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Were I in want of another Press, I should give Mr. | had three years ago, continues to work
Hope's improved Stanhope the preference. Your

power and truth as it did at first, and when description of it is quite correct.

small value, although almost constantly od I am, Gentlemen,

has never been out of order, nor required Your obedient servant,

We are, Gentlemen,

Your's very respectarea To Messrs. Beilby and Knotts.

Messrs. Beilby and Knotts, Birmingham.
Manchester, Oct. 27, 1826.

Manchester, Na.: The respectable signatures already attached to Gentlemen, your circular of references are quite sufficient to es. I have had the Press made by Mr. Hoe tablish the character of Hope's Printing Press, and stant use two years. The ease with which are any thing we can add must be quite superfluous. ed, and the equality and sharpness of We refused to publish our opinion before we had which it yields, give perfect satisfaction. had sufficient time to try its merits, but we are now

I am, Gentlemen, glad of the opportunity to testify to the truth of

Your obedient sett what your correspondents affirm, and you may de

JAMES PAT pend upon our exertions in this quarter in assisting To Messrs. Beilby and Knotts, Birmingham to remunerate Mr. Hope for his ingenuity.

We are, Gentlemen,
Your most obedient servants,

Angel Hill, Bury, Nov. 2
BANCKS and Co.

Gentlemen, Messrs. Beilby and Knotts.

I have now used one of Hope's Royal !

which I had from you, upwards of twelve Birmingham, Oct. 27, 1826. since, and find it in every respect equal, 1 Gentlemen,

perior to any Press I have ever seen ; and i Having worked Mr. Hope's Patent Double Crown

not but its merits (not mentioning its cheapca Press for twelve months, we are enabled to add our

more generally known, will ensure its in testimony of its merits to those already published.

into most printing offices in England. The ease with which it is worked induces the press.

I am, Gentlemen, men to prefer it to the other presses in the office of

Your obedient serrat the old construction, not only for heavy forms, but

T.C. for every kind of job-work.

To Messrs. Beilly and Knotts, Birmingkat
I am, Gentlemen, for MRS. TURNER,
Your obedient servant,

Manchester, Feb
J. F. TURNER. Gentlemen,
To Messrs. Beilby and Knotts.

We have the pleasure to inform you tha: Double Royal Presses which we have had

Hope, give us satisfaction and answer our Liverpool, Oct. 31, 1826. tions. We have now used them for the Gentlemen,

several months, and we find that they yieks We have much pleasure in being able to give a clear impressions, work without overlays, favourable report of the Double Royal Press of Mr. smoothly. Hope. It has now been used about twelve months

We, are, Gentlemen, in working our newspaper (of the extra size) and we

Your's most truly, have every reason to be completely satisfied with it.

CHAS, WHEELER 23. The former Press on the same principle, which we To Messrs. Beilby and Knotts, Birmingham

A PORTABLE PRESS ON THE PATENT PRINCIPLE OF MR. HOPE, HAS JUST BEEN COMPLETED This Press will be found very useful in Country Offices, for printing Cards and any Job-work not excee half a Sheet of Foolscap. It is so portable that it may be worked on a Table or Counter.

SIZE OF PLATTIN, 134 by 84 in. Price £14 14s.

Bolton, July 20, 1826. | Portable Press deserves my unqualified praise Gentlemen,

thing from the smallest card to a half sheet of The small Hope's Stanhope Press I had from you cap it will work in the most beautiful mante in May has been in almost daily use ever since, and sible, in little more than half the time nece so far fully answers my expectations. It produces common press, and with less than half the sustas a strong, even, and sharp impression. The screw Its construction is very simple, and it appears se and ratchet wheel in the head enables the workman to ly possible that it should get out of order. 11 adjust his pull with the greatest ease and nicety, and I am so much pleased with it, that I feel an.. to give to the heaviest or lightest form the power recommend it; and to shew that I have had required.

rience of it sufficient to warrant my speak I am your's respectfully, highly of it, I observe that during the twelve a

JOHN OGLE. which it has been in my possession, up? Messrs. Beilby and Knotts, Birmingham.

200,000 bills and cards have been worked at

needs but to be tried to be fully approved. Leicester, Oct. 20, 1826.

I am, Gentlemen,

Your's regnectfully.




