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6666,88. DODDRIDGE. 386

A vision of angels, which said that

He was alive.-Luke xxiv, 23.

TES! the Redeemer rose;
And o'er our hellish foes
High raised His conquering head.
In wild dismay,
The guards around

Fell to the ground,
And sank away.
Lo! the angelic bands
In full assembly meet,
To wait His high commands,
And worship at His feet;
Joyful they come,

And wing their way

From realms of day
To such a tomb.
8 Then back to heaven they fly,

And the glad tidings bear.
Hark l as they soar on bigb,
What music fills the air !
Their anthems say,-
Jesus, who bled,

Hath left the dead;
He rose to-day.
4 Ye mortals, catch the sound,

Redeemed by Him from hell;
And send the echo round
The globe on which you dwell:
Transported, cry,

Jesus, who bled,
Hath left the dead,

No more to die.
5 Al hail ! triumphant Lord,

Who sav'st us with Thy blood :
Wide be Thy name adored,
Thou rising, reigning God!
With Thee we rise,
With Thee we reign,

And empires gain
Beyond the skies.

The Lord is risen indeed.

Luke xxiv. 34.

8 The Lord is rigen indeed

Attending angels hear,
And to the courts of heaven with speed

The joyful tidings bear.
6 While on their golden lypes

They strike each cheerful chord,
We join the bright celestial choirs,
To sing our risen Lord.

7.8. 388

O. F. GELLERT. Why seek ye the living among the

dead 1-Luke xxiv. 5. JESansthiyeerrond, neath, appal us: Jesus lives, and this we know, Thou, O Grave, cangt not enthral us. 2 Jegus lives, henceforth is death But the gate of life immortal:

This shall calm our trembling breath,
When we pass its gloomy portal.
3 Jesus lives, for us He died;
Then alone to Jesus living,

Pure in heart may we abide,
Glory to our Saviour giving.
4 Jesus lives, our hearts know well,
Nought from us His love shall gover;

Life, nor death, nor powers of hell,
Tear us from His keeping ever.
5 Jesus lives, to Him the throne
Far above all power is given;

We shall go where He has gone,
Rest and reign with Him in heaven.


GREGO. 389

Seen of angels.- 1 Tim. ii. 16.
EYOND the glittering starry skies,

Far as the eternal hills,
There, in the boundless worlds of light,

Our great Redeemer dwells.
2 Legions of angels, round His throne,

In countless armies shine;
At His right hand, with golden harps,

They offer songs divine.
3 Hail, Prince !-they cry,-for ever hail!



Whose unexampled love
Moved Thee to quit these glorious realms

And royalties above.
4 Through all His travels here below,

They did His steps attend;
Oft wondering how and where at last
The mystic

scene would end.
5 They saw His heart, transfixed with

wounds, With love and grief run o'er : They saw Him break the bars of death,

Which none e'er brake before.
6 They brought His chariot from above,

To bear Him to His throne;
Spread their triumphant wings, and
The glorious work is done!

And are the tidings true?
Yes ! they beheld the Saviour bleed,

And saw Him living too. 2 The Lord is risen indeed :

Then Justice asks no more; Mercy and Truth are now agreed,

Who stood opposed before. 3

The Lord is risen indeed : Then is His work performed The captive Surety now is freed,

And death, our foe, disarmed. 4

The Lord is risen indeed :

Then hell has lost its prey;
With Him is risen the ransomed seed,
To reign in endless day.



WATTS. 390 A Prince and a Saviour.-Acts v. 31.

Jesus, the gift impart,

Thy risen power to know, 1 TOSANNA to the Prince of light,

And teach each quickened heart

In Thy true love to glow.
Entered the iron gates of death,

Thou art the Life, our sins forgive;
And tore the bars away.

Speak Thou the word, and we shall live. 2 Death is no more the king of dread,


WATTS. Since our Immanuel rose;


God hath highly exalted Him. He took the tyrant's sting away,

Phil. fi. 9. And spoiled our hellish foes.


all harmonious tongues, 3 See how the Conqueror mounts aloft,

Your noblest music bring; And to His Father flies;

"Tis Christ, the everlasting God, With scans of honour in His flesh,

And Christ the Man, we sing. And triumph in His eyes.

2 Down to the shades of death

He bowed His awful head; 4 There our exalted Saviour reigns,

Yet He arose to live and reign
And scattere blessings down;

When death itself is dead.
Our Jesus fills His glorious seat
On the celestial throne.

