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withholding my support from Bible so- painful regret to find myself differing, cieties, I act with those in the highest on this subject, from many of the clergy stations in the church from which we and members of our own communion are descended, and with the great body whom I greatly esteem and respect. I of its clergy. But it is a source of would wish to guard against the suppo

sition of any design on my part to cen.

sure those episcopalians who deem • The names of the following bishops of the these societies worthy of their support, Church of England and Ireland appear among and the proper channels of their pious the supporters of the British and Foreign Bible Society

munificence. Among the episcopal Most Rev. Poer Trench, Archbishop of laymen of this description, I recognize Tuam; Honourable and Right Rev.Shute kar. in the president and acting vice-presirington, Bishop of Durham; Right Rev. John Buckner, Bishop of Chichestır; Right Rev.

dent of the American Bible Society, inThomas Burgess, Bishop of St. Davids; Right dividuals who are not for a moment to Rev. Joln Fisher, Bishop of Salisbury: Right be suspected of acting from any other Honourable and Night Rev. Ilenry Ryder, Bi principle than a sense of duty, and shop of Gloucester, Honourable and Right Rev. whose pure and elevated characters Thomas Lewis O’Beirne, Bishop of Meath; adorn the church of which they are Honourable and Right Rev, Charles Lindsays Bishop of Kildare: Honourable and Right Rev. members. My object is not to censure William Kno.r, Bishop of Derry-10. The trames up the following do not appear

others, but, in the discharge of my ofamong the supporters of the British and Fó

ficial duty, to state and defend the reign Bible Society:

principles on which I think churchmen Right Honourable and Most Rev. Charles should act in their efforts for the proHanners Sutton, Archbishop of Canterbury ; Right Honourable and post Rev. Edwarà pagation of the gospel; and to ask for Venables Vernun, Archbishop of York; Most those who do act on these principles, Rev. Lord John George Berisford, Archbishop the credit of an adherence to the dicof Armagh; Most Rev. William Magee, (2.4. tates of conscience, and an exemption shop of Dublim; Right Honotrable and Most from the imputation of being unfriendly Rev. Richard Laurence; (author of the cele. to the distribution of the oracles of bratul Bampton Lectures on the Articles,) truth. No imputation can be more unRight Rev. Willium Howley, Bishop of London; just, injurious, or unkind. It is not to chester; Right Rev. William Henry Majendie, mode of distribution that our objections Right Rev. George Tomline, Bishop

of Win the distribution of the Bible, but to the Bishop of Bangor; Right Rev. Richard Beadon; Bishop of Bath and Wells; Right Rev. apply. We deem ourselves not warJohn Kaye, Regius Professor of Divinity, Cam, ranted in sanctioning what appears to bridge, Bishop of Bristol; Right Rev. Samuel

us a departure from the apostolic mode Goodenough, Bishop of Carlisle; Right Rev. George Henry Law, Bishop of Chester; Right of propagating Christianity in the seRev. Bowyer E. Sparke, Bishop of Ely; Right paration of the sacred volume from the kev. William Carey, Bishop of Exeter: Right ministry, the ordinances, and the worHereford; Honourable and Right Rev. J. Corn. ship of that mystical body which its wullis, Bishop of Litchfield and Coventry; Ho- Divine Founder has constituted the bourable and Right Rev. George Pelham, Bi mean and the pledge of salvation to the shop of Lincoln ; Right Rev. William Van Miulert, Bishop of Landaff; Honourable and

world. And we think that episcopaliRight Rev. Edward Legge, Bishop of Oxford; Right Rev. Herbert Marsh, Bishop of Peterborough; Right Rev. Walker King, Bi. Waterford; Honourable and Right Rev. Tho. shitsp of Rochester; Right Klev. John Lurmoore, mas P. Lawrence, Bishop of Cork; Right Bishop of St. A saph; Right Rev. F.H.W.Corn. Rev. Charles Mungan Warburton, Bishop of wall, Bishop of Worcester; Right Rev. George Cloyne; Right Rev. Richard Mant, Bishop of Murray, Bishop of Sodor and Mann; Honour. Killaloe'; Kight Rev. John Leslie, Bishop of able and Right Rer. R. Ponsonby, Bishop of Elphin; Right Rev. Christopher Butson, BiDown and Conuor : Right Rev. iVilliam Bis- shop of Clonfert; Right Rev.James Verchoyle, vet, Bishop of Raphoe; Right Rev. Nathaniel Bishop of Kiliala. To whom are to be added d'e.runder, Bishop of Clogher; Right Rev. the bishops of the Scotch Episcopal Church George De La Poer Beresford, Bishop of Right Rev. Gorge Gleig, Primus, Bishop of Kilmore; Right Rev. James Saurin, Bishop of Brechin; Right Rev. Alexander Jolly, Bishop Dermore ; Right Rev. Robert Fowler, Bishop of Moray; Right Rev. Daniel Sandforel, Biof Ossory; Right Rev. Lord Robert Totten- shop of Edinburgh ; Right Rev. Patrick Torry, ham, Bishop of Ferns; Right Rev. Thomas Bishop of Dunkeld; Right Rev. William Skins Elrington, Bishop of Linerick; Honourable ner, Bishop of Aberdeen; Right Rer. David Mod Right Rev. Richard Bourke, Bisl:op of Low, Bishop of Ross. Total 45.

