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CHRISTENINGS and BURIALS from December 10, 1811, to December 15, 1812.
Christened 3
Males 10988) In all,

Males 9396 In all, / Increased in ned Females 10016) 20,404 a Females 889918,205 Burials 1252.


Died under 2 years 5636 | 20 and 30- 1 226 60 and 70-1425) 100-0 | 1040
Between 2 and 5 1907 30 and 40 1685 | 70 and 80 1193 | 101-0 | 105-0

5 and 10 655 40 and 50-1841 80 and 90- 492 | 102-1 | 110-0
10 and 20 620 | 50 and 60 1543 90 and 100 71 | 108-0 | 115-0

DISEASES. Diabetes - .. (Miscarriage .. 11 CASUALTIES. Abortive, Sull born 665|Dropsy... 724 Mortification - - 197 Bit by a mad Dog 1 Abscess . . . . 45 Evil . . • 5 Palpitation of the Broken Heart . 1 Aged .. .. 1550 Fevers of all kinds 783 Heart . . . 3 Broken Limbs - 2 Ague

2Fistula . . . . 8 Palsy . . . . 152 Burnt . . . . 42 Apoplexy and sudden-Flux - - - - 6 Pleurisy ... 11 Drowned - ... 123

ly : . . -242 French Por - - 24 Piles - - . 1 Excessive drinking 9 Asthma ... 639Gout - - - - 34 Quinsy - ... . 8Executedt · · · 6 Bedridden . Gravel, Stone, and Rheumatism - 10 Found Dead .. 13 Bile - - - - - 81 Strangury. - TS Scurvy . . - - Fractured - - - 4 Bleeding ... 27 Grief... 45pleen - ... Frighted . .. 5 Bursten & Rupture 17 Headmoldshot, Horse-Small Pox - - 1287 Killed by falls and Cancer . . . . 69 sboe-head & Water Sore Throat - - 6 several other AcCanker . . .. 1 in the Head. 306 Sores and Ulcers 9 cidents - . - 74 Childbed • . - 152 Imposthume .. 2 Spasm - - - • 24 Killed themselves 28 Colds . . . . 10 Influenza - .. 2 Si Anthony's fire Murdered - - 11 Colick, Gripes, &c. 17 Jaundice ... 28 Stoppage in the Sto. Poisoned ... 4 Consumption 4942Jaw Locked - - 4 mach ... 20 Scalded .. . I Convulsions - - 3530 Inflammation - - 630 St Vitus's Dance Smothered . . . Cough, and Hooping Leprosy ... Teeth - - - - 324 Starved ..

Cough ... 508 Livergrown . . 35 Thrush - - - - 38 Suffocated - - Cow Pox • . . 2 Lunatic ... 264 Water in the Chest 19 Crump'... Measles . . . 427 Worms - - - 3

Total 836 Croup • - - - 103

+ There have been executed in the city of London and county of Surrey 20; of which number 6 only have been reported to be buried within the bills of mortality.


IN 1812.

JAN.-Hon. Philip Woodhouse and nagement of his Majesty's property duCaptain Jarcom, Commissioners of the ring his indisposition. Navy.

Adam Gillies, Esq, one of the Lords FEB.-Major-Gen. Charles Wale, Go Justiciary in Scotland. vernor and Commander in Chief in Mar Vice-Chamberlain, Earl of Yarmouth. tinique.

Lords of his Majesty's Bed-Chamber, Major-Gen. the Hon. Robert Meade, Marquis of Headford, Viscount MelLieutenant-Governor of the Cape of bourn, Lord Heathfield, Lord James Good Hope; Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Murray, and Viscount Petersham. Napier, Lieutenant-Governor of the Vir. First Groom and Master of the Robes, gin Islands; Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Nassau Thomas, Esq. Davie, Lieutenant-Governor of Van Die Grooms of the Bed-Chamber, General men's Land.

Charles Leigh, General E. Stephens, GeViscount Wellington, Earl of Welling. neral T. Slaughter Stanwix, Honourable ton, in the county of Somerset; Lieu. H. Stanhope, Lieutenant-General Sir J. tenant-General Thomas Graham, Lieu. Craddock, Lieutenant-General William tenant-General Rowland Hill, Major. Keppel, and Colonel Wilson Bradyll. General Sir Samuel Auchmuty, Knights Clerk, Marshal, and Chief Equerry, of the Bath.

Colonel Benjamin Bloomfield. Lord Castlereagh, Chief Secretary of, Equerries, Major-General Hammond, State for Foreign Affairs.

Lieutenant-Colonel W. Congreve, MaHon. J Abercromby, Commander-in. jor-General Bayley, Hon. F. Howard, and Chief and Second in Council at Madras. Colonel Vivian.

