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With all his flock his Cottage he forsook
To see this Lady wandering down the brook.

Parent and child at once the cottage Aled-

A precious group led by their rosy guide ;
To a green height the sanguine cherub led,

From whence they viewed the country far and wide,

And wood, and glen, and brook, at once descried ;
But yet they saw no valley filled with light,
Nor lovely Lady shining all in white.

Hard looks, from all, the rosy guide reviled,

Till shame and sorrow on her visage glowed ;
But soon they changed their mood, and blessed the child.

And blessed the Saviour Lady sent from God,

When, turning homeward to their rude abode,
The ancient fabric of their Cot they found,
A shapeless ruin, smoking on the ground!


O! blame me not if thus I do restrain

Thy wandering footsteps ! thus thy wings confine !
'Tis the decreee of fate-it is not mine
For I would let thee, Fancy, wildly stray,

Would follow gladly, tend thee on thy way,
And never of thy vagaries complain,
Never thy wild and sportive Alights disdain !

Though reasonless those sportive flights may be,
They still, alas ! are passing sweet to me.

Then pity me, who am compelled to bind

This murmuring captive ; one who ever strove
By each endearing act to win my love,
And ever unoffending, ever bright,

Danced in my view, and pleased me with delight;
She scattered showers of lilies on my mind,

For O! so fair, so fresh, and so refined
Her child-like offerings ; without thorns to pain,
Without one cankered wound, or earthly stain !


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O darling! as at Duty's call. I twine

These fetters round thee, they are wet with tears!
For the sweet playmate of my early years
I cannot thus afflict, or thus resign
My equal liberty, and not repine :
For I would make thee, infant as thou art,

Queen of my hopes, my leisure and my heart, ,
But that Affection's venerable cause
Is link”d with Duty's unrelenting laws !

She blames me that I let thy sports offend
Old Time, and lay thy snare within his path,
To make him faulter, as it often hath :
But 0 I love him not ! He holds his breath,
And hurries on, and is in league with Death,
To make the path through which my footsteps bend,
Late rich in all that rural scenes attend,
A frightful desert ; and I droop and die
Beneath the gaze of his dull, threatening eye !




Thou goest, and I am not near

To bid or to receive farewell !
But hopes, more tender than a tear,

More zealous than my lips could tell,

More fondly hovering than the dove,

Than the harp's tones more highly wrought
In the deep prayer of earnest love,

In the long dream of tender thought,

These on thy parting steps attend,

These on thy future prospects dwell ;
And are they not, my own dear friend,
More potent than the word farewell ?




THREE times the nettle o'er thy narrow bed
Has tinged its stalk with verdure and decay;
And thrice the spiky grass its green array,
And thrice its pale upon thy turf has spread :-

The thistle thrice has crowned its kingly head,
And thrown as oft its withered crown away;
The slender ash has budded thrice with May,
And thrice its sallow locks with Autumn shed :-

All things around have changed with Time's career,
Save the one faithful solitary Yew,
That knows no change amid the changeful year.

Fond, faithful mourner!-emblem sad and true
Of her whose eye has never dried its tear,—
Whose cheek has never changed its mournful hue.




Long hast thou suffered, Europe ! and again

The Angel's missioned sword has left its sheath,

And, busied with the dreary work of death,
Gleams on yon distant desolated plain.
As, erst, when Egypt's first-born sons were slain,

Thy princes now resign their panting breath,

And tithes of all the people strew the heath,
And purple rivers journey to the main.

O Albion ! unstained-unshaken Isle

Fair Freedom's sanctuary, and Ocean's lover,
Who lookest on secure, and weep'st the while

To see thy fallen foes the desert cover,
Go, in the light of Heaven's guardian smile,

And keep with grateful heart thy PASSOVER !

N. B. The three productions marked * are not original




London, the Right Hon. Lady France3

Wedderburn Webster, a daughter. At JAN. 8. At the manse of Carreston, London, the Lady of the Right Hon. the Hon. Mrs Lyall, a son.–At Kirk- Earl Grey, of her seventh son and twelfth ham Gate, near Wakefield, Sarah, the child.The Honourable Lady Rumbold, wife of Samuel Lunn, (a very poor, but a son and heir.-At London, the Lady industrious collier,) of three fine boys. of Sir Robert Graham, Bart. a daughter. The family consisted of seven small chil. -The Lady of Sir George Leith, Bart. dren before the arrival of this trio. 13. a son.-The wife of John Tatham, At Bath, the Lady of Lieutenant-General a day-labourer in Kirkland, adjoining Gordon Drummond, a son. 14. At Leitb, Kendal, two boys and a girl. 21. Visthe Lady of Captain Kerr, royal navy, a countess Duncan, a son and heir..--At son.--At Monreith, Galloway, the Lady Edinburgh, the Lady of Captain Andrew of Lieutenant-Colonel Maxwell, M. P. a Brown, royal navy, a son.. 23. At Ayr, son.--At Cranstonhill, the Hon. Lady Mrs Colonel Farquhar, a daughter. 24. Janet Buchanan, a daughter. 18. At his At Kensington, the Lady of Lieutenantlordship's house, Arlington-street, Lon Colonel Drinkwater, a son.- At London, don, Lady Milton, a son and heir. the Lady of the Hon. D. M. Erskine, a