3 No more the bloody spear,

The cross and nails no more; 5 Raise your devotion, mortal tongues,

For hell itself shakes at His name,
To reach His blest abode;

And all the heavens adore.
Sweet be the accents of your songs
To our Incarnate God.

4 There the Redeemer sits

High on the Father's throne; 6 Bright angels, strike your loudest strings,

The Father lays His vengeance by,
Your sweetest voices raise;

And smiles upon His Son.
Let heaven and all created things
Sound our Immanuel's praise.

There His full glories shine

With increated rays

And bless His saints and angels' eyes

To everlasting days.
He that descended is the same also
that ascended.-Eph. iv. 10.

C. WESLEY. 394 Who is the King of glorys

Psa. xxiv. 10.
To great Jehovah's equal Son 1
Awake, my voice, in heavenly lays

1 Tell loud the wonders He hath dono.


otriumphant noise :

The clarions of the sky 2 Sing how He left the worlds of light,

Proclaim the angelic joys.
And the bright robes He wore above;
How swift and joyful was His fight,

Join all on earth, rejoice and sing;
On wings of everlasting love.

Glory ascribe to glory's King.

God in the flesh below, 3 Deep in the shades of gloomy death

For us He reigns above: The almighty Captive prisoner lay :

Let all the nations know The almighty Captive left the earth,

Our Jesus' conquering love. And rose to everlasting day.

Join all on earth, rejoice

and sing; 4 Lift up your eyes, yo sons of light,

Glory ascribe to glory's King. Up to His throne of shining grace;

8 All power to our great Lord See what immortal glories sit

Is by the Father given; Round the sweet beauties of His face.

By angel-hosts adored,

He reigns supreme in heaven: 5 Amongst a thousand harps and songs,

Join all on earth, rejoice and sing :
our God, exalted reigns ;

Glory ascribe to glory's King.
His sacred name fills all their tongues,
And echoes through the heavenly plains.

High on His holy seat,
He bears the righteous sway;

His foes beneath His feet

Shall sink and die away:
The power of His resurrection.

Join all on earth, rejoice and sing;
Phil. iii. 10.

Glory ascribe to glory's King.
LL bail! triumphant Lord,

5 His foes and ours are one,-
Who hast our ransom paid;

Satan, the world, and sin;
Wide be Thy name adored,

But He shall tread them down,
On Thee our help is laid:

And bring His kingdom in:
To Thee all power in earth and heaven,

Join all on earth, rejoice and sing; The keys of death and hell are given.

Glory ascribe to glory's King.


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6 Till all he earth, renewed

In rignteousness divine,
With all the hosts of God

In one great chorus join ;
Join all on earth, rejoice and ging
Glory ascribe to glory's King.



395 Through Him we have access. COM

2 They first their own burnt offering!

To cleanse themselves from sin;
Thy lie was pure, without a spot,

And all Thy nature clean.
3 Fresh blood, as constant as the day,

Was on their altar spilt;
But Thy one offering takes away

For ever all our guilt.
4 Their priesthood ran through several
For mortal was their race;

Thy never-changing office stands

Eternal as Thy days.
5 Once in the circuit of a year,

With blood, but not their own,
Did they within the veil appear,

Before the golden throne.
6 But Christ, by His own powerful blood,

Ascends above the skies,
And in the presence of our God

Shows His own sacrifice.
7 He ever lives to intercede

Before His Father's face;
Give Him, my soul, thy cause to plead,

Nor doubt the Father's grace.

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Eph. ii. 18. 1

OME, let us lift our joyful eyes

Up to the courts above,
And smile to see our Father there,

Upon a throne of love.
2 Now we may bow before His feet,

And venture near the Lord; No fiery.cherub guards His seat,

Nor double-flaming sword.
3 The peaceful gates of heavenly bliss

Are opened by the Son;
High let us raise our notes of praise,

And reach the almighty throne.
4 To Thee ten thousand thanks we bring,

Great Advocate en high; And glory to the eternal King

That lays His vengeance by. 396


Christ being come, an High Priest.

Heb. ix. 11.

GOOD High Priest is come,

Supplying Aaron's place,
And taking up his joom,
Dispensing life and grace.
The law by Aaron's priesthood camo

But grace and truth by Jesus namo. 2 He once temptations knew

And woes of every kind,
That He might sur..ber show

To every tempted mind.
In every point the Lamb was tried

nd then for 18 He died. 8

He dies, but lires again.
And by the altar stands;
There shows how he was slain,

Opening His pierced hands.
Our Priest abides, and pleads our cause,
Transgressors of His righteous laws.

