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The Lack of Gold; or, an Enquiry into the State of Paper-Currency of England.

Attacks upon Foreigners and British Objects. Is 6d

Look to your Property ; addressed to the Landlords, Stock-holders, &c. of Great Britain. Is

A Review of the Report of the Bullion Committee, &c. 2s 6d
Observations on the present State of the Paper Currency. Is
Letter on the Apprehension of the Earl of Fingal. By J. Dillon, 2s 6d

Letters of Hiberno-Anglus, containing Strictures on the Conduct of the present Adininistration of Ireland.

An Essay on the good Effects which may be derived from the British West Indies. By S. Gainsford, Esq. 8vo. 78

An address to the British Nation on the Accession of the Prince Regent to Power. By Hugo Arnot, Esq. 28

A Letter to William Roscoe, Esq. By J. Merritt. 28 6d

A Letter to the Prince Regent, on the ultimate tendency of the Roman Catholic Claims. 28 6d

A Letter to the Earl of Fingal, on the Claims of the Roman Catholics. By Lord Grenville. Boards

A few Remarks addressed to J. B. Trotter, Esq. on the Attack made upon the Character of the Right Hon. William Pitt. 2s 6d

A Letter to the Right Hon. S. Perceval, on the alarming increase of Re-assess. ments of Assessed Taxes, occasioned by the defalcation of Collectors. 28

A Letter to the People of England, on subjects religious and political. . An Appeal to Common Sense, on the Bullion Question. 25 6d

Remarks on the Extension of Territory, which has taken place in India, with Reference to the Renewal of the Charter. 1s 6d

Observations on the Circulation of Individual Credit, and on the Banking System of England. 8vo.

The Crisis; or the Delicate Investigation. 2s 6d

Refutation of a Statement of the Penal Laws which aggrieve the Roman Catholics. 38

Marquis Wellesley's Speech on the Motion of Lord Fitzwilliam, January 30, 1812. 28

Selections from Bishop Horne's Commentary on the Psalms. By L. Murray. 12mo. 53

A Sermon at Calcutta, on behalf of 900,000 Christians in India who want the Bible. By the Rev. G. Martyn. 25

The Crisis of Religion. A Sermon preached at Laura Chapel, Bathwick, November 11th, 1811; containing Strictures upon Mr Lancaster's System of Popular Education. By the Rev. E. W. Grinfield. "Is

Some modern Principles of Education considered. By Laurence Gardner, M.A. &c. &c. ls

Christian Minister's Retrospect. A Sermon preached at Worship-street, Nov. 3, 1811, being the twentieth anniversary of his settlement at that place. By John Evans, A. M 13

Proceedings at the Town-hall, Cambridge, for the purpose of establishing an Auxiliary Bible Society. 28

Farther Observations on the British and Foreigo Bible Society. By the Rev. J. H. Spry. Is

A Letter to G. Ensor, Esq.; to which are added, Reasons for being a Christian. By the Rev. E. Ryan. 28 6d

'A Letter addressed to the Members of the Established Church connected with the British and Foreign Bible Society Is

A Treatise on the Government of the Church, in which the Right of Episcopacy is maintained. 45

A Sermon before the Governors of the Scotish Hospital in London, November 24, 1811. By R. Young, D. D. 28

A Serious Call to the Electors of Great Britain, on the approaching Dissolution of Parliament. 28 60

Letter to the Members of Parliament of the United Kingdom. By J. Carson. Is Bellingham's Defence Defended, or the Trial Retried. 1s

Appeal to the generosity of the British Nation, on behalf of the Family of Beb lingham. By Mr Chalmers. Is

Thoughts upon the immediate Means of meeting the Pressure of Want. By a London merchant. 1s

An Address to the Landed and Commercial Interests of Great Britain, on the present State of the Manufactures, and the importance of cultivating the waste lands of the empire. 28

The Protests of the Directors of the East India Company, against the continua. tion of Sir G. Barlow in the Government of Madras. 2s 6d

View of the Causes and Consequences of the present War with France ; exem. plified by extracts from Lord Erskine's justly celebrated Work on that subject. 2s 6d

Substance of a Conversation with J. Bellingham, the Assassin of the late Right Hon. S. Perceval. By the Rev. J. Wilson. 23

Popular Opinions, or a Picture of Real Life, exhibited in a Dialogue between a Scottish Farmer and a Weaver.