Robert Hesketh, Esq. Consul at the Right Hon. H, Wellesley, (Ambassa. Port of Maranhao, and in the adjoining dor Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in provinces of Para and Seara.

Spain,) Knight of the Bath." • Earl of Ancram, Lord-Lieutenant of Pages of Honour to his Majesty, Frethe county of Roxburgh. ?

derick William Turner, Charles George Lieutenant Oxley, R. N. Surveyor- J. Arbuthnot, Frederick William Culling General of Lands N. S. Wales.

Smith, J. A. Douglas Bloomfield, Esqs. John Gleed, Esq. Barrister-at-Law and . Right Hon, General Charles Earl of Recorder of Reading, and Solicitor of the Harrington, Governor-Captain, ConstaExcise in Scotland.

ble, and Lieutenant of Windsor Castle. MARCH.—Earl Cholmondley, Lord Right Hon. Earl of Ormond, Lord of Steward of his Majesty's Household; his Majesty's Bed-Chamber.' Marquis of Hertford, Lord-Chamberlain; John M-Mahon, Esq. Keeper of the Marquis of Winchester, Groom of the Privy Purse and Private Secretary to the Stole to his Majesty ; J. Simeon, Esq. Prince Regent. Master in Chancery, Count Munster, Right Hon. Hugh Percy summoned to and Colonel Herbert Taylor, Commis- the House of Peers by the title of Baron sioners for the protection, care, and ma. Percy.

Duke of Buccleugh, Lord-Lieutenant Earl Talbot, Lord-Lieutenant of the of the county of Edinburgh.

county of Stafford. Lord Keith, Commander of the Chan Earl Courtown, Captain of the Band nel Fleet.

of Pensioners Lord Melville, First Lord of the Ad Lieutenant-Colonel Mellish, Equerry miralty.

to the Prince Regent. T. Cook, Esq. Under Secretary of Mr Joaquin Andrade, Consul-AssistState for Foreign Affairs.

ant for the Prince Regent of Portugal at Colonel Seymour Serjeant at Arms to London. the House of Commons.

Georgiana Charlotte, daughter of T. Mr Anstruther, late Advocate-General Onslow, Esq. (commonly called Lord at Madras, Recorder of Bombay.

Viscount Cranley,) son and heir apparent Mr Toller, of Lincoln's Inn, Advocate of George Earl of Onslow, to have preGeneral at Madras.

cedenoy, &c. as the Daughter of an Earl Rev. J. Josiah Connybear, M. A. of of the United Kingdom. C.C. Professor of Poetry in the Univer. MAY.-Duke of Beaufort, Constable sity of Oxford.

of the Castle of Briavels, and Warden of Rev. T. Gaisford, Greek Professor, the Forest of Dean, county of GlouUniversity of Oxford.

cester. Viscount Melville, William Domett, The Prince Regent has permitted Lieu. Esq. Vice-Admiral; Sir Joseph Sydney tenant-General Paget, Sir B. Spencer, York, Knt. Rear Admiral ; 'Hon. Fre. and Sir Rowland Hill, to accept the rank, derick John Robinson, Lord Walpole, and wear the insignia, of a Knight of the Right Hon. William Dundas, and George Grand Cross of the Royal Portuguese Johnstone Hope, Esq. Rear-Admiral, Military Order of the Sword and Tower. Commissioners for executing the Office Right Rev. Dr Bowyer Edw. Sparke, of Lord High Admiral.

Bishop of Ely. George Granville Marquis of Stafford, Earl of Buckinghamshire, Chancellor Francis Marquis of Hertford, William of the Duchy of Lancaster. Earl of Lonsdale, Richard Marquis Wel P. C. Tupper, Esq. Consul in Va. lesley, Charles Duke of Richmond, and lencia. James Duke of Montrose, Knights of the Gilbert Stuart Bruce, Esq. Consul at Garter.

the Canary Islands. APRIL-Earl of Buckinghamshire, Earl JUNE.—Major-General P. Bonham, of Liverpool, Viscount Castlereagh, and Governor and Commander in Chief of the Right Hon. Rich. Ryder, his Majesty's Surinam. Three Principal Secretaries of State: Colonel G. R. Ainslie, Governor and Right Hon. Spencer Perceval, Chancellor Commander in Chief at Dominica. . and Under Treasurer of the Exchequer. Rev. J. S. Clarke, F.R. S. Chaplain to

Lord Louvaine, Lord Teignmouth, the Household and Librarian to the Right Hon. Thomas Wallace, Viscount Prince Regent, Historiographer to his Lowther, and Right Hon. John Sullivan, Majesty. Commissioners for Affairs of India.