FEB. 9. At Ayton, Berwickshire, Mrs daughter. Fordyce, a son. 11. At Winchester, APRIL 4. At Glengary-house, the Lady Lady Mary Long, a daughter. Lady of Colonel M'Donald, of Glengary, a Ellenborough, a daughter. 12. At Glou- daughter. 5. The wife of $. Smith, of cester-place, London, the Right Hon. Carsington, Derbyshire, a son. She was Lady Sarah Maria Murray, a daughter. married in June last, and was then only 17. At Cockpen spinning-mill, the wife 13 years and 4 months old. 7. At Edin. of Walter Baillie, flax-dresser, a son and burgh, Mrs Maitland Gibson, of Cliftontwo daughters. 22.'At London, the Lady hall, a son. 8. At Hollingwood, Lancaof William Gordon, Esq. M. P. a son. shire, the wife of Samuel Booth, a poor 25. At London, the Countess of Loudon weaver, three daughters, who have been and Moira, a daughter. --At Exeter, the christened Faith, Hope, and Charity, Lady of Major M'Gregor, 88th regio Scarcely 15 months have elapsed since ment, a daughter.

she was brought to bed of twins. 14. MARCH 2. At Kilmains, the wife of At Alloa, the Lady of James Ure, Esq. John Dinning, miller, three sons. At collector of the customs, a son. 16. In

London, the Lady of Colonel W. F. burgh, the Lady of William Ferguson, Grant, M. P. a son. 20. The Lady of Es of Kilrie, a son.-Lately, the wife Colonel Balfour, Scots Greys, a son. 21. of Mr Howson, of Untbank, near PenAt Drumsheugh, the Right Honourable rith, two girls and a boy. Lately, at the Countess of Moray, a son. 22. At Lisbon, the Lady of Major Lawrie, 79th Dalbousie Castle, the Countess of Dal- regiment, a son. housie, a son. 23. At London, the Vis- JULY 6. At Livingstone House, the countess Primrose, a daughter.- Mrs Lady of Alexander Munro, Esq. LivingAlexander M‘Conell, of Bangor, four stone, a daughter. 7. Mrs Craigie, of sons. 24. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Dunbarnie, a daughter.—8. Lady Mac Dr Henton Spalding, a daughter.

donald Lockhart, a daughter.—At LonMAY S. At Foss, Mrs Menzies, of don, her Grace the Duchess of Bedford, Chesthall, a daughter. At London, the a daughter.-14. At Kelly, the Lady of Viscountess Grimston, a son.-At Tor- the Hon. Lieutenant-Colonel Ramsay, a quay, the Viscountess Hamilton, a daugh- son.-15. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Mr ter.-At Edinburgh, Mrs Campbell, of Swinton, of Broadmeadow, a son.-At Dalserf, a son. 6. At Kirby-hall, her Drumsheugh, Mrs Major Weir, a son.Grace the Duchess of Leeds, a son.--At At London, the Lady of Sir George Edinburgh, the Lady of Colonel Birch Clerk, Bart. M. P. a son.-At Great Reynardson, two sons. At Cleveland. Marlow, the Lady of the Hon. Alexander the Right Honourable Lady Charlotte Hope, M. P. a son.-At Kilmardinny, Baillie, a daughter. 17. At Edinburgh, Mrs Kirkman Finlay, a son. 21. Mrs Mrs Carlyle Bell, a daughter. 18. At Dr Brewster, a son. 22. The Honourable Portobello, the Lady of Sir James Wemyss Mrs Ferguson, a son. 25. At George's Mackenzie, of Seatwell, Bart. a son, still Square, Edinburgh, the Lady of Captain born. -At Edinburgh, Mrs Captain Stew. Ogilvy, rcyal navy, a son.-Lately, a art, Royal Perthshire militia, a son. 19. poor woman, at Settle, four children, The Lady of the Right Hon. Windham three boys and a girl.-At Dunvegan Quin, a son and heir.--At Richmond, Castle, the Lady of J. N. Macleod, of the Right Honourable Lady Harriet An Macleod, Esq. a son and heir.—At Dalcram, a daughter.-At Uffington-house, yell Lodge, the Lady of John Dalyell, near Stamford, the Countess of Lindsey, Esq. of Lingo, a son. 28. Mrs J.O. Mack, a daughter. 21 At Grange, the Lady of Howe Street, Edinburgh, a daughter. of James John Cadell, Esq. a son. 22. At Kilmun House, Aryyleshire, the Lady At Montrose, the Lady of Colonel Car- of Alexander Campbell, Esq. of Balo negie, Bengal artillery, a daughter.–At chyle, a son. Musselburgh, the Lady of Lieutenant. AUG. 5. At Old Aberdeen, Mrs ColoColonel Kerr, 2d Ceylon regiment, a nel Forbes, a daughter.-6. At Hillsbodaughter.-At Bath, Mrs M‘Kinnon, wi- rough, the Marchioness of Downshire, a dow of Major-General M Kinnon, who son and heir. 12. At Kincraig,, Mrs was unfortunately blown up on the beach MʻIntosh, of Balnespick, a son. 14. At of Ciudad Rodrigo, a son.--At Titnest Durie, in Fifeshire, the Lady of Matthew Wood, Sunning Hill, the Lady of Sir Fortesque, Esq. a son. 18. At Stobo Home Popham, a son, being the eleventh Castle, Lady Elizabeth Montgomery, a child.

daughter.-At Portobello, Lady Elibank, JUNE 1. Mrs Wishart, York Place, a son.-21. At Ballindalloch, the Lady Edinburgh, a son.--At Calcutta, the Lady of George Macpherson Grant, Esq. of of Alexander Fraser Tytler, Esq. register Ballindalloch and Invereshie, M. P. a of Kishnagur, a daughter.--At the Island son. 27. At Edinburgh, the Lady of of Madeira, the Lady of Major-General David Clephane, Esq. commissioner of the Honourable Robert Meade, a son. excise, a son. At Gibraltar, the Lady of Lieutenant- SEPT. 3. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Colonel Molle, 9th regiment, a son and Professor David Ritchie, a daughter. heir. 16. At Abercrombie Place, Edin- Lately, the Countess of Caledon, a sop

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