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published, and received general approbation. The Psalms

are from the edition of Ostervald's Translation, 5s. French and the English on opposite pages . . . 0 10 0 French and the Greek on opposite pages . . . 0 10 0 French and the Modern Greek on opposite pages : 0 10 0 French and the Latin on opposite pages . , . 0 10 0 French and the German on opposite pages . . 0 10 0 French and the Italian on opposite pages . , 010 0 French and the Spanish on opposite pages . 0 10 0 The Translation of the Common Prayer into ITALIAN, is

chiefly from the edition of A. Montucci and L. Valetti,

but revised throughout, and the orthography corrected, 5s. Italian and the English on opposite pages

010 0 Italian and the Greek on opposite pages. . . 0 10 0 Italian and the Modern Greek on opposite pages : 0 10 0 Italian and the Latin on opposite pages . Italian and the German on opposite pages. , . 0 10 0 Italian and the French on opposite pages . . . ( 10 0 Italian and the Spanish on opposite pages . . 0 10 0 The excellent Rev. BLANCO White is the Translator of

the SPANISH, 5s. The Psalms are from Padre Scio's

Madrid Bible, in 16 vols. Spanish and the English on opposite pages . . 0 10 0 Spanish and the Greek on opposite pages . . 010 0 Spanish and the Modern Greek on opposite pages Spanish and the Latin on opposite pages . . 0 10 0 Spanish and the German on opposite pages . . 0 10 0 Spanish and the French on opposite pages.

010 0 Spanish and the Italian on opposite pages . . 010 0 An Edition of the COMMON PRAYER, in English,

printed in a NEW MANNER, whereby it can be interleaved with whatever Languages have been, or may

hereafter be, printed by Mr. Bagster, 5s. English and the Greek on opposite pages . : 0 10 0 English and the Modern Greek on opposite pages, 010 0 English and the Latin on opposite pages . .

. 0 10 0 English and the German on opposite pages. , 010 0 English and the French on opposite pages . . 0 10 0 English and the Italian on opposite pages : . 0 10 0 English and the Spanish on opposite pages . . 0 10 0 An Edition of the COMMON PRAYER of several lan

guages has been published in a very minute form, being only 4 by 2, inches. Greek, Modern Greek, Latin, GERMAN, French, SPANISH, and ITALIAN Common Prayer, each 5s. boards.

The following valuable PSALTERS have excited a very

considerable degree of admiration; their value, as a vade-mecum for devotion or philological studies, has been widely admitted—the size permits of being carried in the waistcoat pocket.

Psalter, or Psalms of David : Greek, Latin, GERMAN, French, Italian, SPANISH, and English, each 2s. The Hebrew Psalter is a size larger, either with or

without Points . . . . . . 0 2 0 The Hebrew Psalter, with Points, and English . 04 As a useful Companion to every one of the above Bibles,

as well as Bibles generally, an important and laborious work has been prepared, entitled SCRIPTURE HARMONY, or CONCORDANCE OF PARALLEL PASSAGES; arranged in the Order of the Books of the Old and New Testaments : and printed on a plan adapted to the English version in the Polyglott Bible, or any other volume of that work; or equally useful, as a separate work, for

every edition of the Sacred text. The SCRIPTURE Harmony, pocket size . . . 0 18 0 Scripture Harmony, royal 8vo. . . . . 1 4 0 Scripture Harmony, royal quarto . . . 1 11 6 Scripture Harmony interpaged with English Text, pocket size

1 16 0

Most elegantly printed, price 8s. boards.-An ENGLISH

HARMONY of the FOUR EVANGELISTS, disposed as the Greek of WILLIAM Newcome, Archbishop of Armagh; with a new Map of Palestine, divided into Tetrarchies, and the Travels of Jesus Christ traced

in colours on it; Notes, and Indexes. In the Press :--- The PORTUGUESE OLD and NEW

TESTAMENT, pocket size. Mr. BAGSTER is preparing for publication a most import.

ant Work, A SERIES OF GRAMMARS; consisting of the Hebrew, Chaldaic, Syriac, Ethiopic, Arabic, Persic, Greek, Modern Greek, Latin, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Danish, Swedish, Rus

sian, Dutch, Welch, Irish, Anglo-Saxon, and English. The particulars will be hereafter announced, but it is probable that the whole will not exceed 24s., and that generally each Grammar will be a distinct Number.