Earl of Liverpool, Right Hon. Nich, Lord Napier, High Commissioner to Vansittart, Snowden Barne, Esq. and the General Assembly of the Church of the Hon. Berkeley Paget, Commissioners Scotland.

of the Exchequer. Duke of Newcastle, Steward of the Right Hon. Nicholas Vansittart, ChanForest of Sherwood and Park of Fole. cellor and Under Treasurer of the Exwood, county of Notis.

chequer. Major Lumley,' a Groom of his Ma- Earl Harrowby, Lord President of the jesty's Bed-Chamber

Council, Viscount Sidmouth, Lord President of Earl Moira, Knight of the Garter. the Privy Council.

Earl Bathurst and Viscount Sidmouth,

two of his Majesty's Principal Secretaries Edwin Stanhope, Bart. to be Admirals of State.

of the Blue. Sir Thomas Tyrwhitt, Knt. one of his Vice-Admirals of the White, Sir Isaac Majesty's Gentlemen Ushers and Daily Coffin Greenly, Bart. John Aylmer, SaWaiters.

muel Osborn, Richard Boger, John Child Rev. George Henry Law, D. D. Bishop Purvis, and Theophilus Jones, Esqrs. to of Chester.

be Vice-Admirals of the Red. Sir Vicary Gibbs, Judge in the Com. Vice-Admirals of the Blue, John mon Pieas.

M'Dougall, James Alms, and El:ab HarJ. Crispin, Esq. Consul at Oporto. vey, Esqrs. Sir Edmund Nagle, Knt. John

Joseph Jekyll, Esq. Attorney-General Wells, Richard Grindall, and George to the Prince of Wales.

Martin, Esqrs. Sir Rich. John Strachan, JULY.-Samuel Shepherd, Esq. Soli. Bart. K. B. Sir William Sidney Smith, citor-General to the Prince of Wales. Knt. and Thomas Sotheby, Esq. to be

Right Hon. Charles Bragge Bathurst, Vice-Admirals of the V!hite. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Rear-Admirals of the Red, Robert

Sir Thonjas Tyrwhitt, Ranger of the Devereux Fancourt, Esq. Sir Edward Little Park, Windsor.

Buller, Bart. Hon. Robert Stopford, Mark Charles Dyson, M. A. Professor of Robinson, Thos. Revell Shivers, Francis Anglo-Saxon Literature at Oxford. Pickmore, John Stephens Hull, John

E. R. Roberts, of Barnstaple, Collector Dilkes, William Lechmere, and Thomas of Customs at that Port; Nicholas Glass, Foley, Esqrs. to be Vice-Admiráls of the Comptroller.

Blue. . • Right Hon, General Viscount Cath · Rear-Admirals of the White, Rowley cart, K.T. Ambassador Extraordinary Bulteel, William Luke, Isaac George and Plenipotentiary to the Emperor of Manley, J. Osborn, Edmund Crawley, Russia.

Charles Boyles, Esqrs. Sir T. Williams, The Prince Regent has granted to Knt. Thomas Hamilton, Esq. Sir T. B. Richard Marquis Wellesley, K. G. li- Thompson, Bart. John Laugharne, Wilcense to accept the insignia of the Per. liam Hargood, George Gregory, John sian Order of the Sun and Lion, con. Ferrier, Richard Incledon Bury, Robert ferred upon him by the King of Persia. Moorsom, Esqrs. to be Rear-Adinirals of

Aug-Lord Walpole, Secretary of the Red. Embassy at St Petersburgh.

· Rear-Admirals of the Blue, William Edward Thornton, Esq. Envoy Extra. Bligh, Lawrence William Halstead, Ed. ordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to ward Oliver Osborn, Esqrs. Sir Harry B. Sweden; George Sholto Douglas, Esq. Neale, Bart. Sir Joseph S. York, Knt. Secretary of Legation at that court. . Hon. Arthur K. Legge, Francis Faver

Naval promotions in honour of the man, Esq. Earl of Galloway, Thomas F. Prince Regent's birth-day :

