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ter an inconsiderable resistance on ten in the midst of confusion and alarm, the 12th ultimo, and that the Retiro we cannot but earnestly hope that tohad surrendered by capitulation on morrow's mail will show that the riot has the 14th with 25,000 prisoners. In

been less fatal than is here represented. that place there were found 189 pie

“A letter in the Aurora states that the

criminal court was in session when the ces of cannon, the eagles of the 13th

riot commenced. A letter, which is now and 518t regiments, 900 barrels of

before us, says, “ The court of justice is powder, 20,000 stand of arms, and shut up, the judges will not preside; and considerable magazines of clothing, the grand jury will not serve. Tears beprovisions and ammunition.”' dew the cheeks of the reflecting part of

The following bulletin was shewn the St James's Palace on Saturday

“ Baltimore, July 29. last :

“I scarcely know how to begin to in“Windsor Castle, Sept. 5. form you of the horrid scene in which “ His majesty has continued near this city at present is involved. Since ly in the same state since the time of

the destruction of the office of the Fedethe last monthly report.”

ral Republican, that paper has not been 8th.-HORRID MURDER.—Some

published until Monday last. It was then

issued by C. Hanson and J. H. Heath. jocularities having passed on Sunday,

About eight o'clock in the evening, a mob at dinner, between a young man and

began to assemble (about 30, mostly boys the wife of a fishmonger, of the name under 17 years of age), and to break the of Dodd, resident at West Ham, Es. windows of the house, from which the sex, the husband, enraged at what he papers were distributed to the subscribers construed into an improper familiari. in Baltimore. About 10 o'clock they ty, plunged a knife, with which he were joined by many more. They then was eating, into the heart of the un

broke the doors, and attempted to enter

the house. There were about 70 armfortunate woman ; her death was in.

ed persons within, who immediately fistantaneous. ' Dodd was immediate

red upon those who were entering the ly secured.

building, and killed three and woundLIVERPOOL.--The following im. ed four others. The mob then armed portant intelligence from America, themselves, brought a six-pounder to bear was received from hence this day. upon the house, fired into the building

« The ship Pacific, a cartel with pas. with their muskets, and wounded one sengers, arrived here this morning,

man in the breast. This was at 12.0' from New York, which she left on

clock, and the alarm bell did not ring till

twọ in the morning. the morning of the 8th ult. She

“ Two troops of horse then assembled. brings papers, from which the follow. To them the men in the house surrening are extracts. .

dered, on condition that they should be . “ New York, July 31. taken to the prison unmolested. A comANOTHER BALTIMORE Rior.-It is pany of infantry was called out to assist with emotions of unutterable regret that them, but it was with difficulty they were we have to record the most alarming and conveyed to the jail.' The mob broke all sanguinary riot that this hitherto tran- the furniture in the house, which had quil country has ever seen. Knowing the been thus surrendered, broke the frames solicitude of the public to learn the de- of the doors and windows, tore down the tails of those scenes of horror in which chimnies, and then marched to the pria sister city is involved, we have collect- son, with the intention to murder the ed and published several letters on the prisoners. Two regiments were put unmournful subject. As these were all write der arms, and continued so until seven


in the morning, when the mob dispersed, men. They were captured by the and the military were dismissed. This British fleet which has recently pass. calm was but a prelude to a more dread- ed along our coast, and we fear that ful storm. At eight o'clock in the even-th

even they amount in value to more than all ing, the mob re-assembled in greater

" the British vessels that can be captunumbers ; cut down the prison doors; entered, and, by beating and hanging,

red in a year. murdered, in cold blood, about twelve

10th.-CONSTITUTION OF SICILY. persons—the rest, to the number of ten, -" Palermo, 24th July, 1812. The made their escape through the back parliament held their second sitting door. Old General Lee from Virginia, (first for dispatch of business on the was murdered-David Hoffinan was left 20th, when the following fourteen as dead, and is not expected to live, articles were resolved, and passed two young men of Hoffman's in the same

e through the three chambers, by a case-Hauson and Heath the same-J. Thompson was beaten and supposed to

t' large majority, in spite of the influ. be dead-he was then dragged with a ence of the court. There is not per. rope, until they could obtain a cart, on haps in history so remarkable a revo. which they put him, covered him with lution brought about, with so much tar and feathers, and conveyed bim thus tranquillity. The barons have given about the city. Their barbarity did not up their feudal rights, and if the recease here. They occasionally felt bis

solutions are followed up the peQpulse, and when they discovered the ple will be free least indication of life, they again beat

« The British minister deserves the his head, until it was extinguished. This work continued until two ở clock. when highest credit for his conduct ; the they were persuaded to lodge him in the Sicilians admit that they owe every watch-house, where I saw him. He had thing to his moderation, good sense, then come to, and asked for a drink of and firmness. water, which was given to him. The mob then dispersed, with a determination to "Ist. The supreme authority of mameet again this morning at nine o'clock, king laws and imposing taxes is vested for the purpose of tormenting this poor alone in the nation. creature a little longer. All I have ever “ 2d. The executive power is in the read of the French does not equal what king. I saw and heard last night. Such ex. 3d. Judicial authority is in the mapressions as these were current-"We'll gistrates, subject to the approval of parroot out the Tories"-" We'll drink liament. their blood” _“We'll eat their hearts.” “ 4th, The king's person is sacred.