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ans will best preserve their attachment ment of the course of religious instructo the distinctive principles of their tion. Under this impression, a short apostolic church, and thus best advance Scripture Catechism, which has been the cause of primitive Christianity, and prepared and submitted to the revision most effectually avoid all collision with of the venerable senior bishop of our their fellow Christians who differ from church, and the alterations suggested them, by associating for all religious by him adopted, has been published. It purposes only among themselves. is my intention to pursue the same

The Bible and Common Prayer course with the Explanation of the Book societies continue their eminently Church Catechism in use in this diouseful operations; and one in the cess, and with the volume on the Festicentral counties is distinguished for its tivals and Fasts, the basis of which is zealous exertions. It is highly gratify- the standard work of Nelson, the pious ing to see churchmen uniting their ef- layman of the Church of England. It forts and their contributions in the ex would then seem that in the Scripture tension of our church; and with it, of Catechism, in the Church Catechism the truths, the ministry, and ordinances broke into short Questions and Anof that gospel, which is the power of swers, in the Catechism explaining and God unto salvation, in their primitive enlarging the Church Catechism, and purity.

in the work on the Festivals and Fasts, It gives me pleasure to notice the there will be a course of instruction prosperous condition of the Sunday embracing the whole circle of religious schools which are instituted in several truth and duty, the ministry and liturgy congregations of our church. As the of the church, and those parts of the principal object of these schools is the sacred volume which establish and enreligious instruction of the young, it force the doctrines and duties of the would seem that they ought not to be plan of salvation which it reveals. It is liable to any influence or any control my intention to take measures to have but that of the authority of the church, these books stereotyped, so as that they thie young

members of whose fold they may be procured at a low price. profess to instruct in Christian truth The importance of this subject will, and duty.

I trust, account for the solicitude with And here, my brethren of the clergy, which, in the discharge of my official I would earnestly call your attention to duty, I would press it on your attenthe important part of our office, the re- tion. ligious instruction of the young mem

In conclusion-I am averse to obbers of our flocks, as the best security, trude my personal concerns or feelings against enthusiasm on the one hand, on your attention. But I trust I shall and lukewarmness on the other, and be excused for a single remark. The as a principal mean, with the divine recent illness, which suspended, for a blessing, of establishing them in the time, the exercise of my official funcprinciples and habits of sound piety. .tions, in the evidence which it afforded

I am not influenced by any appre me of the interest which I have in the hension that this important duty is kind regards of my brethren of the neglected. On the contrary, I well clergy and the laity, has imposed on know that some of the clergy have ex me the obligation to devote, with retended this instruction beyond the for- newed zeal, my exertions in their sermulary set forth by the church designed vice. And it powerfully excites to the for children, to explanations of the same course, by the admonition which I Christian system, suited to those of ought to derive from it, of the uncerriper years. My object is to suggest the tainty of the time when I may be called importance of uniformity, as far as may to give an account of my stewardship be practicable, in this particular. It in that station which it has pleased our would seem that the Church Catechism Divine Master to assign me in his supposes sonte preliminary religious in- church. struction, and that this excellent formu.

JOHN HENRY HOBART. lary will admit of a subsequent enlarge- Troy, 15th October, 1822.

Abstract of the Proceedings of the house of worship... In the same month

Thirty-sixth Annual Convention of I visited St. Thomas's Church, Alexthe Diocese of Nero-Jersey, held in andria, preached to a large and attenChrist Church, Shrewsbury, August tive congregation, and administered the 21st and 220, 1822.

holy communion. The building be The convention was composed of longing to this congregation, after have the Right Rev. Bishop Croes, four pres. ing laid in ruins many years, is at length byters, two deacons, and twenty-five neatly repaired and improved. The kay delegates, representing ten parishes. day succeeding, I visited the congrega.

It was opened with morning prayer, tion of St. Andrew's Church, Amwell, sonducted by the Rev. Abiel Carter, and officiated. On Sunday, the 23d of rector of St. Michael's Church, Tren- September, I visited the vacant church ton, and a sermon by the Rev. John C. at Spotswood, and preached. I did the Rudd, rector of St. John's Church, same also on the following Wednesday. Elizabeth-Town.

