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Laird of Glengary and Cnoidart, he trim, young Ronald son of Ronald was an old hero in my first remem- Arani sent a party of armed men brance; he was for some time absent from Ireland to Scotland by the from his people, and in ward in king's orders, and gentlemen of his Edinburgh ; after him succeeded own kin to command them, namely, Angus son of Alexander son' of Alexander son of Coll son of GilesDonald, (Lord Glengarey.) Allan pie, Colonel James son of Somerled Maconel Dhu, chief of the Clan-Ca- son of James of Banna, and other meron, and latterly the youth Ewen gentlemen. They took shipping at son of John son of Allan, who still the town of Ilac in the month of lives; George Donn, son of Ken. July 1644. They did not stop or neth Og, Earl of Seaforth, Chief of take harbour, until they came to the Clan Mackenzie ; Donald Uabal the Sound of Mull, where they beMacaoi son of Magnus, namely, sieged the castle of Kinloch-alin, Lord Megrath head of the clan took it, and left a party in it, and Morgan ; and many other great men went from thence to the castle of whom I need not mention here, who Mengary, and took it after a great were proprietors of land and chiefs deal of trouble. Alexander (Macin my time; for I write nothing Colla) Macdonald and his party here but of those men whom I have marched to Caol Reate, and the seen myself, and have known great ship sailed to Loch Eisord in Strath part of their transactions; you may to Sir Donald Macdonald ; for the know, from the histories of those king and the Marquiss of Antrim's who write in the popular language, orders were for Sir Donald taking an account of the troubles of those the command of the army, and take times. But what I mean to shew every man that would rise with them; you here is, that the Scots were ready but Sir Donald died half a year beat all times to make * war, and more fore, upon which Alexander offered so than either the English or Irishi the command to Sir James; but he For after the covenant was made refused it, as he thought the army against the king, and episcopacy too few in number, since the whole suppressed, and presbytery set up kingdom was in arms against them, in its stead, the covenanters sent they having five hundred men only; couriers through all countries, in or upon which Alexander Macdonald der to find out proper officers to lead thought of returning to Ireland, since and command their armies, and the king's orders were not obeyed; made choice of Alexander Lesly to mean time, three large ships of war be their commander-in-chief, an old belonging to the parliament came hero who had been long in the ar round from Leith to Loch Eisord, my abroad in different countries. while Alexander's ship lay in the The covenanters' army marched in- Loch; they fought, but Alexander's to England ; it was the first they set ship was taken, which obliged him on foot against King Charles ; thus to remain in the country whatthe kingdom was put into confusion ever might happen. in the year 1639. In the heat of He marched off from thence to these troubles, the Marquis of An- Caol Reithe, and over the mountains

* 1. ę. In defence of their king and country.---Translator's Notę. VOL, V. PART II.