In One Volume,

This COMPREHENSIVE BIBLE exhibits-Two Columns of important Matter in the Centre of each Page, elegantly and lucidly printed and arranged, on a plan peculiar to this Work-Copious Illustrations of Jewish and Eastern Customs, Manners, Rites, and Ceremonies-Critical observations--Very Numerous Parallel Passages-Philological, Chronological, Historical, and Classical ElucidationsGeographical and Miscellaneous Explanatory Notes by the able and judicious Editor, who has strictly rejected all Doctrinal Explanations and Polemical Discussions—Copious Tables and separate full Indexes of Names, Notes, and Subjects.



II. The Notes are important aud explanatory, but never doctrinal.
III. The PARALLEL PASSAGES are more numerous than in any other,

but printed in a clear, novel, and beautiful manner, in Columns

down the centre of the pages.
IV, The Type is large, and the Printing finely executed.

V. The paper of superior texture.
VI. The whole is contained in One handsome Quarto Volume.
VII. The Price is lower than that of any former publication,
VIII. The work is published on Crown Paper, complete for 30s., boards.
IX. On LARGER Paper and Type, complete for 458., boards.
X. For those curious in Typography, it is printed on Royal Paper, in

Parts at 10s., or 31. 108. complete, boards.



Bagster & Thoms, Printers, 14, Bartholomew Close.





As frequent enquiries have been made about the Plan of this School, since the Pupils recited a Greek and French Tragedy, the Principal has detailed, below, the Course of Studies pursued by the Pupils, as the most convenient method of answering such applications.

GOODENOUGH HOUSE ACADEMY is an Establishment for a select number of Young Gentlemen, which has been conducted for several years by WILLIAM MọSELEY, L L.D. assisted by three resident under-masters--Classical and Mathematical - French and GermanWriting, Arithmetical, &c.

The School is divided into Six Forms, and when a Pupil is received, he is appointed to that Form which his acquirements qualify him to join.

The Studies of the Six Forms are arranged as follows, and the present advancement of the Pupils may be understood from this arrangement. First Form.-Latin-Eton Grammar, Valpy's Delectus, Exempla Mi.

nora ; Geography, Writing, Arithmetic. Second Form.-Latin-Eton Grammar, Exempla Minora, Cornelius

Nepos ; Greek-Eton Grammar; Geography, Writing, Arithmetic.

• The following is a copy of the bills printed for the use of the Company.

Part 1.-Greek Tragedy of (Edipus, at Colonus, abridged by W. Moseley, LL.Þ. to be Recited in the original language. G. Antigone and Ismene, B. and B. Theseus, W. Creon, L. Polyaices, S. Coloniate, D. Messenger. Chorus, Magistrates of Colonus (the Chorusses were sung in Greek to a Greek melody, supplied by Dr. Crotch). Speakers of tbe Chorus, P. and M. Stropbe, B. C. M. W. C. A. M. &c. Antistrophe, M. A. B. F. &c. Scene before Colonus.

Part II. --Miscellanies. The Winter Piece, B. Alexander et Latro, translated into Latin, by the Third Form. Corporal Trim's Eloquence, B. Edward and Warwick, translated into German Blank Verse, by L. W. and B. Beggar's Petition, translated into French Verse, by L. A. Alexander Selkirk, F. Scena di Regalo, from Metastatio, L. and W. Brutus and Cassius, translated into Latin, by G, B. and G. Ode a la Paix, from Rousseau, M. Mabomet and Zopirus, translated into English Blank Verse, by B. W. and B. Died Von Der Gloke, translated into German, from Schiller, by L. The Ode on Cecilia's Day, G.. .

