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An act for repealing so much of his present majesty, for amending sean act of the 36th year of his present veral acts for the redemption and sale majesty, for the better relief of the of the poor within England ; and enlarging An act to amend an act made in the powers of the guardians of the the 49th year of his present majesty, poor, as limits the annual amount of for providing a durable allowance of the assessments.

superannuation to the officers of excise, An act to continue until the 1st under certain restrictions. day of January, 1814, an act for ap- An act for transferring the Scotch pointing commissioners to enquire and excise charity and superannuation examine into the nature and extent of funds to the consolidated fund, and the several bogs in Ireland, and the paying all future allowances from the practicability of draining and cultiva. latter fund, and for making provision ting them, and the best means of ef. for certain superannuated officers of fecting the same.

excise in England and Scotland. . An act to provide for the more An act to revive and continue, uncomplete and effectual liquidation of til the 25th day of March, 1813, and a debt due to his majesty from the amend so much of an act, made in the late Abraham Goldsmid, merehant, 39th and 40th year of his present and his surviving partners ; and to majesty, as grants certain allowances confirm and establish certain agree to adjutants, and serjeant majors of ments entered into for that and other the miliţia of England, disembodied purposes relating thereto.

under an act of the same session of An act to amend several acts rela- parliament. ting to the revenue of customs and An act for making allowances in port duties in Ireland.

certain cases to subaltern officers of * An act for granting an additional the militia in Great Britain, while drawback on Aint, phial and crown disembodied. glass ; for charging an additional An act for raising the sum of countervailing duty on flint and crown 22,500,0001. by way of annuities. glass imported from Ireland ; and for An act for raising the sum of the better prevention of frauds in the 5,000,0001. by exchequer bills, for exportation of glass on drawback the service of Great Britain, for the

An act to make better provision year 1812. for the commissioners of appeal in re- An act to repeal the several duties venue causes in Ireland.

under the care of the commissioners An act to allow British plantation for managing the stamp duties in Iresugar and coffee, imported into Ber- land, and to grant new duties in lieu muda in British ships to be exported thereof; and for transferring the to the territories of the United States management of the duties on playing of America in foreign ships or vessels; cards and dice from the commission. and to permit articles, the production ers of inland excise to the commisof the said United States, to be im. sioners of stamp duties. ported into the said island in foreign An act for granting to his majesty ships or vessels.

certain additional rates of postage in An act for extending the period in Great Britain. . which deeds were directed to be en. : An act for charging an additional rolled by an act of the 50th year of duty on copper imported into Great Britain, until the expiration of six An act to permit sugar, coffee, and calendar months after the ratification cocoa to be exported from his maie's of a definitive treaty of peace. ty's colonies or plantations to any

An act for raising the sum of port in Europe to the southward of 500,0001. by treasury bills for the ser Cape Finisterre, and corn to be imvice of Ireland, for the year 1812. ported from any such port, and from "An act to continue until the 25th the coast of Africa, into the said coday of March, 1814, an act made in lonies and plantations, urder licenses the parliament of Ireland, in the 27th granted by the collectors and control. year of his present majesty, for the lers of the customs. better execution of the law, and pre- 'An act for allowing certain artiservation of the peace within counties cles to be imported into the Bahama at large.

islands, and exported therefrom in fo. * An act to continue, until the 1st reign vessels ; and for encouraging day of August, 1813, certain acts for the exportation of salt from the said appointing commissioners to enquire islands. into the fees, gratuities, perquisites, An act to permit the exportation and emoluments received in several of wares, goods, and merchandize, public offices in Ireland ; to examine from any of his majesty's islands in into any abuses which may exist in the West Indies, to any other of the the same, and into the mode of recei. said islands, and to and from any of ving, collecting, issuing, and account- the British colonies on the continent ing for public money in Ireland, of America, and the said islands and

An act for granting to his majesty colonies. certain new and additional duties of An act to provide a summary reassessed taxes; and for consolidating medy in cases of abuses of trusts crea. the same with the former duties of ted for charitable purposes. assessed taxes.

