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The ruinous Tendency of Auctioneering, and the Necessity of Restraining it for the Benefit of Trade. 28 6d

Plan for the better Protection of British Commerce. By I. Crump. 2s General Thoughts, contained in a Letter on the Subject of a Renewal of the East India Company's Charter. 28 6d

Hints for an Answer to the Letter of the Chairman and Deputy-Chairman of the East India Company to the Right Hon. R. Dundas. 2s 6d

Letter from the Marquis Wellesley to the Court of Directors of the East India Company, on the Trade of India, dated September 30th, 1800. ls 6d

Depreciation caused by Conflicting Coins; or a Letter to the Earl of Lauderdale. By J. Rutherford. 2s 6d 'A Key to the Orders in Couneil. ls

The Right of every British Merchant to trade within the Geographical Limite de. fined by the Charter of the East India Company vindicated. By Thomas Lee. 2s 6d

An Epitome of Foreign Exchanges; exhibiting the Nature of Exchange with all Parts of the World, and the Manner of Calculation. 28

Hints and Observations respecting the Negociation for a Renewal of the East India Company's exclusive Privileges. Extracted from the Papers printed by Order of the Court of Directors. 1s

Considerations on the Policy of Renewing the Exclusive Privileges of the East India Company. 28

The Speech of Henry Brougham, Esq. M. P. in the House of Commons, on the present State of Commerce and Manufactures. From a Report taken in Short-hand. 25 6d


Right and Wrong, a Comedy in five Acts, as performed at the Theatre Royal Lyceum. 2s 6d

Count Julian ; a Tragedy. 8vo. 5s boards
Turn Out; a musical Farce, in two Acts. By Mr Kenney. 28

Sons of Erin, or Modern Sentiment; a Comedy in Five Acts, as performed at the Lyceum Theatre. By Mrs Lefanu. 2s 6d

The Castle of Sorrento; a Comic Opera in Two Acts, as performed at the Ly. ceum Theatre. 28

How to die for Love; a Farce in Two Acts, as performed at the Lyceum Theatre. 23

The Works of Beaumont and Fletcher, with an Introduction and explanatory Notes. By H. Weber Esq. 14 vol. 8vo. 81 8s

The Mantuan Rivals; a Comedy in Five Acts. And Henry the Seventh; an historical Tragedy in Five Acts. By J. Chenevix. 8vo. 88

Tragedies of Maddalen, Agamemnon, Lady Macbeth, Antonia, and Clytemnestra. By John Galt, Esq. Royal 8vo. 145 ; 4to. 21s

Timour the Tartar ; a Melo-Drama in Two Acts, as performed at Covent-Gar. den Theatre. By M. G. Lewis. 28

House of Morville; a Drama in Five Acts, as performed at the Lyceum Theatre. By I. Lake. 38

Aphorisms from Shakespeare, arranged according to his Plays, &c. with a Preface and Notes, numerical References to each Subject, and a copious Index. By Capel Lofft, Esq. 18mo. 78 boards.

Touch at the Times ; a Comedy in Five Acts, as performed at Covent Garden. By W. Jameson. 2s 6d

Trick for Trick, or the Admiral's Daughter; a Farce in Two Acts. 28



donian British frigate taken, 283. De.

scription of an American frigate, 284
Alexander Emperor of Russia, retires British declaration of war, II, 166.

from Wilna, I, 343. He orders the President's message to congress, 298
division of his army to re-unite at 313. Act declaring war with Britain
Drissa, 344. His proclamations, 347. 303. New York convention, 307. The
Is to adhere to Lord Wellington's Chesapeake declared in a state o
plan of defence, II, 110

blockade, 206. Embargo and deten-
Allen, J., commits suicide, II, 189

tion of American ships, 263.
Alban, cutter, is lost on the coast of Association for the extirpation of heresy,
Holland, II, 204

account of it, I, 185.
Algerine outrage, II, 108
Agricultural reports, II, 16, 28, 85, 106,
117, 137, 158, 174, 195, 208