Part III.-Sylla. Tragedie en cinc actes par Mon. Jouy. Sylla, L. Faustus Sylla, B. Claudius, G. Catilina, W. Roscius, B. Metellus, S. Lænas, C. Teucer, P. Valerie, B. Scene, Palais de Sylla. . .

The following is an abstract from the account of these performances in the Morning Post." The Greek tragedy being the cbief novelty excited much interest, especially as the Chorusses were sung to Greek melodies. A Tutor of one of the Colleges, and several members of the University of Cambridge, were among tb. audience, which consisted of 150 persons of rank and fashion." &c. &c.

Electa, Exempla Minora, Nonsense Verses; Greek-Eton Grammar, Valpy's Delectus, Greek Exercise Made Easy,* Construction of Maps, Writing, Arithmetic. Fourth FORM.-Latin-Bradley's Prosody, Eclogues, Æneid, and Geor

gics of Virgil, Exempla Moralia, Hexameter and Pentameter Verses; Greek-Eton Grammar, with notes, Xenophon's Anabasis, Greek Exercises Made Easy, Geography, Construction of Maps, Arithmetic,

Algebra, Euclid, Writing, English Composition. Fifth FORM.---Latin-Salust, Horace's Satires, Odes, and Art of Pos

try, Valpy's Elegantiæ Latinæ, Hexameter, Sapphic, &c. Verses; Greek - Acts of the Apostles, Homer's Iliad, Huntingford's Exercises, Algebra, Euclid, Globes, Geography, Constructions of Maps, Writing,

Arithmetic, English Compositions, &c. Sixth Form.-Latin-Livy, Cicero, &c., Valpy's Elegantiæ Latinæ ;

Greek-Demosthenes, Sophocles, Euripides, and Sandford's Greek Exercises, Algebra, Euclid, Composition, Trigonometry, &c. Eloquence, &c.

Al the Forms read the Sacred Scriptures, History, Homer, and Milton daily: receive instructions in English Grammar, Orthographr, &c. The fourth, fifth, and sixth Forms draw Maps of the four quarta of the world, England, &c. without copies.

The French language is studied by every Pupil under a native rest dent teacher, who is directed by the Principal to teach his Pupils mot only to read and write, but to speak the language correctly. Lessons are given to every Papil in the German language, whose friends with them to learn it. There are five at present learning German, without interrupting their Classical Studies.

With a view to train Pupils for Society and Business, successful mex are adopted to teach them to think, compose, and deliver their opinions

The Principal, every Friday evening, delivers a Lecture on Astronomy, Pneumatics, or Electricity, aided by appropriate instrument machines, telescopes, phantasmagora apparatus, &c.; and reads original Lectures adapted to the capacities of Boys on the Evidences of Chris tianity, Chemistry, Belles Lettres, Ancient History, Logic, &c. The senior Boys have the use of the Library of the Principal, consisting of 1000 books. The Pupils take all their meals with the Principal, without restraint of appetite.

The Pupils have separate beds, and every accommodation for dressing, &c. in their chambers. There are two commodious school-rooms A play-ground of four acres, surrounded with a high wall and para fence. The Pupils attend the parish church.

The Vacations begin on the i7th of June and the 17th of December and finish on the 24th of July and the 24th of January.

Pupils who remain during the Vacation pay in proportion to the annu terms. Clothes linen, &c. and every necessary provided if required.

Terms, including every expense, sixty guineas a year for Pupils under 14, and eighty for those above that age. Six Library Pupils at op hundred guineas. No extra charges for Books, &c. No deduction for absence between the Quarters.

Previously to quitting the School, and independent of the Quar ter begun, either a notice of three months is required, or the paymen of three months board, &c.

References to be obtained at the School.

Bills to be paid half-yearly, at Messrs. Cockburn, and Co. Bankers Whitehall, or at Little Ealing.

* This Work has been used in the School for several months, and will be sbor published. A Dictionary of the Quantity of Every Syllable in the Latin Lads, with authorities from the Poets, composed by the Principal has been just puose by Mr. Cadell, Strand; and W. Blackwood, Edinburgh.

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