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which the deputy-constable proceed. mitted. On the left also, in a pered to the watch-house of St George, pendicular position, was fixed the known by the name of the Round. ripping chissel. Above his head was About, at the bottom of Ship-alley. laid, in a transverse direction upon The other three gentlemen followed the boards, the iron crow; and pain another coach, and about twelve rallel with it, the stake destined to o'clock the body was deposited in be driven through the body. About the black-hole, where it remained all half past ten, the procession moved night.

from the watch-house, in the followYesterday morning, about nine o'. ing order : elock, the high constable, with his

Mr Machin, constable of Shadwell. attendants, arrived at the watch- Mr Harrison, collector of King's taxes, house with a cart, that had been fit. .

Mr Lloyd, baker, ted up for the purpose of giving the Mr Strickland, coal merchant. greatest possible degree of exposure

Mr Burford, stationer;

And to the face and body of Williams. A

Mr Gale, superintendant of lascars in the stage, or platform, was formed upon East India Company s service-all mountthe cart by boards, which extended

ed on grey horses. from one side to the other. They The Constables, Headboroughs, and Pa.. were fastened to the top, and lapping

troles of the parish, with cutlasses. over each other from the hinder part

The Beadle of St George's in his official

dress. to the front of the cart, in regular Mr Robinson, the high constable of St gradation, they formed an inclined

George's plane, on which the body rested,

The Cart with the Body. with the head towards the horse, A large body of Constables. and so much elevated, as to be com- An immense cavalcade of the inha.. pletely exposed to public view. The bitants of the two parishes closed the body was retained in an extended po. procession. sition by a cord, which, passing be.On arriving opposite to the house neath the arms, was fastened under- of Mr Marr, the procession halted neath the boards. On the body was for about ten minutes, and then proa pair of blue cloth pantaloons, and ceeded down Old Gravel Lane, New a white shirt, with the sleeves tucked Market Street, Wapping High Street, up to the elbows, but neither coat or and up New Gravel Lane, when the waistcoat. About the neck was the procession again stopped, opposite to white handkerchief with which Wile the King's Arms, the house of the liams put an end to his existence. late Mr Williamson. From hence it There were stockings but no shoes proceeded along Ratcliffe Highway, upon his feet. The countenance was and up Cannon Street, to the Turnfresh, and perfectly free from disco. pike Gate, at which the four roads louration of livid spots. The hair meet, viz.- the New Road into was rather of a sandy cast, and the Whitechapel; that into Sun Tavern whiskers appeared to have been re- Fields ; the back lane to Wellclose markably close shaven. On both the Square ; and Ratcliffe Highway. hands were some livid spots. On the The hole, about four feet deep, three right-hand side of the head was fixed, feet long, and two feet wide, was dug perpendicularly, the maul, with which precisely at the crossing of the roads, the murder of the Marrs was como four or five feet from the turnpike.

house, About half past twelve op- ed in from all parts, but their demeanclock, the body was pushed out of our was perfectly quiet. All the the cart, and crammed, neck and shops in the neighbourhood were heels, into the hole, which, as it will shut, and the windows and tops of have been seen from the dimensions, the houses were crowded with specwas purposely so formed, as not to tators. On every side, mingled with admit of being laid at full length. execrations of the murderer, were The stake was immediately driven heard fervent prayers for the speedy through the body, amidst the shouts detection of his accomplices. and vociferous execrations of the mul. 3d. Our readers will recollect the titude, and the hole filled up, and melancholy consequence of the overwell rammed down. The parties turn of one of the Glasgow coaches, forming the procession then disper on the road between West Craigs and sed.

Airdrie, in the month of October last The concourse of spectators, on year, when Mr Brown, formerly this awful occasion, was immense. hair-dresser in Edinburgh, unfortu. Every window of the streets through nately lost his life, and his wife was which the procession passed was so much bruised as to place her life crowded beyond example, but there in imminent danger for a considerable was not the slighest interruption or length of time. In consequence of tendency to disorder. For the most this calamity, an action of damages part a general silence prevailed as the was brought against the proprietors procession moved, being only inter of the coach, and the proprietor of rupted by occasional ejaculatory cure the post-chaise, with which the coach ses. When the cart stopped at Mr was racing at the time the accident Marr's, at Mr Williamson's, and at happened, which appeared to be oc. the hole, there were universal shouts casioned by that most unwarrantable and expressions of execration. A offence. After perusal of proofs, and hackney-coachman, who had drawn a full hearing of counsel, Lord Mea. up near the top of Old Gravel Lane, dowbank, ordinary, found the debestowed two or three cuts on the fendents in the following sums, with body as it passed, accompanied with full expence of process : an ejaculation which it is unnecessary. to repeat.

To Mrs Brown, in compensation of From the appearance of the body, damages suffered in her per: Williams is conjectured to have been

son, - - . L.300

To her, for the loss of her husabout 30 years of age. He was near


- 200 six feet in height, with a strong fierce

And to each of the children, countenance. When the procession

eight in number, 130 each, 1040 began to move, there were two men in the cart, to prevent the body roll.

