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being knocked down, made several

attempts to preserve his watch, when Ist. EDINBURGH. We regret to he was so abused and kicked on the state, that last night, being the last head, and in the breast and stomach, of the year, and on that account de- that he was glad to escape with his voted by immemorial usage, and the life. Another gentleman, in the same custom of the place, to innocent fes unhappy predicament, succeeded in tivity, the streets of this city were preserving his watch, though it was disgraced by a series of riots, out- pulled so violently that the chain was rages, and 'robberies, hitherto, we broke, which, together with the seals may truly say, without any example. he lost. -During almost the whole of the These outrages were chiefly comnight, after eleven o'clock, a gang of mitted by a band of idle apprentice ferocious banditti, armed with blud. boys, regularly organized for the purgeons and other weapons, infested pose, and lurking in stairs and closes, some of the leading streets in this from whence they issued, on a signal metropolis, and knocked down and given, in large bands, and surround. robbed, and otherwise most wantonly ed and overwhelmed those who were abused, almost every person who had passing by. By the vigilance of the the misfortune to fall in their way. magistrates, who were in the streets, After they had fairly succeeded in or otherwise actively engaged in the knocking down those of whom they duties of their office, until about five were in pursuit, they proceeded im o'clock on Wednesday morning, semediately to rifle them of their money veral of these rioters were apprehend. and watches; and the least symptom, ed on the spot, some of them with on their part, of anxiety to save their the stolen articles in their possession, property, was a provocation to new and the most vigilant enquiries are outrages, which were persevered in going on, with a view to root out until their lives were endangered. One this nefarious combination against the person we have heard of, who, after peace of society. A reward of 100


guineas is offered for the discovery of Several persons were seized in the the offenders.

course of the night, and brought beDugald Campbell, a police officer, fore the Magistrates and Judge of who was wounded, and carried to Police, who were in attendance, and the Royal Infirmary, is since dead, some articles were found in their posand another lies dangerously ill. session which it is supposed belong

In addition to the above account, to persons who had been robbed. we have now to state, that on the It is requested that such will call at morning of the 1st current, Mr James the Council-chamber, to give the reCampbell, clerk to Messrs John Ait. quisite information, and to identify ken and Company, merchants in their property. Leith, was attacked on the South From the whole circumstances that Bridge, near to the Tron Church, came out, upon investigation last betwixt one and two o'clock, and so night, there appears to have been a severely struck on the head and other regular plan of robbery previously parts of the body, that he died on concerted by the perpetrators, who Tuesday of the wounds he received. were almost all boys or young lads, It having turned out in the course of armed with bludgeons for the purinvestigation that several other per- pose. sons were severely wounded, the Right As this is a thing so new in the Hon. the Lord Provost and Magis. metropolis, as well as so flagrant in trates, in order the more effectually itself, the Lord Provost and Magisto lead to the detection of the per- trates are determined to follow up the son or persons guilty of the above of- enquiry in the most rigorous manner; fences, offered a reward of one hun. and they earnestly call upon all ranks dred guineas, to those who shall give of citizens, especially those who such information as shall lead to the have the charge of apprentices and detection of the persons guilty. youth, to give every aid in their pow.

The following proclamations were er, so as this most atrocious combinaalso circulated, and advertised in all tion may be effectually detected, and the newspapers :

a severe public example made of all

those concerned in it... Reward of One Hundred Guineas.

WM. CREECH, Provost. Whereas outrages of a most vio

JOHN WALKER, B. lent nature, and hitherto unexampled

ARCH. MACKINLAY, B. in Edinburgh, have been committed

JOHN WAUGH, B. last night upon several gentlemen and

ROB. Smith B. police-officers, when passing along Council-chamber, Edinburgh, the streets, by knocking them down, January 1, 1812. . maltreating, and robbing them; The Lord Provost and Magis.

Murder ! trates, in order to lead to a discovery Whereas in the course of the late of the persons concerned in those riots on the streets of this city, on the proceedings, hereby offer a reward of night of the 31st December last, or

One Hundred Guineas, morning of the 1st January current, to be paid to informers, upon convic. Dugald Campbell, one of the policetion of the offender or offenders. officers, while in the discharge of hiç duty, was severely struck and wound. most actively engaged :-John Skeled by a number of persons presently ton, sentenced to be hanged, but reunknown, and yesterday died of his prieved, and ordered to be transport, wounds;

ed for life. Hugh M'Intosh, Niel The Right Hon. the Lord Pro. Sutherland, and Hugh Macdonald, vost and Magistrates, in order more executed: Robert Gunn, and Alex: effectually to lead to the detection of ander Macdonald alias White, transthe person or persons guilty of the ported for life. George Napier and offence, hereby offer a reward of 100 John Grotto, transported for 14 years. guineas to those who shall give such Several banished themselves from the information as shall lead to the detec- city, some enlisted, and others were tion of the persons guilty ; to be paid sent on board the navy. upon conviction.

