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Archibald Stewart, cattle-dealer, jury for the crown, at considerable swore, that being upon the streets of length, in a very able speech, as did Stirling, upon the evening of the 11th J. H. M.Kenzie, Esq. for the priof October, he saw three or four men soner. coming up, one of whom was a big The Lord Justice Clerk summed man; that he was immediately knock- up the evidence with his usual caned down and robbed of the money li- dour and ability, and the jury were belled upon, and that he was much ordered to return their verdict the cut and bruised by a blow on the next day at one o'clock. The court head, which bled very much, and ren. accordingly met this day, when the dered him senseless; when the money jury returned their verdict, all in one was taken from him, he board them voice finding the pannel guilty; and, say, “ lay to him.”

after a suitable address from the Lord He acknowledged that he had been Justice Clerk, he was sentenced to drinking drams on his way to Stir- be executed at Stirling, on Friday, ling, and after he arrived there, but the 21st of February next.. was not intoxicated, and knew very 17th.-NOTTINGHAM.-On Satur. well what he was about. This wit. day last a number of men, supposed ness not understanding the English not less than forty, disguised in va. language well, was examined in Gae. rious ways, and armed with pistols, lic by a gentleman who was sworn to &c. proceeded to the house of Mr interpret faithfully the answers he Benson; and, after sentinels had been made.

placed at all the neighbours' doors, Some witnesses proved Stewart's and the avenues leading to it, about getting the Falkirk notes libelled, at eight entered ; and some of them the Falkirk market, on the 11th. drove the family into the pantry,

Other witnesses swore, that the pric with threats of immediate death, if soner was at Falkirk Tryst on the they created the least alarm, with 9th and 10th of October, when he the exception of one woman, who was considered as a very suspicious was expected every hour to fall in character, and that he was at Stirling travail, and she was permitted to reon the 11th, when the robbery was main in the parlour; the rest pro. committed, and was seen passing the ceeded into the work-shop, and de. house, near to which Stewart was molished the eight frames in about knocked down and robbed, about the as many minutes. They escaped time of the robbery. He was traced without detection. On Monday to Edinburgh, and from thence to evening, about six o'clock, eight Dumfries, and he had changed 201. men entered the house of Mr Noble, notes of the Falkirk Bank, at several at New Radford, in various disguises, public-houses on the road. He was and armed with different instruments; apprehended at Dumfries, and the while one remained below to take Falkirk notes found in his possession, care of Mrs Noble, the others proas above-mentioned, by Sir T. Kirk, ceeded up stairs to demolish four patrick.

warp lace frames, because they were The several declarations of the pri. making what is called two course hole. soner were then read, which were very In vain Mr Noble informed them that contradictory,

he was receiving eightpence a yard The Lord Advocate addressed the more than the standing price. “ It was not the price," they said, “ but this town, were last night broken in the sort of net that they objected the parish of Westhallam, in Derbyto ;” and he was forced out of his shire. A picquet of an hundred men frame with the blow of a sword, now parades the streets of Notting. which narrowly missed his head, and ham, in separate parties, headed by which cut asunder nearly the whole the civil authorities, every night. of the threads across his frames. The The spirit of riot that has so long screams of his wife, (which a severe afflicted the town and neighbourhood blow on the head with the butt-end of Nottingham, is said to have exof a pistol could not still) brought tended to Leeds. On Wednesday him down to her assistance, where he night last, at nine o'clock, the mafound a neighbour, who had come in gistrates were suddenly convened, at the back door to their aid, and who, and were informed that within about in conjunction with Mr Noble, seir two hours an attack was to be made zed one of the men in the house, and by a number of persons on some preattempted to disarm him; but he find- mises at Shipscar, where the dressing ing himself in danger, called out Ned machinery, introduced about twelve Ludd, when his companions rushed months since, had been established, down stairs, before they had demo- After a few minutes consultation, the lished the fourth frame, to his rescue; troops of horse quartered in the town and in the scuffle, one of them snap- were ordered out, and proper means ped a pistol, which happily missed were employed to assemble the civil fire. When their companion was li- power. It was stated, that the men berated, they found the door fast; to be concerned in the outrage were but they cut it in pieces in a few se to have their faces blackened, and to conds, and forced their way through be armed with short hammers. At a collected crowd, threatening de the time appointed, a number of perstruction to any one who should at- sons were seen passing and repassing tempt to oppose them.-The house the spot; but they seemed to have of Mr Slater, of New Radford, was taken the alarm, and not to be dis also entered late on Tuesday night ; posed to collect for the accomplish. the first man presenting a drawn ment of their design. In this situa. sword to his breast when he opened tion, the purpose being apparently the door, suspecting it had been his abandoned for the might, one of them own apprentice who wanted to come was seized at the bridge, when a in ; but the depredators contented hammer and a large piece of burnt themselves with cutting the warp cork were found upon him.--He was asunder on the beam of the frame, conducted to York Castle. and with taking away the wheels The following is a summary of the which are necessary to the formation comparative statement of the populaof the two-course hole mesh. The tion of Great Britain in the years same night two plain cotton frames 1801 and 1811, ordered by the House were broken at Sneinton ; their hold- of Commons to be printed, January ers being charged with working at 17th, 1812: an abated price. On Saturday se'n

POPULATION, 1801. night a hay-stack was burnt at Bol.