An Enquiry into the progressive Value of Money, as marked by the price of agri. cultural products; with Observations upon Sir George Shuckburgh's Tables, deduced from a variety of authorities, not before collected, proving the Non-depreciation of Paper. By Arthur Young, Esq: F. R. S. 35 6d

An Awful Warning, or the Massacre of St Bartholomew; inscribed to the Me. mory of the Right Honourable S. Perceval 3s 6d

Anecdotes of British and Spanish Heroism at Tariffa, in Spain, during the late memorable Siege. 4s

An Effort to save the Country; or Remarks on Captain Pasley's Policy of the British Empire. 2s 6d

Speeches in Parliament of the Right Honourable William Windham, with some Account of his life. By J. Amyot, Esq. 3 vol. 8vo. 365

The Parliamentary Debates, Vol. XXI.; being the first volume of the present Session. 11 11s 6d

Reflections upon the Debate on Mr Wortley's last Motion upon the influence of the Household, and a Refutation of the Calumnies against Lords Grey and Grenville. ls

An Attempt to record the Political Principles, Sentiments, and Motives, of the Right Honourable W. Pitt. 8vo: 63

The Protestant Advocate; or Review of Roman Catholic Publications and Ma, gazines of Protestant Intelligence. No. I. ls

A Letter signed by Ten of the Directors of the East India Company, containing a minute examination and full vindication of the measures adopted by Sir George · Barlow, during the dissensions of the Presidency of Madras. Extracted from the Papers laid before Parliament. 8vo. 35 6d

Official Dispatches relating to the late Military Troubles at Madras. Extracted from Papers laid before Parliament. 18mo. ls 6d

Questions answered relative to the late Conduct of some Members of the Oppo... sition; or, J. Bull, Esq. consulting the Oracle of Delphi. 28 6d


Appeal to public Benevolence for the Relief of Beggars, with a view to a Plam for the Suppression of Beggary. By J. Martin. 6d

War without Disguise, or brief Considerations on the political and commercial Relations of Great Britain and Ireland with the United States of America, at the close of 1811. ls

The Speech of Henry Brougham, Esq. to his Friends assembled in Clayton-square, Liverpool, on Friday the 16th October 1811. 8vo. Is

THEOLOGY. Lectures on the Pastoral Character. By the late G. Campbell, D. D. F. R. S. Newly edited by J. Fraser, D. D. 8vo. 78

Heir followeth the Coppie of the Ressoning which was betwixt the Abhote of Crosraguell and John Knox, in Mayboill, concerning the Masse, in the year of God, a thousand five hundred thre score and two yeires.—Imprinted, at Edinburgh, by Robert Lekpreuik, and are to be sold at his hous, at the Netherbow. Cum priuilegio, 1563. Reprinted 1812; black letter, from types cast on purpose, at private expense. Small 4to, price 12s sewed.

Tracts in Controversy with Dr Priestley upon the Historical Question of the Be. lief of the Firet Ages in our Lord's Divinity. Originally published in the years 1783-4, and 1786; afterwards revised and augmented with a large addition of Notes and Supplemental Disquisitions. By the author, Samuel late Lord Bishop of St Asaph. The Third Edition. To which is added, an Appendix, by the Rev. Henage Horsley, A. M. Prebendary of St Asaph, and late Student of Christ-Church, Oxon. 8vo. bds. 1 4s

A Sermon on Fickleness in Religion. By the Rev. John Lufchild. Is od

The Works of the Rev. W. Huntingdon, S. S. Minister of the Gospel at Providence Chapel, Gray's Inn Lane.

