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fund. All which is respectfully sub. plication in New York, I proceeded to mitted.

New-Haven, Connecticut, having first (Signed) JONN C. WRIGHT, Trus- obtained permission and encourage

JOHN MATTHEWS, Stees. ment from Bishop Brownell, to apply June 3d, 1822.

to the churches in his diocess. I passed

through Stamford, Norwalk, BridgeOn motion, resolved, That this port, and Stratford, and arrived at Newconvention do accept and adopt the Haven, October 25th; thence I went act of the legislature of the state of to Middletown the 30th, and to HartOhio, passed in general assembly, the ford the 1st of November. From Hart24th day of January, 1821, entitled ford I proceeded to providence, Rhode"An act to incorporate the trustees of Island, when I found that the Rev. Mr. the bishop's fund of the Protestant Crocker was absent, which occasioned Episcopal Church in the diocess of me some delay. In the meantime, I Ohio."

went to Bristol, and having obtained Mr. John Matthews, Mr. Noah M. the approbation of Bishop Griswold, Bronson, and Mr. Zaccheus Biggs, were, preached in Providence, November by ballot, duly elected trustees of the 11th; thence to Boston, where, after bishop's fund,

tarrying some time, being hospitably The following persons were elected entertained, and kindly assisted, I the standing committee:-The Rev. preached November 25th, and proceedRoger Searle, the Rev. Samuel John- ed to Salem the 27th : thence to Newston, the Rev.Intrepid Morse, the Rev. buryport, 29th, and to Portsmouth 30th.

Thomas Osborne, William Little, Be- Leaving Portsmouth, 3d December, my zaleel Wells, Noah M. Bronson, and object was to pass over to Troy, NewArory Buttles.

York. I could not, however, but seize Resolved, That this convention ae upon this opportunity of visiting & knowledge, with the warmest gratitude, hrother, and other near relatives, in the liberal donations of their brethren Vermont, and New Hampshire, so that in the Atlantic states to the missionary I did not arrive at Troy till December society of this diocess, under patronage 16th. I preached in Troy, 23d Deof the convention, for the support of cember, in Albany same day; thence missionaries therein ; and they trust, by to Poughkeepsie, 26th, tarrying, during the blessing of the great Head of the the holy season of Christmas, with a church, this liberality will redound to relative in Kingston.

relative in Kingston. Preached in the lasting benefit of our infant Zion, Poughkeepsie, 30th December, in Hyde and to the welfare of immortal souls. Park. same day; arrived in New-York;

31st December: From the proceedings of the Protestant Episcopal Missionary Society with result of the application, kindly made by

". After hearing the very favourable in and for the diocess of Ohio, append- the clergy of that city, in our behalf, ed to the journal of the above convene proceeded to New-Brunswick, Newtion, we make the following extracts:

Jersey, where I received the warm en. “Philander Chase, jun: reports to the couragement of Bishop Croes, and, afProtestant Episcopal Missionary So- ter an application through the Rev. Mr. ciety of the diocess of Ohio, as follows: Powers, at Newark, preached in New

c. I left Worthington, September 21, Brunswick, January 13th; thence pro1821, and proceeded to New-York, ceeded to Trenton, where, however, I vt here I arrived during the session of was prevented from an immediate apa the diocesan convention. The address plication, which has since been made. to the bishops, of which I was the I went on to Burlington, preached there, bearer, was gratuitously printed by January 16th, and next day arrived in Messrs. Swords, and a copy presented Philadelphia. The General Missionto Bishop Hobart, who gave the object ary Society being about to make their proposed thereby his warm encourage- application in this city, it was deemed ment and approbation. Circumstances, proper by Bishop White, and the clerhowever, preventing an immediate ap- gy, that the application which I went

