been, for some Our hearts are not a little comforted, tine past, destitute of clerical assist, however, in the prospect of receiving ance. It was gratifying, however, to 'ere long a supply from the theological hear

, generally, an anxious wish ex. institution in our vicinity. And in this pressed for the revival of our church expectation I hope we shall not be disservice, and a more frequent adminis. appointed. The institution, I know, tration of its solemn ordinances.-As it wants funds to promote its usefulness, respects the societies at Batavia and Le but I trust the frequent and animated

Roy, you will doubtless receive a par- appeals which have already been made ticular account from the two reverend to the liberality and beneficence of episbrethren who have recently, with very copalians, will prove successful in prococouraging prospects, commenced à curing them. But in addition to this, stated service in those villages. The my dear Sir, I conceive there will still congregations at Avon, Geneseo, and be one thing wanting to extend and Sheldon, having now the prospect of complete the usefulness of this institu

more regularly supplied than for- tion, and to place it upon that eminent merly, will, it is to be hoped, soon be ground which it should ultimately oc

respectable. In the Richmond cupy, and that is, its intimate connexion parish, where there had been for nearly with a literary seminary. And this obu

Vol. VI.

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ject I think will be fully attained if the a very heavy fall of rain. I have present contemplated plan of a collegi- preached three times at Boonville; ate establishment at Geneva can be Oneida countý. I visited the congres carried into effect. But I am appre- gation at Holland Patent last winter, hensive that this purpose cannot be a'c- and should have preached there occacomplished without the sanction and sionally since, had they not been supunited effort of episcopalians generally plied by the zealous labours of the Rev. in the state. The subject I consider a Mr. Hollister. Since the last of March truly interesting one; it involves, in my I have preached regularly, every third humble opinion, the highest interests of Sunday, ať Sackett's Harbour, where the church in this diocess; and I can- the congregation, though small, is in a not but hope, and I believe it is the ar-, flourishing state; and they have made dent wish of all who are attached to our arrangements for building a handsome communion in this quarter, that it will stone church. Our Sunday school at excite the attention, and receive the Tärin continues to prosper. Hi the hearty approbation and support of the northern part of the state episcopacy ensuing convention.-Baptisms, Water- ' is daily gaining ground, and the prejuloo, Seneca county, three children; Le dices existing against it giving way to Roy, Genesee county, one infant; Ge- more enlightened ideas. Communicants neseo, Livingston county, one infant. at Turin the same as last year-bapSt. Paul's church, Richmond, Ontario tisms 11-funeral 1-marriage 1. county, baptisms (adults 11, infants 4). Communicants at the Harbour from 20 15--funerals 2-communieants (added to 25–-baptisms 5. 24, died 1) 56.

The Rev. Amos Pardee, missionary The Rev. Charles Seabury, mission- ať Oswego, Oswego county, and parts ary at Setauket and Islip, Suffolk coun- adjacent, reports to the bishop as folty, reports to the bishop as follows:- lows :- After returning from the conCaroline church, Setauket, marriages 7 vention last fall, I officiated one Sun--baptisms (adults 2, infants 4) 6- day in Jamesville, Onondaga county, funerals 4-communicants 10. St. one in Lenox, and one in Chitenengo, John's church, Islip, marriages 2-bap- Madison county ; in all of which the tism, infant, 1.- In the regular" per- gospel was heard with gladness, and formance of duty, I have celebrated di- promising prospects of usefulness.-On vine service every Sunday in the year, one Sunday I officiated in the Indian two excepted; once prevented by bad church, at Oneida Castle, administered weather, and once called from home by the Lord's supper; and baptized two the illness of a near relation. Besides children. On the evening of the same this I have, at different times on' week day I preached a lecture at Verona. days, preached funeral discourses.--! On two Sundays I officiated at Holland think the congregation'at Setauket ra- Patent, in Trenton, Oneida county; ther increasing; that at Islip remains but on account of excessive badness of as it was at the last report.

the weather and the roads, few people

were able to attend. However, the zeal The Rev. Joshua M. Rogers, mise manifested by this little church deserves sionary, at Turin, Lewis county, and attention and assistance. On one Sunparts adjacent, reports to the bishop as day I officiated at Russel, St. Lawrence follows :-During the first part of the county. The little church in this place past year my time was mostly spent at is oppressed with poverty, but heard Turin. In January I visited Wadding- the word with all readiness of mind, ton, St. Lawrence coumty, preached on and expressed a strong desire for the Sunday to a very respectable congrega more frequent ministration of the word tion, and administered the holy com and sacraments. The most of my time munion, and had made my arrange- during the year past has been spent in ments to perform the same holy rite at the village of Oswego, county of OsweOgdensburgh, Russel, and Potsdam, but go. This place has, for many years, the roads became impassable, owing to been considered a moral desert. --The

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