A Report of the Proceedings of the Association in Birmingham, for promoting the Bible Society. 1$ 6d

A New Directory for Nonconformist Churches; containing free Remarks on their Mode of Public Worship, and a Plan for the Improvement of it. 8vo. 5s

The Book of Job, literally translated from the original Hebrew, and restored to its natural arrangement; with Notes critical and illustrative. By John Mason Good, F.R.S. 8vo. 168

Infinite Treasure in Earthen Vessels, or the Church of Jesus Christ dwelling, with the Spirit of Satan, in the tents of flesh. Is 6d

The Claims of the Roman Catholics considered, with reference to the safety of the Established Church, and the Rights of Religious Toleration. 58

The case of the Heathen compared with that of those who enjoy the blessings of the Gospel. By Joseph-Holden Pott, A. M. Archdeacon of St Albans. 25 6d

A Letter to the Proclamation Society, &c. By the late Rev. T. Clark. 68

Pious Selections from the Works of Thomas à Kempis, Dr Doddridge, Miss Bowd. · ler, &c. &c. By Miss Marshall. 5s 6d boards


A Description of Fonthill Abbey, Wiltshire ; illustrated by Views, drawn and engraved by James Storer; royal 4to, with proofs on India paper, 21 2s; ditto on common paper, il 5s; super-royal 8vo, 165

The History of Lynn, civil, ecclesiastical, political, commercial, biographical, municipal, and military. By William Richards, M. A. 2 vol. 8vo. il ils 6d boards.

The Counties separately; Middlesex and Hertford 7s 6d. Buckingham Os. Oxford 55.- Gloucester 58 6d sewed.

The Beauties of Monmouthshire. 18mo. 58

A Topographical Map of the County of Cork, from an actual survey. 3l 3s in sheets

Ancient Reliques, or Delineations of monastic, castellated, and domestic Architecture. Vol. I. foolsс. 20s; or 8vo fine paper, 52s

Account of the Island of Madeira. By D. Pitta. 8vo.

Relics of Antiquity, or Remains of Ancient Sculpture in Great Britain ; with descriptive Sketches. By I. Prout. 4to. 11 10$. Imperial 4to, 41 4s

Etchings of Tenby, including many authentic edifices which have been destroyed, and intended to illustrate the most striking peculiarities in early Flemish Architecture; with a short account of that town, and of the principal buildings in its neighbourhood. By Charles Norris, Esq. 4to. 40 plates. il ils 6d boards

History of the Origin and Progress of the Meeting of the Three Choirs of Gloucester, Worcester, and Hereford, and of the Charity connected with it. To which is prefixed, a View of the Condition of the Parochial Clergy of this Kingdom, from the earliest times. By the Rev. Daniel Lysons, M.A.FR.S. F.S.A. Rector of Rodmarton, in the county of Gloucester. Svo. 78 6d. A few copies on large paper, 125

Ancient History of South Wiltshire. Part III. and final. By Sir R. C. Hoare. Folio, 41 4s. Large paper, 61 6s


A Journey through Persia, Armenia, and Asia Minor, 'to Constantinople, in the years 1808-9. By J. Morier, Esq. 4to. With 25 plates. 31. 138 6d

Voyages and Travels in the years 1809-10-11. Containing Statistical, Commercial, and Miscellaneous Observations on Gibraltar, Sardinia, Sicily, Malta, Seregio, and Turkey. By John Galt. With two Engravings. 4to. 21 2s; royal paper, 31 3s boards.

Pinkerton's Collection of Voyages and Travels. Vol. II. Embellished with fifcen Engravings. 4to. 21 128 6d boards

Travels into the interior of Brazil, particularly in the gold and diamond districts of that country. By J. Mawe. 4to. 21 2s

A Narrative of the principal Events of the Campaigns of 1809, 1810, and 1811, in Spain and Portugal, interspersed with remarks on local scenery and manners; in a series of Letters. By Captain William Stothert, Adjutant 3d Guards, 8vo, with á map of the seat of war. 8s

A Sketch of the present State of Caraccas, including a Journey from Caraccas through La Victoria and Valencia to Puerto Cabello. By Robert Semple, author of " T wo Journeys in Spain," &c. 68

Observations and Remarks during four different excursions made to various parts of Great Britain, in the years 1810 and 1811. By Daniel Charles Webb. 8vo. 10s 6d

A Narrative of a Passage from the Island of Cape Breton across the Atlantic Ocean, in the winter of 1799. By John Luce. 2s 6d

Letters from the Continent, describing the manners and customs of Germany, Poland, Russia, and Switzerland, in the years 1790, 1791, and 1792. 8vo. 78

Letters on the Nicobar Islands, their natural productions, and the manners, &c. of the natives. Addressed by the Rev. J. C. Haensel, to the Rev. C. J. Latrobe. 35

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