of Cuich, and from thence to Glen- tles raised the spirits of the Gael, gary, and encamped there, where and inspired them with courage, inthey had plenty of beef, and lived somuch that they never refused to very well, but none of the people fight under any disadvantage. would rise with them; from thence Macallan the Earl of Argyle was they went to Badenoch, encamped one of the heads of the presbyterian in it, and threatened the men of faction, and a great supporter of the that country that if they did not covenanters against the king; he rise with them, they would spoil came to Ardnamurchan, and laid and burn their country; upon which siege to the castle of Mengary, but the clan (Vurich) Macphersons did not succeed. joined with their chief, Ewen Og John Muidart came to Argyle's Macpherson son of Andrew son camp at Argyle's desire, for he wishof Ewen, with three hundred of his ed that John would raise his men own kin, a good band which pro. of Clanronald to join him against ved very steady, and who remained the king; but John did not remain in the army while the war continued. long in Argyle's camp, when he The clan (Finlay) Farquharsons of returned and raised all the men of Braemar with their chief, namely, Uist, Eig, and Arasaig, and the first Donald Og son of Donald son of thing they did was the spoiling of Finlay (also joined.) From thence Sunard, leaving neither cow nor they went to Athole, where the Mar- ewe in it, which they did not carry quis of Montrose met them at Blair away to Castle Tirim in Uist, some in Athole in his coat-of-mail, newly of which he sent to the relief of the come from England with the king's garrison of Castle Mengary. Meancommission of general of the army, time Alexander Macdonald came and Alexander Macdonald to be ma- from Montrose to relieve the be. jor-general. They received him joy. sieged in that castle. Alexander fully, and the Athole-men, the clan Macdonald and Donald son of John (Duncan) Robertsons, and the Stew- Muidartach, happened to meet there, arts of Athole in the beginning of har, which made them both very happy vest (joined them.) From thence they at such an accidental meeting, for marched to the low-country, where a they never saw one another before. great army of covenanters met them After leaving another garrison there, near Perth, consisting of eight thou. they came to Castle Tirim. John sand men. The king's army consisted Muidart went along with them to only of two thousand foot, yet they Arasaig, and sent a message to Macobtained a complete victory over leod, urging him to come to join the them ; few of the covenanters esca- . king's army as in duty bound, but ped, except those who were saved by he refused; from thence they went the swiftness of their horses. They to Cnoidart, where they met Angus took the town of Perth after the bat- son of Alexander Macdonald, but tle, and were very happy in it; fifteen he refused to join at that time; how. days only intervened betwixt that ever, Donald Gorm his uncle joined battle and another which they fought them, and the greatest part of the against the covenanters at Aberdeai, men of Cnoidart and Glengary. They where they struggled hard for vice went by the end of Lochness by tory; but these two successful bat- Clachard to Lochaber and the Braes, and Donald Glas (Macronald) Mac- dition by themselves, and went as donald joined them, and the men of far as Kilmartin in Glasry, Argylethe Braes of Lochaber, the Stewarts shire. From that expedition they of Appin, the MacCeans of Glenco, took a thousand head of cattle to Gleneivor, and those east of Locha- Montrose's camp, for there was no ber of the clan Cameron. From thence choice but to burn and spoil that they went to Badenoch, and over country; and 895 of his (i, e. Arthe mountain of Drumuachdar to gyle's) people were killed without Blair in Athole, where they met any battle or skirmish. The army the Marquis of Montrose, who was marched from Argyle to Lorn, and exceedingly happy at the great num- from thence to Innerlochy in Loch, ber of men John Muidartach had col. aber. But Argyle was not idle all lected for the king's service. They this time; he sent for the Laird summoned the council to meet, in of Achinbreck from Ireland, who order to consult about their winter had been there since the beginquarters. The general supposed ning of the war in the Marquis of that they should quarter in the low Antrim's country, possessing and country; others thought the high- spoiling his lands and large towns lands the best place for the safety of with his army. Argyle himself went the army. Montrose's aim was to to the council of Scotland at Edinknow which was the most proper burgh to complain of Montrose and place for the men to get victuals Macdonald, and observing that these, and proper accommodation; and for generals did not wait to give him that purpose he sent for Angus son battle, upon which they sent him of Allan Du of the Glenco-men, to five hundred men. Meantime Achinthe council. Montrose put the ques- breck arrived from Ireland, who was tion to him, (since he best knew highly incensed at seeing his country Argyle's country,) if the men could plundered and destroyed; he, therebe properly accommodated therefore, convened all the clan Campwith meat and lodgings during the bell, (who were very numerous), winter? Angus answered, that there and went upon Montrose's tract; was neither town nor half a town in which when Montrose heard, (as he all Argyle's country, but that they was marching north,* and that the might get good enough houses, and Campbells burnt the Braes of Lochaplenty of fat cattle to feed upon; ber), he immediately returned from which pleased Montrose so well, that Kilcuming in Abertarf. King they set off immediately from the Charles' army was commanded by Braes of Athole to Argyle by Men, Montrose and Macdonald major-gezie's Appin, which they burnt. They neral, and by the gentlemen of Clanmarched from thence to the end of ronald, John Muidartach son of Loch-Tay, and burnt both sides of it. Donald the son of Allan, and his

The clan Macgregor and clan son Donald ; and Angus son of Macnab came to assist the king's Alexander son of Donald son of army. And John Muidartach, and Angus, Laird of Glengary, with his the men of the high grounds, were kindred, and the three Irish regisent upon another plundering expe- ments of the good band of the Earl

Sir Lauchlan Maclean and Glengary came to Montrose at Inverlochy.-Orig. Note.

of Antrim, his own relations being Of Montrose's army were killed their officers, namely, Colonel James Thomas Lord Ogilvie, Captain son of Somerle son of James of Brand, and two soldiers. Banna son of Somerle Bui, and Ro- Montrose marched with the king's nald Og son of Alexander son of army after the battle to the north, Alexander son of Angus Uabhrach, where Mackenzie Earl of Seaforth and Magnus son of Gille Du Mac- came to him, and swore that he, Catban, foster-brother to the Earl with all his men of Lewis and other of Antrim. As for Sir Lauchlan places, would come and join the Maclean, he had only about twelve king's army. Montrose remained men along with him for a guard. in the north during the spring sea

