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1935 L

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New Ministerial arrangements - Mr. Pitt's rivalry with Napo-
leon-Parliamentary proceedings under Mr. Pitt-Lamentable
state of Ireland - Mr. Juftice Fox charged by Lord. A hercorn
More of Judge Fox's case-Lord Abercorn's influence in Tyrona.

ME. Pin's lass of influence & prorogation of Parliament
King goes to Weymouth-Internal state of the country Mr.
Foster, swaru. in Chan. of the Exchequer-Internal effects of Mr.
Pite's continental and home politics--Minifters eucourage the
coolmess betweeu the King and Prince-Means of damping, the
Catholics expectations-Proceedings of the Catholics Lord Sida
mouth's influence upon the King Opening of Parliament-
King's speech-Proceedings in Parliament on Irish affairs
Resolutions of the Catholic. meeting Applications against the
Catholic petition Mr.Giffard's opposition to the. Cainylic peti.
tion-Mr. Giffard's dismissal from office-Conference of the Caa
tholic deputies with Mr. Pitt-Ma. Pitt's answer- Cortinuance
of conference Close of the conference, and Mr. Pitt's ultimatum
Catholia depoties apply to Lord Grenville and Mr. Fox-Catrio
lic petition, presented by Lord Grenville to the Lords, and Mr.
Fox to the Commons-Lard Abercorn againt Judge. Fox-Case
of Judge Johnson-Efects of Juvema's letters-Ad of Geo, IT,
between county and county. The i 3th & 14t£r Geo di respect
ing Scotland Strange conftru&tiqa of the 44 hoof Geo UI.
Processings asking d. Janson-1, inson's case brought before
the House of Comments Jrudge Johnson petitions the Lords -

Motions in the Commons respecting state prisques-- Iris Sido


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get and financial arrangements-Recru'ting from the Irifn Mi.
litia–Petitions against the Catholic Question-Lord Grenville
introduces the petition--His speech-Those of Lord Hawkesbury
Duke of Cumberland---Earl Spencer Viscount Sidmouth-Lord
Mulgravem- Lord Holland-Lord Cambden and Bishop of Dur-
ham- Lord Redesdale--- Earl of Limerick Earl of Suffolk
Earl of Buckinghamshire- Lord Carlton- Lord Hutchinsoni

Lord Redesdale-- Earl of Ormond Lord Borrington
Archbishop of Canterbury~ Earl of Albemarle - Lord Chan-
cellor Eldon-Duke of Norfolk--Bishop of St. Asapli-- Lord
Ellenborough-Earl Westmoreland-Earl Moira-- Earl Darnley
Lord Auckland-Lord King and Lord Bolton-Division againft
the spotic Mi. Fox opens the debate in the Commons with a
luminous & brilliant speech The answer of Dr. Du genan-
Mr. Grattan replies to Dr. Duigenan- Mr. Perceval .-
Mr. Alexander Mr. Wm. Smith Mr. Lee -
--Sir Wm. Scott-Dr Laurence --Mr. Foster Mt. George
Ponsonby Mr. Pitt speaks evasively.shMr. Wyndhan
-Sir John Newport--Mr. M. Fitzgerald Col. Archdall
-Mr. Dillon --Mr. Shax-Mt: A. Addington Mr. John La-
touche ---Sir J. Cox Flippesier-Lord De Blaquiere e Mr.
c. Hi Hutchinson, Mj, Fláwtfforn and Sir W. Dollën=M.
Fox' admirable reply ---- Division Renewed prosecution -
gainst Judge Fox-Detailed 'statement of the tase of Judge Fox.
Characteristic symptoms of the Pitt System “Judge Fox goes to
Ērgland to obtain grounds for his defence Unconftitütibnal
prosecution of Judge Fox on the first chargé-Second article of
charge-- Third charge – Fourth charge Fifth charge Sixth
charge-Seventh charge--Eighth charge, viz. of Mr. Har Cases
of Mc. Dowgal and Dohson-Dissent of the Jury Misconduct
of Mr. Hart-Singulár conduct of Mr. Hart Mr. Hart"acquitu
ed by Donegal Grand Juries-Charge of partially willing Grand
Jury presentments-Laff charge presented by Lord Abercorn
Proçuring money under the Army of Reserve A22 General con-
sequence of the charges-Further Parliamentary proceeditigšas
to Ireland, Acts of Parliameiit touching Judge Fox and Judge
Johnson--Other Acts of the Session-Lord Sidmouth disagrees
with Mr. Pict-Case of Mr. Todd Jones Abrupt prorogation
of Parliament --Defećtion of Mr. Piets friends-Mr. Fofter disi
countenanced-Further decline of Mr. Pet?influence the
M. Pit: Lord Hardwicke and Sif Jónah" Barrinoronzi Case of

