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Passed in the Sixth Session of the Fourth Parliament of the united Kingdom

of Great Britain and Ireland, 52d George III.-A.D. 1812.

An act for continuing to his ma. An act for making provision for jesty certain duties on malt, sugar, the better support of his majesty's tobacco, and snuff, in Great Britain; household, during the continuance and on pensions, offices, and personal of his majesty's indisposition. estates in England; for the service An act for granting to'his majesty of the year 1812.

a certain sum for defraying the exAn act to permit sugar, the pro. pences incident to the assumption of duce of Martinique, and other con. the personal exercise of the royal quered islands in the West Indies, authority, by his royal highness the to be taken out of warehouse on the Prince Regent, in the name and on payment of the like rate of duty for the behalf of his majesty. waste as British plantation sugar. An act for the regulation of his

An act to revive and to continue majesty's household, and enabling ụntil the 31st day of December 1812, her majesty the queen to meet the so much of an act made in the 49th increased expense to which her mayear of his present majesty, to prohi- jesty may be exposed during his mabit the distillation of spirits from corn jesty's indisposition : and for the care or grain, in the united kingdom, as of his majesty's real and personal pro. relates to Great Britain ; and to re- perty ; and to amend an act of the vive and continue another act made last session of parliament, to provide in the 49th year aforesaid, to suspend for the administration of the royal authe importation of British or Irish. thority during his majesty's illness. made spirits into Great Britain or An act to repeal an act of the 25th " Ireland respectively; and for grant. year of his present majesty, for better ing certain duties on worts or wash securing the duties on coals, culm, made from sugar during the prohibi. and cinders; and making other protion of distillation from corn or grain visions in lieu thereof; and for re. in Great Britain.

quiring ships in the coal trade to be An act for raising the sum of measured. 10,500,0001. by exchequer bills, for An act to amend an act of the the service of Great Britain for the 50th year of his present majesty, for year 1812.

granting a sum of money to be raised An act for raising the sum of by exchequer bills, to bę adyanced 1,500,0001. by exchequer bills, for and applied in the manner and upon the service of Great Britain for the the terms therein mentioned for the year 1812.

relief of the united company of mera

chants of England trading to the act made in the 12th year of his preEast Indies.

sent majesty, for encouraging the maAn act to repeal an act passed in nufacture of leather, by lowering the the 39th and 40th year of his present duty payable upon the importation majesty, for establishing certain regu- of oak bark, when the price of such lations in the offices of the House of bark shall exceed a certain rate. Commons, and to establish other and An act to amend an act of the last further regulations in the said offices. session of parliament, for granting to

An act for extending the laws for his majesty a sum of money to be preventing the embezzlement of his raised by lotteries. majesty's naval ordnance and victual. An act to continue several laws ling stores in Ireland.

relating to permitting the importaAn act to alter and amend an act, tion of tobacco into Great Britain passed in the 51st year of the reign from any place whatever, and to perof his present majesty, for the relief mitting goods and commodities to of certain insolvent debtors in Eng. be imported into and exported from land.

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, in An act for granting annuities to any ship or vessel, until the 25th day discharge certain exchequer bills. of March, 1815; and to the amend.

An act for further continuing, un- ing an act for consolidating and extil the 25th day of March 1813, cer- tending the several laws in force for tain bounties and drawbacks on the allowing the importation of certain exportation of sugar from Great Bri- goods and merchandize into and from tain ; and for suspending the counter certain ports in the West Indies, unvailing duties and bounties on sugar, til the 25th day of March, 1814. when the duties imposed by an act of An act to render valid and effecthe 49th year of his present majesty tual certain oaths administered to shall be suspended ; and for continu. and taken by certain members of the ing so much of an act of the 47th House of Commons before deputies year of his present majesty, as allows of the late Lord Steward of his maà bounty on raw sugar exported un- jesty's household, during the vacancy til the 25th day of March 1813. of the said office.

An act for the more exemplary An act for punishing mutiny and punishment of persons destroying or desertion; and for the better payment injuring any stocking or lace frames, of the army and their quarters. or other machines or engines used in An act for the regulating of his the frame-work knitting manufacto. majesty's royal marine forces, while ry, or any articles or goods in such on shore. frames or machinés : to continue in: An act for raising the sum of force until the first day of March, 6,789,6251. by way of annuities. 1814.