Freemantle, Esq. Sir Francis Lasorey, Admirals of the White, Robert Mann Bart. Philip Charles Durham, Isaac and John Henry, Esqrs. to be Admirals Israel Pellew, Alexander Fraser, Benjaof the Red

min Hallowell, George Johnstone Hope, Admirals of the Blue, Sir Charles H. Esqrs. Lord Amelius Beauclerk, William Knowles, Bart. Hon. Thomas Pakenham, Taylor, James Nicholl Morris, George Robert Deans, and James Hawkins Burdon, William Brown, Thomas Byam Whitshed, Esqrs. to be Admirals of the Martin, Esqrs. to be Rear-Admirals of

the White. Vice-Admirals of the Red, Edward Post-Captains, Wm. Johnstone Hope, Tyrrel Smith, Esq. Sir Thomas Graves, Esq. Lord Henry Pawlett, Charles WilK. B. Thomas M'Namara Russel, Esq. liam Patterson, George Cockburn, Thos. Sir Henry Trollope, Knt, and Sir Henry Surridge, Samuel Hood Linsee, James


Carpenter, Robert Barton, Graham William Garrow, Esq. Solicitor-Gene-
Moore, Matthew H. Scott, Joseph Han- ral; since knighted.
well, Henry William Bayntun, Esqrs. R. Peel, Esq. M. P. Chief Secretary of
Hon. Francis F. Gardner, Sir Richard Ireland.
King, Bart. Edward Griffith, Edward T. P. Courtenay, Esq. Secretary to the
James Foot, Richard Lee, Wm. Pierre- Commissioners for Affairs of India.
pont, Peter Halkett, William Bedford, Sir Ralph Woodford, Bart. Governor
Esqrs. to be Rear-Admirals of the of Trinidad

Richard Allen, Esq. Consul for the
Captains, Pulteney Malcolm, C. V. North of Spain.
Penrose, James Bissett, and Hon. Charles C. Stuart, Esq. extra Knight of the
Elphistone Fleming, to be Colonels of Bath.

Earl of Clancarty, and in absence, Earl Wellington, K. B. Marquis Wel. Right Hon. F. J. Robinson, President of lington.

the Committee of Controul for Trade and Řight Hon. William Fitzgerald, Chan. Commerce. cellor of the Excheqııer, Ireland.

Viscount Melville, Admiral W. DoRight Hon. Robert Peel, Privy Coun- mett, Sir J. S. Yorke, Right Hon. W. sellor.

Dundas, Rear-Adiniral Ĝ. Johnstone Viscount Jocelyn, Vice-Chamberlain Hope, Sir G. Warrender, and S. Osborn, of the Household.

Esq. Commissioners of the Admiralty. · Lord Charles Bentinck, Treasurer of Oct.-Earl of Liverpool, Right Hon ditto.

N. Vansittart, Right Hon. W.Fitzgerald, Lord George Beresford, Comptroller Hon. Berkeley Paget, Right Hon. Frem of ditto.

derick John Robinson, and James BrogGeneral Samuel Hulse, Master of den, Esq. Commissioners of the Excheditto.

quer. Major-General Hon. Charles Stewart, Daniel Bayley, Esq. Consul-General Hon Augustus Cavendish Bradshaw, and in Russia. Major-General T. H. Turner, Grooms of Major-Gen. Isaac Brock, extra Knight che Bed-Chamber.

of the Bath. Eari of Yarmouth, Lord Warden of Snowdon Barne, Esq. Commissioner the Stavnaries.

of Customs. Earl of Northampton, Marquis Nor- Right Hon. F. Robinson, Treasurer of thampton.

the Navy. Earl Camden, Marquis Camden. Earl of Clancarty, Master of the Mint.

Lord Mulgrave, Earl Mulgrave. / Rey. John Cole, D.D. Vice-Chancel. · Lord Harewood, Earl Harewood. lor of Oxford.

Lieutenant General Sir S. Cotton, Sir Rupert George, Bart. Jas. Bowen, Bart. extra K. ight of the Bath. - Esq. Hon. J. Douglas, J. Harnes:, M. D.

SEPT.- Earl of Buckinghamshire, Vis. Hon. Courtenay Boyle, and William count (astlereagh, Earl Bathurst, Vis- Boothby, Esq. Commissioners for Transcount Sidmouth, Earl of Liverpool, Right port Service, &c. Hon. N. Vansittart, Baron Teignmouth, * T. D. Coventry, of Henley, Sheriff of Viscount Lowtiver, Right Hon. J. Sul- the county of Oxford livan, and Lord Apsley, Commissioners Nov.-The following to be Baronets : for India Affairs.

Lieutenant-General William Congreve, His Serene Highness William Fre. Lieutenant-General William Payne, Vicederick Henry, hereditary Prince of 0. Admiral Albemarle Bertie, Sir H. Rus. range, Aid-de-Camp to the Regent. sell, Knt. Chief Justice of Bengal, Ma

Sis Thomas Plomer, Knt. Attorney- jor-General Sir Ewen Baillie, Major-GeGeneral.

neral Barry Close, Right Ron, Stephen

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