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Under many doubts and apprehensions, does the Author of the following Tale submit it to public inspection, and solicit public indulgence for a first production. Unsanctioned in a Name, unsupported by a Dedication, she " lets it down the Wind, to prey at Fortune;” and while acknowledging that she has zealously endeavoured at success, yet rests her firmest reliance on the candour and generosity of the Reader.


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“ I am settled, and bend up . Each corporal agent to this terrible feat.” .


“ He seem’d for dignity' compos'd And high exploit. But all was false and hollow."


In the province of Terra di Lavora, in the kingdom of Naples, stood the Castle of Moraldi, Marchese di Morano. Strong, and impregnable, it remained, notwithstanding the sieges it had sustained, the enemies it had often repelled; while its dark lofty turrets, rearing high in air their crested VOL. I. B

heads, heads, seemed alike to bid defiance to the devastations of war, and the rąvages of years.

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MORALDI, its present possessor, was the younger brother of Bertoldo, Marchese di Albenza, whose domain extended along the river Pescara, in the province of Abruzzo. Though linked in the ties of blood and affinity, their natures, were widely contrasted; and while in early life the good Bertoldo has strove to conciliate the friendship and affection of his brother, he had outwardly returned his generous advances with coldness, inwardly envied and detested him. The mind of Bertoldo was mild, elevated, liberal, and benevolent; that of Moraldi, fierce, contracted, and implacable ; disdaining at, an early age, alike the control of parental authority, or the bonds of

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