An act to continue, until the 25th An act for the more effectual pre- day of March, 1813, an act for regu. · servation of the peace, by enforcing lating the drawbacks and bounties on

the duties of watching and warding, the exportation of sugar from Ire. until the 1st day of March, 1814, in land. places where disturbances prevail or An act to indemnify such persons are apprehended.

in the united kingdom as have omitAn act for making perpetual an ted to qualify themselves for offices

and employments, and for extending An act for altering and amending the times limited for those purposes an act made in the 32d year of the respectively, until the 25th day of reign of his late majesty King George March, 1813; and to permit such the Second, for the relief of debtors, persons in Great Britain as have omit with respect to the imprisonment of ted to make and file. affidavits of the their persons, and of an act made in execution of indentures of clerks to the 39th year of his present majesty, attornies and solicitors, to make and for making perpetual an act made in file the same on or before the 1st day the 33d year of his present majesty, of Hilary term, 1813.

for the further relief of debtors; and An act for enabling the wives and for other purposes in the said act exfamilies of soldiers embarked in Ire- pressed. land for foreign service to return to An act to prohibit all intercourse their homes.

between the island of Jamaica and An act to amend an act of the last certain parts of the island of Saint session of parliament, making provi. Domingo. sion for the families of militiamen in An act for granting additional du. . Ireland.

ties on mahogany not imported from An act to amend the laws relating the Bay of Honduras, and for reduto the militia of Ireland. .

cing the duties on certain species of An act to provide for regulating wood imported from the said bay. the warehousing of spirits distilled An act for settling and securing a from corn in Ireland, for exportation, certain annuity on Earl Wellington without payment of the duty of ex and the two next persons to whom cise chargeable thereon; and to trans- the title of Earl Wellington shall defer the custody of spirits so warehou. scend, in consideration of his eminent sed, from the commissioners of cus- services. . toms and port duties in Ireland, and An act for amending the laws retheir officers, to the commissioners of lating to the local militia in Enginland excise and taxes in Ireland, and land. their officers.

An act for the more effectual reAn act to repeal an act made in the gulation of pilots, and of the pilotage 39th year of Queen Elizabeth, en- of ships and vessels on the coast of tituled an act against lewd and wan. England. dering persons pretending themselves An act to make provision for a lito be soldiers or mariners.

mited time respecting certain grants An act for the relief of infant suit of offices. ors in courts of equity, entitled to An act to amend and continue unstock or annuities in any of the pub- til the 25th day of March, 1813, an lic or other funds, transferable at the act of the 45th year of his present bank of England.

majesty, for appointing commissionAn aci to continue until the expi- ers to enquire into the public expenration of six months after the conclu- diture, and the conduct of the public sion of the present war, an act made business in the military departments in the 46th year of his present majes. therein mentioned ; and another act, ty, for permitting the importation of of.the 51st year of his present majesmasts, yards, bowsprits, and timber ty, for continuing and extending the for naval purposes, from the British same to public works executed by the colonies in North America, duty free. office of works and others.

An act for amending the laws re- in Thames-street, for the purpose of lating to the allowance of the boun. erecting a new custom-house. ties on pilchards exported until the An act to continue until three 24th day of June, 1819.

months after the commencement of An act for increasing the rates of the next session of parliament, and subsistence to be paid to innkeepers amend an act of the last session of and others on quartering soldiers. parliament, for making more effec

An act for the erection of a peni. tual provision for preventing the curtentiary house for the confinement of rent gold coin of the realm from beoffenders convicted within the city of ing paid or accepted for a greater London and the county of Middle. value than the current value of such sex ; and for making compensation coin ; for preventing any note or bill to Jeremy Bentham, Esquire, for the of the governor and company of the non-performance of an agreement be bank of England from being receitween the said Jeremy Bentham and ved for any smaller sum than the sum the Lords Commissioners of his ma therein specified ; and for staying pro. jesty's Treasury, respecting the cus. ceedings upon any distress by tender tody and maintenance of convicts of such notes; and to extend the same