D'Antraigues, Count and Countess, mur-
dered, ii, 114

Badajoz, siege of, Gazette account, I, xx,
L'Ariadne and other French frigates, of-

ficial account of an action with them, Bagnell, Lieutenant John, wounded in a
I, xxviii

duel, II, 165
America, affairs of, I, 243. Mr White Banks, Mr, he introduces a bill for abo-

bread moves for copies of the corre lishing sinecure places, I. 86. His bill
spondence betwixt the British and opposed, 88
American governments, 254. Discus Bank notes, account of the amount is.
sions on the Orders in Council, 258. sued, and of the silver tokens issued,
Declaration of the British government , II, 206
respecting them, 267. Farther discus- Barbadoes, singular phenomenon there,
sions on them, 268. The President's II, 98
message to congress on the corre- Barclay, Captain, backs himself against
spondence of Henry, a pretended agent time, II, 112
of the British government, 269. Ame- Bassano's letter to Lord Castlereagh
rican declaration of war, 277. An af proposing peace, II, 294
fray at Baltimore, 281. General Hull Baltimore riot, II, 145
surrenders himself and army, 281. The Beauharnois, his letter to the Prince of
Guerriere British frigate taken, 281. Neufchatel, I, 387, 388
General Wadsworth and army defeat. Bees, an instance of their fecundity, I,
ed and taken prisoners, 282. Mace- '120


Belfast mail-coach attacked by robbers, 359. Engages Kutusoff at Borodino ;
II, 112

his address to his army, 364. Enters
Bennet, Mr, he moves for official returns Moscow, 369. Murders 100 Russians,
to show the frequency of flogging in

370. Attempts to establish order in
the army, I, 41

the city, 371. Attempts to negociate,
Bernadotte, correspondence between him 373. "Destroys the Kremlin, 376.

and Buonaparte, II, 103. His income Driven from Moscow, 377. Retreats,
augmented, 122. His speech to the 382. Deserts his army, 389. Exposé
king of Sweden on his resuming the of his views, II, 110. His proclama-
government, 286

tion to his soldiers, iii. His treaty of
Bellingham, John, he assassinates Mr alliance with Austria, 293. His revo-

Perceval, I, 144. His trial, 147. Exe cation of the Berlin and Milan de-
ecution, II, 76

crees 297. Summary of his Russian
Bohljat, an Armenian merchant, attempt campaign, 209.
to murder him, II, 162

Burdett, Sir Francis, his interruption to
Borringdon, Lord, his motion for an ad the ordinary proceedings of the Com-

dress to the Prince Regent on the mons, I, 3. His motion relating to
proposed formation of a new ministry, the flogging of soldiers, 41
I, 130

Bushby, Dr, speech on his intended ad-
Borthwick Castle, sale of, II, 95

dress on opening Drury-Lane theatre,
Bowden, William, commitment of, to II, 160. His address, 161.

Bodmin gaol, II, 83
Bowler, Thomas, his final examination at

Bow-street office, II, 103. Executed,

Brand, Mr, his motion for a parliamento Cadiz, the French raise the siege of it,
ary reform, I, 44

II, 147
Bread, price of it in London, 1812, II, Cain, Alexander, alias O'Kane, trial of,

at Edinburgh, II, 9
Brighton, appearance of a singular fish Campbell, Dugald, police officer, death
there, II, 188

of, II, 2
Britain, comparative statement of the Canning, Mr, his speech on the bill
population of, II, 10

brought forward by Lord Castlereagh,
Brock, General, defeats General Wads for the preservation of the public peace

worth, I, 282. His proclamation to in the disturbed counties, I, 113. His
the army in Upper Canada, Ivi

correspondence with Lord Liverpool
Brougham, Mr, his motion relative to on the formation of a new ministry,

the droits of Admiralty, I, 20. His 154. He speaks on the catholic
motion opposed, 22. Brings forward claims, 199. His speech on the Prince
a motion for a committee to enquire Regent's message, recommending an
into the state of the commerce and annuity to Lord Wellington, 297. Mi-
manufactures of the country, 258. nutes of conversation between him and

