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Rer there. 8. At Jedburgh, J. Pringle, died her brother, Donald Catnach, aged
Esq. late his Majesty's Consul-General 94. These persons had lived many years
in the Island of Madeira, to Miss J. So in the forest, and retained their faculties
merville, second daughter of the Rev. to the last. 25. At Gayfield Place, Mr
Dr Somerville. 11. At Bellfield, Mr J. Thomas Hutchison, merchant in Edin-
Balmain, general agent, Edinburgh, to burgh. 29. At London, the Right Hon.
Jessie, third daughter of the late Alex. the Countess Dowager of Portsmouth,
Bell, Esq. of Bellfield. Lately, at Saint aged 69. 31. At London, the lady of Sir
Bride's Church, Dublin, John Crampton, Joseph Sidney Yorke, one of the Lord ,
Esq. of Merion Square, to Louisa, daugh- of the Admiralty.
ter to Major-Gen. Fyers, commanding Centenary Deaths in this Month.
engineer in Ireland. At the Manse of Ann Morris, Bath, 104. Sarah White,
Petty, Mr Lachlan M‘Kay, 42d Royal Bindon Cottage, near Lullworth, Dorset,
Highlanders, to Margaret, daughter of 101. Hen. Chandler, Steeple Claydon,
Thomas Davis, Esq. Inverness.

Bucks, 102. Mrs Herbert, Buglawton,
Cheshire, 100. Mr E. Jeffs, Greet,

Gloucestershire, 105. Mrs Wood, Whito

church, Salop, 102, Mrs Martha Mor

ris, Leeds, 104. . JAN. 1. At Kirkland of Kirkinner, the FEB. 7. Lady Charles Spencer, aged Rev. Dr Robertson. 6. At Edinburgh, 68. Her ladyship was sister to the late, William Jackson, Solicitor of Excise for and aunt to the present, Duke of St Al Scotland. 7. At Datchet, Miss Scott, bans.-At London, the Right on the aged 56 years, aunt to Lord Montague, Dowager Lady Scarsdale, aged 79 years. of Ditton Park, 11. At Dalkeith Pa- 11. Ať London, Lady Catherine Stewart, lace, his Grace Henry Scott, Duke of wife of General Stewart.-At Bath, ViceBuccleuch and Queensberry, &c. 12. Admiral Lumsdaine.-At Monmouth, The Rev. William Porteous, one of the And. Cherry, Esq. He was well known ministers of Glasgow.--At London, Ge in the dramatic world as the author of neral Sir James Henry Craig, K. B. late · The Soldier's Daughter,' • The Travel. Governor General of British America, lers,' and other popular productions. 12. Governor of Blackness Castle, and Co. At Edinburgh, Archibald Campbell, eldlonel of the 78th regiment of foot. 14. est son of Lord Succoth. 19, At LonAt Wallington, near Foreham, Hamp don, Major-Gen. Charles William Este, shire, Colonel Robert Paton of Kinaldy, Lieutenant-Governor of Carlisle, in the Fifeshire, late Governor of St Helena. 74th year of his age.-Lately, at Mire Mrs Paton died on the 31st of Decem- End, near Broughton, in Eurness, aged ber, just fourteen days before her hus. 104, Mrs Ann Hancock.--At Vienna, band. 15. At Drogheda, Lieut.-Col. J. Sir John Stepney, Bart. formerly memi. French, late of the 71st, regt.- At Mel. ber for Monmouth, and British Envoy ford Hall, Suffolk, Sir Harry Parker, Bart. to the court of Berlin.--At Edinburgh, --Sir Richard Hughes, Bart. Admiral of aged 23 years, Capt. James Macdonald; the White. 16. At Edinburgh, Sir James of Morar. 14. At Gayfield Place, Capt. Dunbar, Bart. of Durn, in the 71st year John Bruce, late of the 76th regiment of of his age. 19. At Pennicuick House, foot. 15. At Loughrea, Mrs Daly, wife Harriette, the infant daughter of Sir G. of Arthur H. Daly, Esq. She was daugh. . Clerk, Bart. 22. At Perth, Alexander ter of the Hon. Paul Gore, and cousin of Fechney, Esq. of Ardargie, late Provost the Marquis of Abercorn, and the Earl of that city. 24. At London, the Count of Arran. 17. At Edinburgh, Sir Wil. ess of Beverley.-In the Forest of Birse, liam Maxwell, of Monreith, Bart. 23. James Brown, aged 103. Also, lately in At Stoke, Plymouth, Admiral Sir Charles the same place, Christian Catnach, aged Cotton, Bart. Commander in Chief of 101; and a short time after her death Channel fleet. At Market Street, Herts,


