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and heir.-At Hythe, the Lady of Major- of Major Maclachlan, 69th regiment, a General Mackenzie, a son.-At London, daughter. 9. At Edinburgh, the Lady the Lady of Colonel Dalzell, assistant of Major-General the Hon, Alexander adjutant-general to the home department, Duff, a son. 10. At Alva House, Mrs a daughter. -At Grove Place, Hamp- Johnstone, of Alva, a daughter.--Lately, shire, Lady Amelia Sophia Drummond, at Gibraltar, the Lady of Alexander Fara son.-At Ochtertyre, the Right Hon. quhar, Esq. a son. -At Exmouth, the Lady Mary Murray, a son.-At New Lady of Dr Adam Neale, physician to the Orchard, the Lady of Archibald Dou forces, a son.-The Lady of D. J. H. glas, Esq. advocate, a daughter. 23. Lady Dickson, M. D. physician of his majesFrances Vandeleur, a son. 24. In Dub- ty's fleet, a daughter.-At Twickenham, lin, the Countess of Castlereagh, a son, the Lady of F. G. Carmichael, Esq. a 26. At Serlby Castle, the Viscountess daughter. Galway, a daughter. -At High Park, Westmeath, the Hon. Lady Levinge, a


Oct. 6. At Dublin, the Hoh. Lady JAN. 1. At Leith, George Forsyth, Hope, a son.—Lately, at Rochampton, Esq. master of his majesty's ship Venus, the Duchess of Newcastle, a daughter. to Miss Ann M‘Lagan, youngest daughCountess Talbot, a son. 14. In Prince's ter of William MʻLagan, Esq. late of Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Harry David Er. Donavourd. 3.Lord Palmerstone, to Miss skine, a son. 16. The Lady of James Sullivan ; and Lawrence Sullivan, Esq. Ogilvy, deputy commissary-general with of Pontsborne Park, Herefordshire, (the the forces in Spain, a daughter. --At bride's brother) to Miss Eliza Temple, Richmond, the Hon. Mrs Buchan, a son. Lord Palmerstone's sister. 6. At Arnis17. At Niddrie, Mrs Spottiswoode, of ton, Captain Cochrane, royal navy, eldest Spottiswoode, a son. 20. At Dallar's son of Vice-Admiral Sir Alex. Cochrane, House, Mrs Campbell, of Skarington, K. B. to Miss Ross Wishart, eldest twin daughters.--ĀtEdinburgh, the Lady daugbter of Lieut.-General Sir Charles of Lieutenant-Colonel Cosmo Gordon, a Ross, Bart.--At Wigton, Nathaniel Nelson. 21. In Castle Street, Edinburgh, son, Esq. of Springfield, to Miss Barbara Mrs Craigie, of Glenwick, a son and Agnew, second daughter of Nathaniel heir. 28. The Lady of Major-General Agnew, Esq. 7. At Edinburgh, John Oswald, a daughter. 29. The Countess Grimes, Esq. acting collector of customs of Shannon, a daughter. 30. At Tarvit at Leith, to Miss Janet Renwick, only House, Fifeshire, the Lady of J. H. Rigg, daughter of the late John Renwick, Esq. Esq. of Morton, a daughter.

of Glasgow. 8. At Leith, Mr J. L. DoNov. 6. At Allanton House, Mrs Mac- naldson, to Miss Dick, Merchant Street, donald, of Staffa, a son and heir.--At , Edinburgh. 23. At Allanton House, RaLeeds, the Lady of Colonel Maxwell, a nald Macdonald, of Staffa, Esq. to Miss son.- Lately, at Palermo, the Right Hon. Elizabeth Steuart, only daughter of Henry Lady Montgomery, a son. 6. The Coun. Steuart, Esq. of Allanton. 27. At Ediri. tess of Clonmell, a daughter. 7. Mrs burgh, Captain John Porteous, royal navy, Forbes, younger, of Invereru, a son.- to Miss Laurie, daughter of the Rev. At Stonefield, Mrs Campbell, of Stone- Dr Laurie, Newburn, Fifeshire. 28. At field, a daughter. 9. The Lady of Cap- Dunkeld House, Major-General Oswald, tain Johnston, royal navy, a daughter. - jun. of Dunnikier, to Miss Charlotte At Edinburgh, Mrs Campbell, jun. of Murray Ansley, eldest daughter of the Fairfield, a son. 20. The Lady of John Jate Lord Charles Ansley.--At Glasgow, Blacket, Esq. of West Smithfield, Lon. John Orr, Esq. of Forestburn, to Cathadon, a daughter; her first child after a rine, eldest daughter of David Forest, marriage of 14 years. 25. At Rose Hill, Esq. of Forest. Dear Liverpool, the Lady of Major-Gen. FEB. 3. At Edinburgh, Mr James RenDirom, of Mount Annan, a son.