Speaks on the orders in council, 272 Lord Liverpool, II, 222. And corre-
Brown, William, murders a child, II, 119 spondence with Lord Liverpool, 234.
Brown, Mrs, damages given to her, II, 6 Statement to Lord Melville, 252.
Bruce, Mr, and housekeeper murdered, Paper signed by him and Lord Welles-
II, 170. Murderer secured, 173

ley, 246
Bruce, J. his trial for murdering J. Dean, Carders, object of the association, I, 183
II, 204

Castlereagh, Lord, he brings in a bill to
Buccleuch, Duke, death of, II, 8

preserve the public peace in the dis-
Buonaparte, Napoleon, he invades Rus turbed counties, I, 110. His speeches

sian Poland ; his address to his sol. on Mr S. Wortley's motions, 164,
diers, 1, 341. Enters Wilna, 343. His 179. His speech on rescinding the
boastings, 345. Captures Smolensko, Orders in Council, 273. His speech


on the Prince Regent's message re- .Currency, state of, discussions concern-
specting Portugal, 299. His answer ing it, 1, 32

to Bassano's letter, II, 296
Cathcart, Lord, his dispatch containing

the particulars of the entry of the Rus.
sians into Moscow, II, 183

Danish squadron captured or destroyed,
Catholic emancipation, debates on, I, Gazette account of, I, xxxvi

189. Motions relating to it, 193 Darmstadt, a girl poisons her brother
Catholic Board, its proceedings, I, 194 there, I, 172
Chandeliers, description of a superb set, Dartmoor prison, insurrection at it, II.
II, 200

Chaplin, Elizabeth, murdered by her hus. Davy, Sir H. his letter to the president
band, 11, 187

of the Royal Society, II, 181
Chipstow, accident there, II, 152

Dawson, D., is tried for poisoning race-
Charlotte, Princess of Wales, birth-day horses, II, 33, 112. His execution,
of, II, 7

Civil List, Mr Eden's motion for a select Detroit, Fort, N. America, gazette ac-

committee to enquire into the charges count of its surrender, I, ii
on it, I, 24

Dodd, - , murders his wife, II, 145
Cochrane, Lord, his views as to the mode La Dorade, French store-ship, her de.

in which the war ought to be conduct struction, II, 108
ed, I, 5

Disturbed counties, report of the com-
Commerce, comparative view of the m ittee appointed to enquire into their

trade of Scotland for the half year, state, II, 264
ending July 1812, with that ending Droits of Admiralty, parliamentary dis-
July 1811, II, 198

cussions relating to them, I, 19
Convention Act, proceedings in Ireland Drury Lane theatre opened, II, 160
under it, II, 191

Dublin, an occurrence there, II, 183
Conway, accident near it, II, 148 Dunbar, shocking instance of barbarity
Cooke, Mr, the player, account of his near, II, 30
death, II, 171


Esq. prosecutes Lord
Corbet, Mr, wonderful sagacity of a dog Semple for crim. con. II, 199

in finding him, II, 151
Corn Exchange, arrivals at, II, 13
Corn, average price of it in England and

Wales, 1812, II, 338
Corn Laws, review of the arguments on East India Company, proceedings of the
them, II, 343

directors, II, 4, 92
Crawfurd, John Lindsay, trial of, II, 24 East Indies, an attempt made to break
Crawfurd, Major-General Robert, fune- out of Beckergunge jail, II, 176. Rob-
ral of, II, 28

bery in India, 177
Covent Garden, accident there, II, 120 Eden, Mr, his motion for a select com-
Creevy, Mr, his motion relative to the mittee to enquire into the charges on