the Hon. Frederick Cavendish, youngest, He had been in the Pretender's army at and only surviving son of the late Lord the battle of Culloden, where he received Charles Cavendish.--At St John Street, a wound. John Urszulack, Lemburg, Edinburgh, the Right Honourable Lady Prussia, 116. Catherine Charteris. 27. At Edinburgh, APRIL 1. Mr James Campbell, Kil. aged 81 years, Mrs Molleson, relict of brido, near Dumblane, aged 98.-At Mr John Molleson, writer in Edin- Dorking, in Surrey, Sir Frederick Eveburgh,

lyn. 6. At Edinburgh, Miss Janet Inglis, Centenary Death in this Month. daughter of Sir John Inglis, Bart. of At Jamaica, Anne Wignell, a free black Cramond, aged 86. 8. At London, the woman, aged 146. She was brought Earl of Ashburnham, aged 88 years. 11. from Africa at the age of twelve, about At London, her Grace Jane Duchess fourteen years before the destruction of of Gordon. 12. At London, Sir WilPort Royal by the great earthquake in liam Plomer, Knight, Alderman of the 1692..

city of London. 16. At Ewart Park, MAR. 1, At London, the Countess of Horace St Paul, Esq. aged 84, Count of Aberdeen. 2. At Cameron House, Dun- the Holy Roman Empire. 20. At Lonbartonshire, Augusta, youngest daughter don, aged 94, the Right Hon. the Dowaof Captain John Rouet Smollett, of Bon- ger Lady Onslow, relict of the late Richhill. 6. At Chichester, in the 86th year ard Lord Onslow, and daughter of Sir of bis age, Captain Robertson, late of Edmund Elwill, Bart. 24. At Bath, the the royal marines, uncle to the Countess Right Hon. the Countess of Errol. 25. of Dundonald. 7. At London, Duncan The Right Honourable Lora, Viscountess Forbes Mitchell, Esq. of Thainstone. Downe. 27. At Peterhead, Dr J. Ford At Edinburgh, Maria Hungerford Offley, Anderson, physician in Peterhead, in youngest daughter of Major-General the 28th year of his age. 28. At Kingthe Hon. John Crewe, -At London, the horn, Elizabeth Wardlaw, wife of James Hon. George Melville Leslie. 9. A. Gib. Rutherford, Esq. of Ashintully, W. S. son !lunter, Eso. of Blackness. 12. Miss Centenary Deaths in this Month.Mary Carfrae, daughter of the Rev Dr Mrs Sheppard, Winchester, 102.- Mr Carfrae, minister of Dunbar. 13. At John Brown, carpenter, of Wymondham, London, in the 68th year of his age, the Norfolk, 104.--William Chatfield, CowEarl of Uxbridge.-At Polerton, Sir C. field, Sussex, 105.-James Hinchliffe, Burton, Bart. 14. At London, Robert clothier, Milshaw, Yorkshire, 102.—More Cromek, Esq. a well-known engraver, gan Crosslet, Croswen, Glamorganshire, and editor of the “Reliques of Burns,' 109.-Mrs Price, Rbayader, Radnor, 100. and the · Remains of Nithsdale and Gal- Hugh Blaney, Hannestown, Ireland, 100. loway Song' 17. At Buckingham House,' - Margaret Bowlanger, near Clermont, London, the Most Noble the Marchion- Ireland, 102.-Mrs Dorothea Borough, ess of Buckingham. 19. At Wimbledon, Liinerick, 104. near London, the celebrated John Horne M AY 5. At Edinburgh, Sir John DalTooke, Esq. aged 78 years. 24. At Glas- rymple Hay, of York Place, Bart. 9. gow, Mrs Steven, sen. in the 99th year At Bruntsfield Lodge, Mr William Calof ber age. 26. At Alnwick Castle, in lendar, writer, Edinburgh.-James Nixon, her 28th year, the Right Hon. Lady Ju. A. R. A. an eminent miniature painter. lia Percy, second daughter of his Grace 10. At Eldin, John Clerk, Esq. of Eldin, . the Duke of Northumberland. 28. At F. R. S. and author of the Naval Tac

Edinburgh, Mr William Dickie, Secre- tics. 11. The Right Honourable Spencer tary to the Caledovian Insurance Com- Perceval, first Lord of the Treasury, and pany. 30. At the Manse of Newbattle, Chancellor of the Exchequer, shot by an the Rev. James Brown, minister of that assassin. 12. Charles Sturt, Esq. of parish.

