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Guerriere, Gazette account of her loss,

I, lvii
Gunn, Robert, and Alexander M‘Donald,

alias White, trial of, II, 52

letter to the Emperor Alexander, 366.
His address to the Russian people,
368. His answers to Buonaparte's
proposals to negociate, 374, 375. He
addresses his army on the retreat of
the French, 379. He compliments
the Cossacks for their bravery, 387



Hattons, George, and Moses Clark, ap-

prehension of, II, 8
Hector, Alexander, his death, II, 108
Hero, his majesty's ship, loss of, 7
Holbeach Marsh, an affray there, II, 172
Holland, Lord, he brings in a bill to re-

gulate the proceedings in cases of ex
officio informations, 1, 36. He moves
for copies of the correspondence be
tween the British government and its
pretended American agent Henry, 269.
His letter to Marquis Wellesley, II,

Huddersfield, Luddism again appears, II,


Hull, General, surrenders himself and

army, I, 281. His capture, II, 163
Huskisson, Mr, he accounts for the dis-

advantageous terms on which the late

loan was effected, I, 94
Hyne, Mr, he murders his wife and chil.

dren, II, 109
Hydrophobia, an instance of, II, 177

Law intelligence, II, 27
Leeds, outrage at, II, 65. Extraordina-

ry phenomenon there, 124, 125
Leeds mail, robbery of it, II, 171
Leeward Island duties, parliamentary

discussions relating to, I, 23
Liverpool, Earl of, his speech on the ad-

dress to the Prince Regent, I, 3. He
corresponds with Marquis Wellesley
and Mr Canning, on the formation of
a new administration after Mr Perce-
val's death, 153, 154. He intimates
his appointment as first commissioner
of the treasury, 174. He speaks on
the catholic question, 224. He vindi-
cates government in their transactions
with Henry, 270. His speeches on
moving the thanks of the Lords to
Lord Wellington, 293, 307. His cor-
respondence with Mr Canning, &c.

II, 231, 235, 241
Lightning, accident by it, II, 103, 104
Linzee, Captain, is stabbed, II, 108
Loan, terms proposed to the contractors,

II, 101
Lomas, J., his trial for murder, II, 131.

His confession, 140. His conversa-

tion with Morney, 142
Londonderry, extraordinary storm at,

II, 98

Java, capture of, Gazette account, I, ïi
Johnson, Lieutenant, his murderers dis-

covered, II, 190



Keith, Captain, an account of his mur-

der, II, 184.
Kensington and Co. stop payment, II,

Kirwan, Mr, sentence of, II, 20
Korff, Count, repulses Ney near Smo.

lensko, 1, 361
Kutusoff, Prince, appointed commander-

in-chief of the Russian arınies, I, 362.
His address to the Russian army be-
fore the battle of Borodino, 364. His

M‘Mahon, Colonel, he is appointed pay-
master of widow's pensions, I, 77.
Discussions in consequence of his ap-
pointment, 77, 78. His appointment
recalled, ib. He is appointed private
secretary to the Prince Regent, ib.
Mr Wynn brings forward a motion on
this appointment, ib. Mr Wynn's are
guments answered, 32

Orders in council, discussions regarding

them, I, 258–261. Their nature ex-
plained, 264. Declaration of the Bri-
tish government respecting them, 267.
Farther discussions on them, 268. Re-
vocation of the Milan and Berlin de
crees, 271. Farther discussions re-
specting them, 272. Lord Castle-
reagh's speech on them, 277. Decla-
ration on them, II, 221, Revocation
of them, 258.