nie, minister of the gospel, to Miss Dec. 1. At Sudbury, Suffolk, the Lady Elizabeth Loutit. 4. Ač Scanlisdale, Isle of Islay, Charles Macalister Shannon, Cunningham, Esq. Thirlestone, to Miss Esq. to Miss Eliz Campbell, daughter of Robina Cunningham, daughter of the the late Capt. John Campbell, Islay. 8. deceased Mr Alexander Cunningham, Lord Berwick, to Miss Sophia Dubochet. Selkirk.-Lately, at St Petersburg, Sir 10. At Mauldslie Castle, Thomas Gor Robert Kerr Porter, to Princess Marie don, Esq. of Harperfield, to Miss Nis. Scherbatoff, bet.--The Earl of Ilchester, to Caroline, APRIL 3. At Edinburgh, Mr John second daughter of the late Right Hon. Henry Horn, artist, of London, to Miss Lord George Murray. 11. At Salisbury Mary, daughter of Captain Alexander. Place, Mr James Inveraritv, merchant, 4. At London, John W. H. Brydges, Esq. Leith, to Miss Helen Maclagan, daughter of Wotton Court, Kent, to the Right of the late John Maclagan, Esq. of Castle Hon. Lady Isabella Anne Beresford, hill, Carse of Gowrie. 13. Åt London, daughter of the late Marquis of WaterR. G. Macdonald, of Clanronald, Esq. to ford. 10. At Edinburgh, John Tawse, Lady C. Edgecombe, second daughter of Esq. advocate, to Miss Elizabeth SomerEarl Mount Edgecumbe. 17. At Edin ville Dickson, youngest daughter of the burgh, John Macredie, Esq. eldest son Rev. Mr David Dickson, one of the miof Wm. Macredie, of Perceston, Esq. nisters of this city. 11. At London, Sir Ayrshire, to Mary Rachell Morrieson, Humphry Davy, to Mrs Apreece. 14. At eldest daughter of the late Major David Ardoch, Henry Home Drummond, Esq. Morrieson. 18. At London, Sir Alex. younger of Blair Drummond, to Miss Mackenzie, of Aroch, Ross-shire, to Miss Christian Moray, eldest daughter of the Geddes Mackenzie, eldest daughter of late Charles Moray Stirling, Esq. of Aberthe late George Mackenzie, Esq. of the cairney. 15. At the manse of Belhevie, same place. 24. At Edinburgh, Mr Ro- the Rev. Robert Scott, minister of Glenbert Gillies, to Miss Isabella Nicholson, bucket, to Mary, second daughter of the 26. At Ardersier, Niel Currie, Esq. sur late Rev. James Forsyth, minister of geon, 78th regiment, to Caroline, daugh. Belhevie. 21. At Greenock, James Hunter of James Macpherson, Esq. of Ar- ter, Esq. to Miss Susan Robertson, daughdersier.

ter of George Robertson, Esq. 23. At MARCH 2. Captain Graham Moore, Edinburgh, Alex. Mackenzie, of Scotsroyal navy, brother of the late Sir John burn, Esq. to Miss Jane, second daughMoore, to Dora, daughter of the late ter of the late John Henderson, Esq. of Thomas Eden. Esq. 7. John Veitch, the the 100th regiment. · 27. At Edinburgh, younger of Hathornback, Haddington. Patrick Tenant, Esq. writer to the signet, shire, M. D. to Henrietta Maria Grant, to Miss Margaret Lyon, youngest daugheldest daughter of Sir Alexander Grant, ter of the late Hugh Lyon, Esq. of Wester Bart. London.-At London, the Hon. Ogle. 28. At Billholm, Alexander John Mr Elliot, brother to Lord Elliot, to Miss Scott, Esq. Dryden, to Miss Helen Curll, Robinson, daughter of General Robinson. only daughter of Gideon Curll, Esq. 14. Major Napier, of the 43d light in- ` 30. John Osborn Brown, Esq. writer to fantry, to Caroline, youngest daughter of the signet, to Miss Elizabeth Rae Campthe late Honourable General Fox. 16. bell, eldest daughter of John Campbell, At Edinburgh, Major-General the Hon. Esq. receiver-general of his majesty's Alexander Duff, second son of the late customs for Scotland.-Lately, in LinAlexander, Earl of Fife, to Miss Anne colnshire, Corporal Dupre, to Miss N, Stein, youngest daughter of the late James Trollope, with a fortune of 12,0001. Stein, Esq. of Kilbagie.-At Edinburgh, MAY 2. At London, the Rev. Sir John Fullarton, Esq. late of Jamaica, to Henry Rivers, Bart, to Miss Eales. 11. Elizabeth, third daughter of the late At York, Peter Smith, M. D. royal navy, James Dunn, Esq. 18. At Edinburgh, to Henrietta, youngest daughter of the Alexander Somerville, Esq. to Elizabeth Hon. Henry Erskine. 12. At Edinburgh, Monro, eldest daughter of the late Major James Glassford, Esq. to Miss Jane, John Munro. 26. At Edinburgh, James daughter of Colin Mackay, Esq. 18. At