1540 ing off ; but their assistance appear- 4th..Riots AT NOTTINGHAM. ing to be superfluous, they descend. On Friday night last two frames were ed, and the body was then left per- broken in Pleasant Row, Nottingham. fectly exposed to the view of every One more has since been broken in spectator.

Milk Street, and three others in other During the last half hour the crowd parts of the town. . had increased immensely; they pour. In many villages in the county, and on the borders of Derbyshire, the Captain Fanshawe, which was in com. terror and alarm of the inhabitants is pany (drawing less water) beat over such, occasioned by the late noctur- the Sands, and, from the damage she nal attacks on the property of peace- received, was afterwards obliged to able individuals, that they are afraid run into the Texel, where the officers to go to bed at nights; and it has and crew were made prisoners.-Inbeen deemed necessary to keep watch telligence of this afflicting event has alternately, for the protection of their been transmitted to the admiralty by property.

Admiral Foley, who says, that such STATE OF THE KING'S HEALTH. was the violence of the gale, that the The following bulletin was exhibit. Grasshopper, in going ashore, beat ed on Saturday :

clean over the wreck of the Hero. Windsor Castle, January 4. These afflicting events are confirmed The king continues nearly in the by the French papers. The Desiree same state

frigate has sailed with a flag of truce (Signed.) H. HALFORD. to the Texel, to obtain correct par

M. BAILLIE. ticulars of che fate of the crew.
W. HEBERDEN. The officers of the Hero, who pe-
J. WILLIS. rished in her, were Capt. James N.

R. WILLIS. Newnhan ; Lieutenants James Wil5th.-FINANCES.-We are happy cox, John Allen Meadway, John Mit. to lay before our readers the follow. chell, John Norton, Charles B. Hit. ing comparative statement of the fol. chens ; Mr John M. Leake, purser ; lowing heads of revenue in the two John Meritt, gunner; William B. quarters ending 5th January, 1811, Watson, boatswain ; Mr Thomas and 5th January, 1812. The excess Murray, carpenter. in favour of the latter quarter is above 7th.-PRINCESS CHARLOTTE OF 345,0001...

WALES' BIRTH-DAY.-The obser1811. 1812. vance of the Princess Charlotte of Consol. Customs, L.912,433.. L.1,306,293 Wales' birth-day was noticed this day Consol Excise, 3,964,910...3 948,439 in a more particular manner by the Consol. Stamps 1,273,473...1,241,66. royal family and others than it has

Accounts are received of the loss hitherto been done. Her royal highof his Majesty'sship Hero, of 74 guns, ness completed her sixteenth year, Captain Newnham, on her return to upon which occasion her royal faEngland from the Baltic. She sailed ther, the prince regent, gave a grand from Gottenburgh on the 18th ult. dinner at Carlton House, to the in company with the Egeria sloop, queen, &c. who came from Wind. Captain Lewis Hole, and 150 sail of sor for that purpose. Her majesty vessels for England, on the 20th, the arrived at the queen's palace in her Hero and 50 sail only were in com- travelling carriage, escorted by a pany ; and on the 23d, the Egeria party of light horse, at 12 o'clock, (arrived at Leith) lost sight of them accompanied by Princesses Augusta in thick blowing weather. The Hero and Mary, attended by Lady Ayles. was lost on Christmas day, off the bury. Soon after, her majesty and Texel, on the Haak Sands, and, we the princesses were visited by the lament to state, with all the crew ex. Duke of Cambridge. About half cept eight. The Grasshopper sloop, past one o'clock the prince regent's footmen in their state liveries, arrived which he made his escape. Mr Pryor at the queen's palace, and took the came down, but being in the dark, queen and princessesto Carlton House, was alarmed, and went back for a where the Dukes of Kent and Cum- light, and when he returned found a berland were in attendance to receive great many boots packed up to take them, who conducted them to the away. prince regent, who received his royal Sarah Wilkins (the servant-maid mother with the most filial affection above-mentioned) is declared out of and attention, and introduced his be- danger. . loved daughter, the Princess Charlotte, 13th.-George Hatton and Moses who they congratulated on the return Clark were, on Friday, apprehended of the day. Her royal highness ap- by Collingbourn and Glennen, on sus. peared extremely well. The prince picion of being concerned in the outconducted the queen and princesses rage at Mr Pryor's, on Sunday evening to view his elegant house, and the re- last. They underwent a long private pairs lately done to it, till near four examination before Mr Evance and o'clock, when the royal party sat Mr Hicks, at Union Hall, but, Sarah down to a sumptuous dinner in the Wilkins still continuing in too weak crimson velvet room. The queen was a state to be confronted with them, attended by Lady Aylesbury. The they were commited for re-examina. prince by Generals Turner and Kep- tion. The parish of St Saviour has pel, and Colonel Congreve. The offered 501. reward for the apprehen. Princess Charlotte by Lady de Clif- sion of any of the persons concerned ford. At a quarter past six the queen in this atrocious outrage. and princesses left Carlton House by DEATH OF THE DUKE OF BUCtorch-light for Windsor. The queen CLEUCH.His Grace the Duke of was conducted to her carriage by the Buccleuch died at Dalkeith House prince, as were his sisters. The day on Saturday after a short illness. was observed as a day of rejoicing ge. His Grace was Duke of Buccleuch nerally at Carlton House.

