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C. Hunter, Lord-Mayor of London, Fre. · Cheshire, Edmund Yates, of Ince, Esq.
derick J. Falkiner, Benjamin Hobhouse, Cumherland, Thos. Hartley, of Linth.
Stewart Bruce, John Owen, Jahleel waite, Esq..
Brenton, Post-Captain, R. N. Esqrs. Derbyshire, Richard Bateman, of Pos.
Rev. H. Bate Dudley, LL.D. Gilbert ton, Esq.
Blane, M. D. Physician in Ordinary to Devonshire, James Hay, of Collypriest,
the Regent, John Lister Kaye, Esq. Sir Esq.
C. Ormsbie, Knt. Eneas Mackintosh, Dorsetshire, Thomas Hurlock Bas-
G. W. Leeds, Esqrs. W. Knighton, M.D. tard, of Charlton Marshall, Esq.
Physician in Ordinary to the Regent, G. Essex, Sir Robert Wigram, of Wal-
Jackson, Everard Home, Serjeant-Sur. thamstow, Bart.
geon to his Majesty, Edward Kennedy. Gloucestershire, Sir William Hicks, of
Richard Nagle, James Caleb Anderson, Witcomb l'ark, Bart.
James Galbraith, Esqrs. Sir Richard Herefordshire, Thomas Jay, of Dern.
Fletcher, Knt. Lieutenant-Colonel and dale, Esq.
Chief Engineer with the army in Spain Hertfordshire, John Currie, of Essen.
and Portugal.

den, Esq.
Pinckstan James, M. D. one of the Kent, John Wells, of Bickley, Esq.
Physicians extraordinary to the Prince Leicestershire, Richard Cheslyn, of

Langley, Esq. Řev. J. Davie, D.D. Vice-Chancellor Lincolnshire, George Lister, of Grisby, of Cambridge.

Esq. DECEMBER.—Major-Gen. Roger Hale Monmouthshire, Charles Lewis, of St Sheaffe, a Baronet.

Pierre, Esq. Sir J. Shaw, a Baronet.

Norfolk, John Turner Hales, of HarEarl Moira, Governor-General of Ine dingham, Esq. dia.

Northampionshire, Peter Denys, of · Lieutenant-General Sir George Nu- Easton Neston, Esq. gent, Commander in Chief of the East Northumberland, Ralph Bates, of Mil. India Company's forces on the Bengal bourne Hall, Esq. establishment.

Nottinghamshire, Hugh Blaydes, of Lieutenant-General Hon. J. Aber. Ranby Hall, Esq. cromby, Governor and Commander in Oxfordshire, Francis Sackville Lloyd Chief at Fort St George.

Wheate, of Glympton Park, Esq Lieutenant Colonel Mark Wilks, Go. Rutlandshire, Gerard Noel Noel, of vernor of St Helena.

Exton, Esq. C. D. Smith, Esq. Governor of Prince Shropshire, Richard Lister, of RowEdward's Island.

ton, Esq.

Somersetshire, William Vaughan, of

Monkton Combe, Esq. Sheriffs appointed by his Royal Highness Staffordshire, Thonias Mottershaw, of

the Prince Regent in Council, in the Silkmore House, Esq. Name and on the Behalf of his Majes Southampton, Thomas Thistlethwaite, ty, for the Year 1812.

of Southwich, Esq.

Suffolk, Rich Moore, of Melford, Esq. Bedfordshire, John Cooper, of Tod Surrey, Thomas Starling Benson, of dington, Esq.

Champion Lodge, Esq. Berkshire, George Elwes, of Mare. Sussex, George Francis Tyson, of Sinham, Esq.

gleton, Esq. Buckinghamshire, Sir William Clay Warwickshire, Samuel Peach, of Idliton, of Harleyford, Bart

cote, Esq. Cambridge and Huntingdon, John Wiltshire, Sir William Pierce Ashe Carstairs, of Woodhurst, Esq.

A'Court, of Heytesbury, Bart.

Worcestershire, John Baker, of Wa Radnor, Thomas Grove, the younger, resley, Esq.

of Cwm Ellan, Esq.
Yorkshire, Sir Thomas Slingsby, of
Scriven Park, Bart.


Merioneth, William Wynne, of Peni

arth, Esq. Carmarthen, John George Phillips, of Carnarvon, the Hon. Peter Robert Cwingwilly, Esq.