“I have just heard that the mob are " 5th. The ministers are responsible out, and have gotten poor Thompson to parliament. again. I understand they intend to seize 6th. The two chambers to consist of again upon the others who were beaten, lords and commons, and the clergy to and who are now in the hospital, and have seats in the former. · not expected to live till 12 o'clock. My “ 7th. The barons to have only one thoughts are so confused from anxiety

yote each. and want of rest, that I can scarcely

“ 8th. The right of assembling parliawrite."

ment is in the king, and necessary every · THE NAUTILUS CAPTURED.-It


“gth. The nation sole proprietor of is with much regret (says the same the state. paper) that we have to state the loss “ 10th. No Sicilian can be judged or of the United States brig Nautilus, condemned, except by laws to be recog. and a long list of American merchant. nized by parliament.


• 11th. The feudal law is abolished, . " The Duke of Sperlenga propo. as well as the right of investiture (Mono- sed and carried the motion relative to poly).

the feudal law, on which occasion he 6'12th. The privileges of the barons, delivered a brilliant speech.” over their vassals, is also abolished. "13th. Every proposition, relative to

WAR DEPARTMENT. taxation, must originate in the lower 10th September 1812-8 o'clock A. M. chamber and be approved by the upper. “ 14th. A modification of the British

! RAISING OF THE SIEGE OF CAconstitution to be recommended this ses DIZ.-Major D’Oyly has this morn

ing arrived with dispatches from Ma. “ The parliament had their second jor-General Cooke to Earl Bathurst, meeting last night, the 24th. The dated Cadiz, 26th August, by which ecclesiastical chamber sent a deputa- it appears, that, on the night of the tin to the lords, stating, as their 24th, and morning of the 25th, the opinion, that the first article of the enemy abandoned his positions and rezvlution should go to establish the works opposite to that place, and religion of the country, which was the Isla de Leon, except the town carried, after a debate. It was then of Port Santa Maria, where a body resolved, that the articles already vo. of troops remained till the middle of ted by the three chambers should be the day, and then withdrew to the forthwith presented to the king for Cartuga. He has left a very nume. his sanction, previous to any further rous artillery in the several works, proceedings, it being argued, that if and a large quantity of stores and the king should put his veto on these powder. Most of the ordnance has resolutions (which were to form the been rendered useless. basis of the new constitution) any su. Colonel Skerrett and the Spanish perstructure formed upon them must troops under General Cruz were at fall to the ground. There were only Manzanilla on the 22d. six dissentient voices on this question. 12th.-PEDESTRIANISM.-J. Waring, Princes Frabbeia Cassino (the pre- a Lancashire-man, started from Lon. sent minister of the interior), Cuto don on Thursday, for a wager of and Lucchisi Niscemi and two others, 100 guineas, to go to Northampton voted with the court. Butera, the and return (136 miles), in 34 hours, premier baron, gave the first voice for which is, within two miles, at the the articles being immediately pre rate of four miles an hour, without sented. Their deliberations conti. stoppages. He went the first 55 nued to a late hour.

miles in 12 hours, and half the dis. “ The Marquis Salvo proposed and tance in 147. After resting an hour carried the 9th resolution against the and a half, he started on his return, ministers.

and got through the business, with “ Prince Belmonte made a most three minutes to spare, with exceseloquent speech, and to his perseve- sive fatigue. rance, ability, and firmness, every cre. A few days since, such a shoal of dit is due.

red mullet drove from sea up the ri. “ The Marquis Salvo also propo- ver Exe to Topsham, that they were sed the trial by jury, which was op- sold at 2s. per dozen, and under ; it posed by the lords, but carried in the is now several years since a shoal of common.

the kind came up the Exe; some have conjectured that they are pur. sweep some of the chimneys belong: sued from the ocean by the porpoises, ing to the inn early next morning, as a vast body of the latter have been They were, according to custom, seen playing in Exmouth harbour, treated with a supper, which they and one morning last week some of had begun to eat, when the younger, à monstrous size approached so near a boy about seven years of age, hapthe bathing-machines, as to cause no pening to cast his eyes upon the wolittle alarm to those who were ba man (who had been likewise viewing thing.