"An act for the registering and se. An act for granting to his majesty curing of charitable donations. additional duties of excise in Great An act for the more easy manning Britain, on glass, hides, and tobacco of vessels employed in the southern and snuff.

whale fishery. An act to amend and regulate the An act to render more effectual an assessment and collection of the assess. act, passed in the 37th year of his ed taxes, and of the rates and duties present majesty, for preventing the on profits arising from property, pro administering or taking unlawful fessions, trades, and offices, in that oaths. part of Great Britain called Scot. An act to continue, amend, and land.

extend the provisions of an act, passAn act for applying the amount of ed in the 48th year of his present ma. the bounties, on certain linens export. jesty, for enabling the secretary at ed from Great Britain towards de. war to enforce returns from clerks of fraying the charge of the loan made subdivisions and others, in relation to and stock created in the present ses fines, bounties, and sums due under sion of parliament. .

any acts relating to the defence of An act to amend several acts rela. the realm or militia, for the purpose ting to the revenue of inland excise of directing the distribution and secuand taxes in Ireland.

ring the due application thereof.

An act for increasing the duty on An act to enable the commissioners rum and other spirits imported into of his majesty's treasury to issue exNewfoundland from the British colo. chequer bills, on the credit of such nies and plantations on the continent aids or supplies as have been or shall of America, and charging a duty on be granted by parliament for the ser. spirits imported into Newfoundland vice of Great Britain for the year from his majesty's colonies in the 1812. West Indies.

An act to make more effectual proAn act for extending the allowance vision for enabling the corporation of the duty on salt used in making for preserving and improving the port oxigenated muriatic acid for bleach- of Dublin, to erect, repair, and maining linen, to salt used in making such tain light houses and lights round the acid for bleaching thread and cotton coasts of Ireland, and to raise a fund twist.

for defraying the charge thereof. An act to amend an act passed in An act to amend an act of this sesthe 50th year of his present majesty, sion of parliament for amending the for placing the duties of hawkers and laws relating to the local militia of pedlars under the management of the England. commissioners of hackney coaches. An act for imposing additional du.

An act to empower the commis. ties of customs on certain species of sioners of Chelsea hospital to com- wood, and on pot and pearl ashes im. mute pensions for a sum of money in ported into Great Britain. certain cases.

An act to amend an act made in An act for amending an act passed the present session of parliament, en. in the 12th year of his late majesty, tituled, • An Act to revive and cona King George the 2nd, entituled, tinue until the 31st day of December, • An act for the more easy assessing, 1812, so much of an act made in the collecting, and levying of county 49th year of his present majesty, to rates ;' and for the remedying certain prohibit the distillation of spirits from defects in the laws relating to the re- corn or grain, in the united kingdom, pairing of county bridges and other as relates to Great Britain ; and to works maintained at the expense of revive and continue another act made the inhabitants of counties in Eng. in the 49th year aforesaid, to suspend land.

the importation of British or Irish An act for defraying the charge of made spirits into Great Britain or the pay and cloathing of the militia Ireland, respectively; and for grant. and local militia in Great Britain for ing certain duties on worts or wash the year 1812.

made from sugar, during the prohibiAn act for defraying, until the tion of distillation from corn or grain 26th day of March, 1813, the charge in Great Britain.' of the pay and clothing of the militia An act to repeal so much of an of Ireland; and for making allow- act of the 43d year of his present maauces in certain cases to subaltern of. jesty, as permits the importation of ficers of the said militia during peace. goods and commodities from Turkey,

An act for raising the sum of Egypt, or the Levant seas, in foreign 1,216,6661. 123. 4d. Irish currency ships. by treasury bills for the service of An act to explain, amend, and ex. Ireland for the year 1812.

tend the provisions of an act, passed

in the last session of parliament, for now payable on the importation in enabling the wives and families of sol to Great Britain of starch. diers to return to their homes, to the An act for better securing the du. widows, wives, and families of sol- ties on malt. diers dying or employed on foreign An act for amending two acts passservice.

ed in the 48th and 49th years of his An act to authorise the transfer to present majesty, for enabling the comthe East Indies, of debts originally missioners for the reduction of the contracted there, on the part of the national debt to grant life annuities. East India company, payable in Eng. An act for the more effectual pu. land.

nishment of person's destroying the An act to remove doubts as to an properties of his majesty's subjects; act passed in the 50th year of the and enabling the owners of such pro. réign of his present majesty, relating perties to recover damages for the into raising men for the service of the jury sustained. East India company.