I other priests disclaim,
Their laws and offerings too:
None but the bleeding Lamb

The mighty work can do:
He shall have all the praise, for He

Hath loved and lived and died for me. 397 He ever liveth to make intercession.

Heb, vii. 25.
1 JESTS, in Thee our eyes behold
Than the rich gems and polished gold
The sons of Aaron wore.


Like us

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Our great High Priest above;
And celebrate His constant care,

And sympathizing love.
2 Though raised to a superior throno,

Where angels bow around,
And high o'er all the shining train

matchless honours crowned ;
3 The names of all His saints He bears

Deep graven on His heart;
Nor shall the meanest Christian say
That he hath

lost his part.
4 Those characters shall fair abide

Our everlasting trust,
When gems and monuments and crowns

Are mouldered down to dust.
6 So, gracious Saviour, on my breast

May Thy dear name be worn,
A sacred ornament and guard,

To endless ages borne.
399 An Advocates with the Father.

1 John ii. 1.
10 THOy, the contrite sinner's Friend,

Who, loving, lovest to the end,
On this alone my hopes depend

That Thou wilt plead for me.
2 When

weary in the Christian race, Far off appears my resting-place, And, fainting, I mistrust Thy grace,

Then, Saviour, plead for me.

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groaned and

40V A great High Priest, passed into the

3 When I have erred and gone astray,

4 Hoganna to His glorious name, Afar from Thine and wisdom's way,

Who saves by different ways And see no glimmering, guiding ray,

His mercies lay a sovereign claim Still, Saviour, plead for me.

To our immortal praise.
4 When Satan, by my sins made bold,
Strives from Thy cross to loose my hold,
Then with Thy pitying arms infold,

402 to Him de glory and dominion for And plead, plead for me.

ever.-Rev. i. 6.

1 5 And when my dying hour draws near,

THAT equal honour shall we bring

, , Darkened with anguish, guilt, and fear, Then to my fainting sight appear,

When all the notes that angels sing

Are far inferior to Thy name? Pleading in heaven for me.

2 Worthy is He that once was slain, (died 6 When the full light of heavenly day

The Prince of Pea
Reveals my sins in dread array,
Say Thou hast washed them all away ;

Worthy to rise and live and reign

At His Almighty Father's side. O say,Thou plead'st for me.

3 Power and dominion are His due L.M.


Who stood condemned at Pilate's bar;

Wisdom belongs to Jesus, too, (here. heaven8.-Heb. iv. 14.

Though He was charged with madness WHERE high the heavenly temple

4 All riches are His native right,

Yet He sustained amazing loss ; The house of God, not made with hands,

To Him ascribe eternal might, A great High Priest our nature wears;

Who left His weakness on the cross. The Guardian of mankind appears.

5 Honour immortal must be paid, 2 He who, for men, their Surety stood,

Instead of scandal and of scorn; And poured on earth His precious blood,

While glory shines around His head, Pursues in heaven His mighty plan;

And a bright crown without a thorn. The Saviour and the Friend of man.

6 Blessings for ever on the Lamb, 3 Though now ascended up on high,

Who bore the curse for wretched men ; He bends on earth a Brother's eye;

Let angels sound His sacred name, Partaker of the human name,

And every creature say, Amen.

WATTS. He knows the frailty of our frame.

403 Blessed be the King that cometh. 4 Our Fellow-sufferer yet retains

Luke xix. 38.
A fellow-feeling of our pains;
And still remembers, in the skies,

1 His tears, His agonies, and cries.

Accept the tribute which we bring;

Accept the well-deserved renown, 5 In every pang that rends the heart,

And wear our praises as Thy crown.
The Man of Sorrows had a part:
He sympathizes with our grief,

2 Let every act of worship be

Like our espousals, Lord, to Thee; And to the sufferer sends relief.

Like the blest hour when from above 6 With boldness, therefore, at the throne,

We first received Thy pledge of love. let us make all our sorrows known,

3 The gladness of that happy day, And ask the aid of heavenly power

Our hearts would wish it long to stay : To help us in the evil hour.

Nor let our faith forsake its hold,

Nor comfort sink, nor love grow cold.


4 Let every moment as it flies, A Priest upon His throne.

Increase Thy praise, improve our joys, Zech. vi. 13.