Troy v. Symonds Grounds of the trial Effects of Anti-
Catholic prejudicesi Pardon of Hamilton Rowatı-£ord Castle,
reagh vacates his seat for DownColi Mead proposes: to stands
for the county Down - Lord Chalereagh privately canvasses his
friends and ultimarety fails-Decline of Mr. Pituš health&c;-
Address to Lord' Hardwicke on hig:departure-Meeting of Opé
position and decline of Mh Pitez-Parliament meets, and King's,
Speech Addressuposiche King. Amendment proposed Death
of Mr. PreConséquences of Mr. Pitt's death Debate on the
vote of thanks to MH. Piée-Mr: Foxsincére imcualescing with
Lord Grenivite-Négociations for newvarrangements-Diffioul-!
ty in the arrangemenegil Thohe warrangements concluded
Mp, O' Haranobjects to finoral honbre cu Lord Coréiwallis,**
mecount of the Union Meetings for Repealiot the Union Popu-
lation of thercountryise-Lord Handwicke and the-pavingboard..
Winfiltraits of the new ministry. - '&!.1997 - . .

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si Almini Aration of the DUKB of: BEDFORD. ; p.28's

3,15" ----97 51'iibisi----,''!).". ., 1
General nature of the Bedford'adminiftrationi-Piritals of the
Bedford'administration - State of the Whig adminiftrationis
Ireland left to Mr. Ponsonby.--Attempts to lead the Catholic
cause-Mi Ryan ard Mr: Foss Mr. Ryan's application to
Mr. Fóx fór an appointment Mř,Fox's condu&to'M'. Ryan:

-Mr. Fóx's letter to Mr: Ryan Sibsequent condud of"
Mr. Ryan Cátkolic meeting in Marlborough-street-Results
of the meetings Meeting of the new Committee at Mr. Mac...
Donnell's Catholic meeting in Eart-ftreet Aggregate'meets 1
ing at the Repósitory----First resolution of aggregate meeting
Debate on the second resolution Mi Ryan's correspondelice?
with Mr Fox deposited with the Chairmarts Dimtulties raised on!
the Conventión Ad10i Aadress To'the Lord Lieutenandaz Rio
utions of a Catholic meeting in William-ftreets Nature of itlledo
address proposed to the Lord Lieutenant-Resolutions of the,

county of Wewford-Address of the counties of Weaford, Clare,
and others, to the Lord Lieutenant-y-Addresses from corpora.
tions to the Lord Lieutenant; and of the Bar to the Chancellora
Case of Mr. Cutras That Rolls offered to Me, Curran
Spirit and conduct of the Irisa Gereromenito--Mr. Wilson the
Tyrone magiftrate Coptimiance of Mr. Wilson's communi.
cations with Gorejament Case of O'NeikoMs. Elliott's
letter' MrWilson Commission to investigate Q'Neil's case.

Difference between Serjeant Morre and Mr. Wilso
· Mr. Wilson summoned to Dublin -Mr. Wilson writes to Mr.
EhiocfaiMr. Wilon writes to Mr. Ponsonby Mr. Wilson
writes again to Mr Elliott The Chancellor's letter to Mr. Wile
Song:Mr. Wilson is refused a commission for Armaghr-Conse-
quences of that pofusal-Feelings of the Catholics on the new
administration Mr. Ponsonby sets about reforming the ma-
giftracy- Wesford and Çaxlow magiftracesLord Grenville
Brings on Mr. Judge Fox's case-Debate on Judge Fox's case
Close of Judge Fox's case-Close of Judge Johnson's case
Irish revenues and resources-Relief of the poor in Ireland
Mr. Foster's and Mr. Bagwell's opinions-Sir John Newport ex-
plains—Mr. Alexander opposes the measure-The new minifters
shy Ireland, and prorogue the parliament-Vain expectancies of
the Catholics in Ireland-Reforms in the financial departments
-Mr. Grattan restored to the Privy Council-Death of Ms. Fox.
-Suppression of partial disturbances-Threshers Further partis
culars of the ThrehersDissolution of Parliamenta and Catholics
address to Mr. Grattan- Threshers increase— The new mi-
nifers acting, upon the old principles Meeting of the new Par-
liament, and King's speech- Private communications with the
Catholics a Catholic pagerings More catholic meetings
Resolution: to petition Parliament, that session Further resolu-
tiqs of the Catholics, at lange to petition-Catholic resolutionis
for petitioning Parliamerit-Conduct of the ministers and the ope
positing The Newry magiftratęs. prosecute Mr. O'Hanlon far,
a libet-Catholics address the Duke of Bedford —Proceedings in
the Kings bench=Alhidayis of Mr. O'Hanlon-Conduct of
the C941-Abolition of useless places - Additional grant of.
soool, to Maynooth CollegeSir Johur Newport answers Mror
Pencen als objęstiqnist Mr. Gracran, supports the grant Lord
Howick refers, to, the state of foreign education Real conduct
of minifty Lord Howick moves the Catholic: Olligers, bill ,
am to 6:0**.102 S. por atomid 191 91 3 la

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