Brownsea Castle, Dorsetshire, formerly Centenary Deaths in this Month. member for Bridport, distinguished for P. M'Intyre, near Haddington, aged 101. his philanthropy.-13. At London, the Right Rev. Dr Thomas Dampier, Lord the manse of Mayhole, the Rev. Dr Bishop of Ely. 14. At Stobbs Castle, James White, minister of that parish. Roxburghshire, Sir William Elliot, Bart. 23. At Knightswood, Anthony Dixon, of Stobbs. 16. Sir Frank Standish, Bart. Esq. 25. Suddenly in London, Mr Har. of Lancashire. 19. At York, the Dow rison, the celebrated oratorio and conager Lady Foulis, grandmother of Sir W. cert singer. 28. At Pencaitland Manse, Foulis, of Ingleby Manor. 18. At Ted. Mrs Pyper, wife of the Rev David Pyper, desley Hay, in Staffordshire, Sir Edward minister of Pencaitland. Littleton, Bart. 20. Mary, Countess Centenary Deuths in this Month.Dowager of Macclesfield, 22. At Edin. Mrs Mary Harris, near Falmouth, 113. burgh, Alexander Kincaid Tate, Esq. wri- Eliz. Williams, near Tavistock, ill. ter. 24. At Ralston Housc, William MrGodwin, Newport, 100, and 1 months. Orr, Esq. of Ralston. 27. At London, Ann Harris Badock, Cornwall, 113, and Dowager Lady Fortescue.---Lately, at 6 months -Ann Retford, Sunderland, London, the Right Rev. Dr John Dou- 100.—Mary Jones, Berkely, Gloucesterglas, Roman Catholic Vicar Apostolic of shire, 101.- Eliz. Bourne, Worcester, the London district, and Bishop of Cen- 106.-John Holiday, near Leeds, 100.turiæ in Numidia. At Moidart, Simon Catharine Samuel, Caermarthen, 102. M'Donald, Esq. of Morar.At Paris; JULY 2. At Montrose, Major Turnthe Dutch Admiral, De Winter. 31. At bull, in his 78th year. He had just enterEdinburgh, Mrs Margaret Ross, widow ed a warm bath, when he fell down and of the late Lord Ankerville.

was suffocated. 6. At Inchmarlo, John Centenary Deuths in this Month. Douglas, Esq. of Tilwhilly. 7. At Par. Mary Norbury, Macclesfield, 100 - Mrs sonsgreen, William Simson Mitchell, only Parsons, Buxted, Dorset, 101.-Mrs Pow. son of George Mitcheli, Esq. of Parsons. el, Hereford, 102.---Sam. Mog, who was green. 10. At Berlin, Professor Wildea soldier under General Wolfe at Que- now, the celebrated botanist.Lately, bec, 102. Crosier, a poor woman, At Demarary, Alexander Macrae, Esq. at Oxford, 106.-Mrs Ann Vaughan, a member of the Court of Policy of that Meole Brace, Salop, 100.- Eliz. Beech, colony, and chief of the ancient family of Market-Drayton. 104.-William Hardy, his name in Scotland. 15. At Ayr, John Caldwell, Yorkshire, 102 -David, Gad. Ballantine, Esq. of Castlebill. 29. Aged dis, Cargina, Scotland, 102.-Janet Read, 94, John Davies, Esq. first cousin to his Irvine, 103.-Mrs Jones, county of Meath, Grace the Duke of Norfolk, and captain 100.-Thomas O'Brien, county of Lime in the Royals. 25. At Glasgow, Mrs rick, 110,-Cornelius Madegan, county Elizabeth Dewar, daughter of the late of Clare, 117.-Mrs Belinda Crawford, Mr Robert Foulis, printer to the univercounty of Galway, 115..