Till we are raised to sing Thy name 1 JE bless the Prophet of the Lord,

At the great supper of the Lamb.
That comes with truth and grace;

5 O that the months would roll away, Jesus,

Thy Spirit and Thy word Shall lead us in Thy ways.

And bring that coronation day !

The King of Grace shall fill the throne, 2 We reverence our High Priest above,

With all His Father's glories on. Who offered up His blood,

ANCIENT HYMN. And lives to carry on His love,

404Christ..overait, God blessed for ever. By pleading with our God.

Rom. ix. 5. 3 We honour our exalted King: How sweet are His commands !

CHRIST, our hope, our heart's desire, 10

Redemption's only spring ; He guards our souls from hell and sin

Creator of the world art Thou, By His almighty hands.

Its Sayiour and its King.



2 How vast the mercy and the love

4 He sits at God's right hand Which laid our sins on Thee,

Till all His foes submit,
And led Thee to a cruel death,

And bow to His command,
To set Thy people free !

And fall beneath His feet. 3 But now the bonds of death are burst,

Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice:
The ransom has been paid;

Rejoice : He bids His saints rejoice.
And Thou art on Thy Father's throne,

5 Rejoice in glorious hope : In glorious robes arrayed.

Jesus, the Judge, shall come, 4 0 may Thy mighty love prevail,

And take His servants up
Our sinful souls to spare;

To their eternal home.
O may we come before Thy throne,

We soon shall hear the archangel's voice;
And find acceptance there.

The trump of God shall sound, Rejoice.

CONDER. 50 Christ, be Thou our present joy,


407 Our future great reward ;

The Lord God omnipotent reigneth.
Our only glory may it be

Rev. xix. 6.
To glory in the Lord.

1 T

THE Lord is King; lift up thy voice, 405


From world to world the joy shall ring:
His name shall be called Wonderful. The Lord Omnipotent is King.
Is. ix. 6.

2 The Lord is King; who then shall dare 10

JESUS, King most wonderful, Resist His will, distrust His care,
Thou Conqueror renowned;

Or murmur at His wise decrees,
Thou sweetness most ineffable,

Or doubt His royal promises ? In whom all joys are found, 2 When once Thou visitest the heart,

3 The Lord is King; child of the dust,

The Judge of all the earth is just :
Then truth begins to shine,

Holy and true are all His ways;
Then earthly vanities depart,

Let every creature speak His praise.
Then kindles love divine.

4 He reigns! Ye saints, exalt your strains: 3 O Jesus, light of all below,

Your God is King, your Father reigns ;
Thou fount of life and fire,

And He is at the Father's side,
Surpassing all the joys we know,

The Man of love, the Crucified.
All that we can desire;-

5 Come, make your wants, your burdens 4 May every heart confess Thy name,

known: And ever Thee adore ;

He will present them at the throne;
And, seeking Thee, itself inflame

And angel-bands are waiting there,
To seek Thee more and more.

His messages of love to bear. 5 Thee, may our tongues for ever bless;

60! when His wisdom can mistake, Thee, may we love alone;

His might decay, His love forsake,
And ever in our lives express

Then may His children cease to sing,
The image of Thino own.

The Lord Omnipotent is King.
7 Alike pervaded by His eye,

All parts of His dominion lie; 406 zion, beholde en King cometh to thee.

This world of ours and worlds unseen,
Zech. ix. 9.

And the thin boundary between. 1 REJOICE, the Lord is King :

8 One Lord, one empire, all secures; Your Lord and King adore :

He reigns, -and life and death are yours. Mortals, give thanks and sing,

Through earth and

heaven one song shall And triumph evermore.

The Lord Omnipotent is King.
Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice :
Rejoice; He bids His saints rejoice.

4081 behela Satan. M: lightning fall from 2 Jesus, the Saviour, reigns,

heaven.-Luke x. 18. The God of truth and love;


HOSANNA to our conquering King !
When He had purged our stains,
He took His seat above.

His troops rush headlong down to hell, Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice :

Like lightning from the skies. Rejoice; He bids His saints rejoice.

2 Hosanna to our conquering King!

All hail I incarnate Love: 8 His kingdom cannot fail : He rules o'er earth and heaven :

Ten thousand songs and glories wait The keys of death and hell

To crown Thy head above. Are to our Saviour given.

3 Thy victories and Thy deathless famo Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice :

Through the wide world shall run; Rejoice; He bids His saints rejoice.

And everlasting ages sing, 90

The triumphs Thou hast won.

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(ring, WATTS:

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