Males. Females. Total. well; and we have just learnt that England, 3 987,985 4,343,499 8,331,434 two frames, belonging to a hosier in Wales, 257,178 284 308 541,546 Males. Females. Total. his hands before his face, as if torn Scotland, 734,581 864,487 1,599,068 with the greatest anguish of mind. Army, } 470,598

470,598 The prosecution was conducted by navy, &c. } *

Mr Garrow, and the prisoner's de. Total, 5,450,292 5,492,354 10,942,646 fence by Mr Scarlet., POPULATION, 1811.

'I'he Chief Baron thenaddressed the Males. Females. Total.

jury. It appeared, he said, that the England, 4,555,257 4,944,143 9,499,400

00 prisoner had, a long time previous to Wales, 289,414 317,966 607,380 Scotland, 825,377 979,487 1,804,864

his receiving the check from Sir

Thomas Plomer, bespoke the pur. Army 640,500


chase of some American stock. It

also appeared that the prisoner had Total, 6,310,548 6,241,596 12,352,144

purchased several articles of dress, INCREASE,

stockings, &c. alleging his intention England,




of going out of town; and it also apScotland, .

208,180 peared, that as soon as the check was Army, navy, &c.

169,902 received and the purchase of the

stock completed, he left London with Total, 1,614,882

the hope of quitting the country and Windsor Castle, January 18. of settling in America. Should these His majesty has had a considerable circumstances be sufficient to show increase of his disorder within the last that the prisoner had anticipated the week. (Signed) H. HALFORD. scheme of defrauding Sir Thomas

M. BAILLIE. Plomer, and arranged his plans ac-
W. HEBERDEN. cordingly, the jury would say he was
J. WILLIS. guilty. On the other hand, should

R. WILLIS. they consider the evidence not con20th.OLD BAILEY.On Satur- clusive, they would instantly acquit day the court was greatly crowded in him. order to witness the trial of Mr Ben The jury consulted for about five jamin Walsh, charged with having minutes, and returned a verdict of stolen from Sir Thomas Plomer a Guilty, leaving a point of law for the sum of money to a considerable judges to decide whether guilty of amount. The prisoner, on his en. felony or a misdemeanour. trance into the court, was much af. LOSS OF THE ST GEORGE AND DEfected, and it was some time before FENCE.--Two mails from Anholt the trial, owing to his extreme agita. have arrived, which, we lament to tion, commenced. The circumstances state, bring certain intelligence of the attending this affair having been al- loss of his Majesty's ships St George ready fully detailed, we deem it un- and Defence. By accounts from necessary to enter into the mass of Copenhagen, of the 31st ultimo, it evidence adduced on the occasion, appears that they were stranded on and which was precisely similar. Mr the morning of the 24th of DecemWalsh was allowed the indulgence of a ber, on the west coast of Jutland, in chair, which he gladly accepted. Du- the district of Ringkooping. In half ring the whole of the trial Mr Walsh an hour after she struck, the Defence scarcely held up his head, but kept went in pieces, and only five seamen.


White Pease, .............

54. to


and one marine were saved. The de. Barley..........

. 345 to 488 struction of the St George was less

.................... 00s to OOS speedy than that of her ill-fated con



.............745 to sort, as in the afternoon of the fol

...O0s to 00s Boilers.

825 lowing day, a number of people were Grey do..

.............. 76s to observed from the shore, standing on Beans.....

............. 488 to 54s her cabin and stern-frame. A part of

part of Tick do. (new)..

...........40s to 47s the crew got on a piece of the mast

Do. (fine old)....

Voor............ 468 to 52s

Oats ................... 24s 28s to which was cut away, but owing to

SOS Poland do....

...............328 to 35s 6d the violence of the wind, waves, and Potatoe do...

...............378 to 383 current, it was supposed that very few Fine Flour.......

90s to 958 could have escaped. Some attempt.


................80s to 90s ed to save themselves on a raft, but

Rape Seed..................601 to 651. they are reported to have perished.

