Just God and Me: I'm with You Always

Front Cover
AuthorHouse, 2004 - Religion - 204 pages
God's presence is the place where you want to be.the place where prayer prevails.a secret place. There aren't any problems or burdens there. There is nothing wrong with you that a trip to the secret place cannot fix. Who told you that life was fair? Don't listen to them for one iota of a second! Life is like a Roller Coaster; one moment you're at the pinnacle of success and happiness and the next moment you're in the basement of despair. From time to time, life deals a very bad hand even to those he loves the most but you can play that bad hand and be a winner in the game of life. I you live long enough, (whether rich or poor) you will find yourself face to face with life's most adverse circumstances.Parents and loved ones die.Spouses cheat and walk out.The weak are left to fend for themselves.and families are ripped apart by the demon of divorce. One morning you will awake in the final scene of a nightmare and may seriously consider flinging yourself out of life's back door. But do not despair; all is not lost! Although, life isn't fair.God is! David gives us a candid and personal testimony of his life, on that was filled with promise but repeatedly plagued by sickness, divorce, homelessness and abandonment. He tells us how to accept what God allows! God may allow you to lose it all, cry but don't panic; there is no such thing as the point of no return. Reach down in the recesses of your eternal soul for the courage to take the broken pieces of what is left of your life and rise to be all that God want you to be. God has a divine plan for you pain! If life has dealt you a bad hand, you can play the hand you've been given and become a winner in the game of life.

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