Drummond Burrell, of Gwydir. Pembroke, Henry Scourfield, of Ro- Anglesey, Hugh Bulkeley Owen, of beston Hall, Esq.

Coedana, Esq. Cardigan, Griffith Jones, of Cardigan, Montgomery, George Meares, of FynEsq.

nant, Esq. Glamorgan, Morgan Popkin Traherne, Denbigh, William Edwards, of Hendre of Goytrahene, Esq.

House, Esq. Brecon, Charles Fox Crespigny, of Flint, Hugh Humphreys, of Parypille Tallyn, Esq.



FOR 1811.


General View of the Agriculture of Dumbartonshire. Drawn up for the Board of Agriculture, by the Rev. Andrew Whyte, and Duncan Macfarlane, D. D. 8vo. 9s

An Account of the Systems of Husbandry adopted in the more improved Districts of Scotland; with some Observations on the Improvements of which they are susceptible; with Plates. By the Right Honourable Sir John Sinclair, Bart. 8vo. 185. Memoirs of the Caledonian Horticultural Society. No. I. 38

The Planter's Kalendar, or the Nurseryman's and Forester's Guide, in the Operations of the Nursery, the Forest, and the Grove. By the late Walter Nicol. 8vo. boards. 16s 6d

General View of the Agriculture of West Lothian. Drawn up for the Board of Agriculture, by J. Trotter. 8vo. 98

A General View of the System of Enclosing Waste Lands. By W. Beasley. 28

General View of the Agriculture, State of Property, and Improvements in the County of Dumfries, drawn up under the direction of the Board of Agriculture. By Dr Singer. With Plates. 8vo. 188

Farmer's Magazine ; a Periodical Work, exclusively devoted to Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Nos. 49, 50, 51, and 52. Price 3s

Hortus Siccus Graminæus ; or, a Collection of Dried Specimens of British Grasses, with Botanical Illustrations. By William Salisbury. Folio. 31 3s

A practical Treatise on the Parturition of the Cow, and on the Diseases of Neat Cattle in general. By J. Skellet. Royal 8vo. 213 · Observations on the Influence of Soil and Climate upon Wool; from which is deduced a certain and easy Method of improving the Quality of English Clothing Wool, and preserving the Health of Sheep. 8vo. 7

An Essay on the Utility of Soap-Ashes as a Manure. ls

Further Observations on the present State of Agriculture in the Southern Parts. of Ireland, &c. By R. Trimmer. 48

A General View of the Agriculture of Caithness. By J. Henderson. 8vo.


Relics of Antiquity; or, Remains of Ancient Structures : with other Vestiges of early Times in Great Britain, accompanied with descriptive Sketches. 4to. il 10s; or imp. 4to, with Proof Impressions, on India Paper, 4]

Essay on a Punic Inscription. By the Right Honourable Sir William Drummond. Royal 4to. Il lls d

Á Collation of an Indian Copy of the Hebrew Pentateuch, collected by the Rev. C. Buchanan, D.D. By Mr Yeates. 4to. 98 6d

The Customs of London, otherwise called Arnold's Chronicle. 4to. 11 168

Plan and Views of the Abbey Royal of St Denys, the ancient Mausoleum of the Kings of France ; with an Historical Account. On six Plates. Imperial 4to, 16s Bewed. The plates engraved by B. Howlet, from drawings by Major G. Anderson..


Hortus Kewensis; or a Catalogue of the Plants cultivated in the Royal Botanic Garden at Kew. By the late W. Alton, Enlarged by W. J. Alton. Vol. III. 8vo. 12s

Syllabus of a Course of Lectures on Pharmaceutic Chemistry, delivered by J. A. Paris, M. B. F. L. S. 98 6d

Mechanical Exercises, or the Elements and Practice of Carpentry, Joinery, &c. By P. Nicholson. 8vo. 188

The Polish Game of Draughts ; illustrated by a Variety of curious Situations, By J. G. Pohlman, Esq. 2s

'Outlines of Natural Philosophy; being Heads of Lectures delivered in the University of Edinburgh by John Playfair, Professor of Natural Philosophy, &c. Vol. I. 9s


The Lives of John Selden, Esq. and Archbishop Usher ; with Notices of the principal English Men of Letters with whom they were connected. By J. Aikin, M. D. los 6d

An Appendix to Mr Trotter's Life of Mr Fox.