Mound Church, Captain James Aber- ley, and niece to the Duke of Richmond. dour, of his majesty's ship Muros, to JULY 1. At Eskgrove, Charles Peter Miss Mary Allan Braddy, youngest daugh. Hay, Esq. to Helen, eldest daughter of ter of the late Admiral Braddy, of Ham. Sir David Rae, Bart. 6. At Dublin, Col. ble, Hants. 19. At Edinburgh, William Wardlaw, of the 76th regt. to the Hon. Somerville, Esq. to Mrs Greig, daughter Anne Lake, daughter of the late Lord of Admiral Sir Geo. Wm.Fairfax. 25. Geo. · Viscount Lake. 8. The Hon. Captain M'Callum, Esq. of Thornhill, to Miss Waldgrave, royal navy, to Miss WhitElizabeth, only daughter of John Taylor, bread, daughter to the member for BedEsq. Queensferry. 28. At Chelsea, the ford. 10. Lord Viscount Mountjoy, to Hon. Thomas Cranley Onslow, second Mrs Brown, widow of the late Major son of the Right Hon. Lord Viscount William Brown. 15. At Edinburgh, John Cranley, to Miss Hillier, second daughter Irving Henderson, Esq. of Gulliland, adof the late Nathaniel Hillier, of Stoke vocate, to Miss Sarah Blacklock Taylor, Park, Esq. 29. At Hatfield House, in daughter of the late William Taylor, Esq. Hertfordshire, Lord Delvin, eldest son of 21. At Edinburgh, James Willie, Esq. the Earl of Westmeath; to Lady Emily of Annatfield, writer to the signet, to Cecil, second daughter of the Marquis Elizabeth, youngest daughter of William of Salisbury.-Lately, Vice-Admiral Sir Macfarlane, Esq. writer to the signet. 23. Richard Strachan, Bart. to Miss Louisą At London, the Right Hon. Lord WalDillon.

pole, to Mary, eldest daughter of the JUNE 1. At Kelso, Robert Wellwood, late William Fawkener, Esq. clerk of his Esq. of Garyock, to Miss Eliza Isabella majesty's privy council. 27. At InverM'Neill. 3. At London, the Hon. Henrymoriston, Roderick Kilgour Mackenzie, St John, eldest son of Viscount Boling Esq. of Flowerburn, to Ann, second broke, to Miss Mildmay, second daughter daughter of the late Colonel Grant, of of the late Sir Henry St John Mildmay. Glenmoriston. 8. At Edinburgh, John Mackenzie, young AUG. 4. At West Colinton, the Rev. er, of Hilton, Esq. to Elizabeth, eldest William Bryce, minister of Aberdour, to daughter of Kenneth Mackenzie, Esq. Miss Jane Grahame, fourth daughter writer to the signet. 8. John Gordon, of James Grahame, Esq. Mugdock CasEsq. of Cairnbulg, to Miss Katherine, tle.--At View Park, Burntsfield Links, daughter of Sir Wm. Forbes, of Craig. John Watson, jun. Esq. merchant, Leith, iever, Bart. 9. At Musselburgh, Walter to Elizabeth, daughter of James Inglis, Scott, Esq. of Wauchope, to Marion, banker in Edinburgh. 7. At Salisbury eldest daughter of Thomas Macmillan, Green, John Smyth, Esq. writer to the Esq. of Shorthope. 15. At Edinburgh, signet, to Miss Ann, second daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Charles M'Quarie, the late Sir William Dick, Bart. of Pres. of Glenforsa, late of the 42d regiment, tonfield. 8. At London, Lieut -Colonel to Miss Marianne Willison, youngest Mellish, of Hodsack Priory, county of daughter of the late George Willison, Nottingham, to Harriet, daughter of the Esq. 16. At Burnham, the Rev. Towns- Marchioness Dowager of Lansdowne, hend Selwyn, to Charlotte Sophia, eldest and co-heiress of the late Sir Duke Gifdaughter of the Right Hon. and Right ford, Bart. 10. At Eskmount, James Rev. Lord G. Murray, late Bishop of St Carnegy, Esq. of Balnamoon, to Miss · David's. 23. At London, A. J. Dalrym. Mary Anne Hunter, daughter of the late ple, Esq. major of the 10th light dra. David Hunter, Esq. of Blackness. 17. At goons, eldest son of Sir Hew Dalrymple, Edinburgh, Thomas Rutherford, Esq. of to Anne, the only daughter of Sir James Ancram Craig, to Miss Bunyan, daughGraham, Bart.- Lately, at Lisbon, the ter of Mr Thomas Bunyan, Cavers Mains. Earl of Euston, eldest son of the Duke 22. The Princess Royal Caroline of Denof Grafton, to Mary, youngest daughter mark, to her uncle, the Prince of Hesse. of the Hon. Admiral George C. Berke- 31, At Glen-Stewart, Henry Alexander