thither to make should bo merged in course of this report, with respect to
that: it being thought that the object individual places and people, had I not
and interests of each were the same, feared too frequent repetition, my feel-
so that, under the implied assurance ings of lively gratitude for the great hos-
that the wants of this diocess, so highly pitality shown me at every place I have
prominent, and for which so much sym- visited by the ministers and members of
pathy has been felt and expressed by our church; and also for the great in-
our brethren, would have an early re terest expressed often by substantial
membrance in the disposition of the deeds, as well as words, in the prospe-
General Society's funds, I proceeded to rity of our western Zion. And here,
Baltimore, where I arrived Jan. 25th. too, I must acknowledge the great value
I had thë satisfaction to find my object of that kind assistance rendered me at
highly approved by Bishop Kemp every place by all our brethren.
the assistance afforded by the churches « Annexed is the amount of receipts
in this city was by individual donation, in the several places visited :
the attendance upon which required a ""At New-Haven, Connecticut, col.
greater length of time than elsewhere, lection, $ 86 60, of individuals, $11
so that I did not arrive in Washington 75~$ 98 35; at Middletown, collec-
till the 15th of February, 1822. I was tion, $ 13, of one individual, $.10-
prevented from making immediate ap- $25; Hartford, collection, $ 41 75,
plication to the churches of this place, individual donations, $138-$179 75;
and Georgetown. I received, however, Providence, Rhode Island, collection,
promise, that such should be made as $ 22 22; Trinity church, Boston, Mas-
soon as practicable: It had been my in- sachusetts, $ 157 65; St. Paul's, do.
tention to have proceeded to South-Ca- $ 141 78; Christ church, do. $ 50 ;
rolina on this mission, but a letter from of the Rev. Mr. Carlile, Salem, in be-
Bishop Moore, of Virginia, to whom I half of a lady, $10; collection in a
had written, though hospitably inviting church at Newburyport, Massachusetts,
me thither, informing me, that my' so $ 29; collection in Portsmouth, New-
licitations would interfere with a gene- Hampshire, $ 48; of Baruch Chase &
ral and large application already going Bloiggin, in Hopkinton, do. $ 25;
on in his diocess. I deemed it most ad- Troy, New York, collection, $ 157 34;
viseable to give up the prosecution of St. Peter's, Albany, $ 36 60; additional
my journey any further, particularly as from St. Peter's, there have been re-
the visit to South Carolina would much ceived 142 Prayer Books, 50 Bibles,
increase the expense of my journey; and about 700 tracts, for the benefit of
unless by greater success on my way the society; of a lady in Kingston, New-
than I had a right to expect. Ear- York; $ 3; collection in Hyde-Park,
nestly commending, then, the object to New-York, $ 19; collection in Pough-
Bishops Moore and Bowen, by letters, keepsie, New-York, $ 23; of Judge C.
I returned homeward. From Bishop Verplanck, by the Rev. Mr. Thomas,
Bowen, I have since learned, that ap- Fishkill, $7; of Grace church, New-
plication will soon be made in his dio- York, $ 342 81; of Trinity church, in-
cess; the success of which I am still cluding St. Paul's and St. John's cha-
anxious to learn. Passing through pels, $ 423 25; of St. George's, $ 133
Fredericktown, Maryland, I received 95, of Thomas Gibbons, esq. $ 100;
the same assurances which had been collection in a church at New-Bruns-
made at Georgetown, from the Rev. Mr. wick, New-Jersey, 45 37; additional
Johns; leaving Salem, I arrived home, afterward received, $2; collection,
12th March. Letters, during the course Burlington, New Jersey, $ 19 30; ad-
of my journey, were transmitted to ditional from two individuals, $ 15; re-
those parishes and places where I had ceived by letter from Newark, New-
prospect of any success from some of Jersey, by the Rev. Mr. Powers, $ 32;
whom I received encouragement to hope do. from the Rev. Mr. Carter, Trenton,
for future assistance.

$ 25; received of churches in Balti“It becomes me here to state, gene-. more, Maryland, by individual donarally, what I should have done in the tion, $ 555 50; do. a seal, valued at

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$5; received of Jacob Morris, Otsego tees appointed for administering the county, New-York, through the Right charity fund of others, to render annuRev. Philander Chase, $ 50; of the ally an account of our stewardship to Rev. Philo Shelton, of Bridgeport, Con- those who have confided to us such am. necticut, $ 20; of the Rev. Mr. Onder- ple opportunities for usefulness. The donk, Brooklyn, Long-Island, a certifi- charge of distributing your bounty is a cate of deposit, $43 22-total received, singular privilege and blessing. In the $ 2,911 9 cents."

enjoyment which it affords, we have « The society then proceeded to the much reason for gratitude to you, as the election of managers for the year ensu- means, under God, of enabling us to be, ing-whereupon the following persons in an appropriate sense, not only hear. were chosen :--The Rev. Roger Searle, ers, but doers of the word. But while the Rev. S. Johnston, the Rev. I. Morse, the labour is almost, if not altogether the Rev. E. B. Kellogg, the Rev. P. pur's, the reward is peculiarly your's; Chase, jun. J. C. Wright, esq. W. Lit. for to you, as the supporters of the sotle, esq. C. Hammond, esq. Ezra Griş- ciety, is the promise addressed, “it is wold, esq. John Hall, Rufus Murray, more blessed to give than to receive." and Chester Griswold.