Leeward Island duties, I, 23. His the civil list, I, 24
motion respecting the tellers of the Edinburgh, riots at, II, 1. Robberies at,
exchequer's salaries, 85. Objections 17. Rioters' trials, 81, 44. Riots in
to it, 86

it, 130
Crofton, Lieutenant Hamilton, trial and Edinburgh Royal Society, election of
acquittal of, II, 9

their office-bearers, II, 191
Cruelty, instance of, II, 132

Edwards, Sophia, and Mary Nest, drown
Ciudad Rodrigo, siege of, gazette ac- themselves, II, 193

count, I, xii. Invested by Lord Wel- Eliot, Mr, he speaks against Mr Brand's
lington, II, 13

motion for parliamentary reform, 1, 47
Emery, Mr, struck by lightning, II, 104 George, Prince Regent, his message to
Engelbart, Colonel, murdered by the the Commons recommending a suit.
French, I, 390

able provision for the princesses, I,
Essen, General, he attacks the Prussians 24. His letter to the Duke of York,
near Riga, I, 355, 380

in which he expresses his desire that
Exeter, extraordinary circumstance at, Lords Grey and Grenville should unite
II, 20

in strengthening the existing admini.
Examiner, trial of the proprietors for stration, 127. His message recom-
libels, II, 198

mending an annuity to Lord Welling-
Exports from Great Britain, II, 335 ton, 296. His message respecting

Portugal, 299. Address of the corpo-
ration of London to, II, 80. Celebra-

tion of his birth-day, 123. He dis-
Falkingham, interesting occurrence there, solves parliament, and calls another,
II, 148

156. His speech on opening parlia-
Fashions, II, 16, 29, 50, 63, 107, 116, ment, 215. His letter to the Duke of
136, 157, 173, 194, 208

York, 218. His speech on proroguing
Fitzwilliam, Earl, his motion for a com parliament, 262. On opening parlia-
mittee to enquire into the state of ment, 271. His message on a grant
Ireland, I, 190

to Russia, 274,
Finances, comparative statement of, II, 7 St George and Defence, loss of, 11, 12, 19
Frame-breakers, their proceedings, I, Gibson, James, committed to prison for

101. Bill introduced by Mr Ryder murder, II, 97
for their punishment, 105, 108. Lord . Galdingham, Mrs Louisa, commits sui-
Castlereagh brings forward a bill for cide, II, 133
their suppression, 110.

Gore, Captain, the Honourabie John,
Freemantle, Mr, his speech on the Prince death of, II, 84

Regent's message respecting Portugal, Gordon, Duchess of, her death, II, 56.
I, 302

Her interment, 79
French eagles deposited in Whitehall Grahame, John, death of, HI, 96
Chapel, ceremony of, II, 156

Grahame, Reverend James, Memoir of,
Frolic, Gazette account of her capture II, 384
by the Wasp, I, ix

Grey, Lord, his speech on the address to
Faulkner, Mr, commits suicide, II, 123 the Prince Regent, I, 2. His answer
Folkestone, Lord, he proposes that a to the Prince Regent's invitation to

committee be appointed to enquire strengthen the Perceval administra-
into the proceedings of the English tion, 127. Opinion of many opposi-
ecclesiastical courts in the case of tion members on the answer, 129.
Mary Ann Dix, I, 30. He moves in Exposition of his political creed, 136.
the Commons for a return of all the Grey and Grenville, Lords, their letter
foreigners serving in the British army, to the Duke of York, II, 220. Me-

morandum from their minute, 244.
Folkestone, remarkable circumstance oc Letters to Lord Wellesley, 246, 248,
curred there, II, 133

250, To Moira, 258. To Wellesley,

254. To Moira, 255, 257
Grenville, Lord, his speech on the ad-

dress to the Prince Regent, I, 2. His
Gamage, Lieutenant, his trial for mur answer to the Prince Regent's invita-

der, II, 179. His execution, 191 tion to strengthen the Perceval admi-
George III, King, the state of his health nistration, I, 127. Opinion of many

engages the attention of parliament, I, opposition members on the answer,
8. Reports on the state of his health, 129. His speech on catholic emanci.
II, ?, 105, 119,145, 163, 198, 217, 218 pation, 189

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