M'Donald, Esq., Simon, death of, II, 64
M'Donald, Moses, execution of, II, 90
Macedonian, Gazette account of her loss,

I, lxiii
Madrid, British entry into, Gazette ac-

count, I, xiv
Malone, Mr, death of, II, 88
Marrs and Williamsons, murders of, II, 4
Marshal, Mr, commits suicide, II, 26
Marsham, Dr Joshua, his letter giving

an account of the fire at Serampore,

II, 149
Maycock, Benjamin, trial of, II, 50
Melville, Lord, his letters to Mr Can-

ning, II, 241, 245
Militia, Local, numbers enrolled for

Scotland, II, 107
Miloradovitch, General, he defeats the

French near Wiasma, 1, 385, and at
Dorobouche, 889. He defeats Da-

voust, 891
Mitchell, Robert, commits suicide, II,

Moira, Lord, he attempts to form a new

administration, I, 171. His corre-
spondence in attempting to form a
new administration, II, 241, 242, 25),

255, 256, 257
Morney, Edith, her trial for the murder

of her husband, II, 131. Her conver.

sation with Lomas, 142
Monroe, Mr, his correspondence with

Sir J. B. Warren, II, 310.
Munro, Captain Charles, murder of, II,


Parnell, Mr, brings forward a motion to

enquire into the state of the Irish

tithe laws, I, 196
Parliament, the Prince Regent's speech

on opening it, 1, 1. Opening of it, II,
196. Acts passed in it during the
sixth session of the fourth parliament,

II, 275
Parole, violation of, by General Lefebre,

II, 109
Patents, list of, in 1812, II, 341
St Patrick, anniversary of, II, 39
Perceval, Mr, his speech on the address

to the Prince Regent, I, 6. His plan
for the arrangement of his majesty's
household, 9. He repels Mr Whit-
bread's attack on the conduct of go-
vernment, 69, 71. Is assassinated,
144. His character delineated, 149.
His speech on the. Prince Regent's
message recommending an annuity to
Lord Wellington, 296. Assassination

of, II, 67, Funeral, 81
La Persanne, official account of her cap-

ture, I, xviii
Persia, definitive treaty with England,

II, 139
Perth, discovery of old coins at, II, 93.

Accident there, 159. Curious elope-

ment, 164.
Phelan, a seaman, interesting account of

him, II, 120
Pitt, Mr, anniversary of his birth-day, II,
84. Pitt Club, celebration of its anni-
versary, 99. Marble statue of him
erected at Cambridge, 110

National debt, account of its reduction

since 1789, II, 339
National society, meeting of, II, 23
Napier, George, and John Grotto, trial

of, II, 52
Newcastle races, accident there, II, 104.

Accident there, 164
Newton, Lord, some account of, II, 14
Niven, Mr, death of his son, II, 4
Nightly watch at Westminster, bill for,

II, 96
Norwich coach robbed, II, 179
Nottingham, riots at, II, 6, 10, 25. Riot

ers, trials of, 12. The theatre shut
by the magistrates, 104

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Platoff, Count, his exploits on the retreat

of the French, II, 385, 387.
Plymouth, dreadful fire at, II, 91. Foun.

dation of the Breakwater laid, 121
Pomone, French frigate, official account

of her capture, I, xvii
Ponsonby, Mr, he opposes Mr Perceval's

plan for the arrangement of his ma-

jesty's household, I, 10
Post-office, General, investigation of the

robberies committed in it, II, 206
Princesses, a suitable provision for them

recommended in a message by the
Prince Regent to the Commons, I, 24.
Provision opposed by Messrs Creevy,
Whitbread, Tierney, and Ponsonby,

Princess of Wales, discussions in parlia

ment concerning her, I, 25
Prisoners of war, nine of them make

their escape from French prison, II,

mittee to enquire into the state of the
nightly watch of the metropolis, I, 98.
His motion objected to by Sir Samuel
Romilly, 99. Sir Francis Burdett,
&c. 100. And supported by Mr Per-
ceval, 100. He introduces a bill for
the punishment of the frame-breakers,
105. Opposition to the bill, 107, 109.
He opposes Mr S. Wortley's motion,