2d. The Lord Provost and Ma. Note. The reward now offered gistrates of Edinburgh met the comis separate and distinct from that ad. mittees of the different public bovertised for the discovery of those dies, on the subject of the late riotous who were generally engaged in the proceedings in that city, and to conriots.

sider of the measures to be pursued Council chamber, Edinburgh,

for establishing a more efficient poJanuary 4, 1812.

lice. The Lord Prouost having ad.

dressed the meeting at some length, Notice to the Public. the following resolutions were unani· The Right Hon the Lord Pro. mously agreed to: vost and Magistrates request that

Imo. That the present meeting, con. such persons as may have lost watch. sisting of committees appointed by every es, in the riot of the 31st ultimo, will public body of the community of Edintransmit, to this office, notes of the burgh, almost without exception, think makerz' names, and numbers, so that it a duty incumbent upon them solemnly they may be immediately advertised to declare, that, in their opinion, the preMeantime, watch-makers and others sent system of police is totally inadequate are requested to be careful in purcha

to the beneficial purposes for which it was

intended. sing watches from persons unknown

2do. That the late police act ought, to them, and to secure all suspicious

therefore, to be repealed, and a new bill persons offering watches for sale. brought into parliament, with every posSufferers will also please transmit a sible dispatch, containing a powerful sysparticular note and description of any tem of police, with such subordinate reother article of property they may gulations as may appear necessary to rehave lost

medy the evils at present so universally It is entreated that those who have and justly complained of. sent anonymous information to the

A sub-committee was then apMagistrates respecting the late riots, pointed, consisting of the Lord Prowill call in person at this office. vost and Magistrates, the Lord PreCouncil-chamber, Edinburgh,

sident, the Lord Chief Baron, Baron January 4, 1812,

Clerk, the Lord Advocate, the SoSixty-eight persons were arrested licitor General, Mr Sheriff Rae, the in consequence of these proceedings. City Assessors, the Dean of Faculty, The following are the names of those the Deputy-Keeper of the Signet,

William Inglis, Esq. John Tait, Esq. was skating on the river Esk, near Captain Lowes, &c. &c.

Lasswade, the ice gave way with LONDON.-On Friday a Court of him, and he was unfortunately drownDirectors was held at the East-In- ed. Every effort to restore him to dia house, when the under-mentioned animation was ineffectual. commanders took leave, viz. Captain MURDERS OF THE MARRS AND Gribble, of the Royal George ; Cap. WILLIAMSONS.It will be satisfactain Moffat, of the Winchelsea ; Cap- tory to our readers to be made actain Lock, of the David Scott; and quainted with the following circum. Captain Welbank, of the Cuffnels, stances, tending to confirm the confor Madras and China ; Captain Ro- viction of the guilt of Williams, as bertson, of the Surat Castle, for the concerned in the late murders :- The Prince of Wales Island and China. privy belonging to the Pear-Tree Captain M. Craig was sworn into the public-house, where he lodged, has command of the ship Elphinstone, been searched and examined, and in destined to China direct.

it has been found buried a pair of Captain Stopford, who brought blue striped trowsers, much stained the official details of the taking of with blood from top to bottom; they Batavia, is promoted to the rank of are spoken to very confidently by post captain, and will also be reward. Williams's fellow-lodgers at the Peared with the sum of 5001. as is custom, Tree, as having been seen frequently ary on similar occasions.

lying about the house. A pocketThere has been an unfortunate dif- book has algo been found in the same ference between the Board of Coun- place, containing several instruments cil and House of Assembly in St and a pair of scissars, which, no Kitts. We are not informed pre- doubt, will be proved to have belongcisely of the origin of the schism ; but ed either to Mrs Williamson or Mrs it has occasioned a reproachful con- Marr. The trowsers and the pockettroversy, which ended in the House book were discovered thrust down of Assembly refusing to take notice near four feet under the surface of of any communications from the go. the soil, by a birch-broom, which vernment. The statements of the was also found in a perpendicular poparties implicated have been sent to sition upon the trowsers, but comEngland.

pletely covered by the soil. The · On Thursday, a boy, about ten contents of the pocket-book are years of age, son of Mr Niven, ma- quite fresh, and do not appear to "nager of the Gilmerton coal-works, have been disturbed. was amusing himself on the ice with INTERMENT OF JOHN WILLIAMS some of his school-fellows, on a pond THE MURDERER.--About ten o'. near that place, when the ice unfor- clock on Monday night, Mr Robintunately gave way, and he sunk un- son, the high constable of the parish der it. It was about two hours be. of St George, accompanied by Mr fore the body was recovered, and the Machin, one of the constables, Mr exertions used to restore animation Harrison, the collector, and Mr Rowere, of course, unsuccessful. binson's deputy, went to the prison

During the course of the last week, at Coldbath-Fields, where the body of while a young man, named Stevens, Williams being delivered to them,


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