them with a fixed attention from their MELANCHOLY CATASTROPHE.- first entrance), suddenly started up, On the morning of the 27th of Au. and exclaimed in a frantic tone gust, 14 men belonging to Conway « That's my mother !” and immedi. went out in a small boat to finish the ately few into her arms. It appear. loading of a fat lying near Orms- ed that her name is Mary Davis, and head, bound, with pavement flags, that she is the wife of a private in the for Liverpool. After having accom. 2d regiment of foot guards, now serplished their work, they left the ves. ving in the peninsula ; she resides in sel about ten at night, and began to Westminster ; her husband quitted row towards Conway; in a short her to embark for foreign service on while their cries were heard as if in the 20th of last January, and on the great danger, but the vessel being 28th of the same month she left her aground, no assistance could be ren. son in the care of a woman who ocdered to them. The cries of distress cupied the front rooms of her house, continued until one loud yell was ut. while she went to wash for a family tered, after which there was universal in the neighbourhood; on her return şilence. Next morning the boat was in the evening, the woman had defound, full of water, and drifted up camped with her son, and, notwiththe river. Seven hats, two jackets, standing every effort was made to and a waistcoat, were found on the discover their retreat, they had not water's edge ; but none of the bodies since been heard of; but having been have been washed ashore. Conway lately informed that the woman was is filled with lamentation. Ten of the a native of Leeds, she had come to men have left lạrge families. Eleven the resolution of going there in search widows were unfortunately made, and of her child, and with this view had 35 children left fatherless. Subscrip- walked from London to Folkingham, tions for their relief have been set on a distance of 106 miles, with an infoot, and the people, touched with fant not more than six weeks old in their suffering, have been extremely her arms. The boy's master stated, liberal.-(North Wales Gazette.) that about the latter end of last Ja.

12th.-An interesting occurrence nuary he met a woman and boy in the took place at Folkingham on Tues- neighbourhood of Sleaford, where he day evening se'nnight.--A poor wo. resides ; she appeared very ragged, 'man, who had obtained a pass billet and otherwise much distressed, and to remain there all night, was sitting was at that time beating the boy most by the fire of the kitchen of the Grey- severely; she then accosted him (the hound inn, with an infant child at master), saying she was in great disher breast; when two chimney-sweeps tress, and a long way from home, and came in, who had been engaged io after some further preliminary conversation, said, if he would give her and 15 artillery-drivers, were immetwo guineas to enable her to get home, diately sent off to Dartmoor, and she would bind her son apprentice to their appearance quickly restored orhim ; this proposal was agreed to, der among the insurgents. · It apand the boy was regularly indentu pears that the bakehouse having been red, the woman having previously burnt down last week at Dartmoor, made affidavit as to being his own in which bread for the prisoners had mother. This testimony was corro. usually been baked, a pound and a borated by the boy himself; but as half of biscuit had been served out no doubt remained in the mind of to each man, but this had been redu. any one respecting the boy's real mo. ced by an order from government, to ther, his master, without further ce. one pound, the usual allowance of remony, resigned him to her. The bread. This was resented by the inhabitants interested themselves very whole body of prisoners (about much in the poor woman's behalf, by 7000), and they shewed so determinot only paying her coach fare back ned a disposition, that such measures to London (her children having been were found necessary as were adopt. freed by one of the proprietors), but ed. They even had it in contemplaalso by collecting for her the sum of tion to fire the prison and effect an 21. 55.

escape. Some of them were for sei14th.-Lately, as James Adamson, zing the depot of arms at Tavistock, of Postern Gate, near Hull, was fish. but the appearance of the artillery ing in the Humber, he had occasion settled every thing. . to put his hand under water, when DESTRUCTIVE FIRE AT SERAM. he imagined himself bitten or stung

pitten or stung PORE.-Extract of a letter from Dr under the thumb nail by a venomous Joshua Marsham, of Serampore, Benfish. The wound, not being consi.

gal, to Dr Ryland, Bristol, dated dered of consequence, was neglected

12th March, and received the 9th till Friday se'nnight, when a violent

September 1812:inflammation had taken place in his hand and arm, for which he was co- “ MY DEAR SÍR. piously bled, and otherwise medically " Last night, about six o'clock, when treated, as the case seemed to require. I was

I was sitting in my study, some one exThe inflammation was not, however,

* claimed, “ The printing office is on fire!”

I ran instantly thither, and beheld, at the árrested, but proceeded with such ra..

such ra- . lower end of the office, which is a room pidity to mortification, that the poor 200 feet long, a stage, containing 700 man died on Monday.

reams of English paper, sent out to print Plymouth, Sept. 14. the Tamul and Cingalese New TestaINSURRECTION AT DARTMOOR ment, enveloped in flames. Every winPRISON.-An express arrived here dow but one was fastened by a large flat

ing General Stephens that a serious was secured by a bolt in the inside. In commotion had broken out among five minutes the room was so filled with

smoke that a candle would not live. the prisoners in Dartmoor depot,

" Finding it impossible to open the that the Cheshire militia stationed

windows, or for any one to go in with there were under arms, and that im- out danger of instant death, we fastened mediate assistance was necessary. that door again, in the hope of smotherThree field-pieces, with 15 gunner3 ing the flame, and ascending the roof,

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