-On Sunday, the 30th of September, The Rev. John Croes, jun. was I visited Trinity Church, at Newark, elected secretary, and the Rev. Clarkson and performed divine 'service, and Dunn appointed assistant secretary.

preached twice; and, on Wednesday Agreeably to the provisions of the following, I officiated also at Williams forty-fifth canon of the General Con- ville, near Newark. The congregation vention, the Right Rev. Bishop Croes of Trinity Church, Newark, preserves then delivered the following address :

its standing, both as to numbers and re

spectability; and it is to be hoped that My Brethren of the Clergy,

its spiritual condition keeps pace with and of the Laity,

íts temporal. In making the address, required by On Friday, the 5th of October, I vi. the canons, at every meeting of diocesan sited the congregation of Christ Chapel, conventions, I have the pleasure to Belleville, vacant, and preached. On commence with remarking, that I have Sunday, the 7th, I visited also the va. been enabled, through divine goodness, cant church at Paterson, celebrated dito visit almost every church in the dio- vine service, and preached twice. This cess since we låst assembled.

congregation, I have since learned, are On the termination of that meeting, I using means to procure funds for the proceeded immediately to admit, in St. erection of a church.--I visited, on MonAndrew's Church, Mount-Holly, to the day, the 8th, St. Matthew's Church, holy order of deacons, John Mortimer Jersey, and officiated. This church, Í Ward, of this diocess. The Sunday am informed, is regularly supplied with succeeding, I visited St. Mary's Church, a minister, the Rev. Čave Jones, of Colestown, preached to a numerous New-York, on every second Sunday. congregation, and administered the From the 30th of October, to the 3d communion. I was assisted in the latter of November, I attended a special sesa office by the Rev. Mr. Ward; with sion of the General Convention, assemwhom the congregation, long vacant, bled in Philadelphia, on matters relating immediately made an engagement for to the general theological seminary. thie half of his services. The residue, I I again visited, on the third Sunday in engaged him to devote to the vacant Lent, (March the 10th, 1822,) the still churches as a missionary.

vacant church at Spotswood, preached In September I visited Christ Church, twice, and administered the holy comShrewsbury, preached three times, and munion. administered the holy rite of comfirma On Sunday, the 14th of April, I pet. tion to 26 persons.

The church at formed divine service and preached at Shrewsbury preserves its strength and St. James's Church, Piscataway, which respectability; and its spiritual, as well still continues vacant.-On the third as its temporal concerns, may be con- Sunday after Easter, I administered the sidered in an improving state. Since apostolic rite of confirmation in Christ my last visit, the congregation has re- Church, New-Brunswick; on which paired and painted the interior of its occasion 16 persons were confirmed, VOL. VIL


This church has, within a short time, as I had appointed, by severe indisposibeen newly roofed, and otherwise re- tion. This congregation continues to paired and improved: the congregation, flourish, and means are in progress to though not large, are attached to the doc- erect, with the divine blessing, a handtrines and worship of our church; and some stone church, the next summer. unite in her holy services with much From the cause above mentioned, I propriety, and, I trust, real devotion. was also prevented from proceeding to

I visited, on the 21st of May, St. Mi- fulfil an appointment, made to preach chael's Church, at Trenton, and preach- at Christ Church, Johnsonburgh, on the ed on the occasion.-On Sunday, the afternoon of the same day; and to 26th of that month, I visited St. John's preach and administer the holy commuChurch, Salem, and officiated in the nion on the following day at St. James's morning. In the afternoon I preached Church, Knowlton. at St. George's, Pennsneck, and admi I visited, on Sunday, the 21st July, nistered confirmation to five persons. Trinity Church, at Woodbridge, and These churches preserve their standing, preached. On the following Sunday, I -The succeeding Thursday, I visited visited St. Peter's Church, Perth-AmSt. Thomas's Church, Glassborough, boy, and preached both morning and and St. Stephen's Church, Mullica- afternoon. Hill, both vacant, and performed divine I again visited St. James's Church, service, and preached at each of them. Piscataway, on Sunday, the 11th of Au