Memoirs of Joan D'Arc, or Du Leys, called the Maid of Orleans. By G. Ann Graves. 80. 78

The Life of the Rev. J. Hough, D. D. By J. Wilmot, Esq. F. R. S. 4to. 31s Gd; fine paper, 21 2s

Memoirs of the Life of Prince Potemkin, Field-Marshal and Commander in Chief of the Russian Army. Comprehending Original Anecdotes of Catherine the Second and of the Russian Court. Translated from the German. 8vo. 88

A Breefe Memoriall of the Lyfe and Death of Dr James Spottiswood, Bishop of Clogher in Ireland, and of the Labyrinth of Tronbles he fell into in that Kingdom, and the Manner of the Unhappie Accident which brought such troubles upon him. From a Manuscript in the Auchinleck Library. Imp. 4to, 10s 6d sewed

The Life of U. Zwingle, the Swiss Reformer. Translated by John Aikin, M.D. 8vo. 105 60

The Life of R. Cumberland, Esq. embracing a critical Examination of his various Writings. By W. Mudford. 8vo. 168

Funeral Orations in praise of Military Men, translated from the Greek of Thucydides, Plato, and Lysias ; with explanatory notes, and some account of the authors. By the Rev. Thomas Broadhurst. 8vo. 155

An Analysis of the Genealogical History of the Family of Howard, with its Con. nexions. 4s 6d

Memoirs of the late Hon. and Rev. W. B. Cadogan, M.A.; J. Bacon, Esq. R.A.; and the Rev. J. Newton. By the Rev. R. Cecil. Edited by J Pratt. 8vo. 155

The Life, Character, and Remains, of the Rev. R. Cecil, M.A. By J. Pratt. 8vo. 13s

Memoirs of Ferdinand Baron Geramb, including the Baron's Address to the People of England, intended to have been published by himself. 23

An Account of the Life and Writings of Lord Chancelior Somers, including Rea marks on the Public Affairs in which he was engaged, and the Bill of Rights, with a Comment. By Henry Maddock, Esq. of Lincolns Inn, Barrister-at-Law. 11 11s 6d

Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century; comprising Biographical Memoirs of William Boyer, Printer, F. S. A. and many of his learned Friends; an Incidental View of the Progress and Advancement of Literature in this Kingdom during the last Century; and Biographical Anecdotes of a considerable Number of eminent Writers and ingenious Artists. By John Nicholls, F. S. A. In Six large volumes 8vo. illustrated with Fifteen Portraits. 61 6s boards.

An Historical Sketch of the last Years of the Reign of Gustavus Adolphus the Fourth, late King of Sweden. 8vo. 10s 6d

The Life and Administration of the Right Hon. Spencer Perceval. By Charles Verulam Williams. 6s boards.

Account of the Life and Writings of J. B. Bossuet, Bishop of Meaux. By S. Butler. Crown 8vo. is

Memoirs of the Public Life of John Horne Tooke, Esq. By W. H. Reid. 12mo. 5s

Memoirs of Miss French, who died December 1, 1811. ls

Select Remains of the late E. White, of Chester ; with Memoirs of his Life. By F: le cher, A. M. 8s

Memoirs of the late Rev. T. Lindsey, M. A.; including a Brief Analysis of his Works.' By the Rev. W. Belsham. 8vo. 148

Life and Administration of Cardinal Wolsey. By I. Galt. 4to. 21 2s; or royal 4to, 31 3s

Memoirs of the Margravine of Bareith, Sister of Frederic the Great. Written by herself. 2 vol. 8vo. 11 ls


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An Essay on the good Effects which may be derived from the British West Indies. By S. Gainsford, Esq. 8vo. 78 Considerations on the present State of Bank Notes, &c. &c. By Mercator. 28.

The Imperial Decree for regulating the Commerce, with Tariff, and Regulations of Duties on Russian Imports and Exports, for 1811. ls 6d

Commercial and Political Observations on the state of the Cotton Markets; showing its various Fluctuations in Price, froin the treaty of Amiens, in the Year 1801, to the present Time. By C. G. Macwade. 45

The present ruinous Situation of the West India Islands, submitted to the People of the British Empire; with a few. Remarks upon the Imposition and Oppression under which the Merchants and Planters of those Islands have long suffered. Is 6d

History of the European Commerce with India. By D. Macpherson. 4to. 365

Report on the Negotiation between the Hon. East India Company and the Pube lic, respecting the Renewal of the Company's exclusive Privileges of Trade for Twenty Years, from March 1794. By I. Bruce, M.P. 4to. 15$

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