sity of Glasgow. 28. At Dalmarnock, JUNE 1. At Valleyfield, William Mait in the parish of Little Dunkeld, Angus land, Esq. younger of Valleyfield. 3. Mr Stewart, aged 96. 31. At Greenock, James Spalding, advocate in Aberdeen, Lewis Gellie, Esq. of the royal navy, and Procurator Fiscal of the county. 6. aged 93.-Lately, at Ashfield, where he At Edinburgh, Henry, youngest son of had retired from the fatigues of public General Francis Dundas. 9. At Briary life, James Mingay, Esq aged 65 -At Baulk, James Newbigging, Esq. Sheriff Hermitage, near Limerick, Lord Massy. Clerk.--At Palace Craig, Joseph Dixon, -At Lady Abercromby's house, RichEsq. younger of that place. 11. The mond, Ralph Abercromby Cameron, se Rev. Dr William Mudie, one of the mi- cond son of Donald Cameron, of Lochiel, nisters of St Andrew's Church, and Pro- Esq fessor of Hebrew in the University of Centenary Deaths in this Month Edinburgh. 15. At Dalhousie Castle, Mrs Mary Clarke, Bristol, 104.-Mrs Lady Lucinda Maria Ramsay, daughter Sarah Yeomans, Nottingham, aged 102, of the late Earl of Dalhousie.-20. At She had been married 70 years, and her husband is now in bis 98th year.-At only daughter of the Rev. William Tay. Kingston, Jamaica, Esmina Diamond, a lor, D. D. Principal of the College of free black woman, 130.-- Mr Charles Glasgow. 12. At Edinburgh, William Clarke, Over-Peovar, Cheshire, 103.- Loraine, Esq. 15. At Arniston Place, Petronella King, Taunton, 102.-A.Roy. Mrs Isabella Calder, wife of William als, Yarmouth, 103.

Sinclair, Esq. of Freswick. 18 At EdinAUG. 2 At Edinburgh, Anne Marga burgh, Thomas William Lowes, Esq. of ret Anderson, wife of David Irving, LLD. Ridley Hall, Northumberland.- At an 4. At Tourquay, Devon, aged 25, Mar- advanced age, Mrs Jean Macdonald, regaret, eldest daughter of Sir John Stuart, lict of Angus Macdonald of Loup, Esq. Bart. of Allanbank. 7. At Ardgowan, in -At Brompton, Robert Alexander Scot, the 74th year of his age, Sir John Shaw Esq. younger of Benholm.—The Hon. Stewart, of Greenock and Blackhall, John Astley Bennet, captain in his ma. Bart.-At Edinburgh, Captain Alexan- jesty's navy, and third son of the Earl of der Chisholm, of the 72d regiment. 8. Tankerville. 20. In the 87th year of At Dublin, General Vallencey, one of the her age, Lady Peyton, wife of Sir Yel. vice-presidents of the Dublin Society. 11. verton Peyton, Bart.–At Long Sutton, At Strathmartin House, Rear-Admiral in consequence of the wounds which he Laird, of Strathmartin. 14. At Edin received by being thrown out of his cura burgh, Mrs Eliz. Houston, wife of John ricle, the preceding Saturday, Sir T. D. Campbell, Esq. Receiver-General of the Hatton, Bart. 24. At Hampden Court Customs for Scotland. 16. At Carlourie, Palace, the Right Hon. Lady Harriet Robert Stewart Falconer, youngest son Jane Hay, fourth daughter of James, of David Falconer, Esq. of Carlourie. 20. Earl of Errol, and sister of the present At Maybole, John Niven Kirkland, in earl. 37. At Irvine, John Webb, Esq. the 88th year of his age. 24. At Win- of Towerlands, aged 87.. 30. At Chudlestone, in the county of Durham, in the leigh, Devonshire, Elizabeth, eldest daugh720 year of his age, Sir John Eden, ter of the Right Honourable Lord SinBart. eldest brother to Lord Auckland, clair. and to Lord Henley. 26. At Libberton Centenary Deaths in this Month. Manse, the Reverend John Fraser.–At Mr Henry Martin, Stithians, 104.-At Cairnhill, Thomas Walker, Esq. of Cairn. Aberdeen, Margaret Stewart, 105. hill. 27. At Bray, near Dublin, the Right Oct. 1. At Edinburgh, the Right Hon. Hon. Lord de Blaquiere, K. B. and a Lady Helen Dalrymple, relict of Hugh Baronet.--At Stirling, William Wright, Dalrymple, of Fordell, Esq-At an adEsq. of Broom, aged 70. 31. At Old vanced age, Alexander Boswell, of BlackAberdeen, the Rev. Mr William Mac- adder, Esq. 2. At Burgos, in consekenzie, of that place.

quence of the wounds received in the Centenary Death in this Month.- siege of the castle of Burgos, Captain Isabella Sharpe, Gateshead, 114.