Douglas, Esq. third son of the late Sir dure, Esq. to Harriot Christian, eldest William Douglas, Bart. of Kelhead, to daughter of Lieutenant-General Alex, Elizabeth, voungest daughter of the late Hay, of Rannes. 16 At Marstow Church, Robert Daizell, Esq. of Glenea.

Samuel March Phillips, Esq. second son SEP. '1. Sir James Bland Burges, of of T. M. Phillips, Esq. of Carrendon Bean Port, Sussex, Bart. to the Right Park, to Charemile, second daughter of Hon Lady Margaret Fordyce, sister of Charles Grant, Esq. M. P. for the counthe Earl of Balcarras. 4. At Edinburgh, ty of Inverness. 22. At Bonnington the Rev. Mr Johnstone, Roxburgh Cha. Lodge, Lieutenant-Colonel Napier, of pel, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the the 52d regiment of foot, to Margaret, Tate Mr Jobn Home, Edinburgh. 8. At daughter of John Craig, Esq. 31. At Jedburgh, Charles Baxter, Esq. Edin- London, J. Davidson, Esq. of Chiswick, burgh, to Mrs Reid, only daughter of the to Miss Duncan, of Drury Lane Thealate Rev. William Scott, Southdean. 13. tre. Henry Boyce, Esq. nephew to the Earl Nov. 1. At Holy Island, Mr Murdoch of Coventry, to the Right Hon Lady Cunningham, of Mound Place, EdinSophia Amelia, youngest daughter of the burgh, to Mary, youngest daughter of Duke of Marlborough.-At London, the Mr John Gregson, of the former place. Hon. John Thornton Leslie Melville, Lately, at London, John Hall, Esq. to second son of the Earl of Leven and Susannah, fifth daughter of the deceased Melville. to Harriet, youngest daughter Thomas Cumming, Esq. banker in Edinof Samuel Thornton, Esq. M. P. for the burgh.-At Fulham, Major Scott Wacounty of Surrey. 17. At Monymusk, ring, of Peterborough House, to Mrs John Farquharson of Houghton, Esq. Esten, formerly of the Theatre Royal, to Mary Anna, eldest daughter of Sir Edinburgh. 16. At Glasgow, J. Geddes, Archibald Grant of Monymusk, Bart. Esq. of Verreville, to Miss Mary Rennie, 21. At Hendersyde Park, Richard Grif- only daughter of the late James Rennie, fith, jun. Esq. of Milbant, county ot Kil- Esq. wine-merchant, Leith.–At Loans, dare, to Maria Jane, eldest daughter of William Deans, Esq. writer, Stewarton, George Waldie, Esq. of Hendersyde, to Jean, third daughter of the late RoRoxburghshire. 24. At Kelso, the Rev. bert Wilson, Esq. Loans. 17. At OrangeJohn Pitcairn, to Elizabeth, daughter of field, Alexander Thomson, Esq. cashier Mr Lockie, of Kelso.