and Queensberry, Marquis of Dum12th.-Sunday night, between the fries-shire, Earl of Dalkeith, San. hours of nine and ten, the house of quhar, and Drumlanrig, Viscount Mr Pryor, boot and shoemaker, 72, Nith, Torthowald, and Ross, Lord St Margaret's-hill, Borough, was en- Scot of Eskdale, Douglass of Kin. tered by two men, who picked the mount, Middlebie, and Dornock :lock. The servant-maid was in the Also Earl of Doncaster and Lord cellar, and on coming into the shop Tynedale in England, Knight of the saw a man, with a crape on his face, Garter, Lord Lieutenant of the coun. taking down the boots. The girl took ties of Edinburgh and Roxburghhim for her master, and asked him if shire, Governor of the Royal Bank he was going out ? The man directly of Scotland, &c. His grace was born said, if you speak or move I'll cut in 1746, and succeeded his grandfa. your throat. The girl called murder, ther in 1752. He was the only son and few to the door, and shoved one of Francis, Earl of Dalkeith, by Lady man out, and shut it. The man then Caroline Campbell, eldest daughter seized the girl and cut her throat of John, the Great Duke of Argyle. about an inch, gave a cut on her arm, In 1767, his grace married Elizabeth

Montagu, only daughter of the last ing of the 11th of October (the day Duke of Montagu, by whom he has on which Anderson and Menzies, two issue, Charles William, now Duke thieves, were executed at Stirling, by of Buccleuch and Queensberry, and sentence of the Circuit Court of JusHenry James, Lord Montagu, and ticiary), with one or more persons, four daughters, viz. the Countess of attacked, in the town of Stirling, ArCourtown, Countess of Home, Mar. chibald Stewart, cattle-dealer in Dal. chioness of Queensberry, and Coun- spidle, who had just arrived from Fal. tess of Ancram; all of whom have kirk Tryst, where he had received a families. His grace is succeeded in sum of money, and of having struck his titles and estates by his eldest son, and wounded him severely on the Charles William, Earl of Dalkeith, head, and other parts of the body, to who married Harriet, daughter of the the effusion of his blood, and loss of late Viscount Sydney, and has seve. his senses for the time, and of robbing ral children. His grace succeeded at him of one thousand and ten pounds an early age to a princely fortune, sterling, chiefly in notes of the Fal. which gave him the means of indul. kirk Bank Company. ging his natural disposition to public . After the jury were sworn in, the spirit and private liberality; to which counsel for the prisoner stated an obpurposes, accordingly, a considerable jection, that the notes of the Falkirk part of his immense funds were known Banking Company,charged in the into be applied. He was exceedingly dictment as taken from the prisoner, affable in his manners; and, what de were not lodged in due time in the serves to be recorded of a person so hands of the clerk of Justiciary, to greatly exalted both in rank and for. be shewn to the prisoner's counsel. tue, was a real friend to the poor. As The court repelled the objection.a landlord, his liberality was well The witnesses were then examined for known ; he was easy of access, and the crown. always ready to take an active part Sir Thomas Kirkpatrick, Bart. in any scheme of benevolence and hu. Sheriff-depute of the shire of Dummanity.

fries, swore, that the notes of the Fal. LIEUTENANT HAMILTON CROF. kirk Banking Company exhibited, TON.-At the Portsmouth Sessions, were taken from the person of the which commenced on Wednesday prisoner, in a small public-house in last, a true bill was found against Mr the town of Dumfries ; some of them Hamilton Crofton, for purloining were concealed near the waistband of sundry articles of value from Mr his breeches; and also two twentyBradbury, and some gentlemen, at 'pound notes, which he endeavoured the inns in Portsmouth. Mr C. was to conceal in his hand, while they accordingly put upon his trial ; but, were searching him, and severalothers on the prosecutor being called, no. were found concealed in the chimney body appeared in support of the in. of the room where he was. Sir dictment, and he was consequently Thomas, and William Rae, Esq. acquitted..

Sheriff-depute of the shire of Edin. 14.-EDINBURGH.--High Court burgh, identified the declarationsemitOF JUSTICIARY.-Yesterday came on ted by the prisoner, some of which the trial of Alexander Cain, alias O'. he refused to sign unless they were Kane, accused of having, on the even.. written over again and altered.

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