157 .
Russia, its affairs, I, 332. Grounds of

war with Russia on the part of France,
339. Buonaparte's declaration of war,
and invasion of Poland, 341. Russian
plan of defence, 342. Macdonald de-
feated by Count Wittgenstein, 351.
Peace with England and Turkey, 353.
Military operations before Riga, 355.
Proclamation of peace with England,
356. French defeated at Polotsk, 357.
Smolensko captured by the French,
359 Ney defeated near Smolensko,
361. Prince Kutusoff appointed com-
mander-in-chief, 362. Battle of Bo-
rodino, 363. Destruction of Moscow,
368. Its destruction described, 370.
Kremlin destroyed by Buonaparte,
976. French driven from Moscow,
377. St Cyr defeated near Drissa,
381. The French armies retreat, 382.
Murat and Beauharnois defeated, 383.
They are harassed by the Cossacks,
385. Sufferings of the French descri-
bed, 386, 397. Battle of Krasnoy,
391. Wilna entered by the Russians,
399. Proceedings of the French at
Moscow from the Paris papers, II, 168.
Treaty of peace with Britain, 178, 260


Pryor, Mr, robbery of his house, II, 8
Prussia, treaty of alliance with France,

II, 115

Queensferry, accident there, II, 134


Rathaugau, outrages at, II, 38
Reaping machine, account of the compe-

tition for the premium at Dalkeith, II,


Revenues of Great Britain, II, 323
Richmond, Virginia, fire at, II, 17
Rivoli, a French 74, official account of

her capture, I, xxvi
Rogers, Commodore, his harangue to his

sailors, II, 153. Said to be a Scotch-

man, 162
Roman Catholics, their petition to the

Prince Regent, II, 224
Royal Bank of Scotland, election of the

directors of, II, 35, 51
Rostopschin, Count, his conduct justi-

fied, I, 377
Roxburgh, Duke of, sale of his library,

II, 94
Ryder, Mr, secretary, moves for a com-

Salamanca, battle of, gazette account, I,

xxxviii. Some particulars about it,

II, J 27, 129
Sawyer, Admiral, his proclamation, II,

113, His dispatches, 115 /
Scott, Sir William, his bill for the reform

of certain ecclesiastical courts, is sanc.

tioned by the legislature, I, 31
Scots peers, election of, II, 186
Seviile, capture of, gazette account, 1,

xviii. Account of the allies entering
it, II, 154

Sligo, Marquis of, his trial, II, 201

moves that the tellers salaries shall
Shaftesbury, Earl of, moved the address be confined to a fixed sum, 85. His

in the House of Lords to the Prince arguments answered, 86
Regent's speech, I, 2

Thais, arrival of at Portsmouth, II, 17
Sheffield, riots there, II, 132

Thanksgiving, form of prayer to be used
Sicily, convention for the exchange of for Lord Wellington's victories over

prisoners at, II, 66. Constitution of the French, II, 136
143. Hereditary prince of, appointed Thorley, Mrs, is robbed, II, 180
vicar-general, 290. Articles presented Thrower, Edmund, alias Edward, trial

for the King of Sicily's sanction, 304 of, II, 43
Siddons, Mrs, she retires from the stage, Tierney, Mr, he opposes Mr Perceval's
II, 104

plan for the arrangement of his ma-
Spain and Portugal, state of their affairs, jesty's household, I, 11, Charges Jef-

1, 287. Almeida reduced by the Brie frey, bookseller, for an assault, II, 98
tish, 291. Suchet defeats Blake, and Tole, T., an Irish pedlar, found guilty of
captures Lerida, Tortosa, and Tarra- murder, II, 123
gona, ib. Blake and army surrender Tooke, John Horne, death of, II, 40
as prisoners of war, 292. Ciudad
Rodrigo taken, ib. Prince Regent's
message respecting Portugal, 299.