There was an excellent low-country son strengthening his army. The Gorman with them, Lord Ogilvie, and dons, with Lord Gordon, the Marhis son Sir Thomas, a good warrior. quis of Huntley's son, joined him, We marched back from Killcumin he was much the better for them. over Larie Thurrard into Glenroy, Meantime the army of the council and over the river Spean, where a of Scotland came from the south, party of the enemy met us; we kills and Seaforth came from the north ed a number of them, and those with the men of Lewis and the porwho escaped informed their camp thern borders, who, contrary to his what had happened. It was Satur- oath and engagement, joined the day evening when we arrived oppo. parliament army. site to the enemy. Argyle's men W hile Montrose and the royal viewed us, and consulted among army lay at Aldearn, Lord Gordon themselves how they were to at and his good band of both horse tack us; but Argyle himself took and foot being with him, Nathaniel to his ship, and left the Laird of Gordon came to them from ForAchinbreck to fight the battle. Ear- res, and informed them that the ly upon Sunday morning, being Can- enemy were at hand; he was a dlemas day, and first of February good rider and an excellent warrior; 1645, the battle began. Magnus the Caoch was his other name. son of Archibald Du O'Catban be. A battle ensued, hard fought by the gan the attack with other heroes. He Gael; Nathaniel Gordon lost his right was opposed by another party of Ar- arm. Montrose commanded the right gyle's men, and Archibald Og, Laird wing, and the brave Sir Alexander of Pinginy, who fought but a short the son of Coll Citoch son of Architime when Argyle's men gave way; bald son of Coll son of Alexander but were replaced by a greater num- " son of John Catanach, took the left ber, when great confusion ensued, against the right of the enemy, Af. and Argyle's army were totally rout- ter Sir Alexander had engaged his ed with great slaughter, besides a' men, a gentleman came from the number which were drowned at Lorit Gordon, and delivered this Bunevais, The Laird of Auchin message to him : “ Macdonald, I breck, the Laird of Caradale, and have heard that there was an agree. the Provost of Kilmun were killed; ment between our ancestors to this the Laird of Barbrech, the young purpose, namely, That whatever Laird of Caradale, and Maclver of strife happened among Scotsmen, Pinginy More, were taken prisoners, that they would not strike a stroke

against one another, neither is the flight, which when the enemy perfame of any other tribe greater than ceived, they set upon them furioustheirs; therefore, by way of renew- ly. Sir Alexander, therefore, order. ing that agreement, I would requested them to an inclosure which they of you to exchange your foot with had forsaken before; but the enemine, to fight for my king on the 'miespikes and arrows galled them first day of my service; give me much, and killed a great number of your foot and take mine."

them on both sides of the wall beMacdonald immediately agreed fore they got into the inclosure. to that request, and sent ninety men Macdonald's sword broke; he got to Lord Gordon of his veteran sols another, which he supposed was diers inured to hardships, and recei- given him by Davidson of Ardnaved in exchange three hundred foot cross, his brother-in-law, who had of the men of Bog of Gight, Strath- given him his own sword; Davidson boggy, and upper parts of the coun fell at that instant, being the last ty. But it was an ill exchange for man entering along with other good Alexander Macdonald, because these gentlemen about the door, who were men were never engaged in war be waiting to have Macdonald set in fore; they supposed that the Gor- before them. As soon as Macdonald dons' cavalry had only to take care got in, he set upon those who were of the foot, and defend them from opposed to him, in order to relieve danger. Alexander Macdonald drew those who were without, one of up his men, but perceived that he had whom was Ronald the son of Donald no more of his own men than one the son of Angus Mackennon in hundred and fifty gentlemen; he put Mull. twenty of these in the front rank, and I thought proper to write this drew up three hundred foot of the much of the deeds of the Gordons, Gordons in the middle, and marched since I happened to be among before them. The regiment which them. It was not the same side of was opposed to them was that of the the wall with the rest of the gentleLaird of Lawers, men trained to men that Macdonald took, for he arms, and the valiant gentlemen of was among the Gordons. When Lewis, the Mackenzies, along with advancing he put his sèpar about his them; a stout battle ensued, as is shoulders, holding his face to the usual in such situations; but the enemy, his sword being on his side, foot companies which Sir Alexander and his shield in his left hand, and a Macdonald got in exchange not be- gun in his right hand; he held the ing accustomed to such hard work, gun to the pike-man, who happened bowed their heads whenever they to be behind him, because there was heard the whistling of a ball or the a narrow pass before them; hence sough of an arrow. When Sir Alex. none of his own men were behind : ander perceived that, he went always they all marched before him, by backward, and beckoned to them which means there was great slaughwith his hand to take courage, and ter made ainong the Gordon foot by cause the gentlemen to keep order, the archers. but they were hard put to it; I The bow-men ran past Ronald, knew men who even killed some of letting their arrows fly at the Gorthe Gordon's foot to prevent their don soldiers. Sir Alexander Meceni

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