An act to suspend the exportation to Ireland. from Ireland to parts beyond the seas An act to provide for the more of spirits made or distilled in Ireland speedy examination, controuling, and from corn or grain, until the 31st day finally auditing the military accounts of December, 1812.

of Ireland. An act to grant to his majesty du: An act to provide for the speedy ties upon spirits made or distilled in and regular examination and audit of Ireland, and to allow certain draw. the public accounts of Ireland ; and backs on the exportation thereof; to repeal certain former acts relating and to repeal certain bounties given thereto. to persons licensed to sell spirituous An act for extending the time in liquors, wine, beer, and ale, by retail, which coffee of the British planta. in Ireland.

tions may be sold by auction without An act to revive and continue until payment of the duty on auctions ; the 31st day of December, 1812, so and for making an allowance of such much of an act made in the 49th year duty on coffee sold, for which the of his present majesty to prohibit the said duty has not been paid. distillation of spirits from corn or An act for continuing until the 1st grain in the united kingdom as relates day of August, 1813, several laws to Ireland.

relating to the duties on glass made An act to provide for the regula. in Great Britain. ting and securing the collection of the An act to prevent foreign goods duties on spirits distilled in Ireland of certain descriptions being brought from corn, malted or unmalted, in from the United States of America stills of, and under 100 gallons con into Canada ; and to allow a greater tent.

quantity of worsted yarn to be ex. An act to continue the period for ported from Great Britain to Canapurchasing the legal quays in the port da. of London, and to enable the Lords An act to explain and amend an of the Treasury to purchase buildings act passed in the 50th year of his present majesty, for explaining and special purpose, in the hands of bank. amending an act for continuing and ers, merchants, brokers, attornies, or making perpetual several duties of 1s. other agents. 6d. in the pound, on offices and em- An act for extending the provisions ployments of profit, and on annuities, of an act of the 30th year of King pensions, and stipends.

George the Second, against persons An act to enable his majesty to obtaining money by false pretences, settle on their royal highnesses the to persons so obtaining bonds and Princesses Augusta Sophia, Eliza. other securities. beth, Mary, and Sophia, an annuity An act to allow the use of sugar of 36,0001. instead of the annuity in brewing beer in Greát Britain. settled on them by an act passed in An act to explain and amend an the 18th year of his present majesty. act of the 50th year of his present

An act to grant to his majesty cer- majesty, to regulate the taking of tain duties of excise on tobacco to be securities in all offices in respect of manufactured in Ireland ; and to al. which security ought to be given. low certain drawbacks in 'respect and for avoiding the grant of all such thereof, in lieu of former duties of ex- offices in the event of such security cise and drawbacks: and to provide not being given within a time to be for the regulating and securing the limited after the grant of such offi. collection of the said duties.

čes. An act for allowing on the expor. An act for settling and securing tation of manufactured plate for the certain annuities, on the widow and private use of persons residing or go- eldest son of the late right honoura. ing to reside abroad, the same draw. ble Spencer Perceval, and for grantback as is now allowed on the expor. ing a sum of money for the use of his tation of such plate by way of mer. other children. chandize.

An act for amending the laws An act for altering the mode of relating to the local militia in Scot. payment of the superannuation allow. land. ances in the department of the customs. An act to continue until the 5th in Scotland. .

day of July, 1813, several acts for An act to grant an excise duty on granting certain rates and duties, spirits made or distilled from sugar and for allowing certain drawbacks in Ireland, during the prohibition of and bounties on goods, wares, and distillation from corn or grain there, merchandize, imported into and ex. in lieu of the excise duty now charge. ported from Ireland. able thereon, and to allow a draw. An act for raising the sum of back on the export thereof.. 1,500,0001, by way of annuities, and

An act to enable coadjutors to treasury bills for the service of Ire: archbishops and bishops in Ireland to land. execute the powers of archbishops An act for the better cultivation and bishops respectively.

of navy timber in the forest of WoolAn act for more effectually pre mer, in the county of Southampton. venting the embezzlement of securi. An act for the better cultivation ties for money and other effects, left of navy timber in the forest of Alice or deposited for safe custody, or other Holt, in the county of Southampton

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