Each contributes only a mite: yet “The following persons were chosen every one must be conscious that he is officers of the board, viz.-The Rev. indeed a fellow-worker with us in this Roger Searle, vice-president; the Rey. labour of love. Your best recompense Samuel Johnston, corresponding secre- is to see this work prosper in our hands tary; the Rev. Philander Chase, jun. and whilst you faithfully discharge your recording secretary; and William Lit- duty to us, we venture to promise, with tle, esq. of Delaware, treasurer.” the favour of heaven, that we shall not

be wanting to you. But while the board

rejoice that many have, from the founThe Thirteenth Report of the Board dation of the society, been punctual in

of Trustees of the Protestant Epis- the discharge of their annual dues, we copal Society for the Advancement cannot but deeply regret that the list of of Christianity in South-Carolina ; arrears should still be very considermade at the Anniversary of the Son able. Without animadverting on the ciety, January 6th, 1823.

variety of motive that may influence The thirteenth anniversary of our those who thus deprive us of a large institution beholds us again assembled, fund intended for the good of the on the feast of Epiphany, to offer praise church, we feel ourselves authorized to and thanksgiving in the house of God. expostulate with such members in the On such an occasion, and in such a language of respect and affection. We place, it is indeed good for us to meet would ask, why did they join the societogether, and to bless “the Author of ty, and why do they continue in its every good and perfect gift," " for his ranks, if they do not acknowledge the inestimable love in the redemption of obligation of the engagement they have the world by our Lord Jesus Christ.” made? While the society exists, whilst

The manifestation of our Saviour to its funds are carefully administered, the Gentiles is eminently fitted to in- whilst its objects are continually prospire our gratitude; and is, perhaps, the moted, and the church benefited theremost appropriate season for the annual by, how can they rest satisfied with meeting of a society whose objects so such apathy? They have undertaken perfectly harmonize with that glorious to give freely; and we only ask them and happy event. Already had the to remember, that he who gives, before church set it apart as peculiarly worthy he is called on, or gives the instant he is, of commemoration by her faithful fol- acts in the true spirit of Christian libe lowers: and we could not better have rality. We entreat such as are scatexpressed entire approbation than by tered throughout the country, to rememimitating an example equally venerable ber the difficulty and expense of waiting and excellent.

on them there. It is comparatively 'It well becomes us, who are but tras- easy, on the contrary, for them to make

payment in town; since there is scarce- persevere in our endeavours to awaken ly one who does not visit the city ucca- the attention of our brethren in the sionally, or who has not friends that do. country to the welfare of the institution. We earnestly beseech all such persons The board record here, with pleato recollect, that he who seeks to do sure, the liberality of a donor unknown, good is doubly blessed. If any indeed to whom they are indebted for the sum love the church and the society, we of one hundred dollars, and they add, trust they will not regard themselves as with much satisfaction, the gift of debtors to our treasury; and entitled twenty by another whose name is equalto wait until applied to. Let them ra- ly withheld. They rejoice at beholdther feel that what they owe is to God ing such acts of Christian charity perand their fellow men, and whilst they formed in the very spirit of the gospel reap the blessing of giving freely, let precept, whieh suffers not the left hand them imitate the example of the poor to know what the right hand doeth. widow, who waited not to be reminded Such givers desire not the praise of of her duty, but went to give, with her men; but rather lay up for themselves own hand, the trifle which she had not treasure in heaven. The trustees caneven promised to give.

not close this part of the report without The board regret to say, that but lit- again acknowledging the receipt of the tle addition has been made, during the contents of a missionary box kept in past year, to the funds of the society. Mr. Dickson's school. Such contribue While sotne persons have withdrawn tions are singularly acceptable; for their names, only four annual, and six they are among the happiest imitations life subscribers have been added to the of the poor widow's example. list.

The subject of our funds calls up to The board have addressed letters memory, as intimately allied to it, the regularly every year to the different situation of our late treasurer.* The clergy in the diocess, requesting, with board have still to regret that his ill the approbation of their vestries respec- health disables him from attempting to üvely, that sermons might be preached, resume his duties. Under the expectaand collections made in aid of our trea- tion that a voyage to Europe would resury. During the past year, however, establish his health, a temporary aponly St. Michael's, St. Philip's, and St. pointment was made; but it has been Paul's, Charleston; Trinity Church, for some time certain, that we cannot Columbia, and Christ church, have hope again to behold our financial concontributed. The trustees are sensible cerns under his judicious and paternal that some country parishes can hardly guardianship. The gratitude and affecbe expected to assist us in this mode; tionate regard of the trustees, and they yet it is believed that there are pious doubt not of the society at large, attend and liberal persons in all of them, who him in his retirement. would gladly embrace such an opportu During the past year, the sum of nity of giving some portion of the abun- $ 2,680 has been expended in the supdance wherewith they have been bless- port of the ministry in several country ed. It is extremely desirable also that parishes, and for missionary purposes : such an occasion should be afforded for and the board have the satisfaction of making known more generally the ob- believing that these appropriations have jects, wants, and usefulness of the Pro- been productive of good. They ventestant Episcopal Society for the Ad- ture not to say, that alt has been done vancement of Christianity in South- which might have been accomplished ; Carolina. Doubtless there are many yet there is reason for gratitude, and who have heard that such an associa- much encouragement to go forward. Intion exists, but who are ignorant of deed, if this society had no other object what it has done, and of what it is con than to send forth missionaries, its tinually labouring to do. It is our de- prosperity ought to be dear to every sire that so excellent an institution friend of religion, and especially of our should be more generally known. It is equally our duty: and we shall therefore