Donald Williamson, of the 42d regiment, SEPT. 2. At Milton House, Miss Mar eldest son of Lieut.-Colonel Williamson, garet Steuart, daughter of David Steuart, of Banniskirk. 3. At Castlerose, in the Esq. 3. At Canonmills, near Edinburgh, county of Kerry, the Right Honourable in the 94th year of his age, Mr George Valentine Browne, Earl of Kenmure, Anderson, who long kept a public garden Viscount and Baron Castlerose. 6. At at Easter Wariston. 5. Major-General Dunfermline, Mr Alexander Ramsay, recBowles, late an officer on the Bombay tor of the grammar school in that place, establishment. 9. At Brechin, at a very in the 70th year of his age.-At Shoot. advanced age, Mrs Gillies, the widow of er's Hill, in the 84th year of his age, Robert Gillies, Esq. merchant in Brechin, Major-General William Grant, of the and mother to the Right Hon. Lord royal artillery.--At Cuellar, in Spain, the Gillies, and to Dr J. Gillies, historiogra. Honourable Francis J. Percy, captain in pher to the king.-10. At Glasgow, Jane, the 23d regiment, seventh son of the Earl of Beverley.--At Edinburgh, in his age.—Major-General Brock, in an action 88th year, Duncan M'Intyre, alias Donn with the Americans in Upper Canada. cha.ban nan-Oran, the celebrated High. 12. William Ormiston, Esq. of Hagburn. land bard. --At Keith Hall, Wm. Keith, 13. John Boyes, Esq. of Walboll. At Earl of Kintore, Lord Inverury, and Lord Inveresk, Sir Alexander Purves, aged 74. Falconer, of Halkertown, &c. 7. At Lon. 18. At Drum, Robert Cathcart, of Drum, don, Lieutenant-General Donald Mac- writer to the signet. Edward Jeringe donald, colonel of the 35th regiment. ham, Esq. aged 75. 19. Nicholas Wano. 8. At Édinburgh, Mr William Sinclair, strocht, LL.D. aged 68, master of an acalate of the customs, at the advanced age demy at Camberwell. 27. The Lady of of 90. 11 At Hopsrig, near Langholm, Sir Cuthbert Heron, Bart. South Shields. Mr Walter Borthwick. 17. At Edin- 28. Sir Alexander Douglas, Bart. of burgh, Agnes, eldest daughter of the late Glenbervie. Rev. David Black, one of the ministers Centenary Deaths in this Month. of Edinburgh.-18. At Glasgow, Mr W. Marion Moray, Portmoak, Fifeshire, 102. Leechman Taylor, youngest son of the Mrs Scott, Bradninch, Devon, 104.* Rev. Dr Taylor, Principal of the College. Dec. Lady-Anne Davy, relict of Sir 21. At Packington, the Right Hon. the John Davy, Bart. Creedy, near Crediton. Earl of Aylesford. -At Edinburgh, the 9. William Russell, Esq. of Slaughter's Right Honourable Lady Jane Mackenzie, Court, county of Worcester, 12. The last surviving daughter of the late George Honourable Lady Grant of Airdrie. 14. Earl of Cromartie. 26. At Edinburgh, George Byng, Viscount Torrington, aged Elizabeth, only daughter of Archibald 72.-Sir John Dick, Bart. Prestonfield. Drummond, Esq. 27. At Balbinny, Mr 15. In his 68th year, the Reverend Isaac George Jarron, of Balbinny. 30. Patrick Gosset.-Gustavus Adam - Baron NolckTelfer, Esq. of Gower Street, Bedford en, his Swedish majesty's chamberlain, Square, London.

and minister plenipotentiary for the af. Nov. 2. At Invergordon House, Ross. fairs of Great Britain, aged 80. 26. In shire, Elizabeth, daughter of R. B.Æneas his 85th year, Mr John Moody, formerly MacLeod, of Cadboll, Esq. 4. At Lon- of Drury-lane Theatre. 27. Gen. John don, his Excellency Count de Martin de Gaillaud, of the East India service, aged Front, ambassador from the King of Sar. 81. 28. Lady Rowley, mother of Sir dinia to the British Court above thirty W. Rowley, Tendering Hall, Suffolk. 29.

aged 84 years, the Dowager Countess of aged 79. 30. Sir Denzil Cope, Bart. Meath. --At Hertford, Baronness Dims. Bramzil Park, Hants. 31. General Sir dale, in the 82d year of her age.-In Thomas Musgrave, Bart. colonel of the Spain, of the wounds he received at the 76th foot, and governor of Gravesend . taking of the forts near Salamanca, Bre- and Tilbury forts, aged 75.-Lately, Givet-Major Hobart, of the 36th regiment. deon Fournier, Esq. F. R. S. Barrister at Lately, at his seat at Bedwell, Sir Culling law, and chief magistrate of the county Smith, Baronet, in the 81st year of his of Surrey,

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