On Sunday, the 2d of Jane; I visited gust, and officiated.-On Sunday, the Trinity Church, Swedesborough, and 18th, I visited Christ Church, Middlepreached in the morning. In the after- town, and preached; and, on the afternoon of that day I preached also at St. noon of the same day, I again visited Peter's Church, Berkeley.- I visited St. Christ Church, Shrewsbury, and also Andrew's Church, Mount-Holly, on preached.--On Monday, the 19th of Wednesday, the 5th of June, on which August, I visited St. Peter's Church, occasion I preached, and held a confir- Freehold, and officiated. This church mation. The number confirmed was is still vacant; but has the prospect of 10. I preached also in the evening.-- obtaining a minister very shortly. On the succeeding day I visited St. It is with great gratification that I am Mary's Church, Burlington, and preach- am able to state to you, my brethren, ed in the evening. It was also my in- that more of the churches in the diocess tention to visit again St. Mary's Church, have had stated regular service during Colestown, and preach, and administer the year just past; and that the resithe communion; but, though I suc- due, still vacant, have, in general, been ceeded in making the visit, on Sunday, more frequently opened for public worthe 9th of June, I was prevented, by ship, in the same time, than at any forsickness, from performing any duties. mer period : eighteen churches having From the same cause, I was not able to had regular service, and ten having fulfil an appointment which I had been occasionally, though often, served made, to visit, in the afternoon of the by the missionary, and other clergymen. same day, and officiate at St. John's This state of things, under the divine Church, Chew's Landing, vacant for blessing, will, I have reason to hope, many years, and almost extinct.-On gradually improve; and, that, at no Sunday, the 16th of June, I visited St. very remote period, several of the yet John's Church, at Elizabeth-Town, and vacant churches will also be regularly celebrated divine service, and preached supplied with ministers. twice. The congregation of this church, One person only has been admitted since my last report, has procured a a candidate for holy orders since the handsome organ, which has already last convention, Mr. John Sellon, of tended to improve its sacred music.- Shrewsbury.—There has been also but On Sunday, the 30th of June, I visited one ordination, that of the Rev. John the congregation of Christ Church,New- M. Ward, before mentioned.---Foor ton; but was prevented from preaching confirmations have been held. The and administering the holy communion, number confirmed 57.

The Rev. Daniel Higbee, late a pres- respectability and usefulness he cannot byter of this diocess, has removed to but feel the deepest interest. the diocess of Delaware.

'I consider it my duty also, and it is The several institutions in the diocess with no small degree of pleasure I perconnected with the church continue, form it, to announce to you, that the through the divine blessing, to prosper. General Convention of 1820 instituted The funds belonging to them gradually a Domestic and Foreign Missionary increase; and to the application of one Society for general purposes. This of them, the missionary fund, is princi- was, however, not matured till the late pally to be ascribed, under God, the special General Convention, when its improved state of some of our long va- organization was completed. The socant and almost ruined churches, and ciety is now in operation. Its objects the establishment of ministers in others. are to send missionaries into the states -The Sunday schools also are genes and territories in which our church is rally flourishing, and continue to pro- not yet organized, and collect together duce their usual beneficial effects among the scattered members of our commuthe children of the poor, and upon so- nion who have migrated to those reciety in general.

mote parts, and are now wandering It affords me a high degree of grati. about as sheep without shepherds--to fication to communicate to you, that at afford temporary and occasional assista late General Convention, specially ance to those diocesses which are not convened for the purpose, the conflict- able of themselves to support the requiing claims of the general theological site missionaries, and to send missionseminary, and of a theological seminary aries' also to the heathen of our own established in the diocess of New-York, country, and, when opportunity offers, relative to a bequest of the late Mr. Ja- and its means are sufficient, to the heacob Sherred, and which threatened for then on the eastern continent, for the a time to disturb the peace and unity of purpose of endeavouring to turn them the church, were happily brought to a from darkness to light, and from the termination, by the organization of a power of Satan unto God.” seminary to be composed of both, and, It is desirable that every churchman, according to the conditions of the be who can conveniently pay three dollars quest, to be established in New-York. a year, should become a member of this - The seminary thus instituted is al- very useful society. But, as many perready in successful operation, under sons are unable to pay that sum, it is professors of acknowledged talents and recommended to the several diocesses fidelity; and with students, respectable to establish auxiliary societies or assoas to numbers, capacity, and diligence. ciations, the members of which to paya

- It is to be hoped, that the members much smaller sum, or to adopt any of the church in this diocess, especially mode to give aid to the parent society, those upon whom God has bestowed which, in cases in which diocesan inwealth, will not be backward in contri- stitutions already exist, may not interbuting to the support of an institution fere with such institutions. of such immense importance to the I would, therefore, suggest to the well-being and respectability of their convention, the expediency of recomchurch, and of the holy religion which mending to every congregation in the they profess. The ultimate success of diocess, to form a missionary associait, indeed, under the blessing of the di- tion; the contributions of which to be vine Head of the church, will greatly transmitted every year to the treasurer depend upon their liberal donations, of the convention, in aid of the collecin connexion with the donations of tions which are annually made in the the wealthy episcopalians generally several churches for missionary purthroughout the United States. Let poses; and that the board of directors none, therefore, withhold his proportion of the missionary fund be authorized to from an object of such weighty conse transmit annually so much of the avails quence to the church of which he pro- of the fund as they may think expedifesses himself a member; and in whose ent, to the treasurer of the general mis

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