· Military operations, 305. The British

take Badajoz, 306. Battle of Sala- Upholland, lamentable accident at, II,
manca, 317. Madrid, evacuated by 82
Joseph Buonaparte, 320. General Uxbridge, the Earl of, his death, II, 30
Ballasteros exiled by the cortes, 826.
Address of the regency to the nation,
II, 291. Decree convoking the cortes,

II, 297. Treaty with Russia, 304
Spanish celebration of Lord Wellington's Vansittart, Mr, brings forward his budget,
victories, II, 134

I, 90. His speech at the Pitt Club,
Suicide, instances of, II, 26, 96, 129, 133, II, 101

153, 168, 189, 192, 193
Stevens, a young man named, death of,

II, 4
Stephen, Mr, he defends ministry, I, 74 Wadsworth, General, Gazette account
Stewart, Lieutenant William, wounds of his surrender, I, ix. Account of his

Lieutenant Bagnell in a duel, II, 165 defeat, II, 193
Stewart, Angus, his death, II, 120 Walker, and wife, found dead in bed at
Stocks, price of, in 1812, II, 340

mill of Elrick, II, 205.
Sweden, treaty of peace with England, Walpole, Lord, appointed ambassador at
II, 261

St Petersburg, II, 119:
Ward, Honourable Mr, his reply to Mr

Freemantle's speech on the Prince

Regent's message respecting Portugal,
Tarleton, General, his speech when the I, 304

thanks of the Commons were voted to Walsh, Mr Benjamin, trial of, II, 12
Lord Wellington, I, 295

Walshe, J. M. trial of, II, 33
Tariffa, defence of, Gazette account, I, Warren, Sir J. B. his correspondence

with Mr Munroe, II, 309
Tchichagoff, Admiral, his attack on Ro. Warring, J. his pedestrian feats, II, 147
brine, 1, 354. He pursues Renier and Wasp, Gazette account of her capture,
Schwartzenberg, 382

I, ix
Tellership of the Exchequer, nature of Watson, apprehended issuing base coin,

the office explained, 1, 84. Mr Creevy II, 198


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Wellesley, Mr, marriage of, II, 37

ceval's defence of government, 70, 72,
Wellesley, Marquis, his correspondence 73. His speech on the bill brought

with Lord Liverpool on the formation forward by Lord Castlereagh for the
of a new ministry, I, 154. Statement of preservation of the public peace in the
the causes of his resignation, 168. His disturbed counties, 114. His speech on
communications with Lords Grey and moving for copies of the correspondence
Grenville, 169. Discussions on his betwixt the British and American go-
conduct, 174. His speech on the Ca. vernments, 254
tholic claims, 217. Minutes of con. Whiting, Michael, extraordinary trial of,
versation between him and Lord Li. II, 3
verpool, II, 231 ; and his correspond Whitehaven, steam-engine boiler burst
ence with him, 232, 235, 242. Letter there, II, 102
to Earl Grey, 244; to Moira, 252; to Wilberforce, Mr, his speech on the bill
Grey, 253, 254.

brought forward by Lord Castlereagh
Wellington, Lord, his character as a ge for the preservation of the public peace

neral, I, 289. He reduces Almeida, in the disturbed counties, i, 112.
291, and Ciudad Rodrigo, 292. Res Williams, the murderer, interment of,
ceives the thanks of parliament, 293.
The Prince Regent recommends the Willis, Mr, he was attempted to be mur.
grant of an annuity to him, 296. He dered, II, 122
takes Badajoz, 306. Receives the Wittgenstein, General, defeats Oudinot
thanks of parliament, 307. Defeats and St Cyr at Polotsk, I, 357, and
Marmont at Salamanca, 317. His re near Drissa, 381, Defeats Victor, 39%,
ception at Madrid, 320. Retires from 394
before Burgos, 327. Made a Marquis Witty, Robert, struck by lightning, II,
and Knight of the Bath, 128

Wexford, accident there, II. 170

Woolwich, fire at, II, 198
Wharton, Mr, he proposes that a grant Wortley, Mr Stuart, his motion for an

be made to meet the expenses of the address to the Prince Regent to form
barrack department for the current a strong and efficient administration,
year, I, 69

I, 155, 177
Whitbread, Mr, his speech on the ad-

dress to the Prince Regent, I, 6. He
opposes Mr Perceval's plan for the ar-

rangement of his majesty's household,
13. He attacks the conduct of go- Yarmouth, Lord, his explanation with
vernment, 69. His reply to Mr Per- respect to the royal household, I, 178


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