to the Greenock Bank Company, to Miss Oct. 1. At London, Mr Wathen Phipps, Fyffe.-At Brae, Jobn M’Cubbin, Esg. of Cork Street, Burlington Gardens, to of Springfield, to Mary, second daughter the Right Hon. Lady Baroness Howe, of James Swan, Esq. of Brae. 23. At eldest daughter of the late Admiral Earl Bath, Archibald Christie, Esq. eldest son Howe, and widow of the Hon. Penn of Admiral Christie of Baberton, near Ashton Curzon. 2. At Edinburgh, Capt. Edinburgh, to Maria, only daughter of William Davidson, 14th foot, younger of the late George Reeves, Esq. of Lang. Muirhouse, to Jane, third daughter of ley. 30. At Mansfield, James Russel, Alexander Horsburgh, Esq. of Horsburgh. Esq. writer, Edinburgh, to Margaret, 6. At Gayfield Square, Edinburgh, Mr youngest daughter of the late Rev. Tho. John Huichison, Wallace Park, Porto- Clark, minister of Eaglesham bello, keeper of the Register of Sasins DEC. 4. At Edinburgh, Mr Henry for the city of Edinburgh, to Agnes, Wright, to Jane, only daughter of Wildaughter of Mr Henderson, Falside, Ber- liam Reid, writer, Edinburgh. 7. At wickshire. 7. At Edinburgh, the Right Paisley, Mr W. Macewan, jun. maHon. Lord Ogilvy, eldest son of the Earl nufacturer, Glasgow, to Miss Janet of Airly, to Miss Clementina Drummond, Fraser, of Fort William.-At Paisonly child of the deceased Gavin Drum ley, William Birkmyre, Esq. Renfrew. mond, Esg of Forth Street 12. At Leith shire militia, to Mrs Young, widow of Hall, Harry Niven Lumsden, of Auchin- the late Robert Young, Esq. manufactu

The Sleep-Walker; or, Which is the Lady? A farce in Two Acts. By W.C. Oulton. 25

Prabod'h Chrandro'daya; or the Moon of Intellect; an allegorical Drama. Translated by J. Taylor, M. D. Member of the Asiatic Society, and of the Literary Society, Bombay. 8vo. 38 6d

The English Drama Purified; being a specimen of Select Plays, in which all the Passages that have appeared to the Editor to be objectionable in point of morality, are omitted or altered. With Prefaces and Notes. By James Plumptre, D.D. 3 vol. 12mo. 11 75


A Geographical Exercise Book, for the Use of Schools and Private families. By C. Robertson. 38

British Geography ; being a comprehensive Account of the present State of the British Empire in all Parts of the World. With Go Cuts and 7 Maps. By the Rev. J. Goldsmith. 4s 6d bound:

Reinarks on Mr Lancaster's System of Education. By W. Fell. 23.

A Sketch of the Principal Events in English History. By William Fell. 12mo. 9s 6d

A Vindication of Dr Bell's System of Tuition, in a Series of Letters. By H. Marsh, D. D. F. R. S. ls.

Illustrations of English Rhythms. By John Thelwall, Esq. 108 6:

A Vocabulary in the English, Latin, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese Languagesi By J. Boardman. 12mo. 78

A Greek Grainmar, and Greek and English Scripture Lexicon; containing all the Words which occur in the Septuagint and Apocrypha, as well as in the New Testament. By Greville Ewing, Minister of the Gospel, Glasgow. Second Edition, greatly enlarged, Royal 8vo. 158 boards.

Rules for English Composition, for the use of Schools. By J. Rippingham. 12mo. $s 6d

Essays on Christian Education, by Mrs Trimmer. 8vo. 78 6d

Conversations, interspersed with Poems for the Instruction of Youth, by Mrs Le Noir. 12mo.' 9s

A Hebrew and English Lexicon. By the Rev. W. H. Barker. 8vo. los 6d

Exercises on the Syntax, and Observations on some peculiar Idioms of the Greek Language. By W. Dunbar. 8vo. 78 6d

An improved Spanish Grammar, designed for every Class of Learners, but especially for Self-instructors. By L. J. A. M. Henry, a native of Spain. 88 bound.

The Elements of the Art of Drawing, in its various Branches: Illustrated with Fifty-one Engravings, plain and coloured ; containing 100 subjects, from the greatest masters. For the use of Schools, and students in general. By George Hamilton 27s half bound.

Latin and English Vocabulary; on simple, yet Philosophical Principles. By J. Jones. 12mo. 4s

Observations on the Choice of a School. By the Rev. C. Lloyd, LL.D. 58

Observations on the most important Subjects of Education ; containing many useful Hints to Mothers, but chiefly intended for private Governesses. 12mo. 5s 6d

An Introduction to French Grammar, particularly adapted for those that are not yet acquainted with the Rudiments of Grammar. By D. St Quintin, M. A. , 2s 6d bound.' Third Edition improved.

A Private Letter, addressed to the Right Rev: D. Porteus, the late Lord Bishop of London, to propose a Plan which might give a good Education to all the poor.


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