An act to exempt from the duties An act for amending and enlarging of 1s. and of 6d. in the pound, cer. the powers of an act passed in the tain augmentations made to the sti. 50th year of his present majesty, tò pends of parishes in Scotland. enable his royal highness the Prince An act for explaining, amending, of Wales to grant leases of certain and extending the several laws relative lands and premises called Prince's to the payment of forfeited and unMeadows, in the parish of Lambeth, claimed shares of army prize money, in the county of Surrey, parcel of his to the royal hospital at Chelsea ; and said royal highness's duchy of Corn- for directing the mode of making up wall, for the purpose of building the accounts of pensions, paid to the thereon.

widows of officers of the army An act for vesting in his majesty, An act for taking an account of his lieirs, and successors, certain lands the population of Ireland, and of the or grounds, formerly part of the increase or diminution thereof. . wastes of the manor of Sandhurst, in An act for the better regulation of the county of Berks, freed and dise the butter trade in Ireland. charged of commonable and other An act for advancing 2,500,000). rights.

to the East India Company, to enaAn act for granting to his majesty ble them to discharge part of the Isa sum of money to be raised by lot. dian debt. teries.

An act to enable the Lord Lieu. An act to repeal the several acts tenant of Ireland to regulate the price for the collection and management of of coals to be bought for the benefit the stamp duties in Ireland, and to of the poor of the city of Dublin. make more effectual regulations for An act for extending the time for collecting and managing the said du.. the payment of certain sums of mo. ties.

ney, advanced by way of loan under An acť to prohibit until the 1st an act, passed in the last session of day of November, 1812, the making parliament, for enabling his majesty of starch, hair-powder, and blue, to direct the issue of exchequer bills, from wheat and other articles of food; to a limited amount, for the purposes and for suspending part of the duties and in the manner therein mentioned. An act for the further prevention An act for regulating the allowof the counterfeiting of silver tokens ances granted out of the duties of asissued by the governor and company sessed taxes, to persons in respect of of the bank of England, called dol. the number of their children, by an lars, and of silver pieces issued and act passed in the 46th year of his precirculated by the said governor and sent majesty; and for extending the company, called tokens; and for the limitation mentioned in the said act in further prevention of frauds practised proportion to the increase of the said by the imitation of the notes or bills duties. of the said governor and company. An act to enable the keeper of his

An act for granting to his majesty majesty's privy purse for the time becertain duties on stone bottles made ing, to dispose of and transfer all such in or imported into Great Britain. public stocks or funds, as now do or

An act to permit the exportation shall hereafter stand in his name, in of certain articles to the Isle of Man the books of the governor and comfrom Great Britain.

pany of the bank of England, in trust An act to regulate the manner of for his majesty. licensing boats by the commissioners An act to regulate the separation of the customs, and the delivering up of damaged from sound coffee, and to of licenses in cases of loss or capturé permit dealers to send out any quan. of vessels licensed; and for enabling tity of coffee not exceeding eight the commissioners of the customs to pounds weight without permit, until purchase certain boats at a valuation, the end of two years from the passing

An act to permit the removal of of this act. goods from one bonding warehouse An act to amend an act passed in to another, in the same port.

the 44th year of his majesty's reign An act for amending and reducing for granting stamp duties in Great into one act, the provisions contained Britain, so far as regards the duties in any laws now in force imposing the granted on medicines and on licenses penalty of death for any act done in for vending the same. breach of or in resistance to any part An act to extend the provisions of of the laws for collecting his majesty's an act of the last session of parliarevenue in Great Britain.

ment, relating to the half-pay and alAn act to suspend and finally va- lowance of officers retiring from sercate the seats of members of the vice; and to authorise the allowing House of Commons, who shall be. to foreign officers wounded the like come bankrupts, and who shall not pensions and allowances as are given pay their debts in full within a limit. to British officers under the like cired time.

cumstances. An act to explain the exemption An act to repeal an act, passed in from toll in several acts of parliament, the 49th year of his present majesty, for carriages employed in husbandry; entituled, * An Act for better reguand for regulating the tolls to be paid lating the office of agent general for on other carriages, and on horses, in volunteers and local militia,' and for certain other cases therein specified. the more effectually regulating the

An act for the better regulating said office. and preserving parish and other regis An act to rectify a mistake and to ters of births, baptisms, marriages, carry into more effectual execution and burials in England.

the purposes of an act made in the

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