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cow to Smolensk. So that there before the enemy; on the 13th he could not be collected at Smolensk, quitted Smolensk; on the 16th he supposing the shattered remains of all slept at Krasnoi. these nine corps to reach it, more than The cold which began on the 7th, between 40 and 50,000 men. Mac- suddenly increased, and on the 14th, donald's corps, which was at Mittau, 15th, and 16th, the thermometer was though it was defeated in a joint at. 16 and 18 degrees below the freezing tempt with Oudinot to beat Witt- point. The roads were covered with genstein, has suffered less loss than ice, the cavalry, artillery, and bagany of the twelve corps. Oudinot's gage horses perished every night, not corps lost in the action of Polotsk, only by hundreds, but by thousands. and subsequent retreat to Lepel, In a few days more than 30,000 6000 men. The Batavian division, horses perished; our cavalry were on which formed part of it, was then cut foot, our artillery and our baggage off and nearly annihilated. The re- were without conveyance. It was mainder was joined by Victor, and necessary to abandon and destroy a completely defeated at Tcharniki, on good part of our cannon, ammunithe Oula; so that both Oudinot's tion, and provisions. and Victor's divisions must have suf. This army, so fine on the 6th, was fered nearly, if not quite as much, as very different on the 14th ; almost any of the divisions that advanced to without cavalry, without artillery, Moscow.

without transports ; without cavalry, Extract from the troenty-ninth Bale we could not reconnoitre a quarter of letin.

a league's distance; without artilleMolodetschno, Dec. 3, 1812. ry, we could not risk a battle, and « To the 6th of November the wea- firmly await it ; it was requisite to ther was fine, and the movement of march, in order not to be constrained the army was executed with the great to a battle, which the want of ammu. est success. The cold weather be- tion prevented us from doing, it was gan on the 7th ; from that moment requisite to occupy a certain space we every night lost several hundred not to be turned, and that too withhorses, which died in consequence of out cavalry, which led and connected bivouacking. Arrived at Smolensk, the columns. This difficulty, joined we had already lost many cavalry and to the cold which suddenly came on, artillery horses.

rendered our situation miserable. The Russian army from Volhynia Those men whom nature had not sufwas opposed to our right. Their right ficiently steeled to be above all the left the Minsk line of operations, and chances of fate and fortuné, appeared took for the pivot of its operations shook, lost their gaiety, their goodthe Warsaw line.

humour, and dreamed but of misforOn the 9th the emperor was in- tunes and catastrophes. formed at Smolensk of this change in The enemy, who saw upon the the line of operations, and conceived road traces of that frightful calamity what the enemy would do. How which had overtaken the French ar. ever hard it appeared to him to put my, endeavoured to take advantage himself in movement during so cruel of it. He surrounded all the columns a season, the new state of things de- with his Cossacks, who carried off, manded it. He expected to arrive at like the Arabs in the desert, the Minsk, or at least upon the Beresina, trains and carriages which separated.


This contemptible cavalry, which on- His majesty travelled incognito, in a ly makes noise, and is not capable of single sledge, under the name of the penetrating through a company of Duke of Vicenza.

' voltigeurs, rendered themselves for. His majesty arrived on the 14th, at midable, by favour of circumstances." one o'clock in the morning, at Dres.

In this state of affairs Buonaparte den, and alighted at the house of his deserted his army and fled to Paris : minister, Count Serra. the following account of his journey He had a long conference with the and arrival is given by the French King of Saxony, and immediately afjournalists.

terwards pursued his journey, taking . Paris, Dec. 18. the road of Leipsic and Mentz. On the 5th of December, the em. M. de Montesquiou, peror having called together at his of the Prince of Neufchatel, dispatch. head.quarters at Smorgony, the Vice- ed by the emperor from his head. roy, the Prince of Neufchatel, and quarters at Seliche, on the 2d of De. Marshals Dukes of Elchingen, Dant- cember, with dispatches for the em. zic, Treviso, the Prince of Eckmuhl, press, arrived at Paris last night. the Duke of Istria, acquainted them,

Paris, Dec. 19. that he had nominated the King of His majesty the emperor arrived Naples his lieutenant.general, to com. here yesterday at half past eleven in mand the army during the rigorous the evening ; he received the princes, season. His majesty, in passing grand dignitaries, the ministers, and through Wilna, was employed seve. great officers. ral hours with the Duke of Bassano.


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