* Charles Kershaw, esq.

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church. This single purpose should until the regular meeting in Decemberg
win for us their prayers and patronage: that the letter addressed to the Rev.
the former, since the fervent prayer of Mr. Bedell, secretary of the North-Ca-
a righteous man availeth much; the rolina convention, was never received
ļatter, because the gospel must be ad- by him. The missions at Columbia, in
vanced in our day, by means, and not Christ church, and in the parish of St.
by miracles, by ordinary men, and not Paul's, Pendleton, still continue.
by prophets and apostles. The trus The board rejoice to find that a very
tees regard the missionary department neat church has been recently com-
of the society as of incalculable import- pleted at this last mentioned place, and
ance to the church in this diocess. The independently of other delightful con-
missionary has opportunities for doing siderations, it is highly gratifying to
good, which are enviable indeed. Lo- know that the flourishing state of this
cated in a small section of country, he parish is to be ascribed, in a large de-
is expected by the society who send, gree, to the missionary labours of the
and by the people who receive him, to society. *
preach the gospel in its simplicity and In obedience to the article of the
purity, to explain the principles, and constitution, which provides for the dis-
recommend the worship of the church; tribution of the Bible, the Book of Com-
and, by his-“ preaching and living, to mon Prayer, and other religious works,
set them forth, and show them accord- the trustees report, that they have ac-
ingly." It is not sufficient that his peo- cordingly, during the past year, dis-
ple should see him, on the Sabbath, in posed of the following gratuitously, viz.
the desk and in the pulpit. His daily 51 Bibles; 252 Prayer Books, of which
example should be felt among them, as 78 were given to the poor children in
the most powerful auxiliary to his in- the Sunday schools in Charleston; 24
structions. His pastoral visits should of British Prayer Book, sent out by
afford to the sick and afilicted the means the Prayer Book and Homily Socie
of spiritual consolation; to the inquir- ty" for English seamen ; 7 of Dehon
ing, the opportunity of religious advice; on Confirmation; 91 of an Address to
to the old, the advantages of pious con- Christians, recommending the distribu-
versation; to the young, the living and tion of religious tracts; 211 of Dean.
impressive testimony of practical good- Stanley on the Faith and Practice of
ness. But such services cannot be rep a Churchman; 73 of Bishop Andrews'
dered, if the missionary do not reside Devotions; 205 of Hints on Public
in the midst of his flock. To know his Worship, or the Churchman instructed
people, he must live among them. To in the use of the Book of Common
know their wants and desires, he must Prayer; 205 on the Duty of Morning
be intimate with their characters and and Evening Devotion; 69 of a serious
situations in life. To be useful, to be Exhortation to a decent and devout
beloved, and honoured, to be rewarded Behaviour in Church; 264 of a familiar
with the blessing of many a soul ready Rxposition of the Catechism recom-
to perish; in a word, to be a labourer mended by ihe bishop and clergy of
worthy of his hire, he must be one of this diocess, of which 72 were given to
his people, having the same home and the poor chilchten in the Sunday schools
neighbourhood, and experiencing some in this city; 93 of some Remarks on a
thing of the spirit, if not all the force of Review of Spark's Letters ; 187 of
local feelings, habits, and attachments. Archbishop Secker on the Duties of the

The mission at Cheraw has been al- Sick; 99 of Archbishop Synge's An-
ready re-established under the charge swer to all the Excuses and Pretences
of the Rev. Mr. Wright, a clergyman
of the Episcopal church, at present set-
tled at Wadesborough, in North-Caro. Pinckney, jun. the new Episcopul church of St.

Through the liberality of Col. Thomas lina. An attempt was made to accom Paul, at the village of Pendleton, has been complish the same object, by a similar ar pleted. Divine service was performod in it, for

the first time, on the 10th of December, by the rangement, soon after the Rev. Mr.

Rev. Rodolphus Dickenson, who delivered a Fowler returned, but it was not known suitable discourse on that interestiny occasion.

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