25th.-On Saturday the two archAccording to the accounts which had bishops, the Duke of Montrose, the reached Copenhagen, of 1400 men, Earl of Aylesford, and Earl Winof whom the crews consisted, only chelsea, held a council at Windsor, eighteen were saved! The admiral,

and examined the king's physicians. and the captain of the St George, The report was, that the agitation of and Captain Atkins, of the Defence,

his majesty's mind continued with with all the officers of the two ships,

very little abatement of violence unperished. These fatal shipwrecks are

til Wednesday week, when it subsistated to have taken place 600 yards ded, and his majesty has been much from the shore, and the seamen saved more composed ever since. The bulfrom the Defence, attributed their ca

fence. attributed their ca. letin which the physicians signed is tastrophe to the misfortune which be as follows :fel the St George, in the loss of her

Windsor Castle, January 25. masts, during a previous gale, as is His majesty is nearly in the same already known to our readers. In state in which he was previous to the her helpless state, the Defence and late increase of his disorder. Cressy were appointed to protect her. (Signed) H. HALFORD. It was fatal to the former ; the Cressy

M. BAILLIE. is safe.


J. WILLIS. we have considerable further arrivals

R. WILLIS. of wheat, and the trade again heavy

27th.Lord Wellington invested in sales at lower prices; barley liker

Ciudad Rodrigo on the 8th. The wise lower excepting fine ; malt and enemy had increased the difficulty of white pease scarcely keep their price, approaching the place by a strong reas also beans of each description ; we doubt constructed on the Hill of St likewise have considerable fresh arri. Francisco. It was necessary to at. vals of oats, and this trade is quoted tempt to take it ; it was stormed on cheaper.-Flour, heavy sale at Mon. the night of the 8th by a detachment day's reduction of 5s. per sack, and of the light division, led by Lieut.very few sales at the late price.

Col. Colborn. The work was carried Wheat.. ...........51s 70s to 100s

in the most brilliant manner, and all Fine do.....................1068 to 112s the garrison either killed or taken. Rye.................voreno 50S

.......... 50s to 558 Our loss was only six men kllled ; Capt. Main and Lieut. Woodgate of British, 700 or 800 Spanish troops. the 52d, and Lieut. Hawkesley, of Colonel Skerrett speaks in the strong. the 95th, with 14 men wounded. By est terms of the admirable conduct of this success Lord Wellington has been the troops under his command. He enabled to break ground within 600 particularly praises Colonel Lord Pro. yards of the place, the redoubt of St by, second in command, and Lieut.. Francisco being converted into a part Col. Gough, of the 2d battalion 37th of the first parallel.

regiment, and Captain Smith of the General Hill entered Merida on Royal Engineers." the 30th December. He had hoped The British loss consists of two to surprise General Dombrowski, but officers, Lieut. Longly, R. E. and his approach was discovered by a pa- Lieut. Hall, 2d batt. 47th, and 7 trole. The French general retreat- rank and file killed : Three officers, ed from Merida, leaving magazines of Lieut. Hill, 2d batt. 47th, Lieutebread and wheat, and several unfinish- nant Carrall and Ensign Waller, 2d ed works. On the 1st, General Hill batt. 87th, and 24 rank and file marched to attack Drouet's corps d' wounded. armce at Almandrelgo, but the ene. The late Lord Newton, whose my retreated to Zafra, abandoning death was announced in our Register 450,000 pounds of wheat, &c. for 1811, was descended of the Hays

On the 3d, a detachment of our of Rannes, one of the most ancient cavalry beat a body of the enemy's branches of the family of Hay. He horse at Puenco del Maltro, taking was born in the year 1747, and was two officers and thirty men prisoners, called to the bar in 1769. He had so Gen. Drouet retreating to Llerena. thoroughly studied the principles of Gen. Hill found it useless to pursue the profession on which he now enhim, and returned on the 5th Jan. to tered, that he used often to say, Merida.

" that he was as good a lawyer at that 28th.-Capt. O'Donahue, aide. time as he ever was at any future pe. de-camp to Col. Skerret, arrived this riod." His strong natural abilities, morning, with dispatches from Ma. assisted with such preparation for bu. jor-General Cook, and Colonel Sker. siness, could not fail to attract notice, rett, containing the satisfactory in- and he became soon distinguished for telligence of the complete repulse of his acuteness, his learning, and his a strong detachment of the French profound knowledge of law. It was army under Victor, in an attempt to remarkable of him, that he always ap. take Tariffa by storm, on the 31st peared as much versed in the common December, and that on the morning and daily practice of the court, and of the 4th January the whole of the even in those minute forms that are French army retreated from before little known, except to the inferior that place, leaving in possession of practitioners, as in the higher branchthe allied troops the whole of the ar. és of legal knowledge, that are only tillery, ammunition, and stores. understood by the greatest lawyers.

The French force employed under The great simplicity of character Marshal Victor, in the attempt to re. which he carried with him through duce Tariffa, appears to have consisted the whole of life, was no where more pf 10,000 men, and the allied force conspicuous than in his appearances at ppposed to them not more than 1000 the bar. His pleadings exhibited a

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