R. A. has the honour most respectfully to inform the Nobility,

Gentry, and Public, that he has Removed the Business carried. on by him above Thirty Years at No. 101, STRAND, to the New Premises a few Doors off, No. 96, at the East Corner of BEAUFORT BUILDINGS, where he flatters himself that he shall be favoured with the continuance of their Patronage. He begs leave to intimate, that, independently of an extensive Collection of Works of Art, he shall be provided, as usual, with every

variety of Drawing Materials, Fancy Articles, fc. Śc. &c. to . The facility of access for Carriages to his New Premises, and the

convenience for their waiting in BEAUFORT BUILDINGS, are in advantages to which he cannot refrain from directing their

· attention.

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A SERIES ILLUSTRATIVE OF THE HISTORY OF DON QUIX. OTTE; viz. The Library Scrutinised by the Curate and the Barber_Brought Home by the Peasants after his First Adventure His Reception at the Duke's Palace Relieved of his Armour by Six Young Ladies-Having his Beard Washed. From Paintings by John PORTER; engraved in Mezzotinto, by CHARLES TURNER, WILLIAM Say, and G. H. Every. Size, 18 inches by 12. Price, proofs, 21s.; prints, 10s. 6d. ; coloured, 21s. each.

JOHN KNOX ADMONISHING MARY QUEEN OP SCOTS. Painted by W. ALLAN, A.R.A.; engraved by J. BURNET. Size, 17 inches by 14. Price, proofs, 31. 38.; prints, ll. lls. 6d.

HESITATION. Painted by R. FARRIER ; engraved hy CHARLES Rolls. Size, 11 inches by 9. Price, proofs, 17. 18. ; 'prints, 10s. 6d.

TRAGEDY. Painted by R. FARRIER ; engraved by A. W. WARREN. Size, 94 inches by 12. Price, proofs, 11. 58. ; prints, 12s.6d.

OPEN YOUR MOUTH, AND SHUT YOUR EYES. Painted by SHARP; engraved by W. J. TAYLOR. Size, 12 inches hy 9. Price, proofs, 24s. prints, 12s.

Works Published by R. ACKERMANN,

PORTRAIT OF FLORA MACDONALD,' FROM WAVERLEY. Painted by M. GOBAUD; engraved in Mezzotinto by THOMAS LUPTON. Size, 16 inches by 21}. Price, proofs, 17. 108.; prints, 15$. ; col. 11. lls. 6d.

PORTRAIT OF REBECCA, FROM IVANHOE. By the same. Same size and price. N.B. These two last are of the same class as the celebrated prints of Painters'

Mistresses, published by R. Ackermann : viz. Mad. Lundens, after
Rubens; Mad. Vanmaelder, after Vandyke; Lå Belle Frascatoné,

after Raphael; Adele la Venitiene, after Tintoretto. PORTRAIT OF SIR WALTER SCOTT, BART. Painted by Sir HENRY RAEBURN, R.A., engraved by WILLIAM WALKER. Size, 11 inches by 93. Price, proofs, 21. 28. ; prints, Il. 18.

PORTRAIT OF EDWARD JENNER, M.D., F.R.S. Painted by Wil. LIAM HOBDAY; engrayed by WILLAM SHARP and WILIAM SKELTON. Size, 17 inches by 14. Price, proofs, 31. 3s. ; prints, ll. lls. 6d.

A VIEW OF THE PALAIS DE JUSTICE AT ROUEN. Painted by 8. PROUT. Coloured and mounted in imitation of the original Drawings. Size, 22 inches by 17. Price 17. 58.; ditto, in sheets, 17. 18.

A VIEW OF THE CATHEDRAL AT ULM, to match ditto. Same size and price.

A VIEW OF THE HOTEL DE VILLE AT LOUVAIN. "By the 4 same Artist. Size, 24 inches by 19, forming a centre print to the above. , . Price, 17. 108. mounted; or 17. 58. in sheets.

A SERIES CONSISTING OF TWELVE INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR VIEWS OF FOREIGN CATHEDRALS. Coloured and mounted in imitation of the Original Paintings, by CHARLES WILD: viz. Choir of the Cathedral of Cologne; Entrance of the Cathedral of Strasburg; Cathedral of Chartres ; Principal Entrance, Choir, and Nave of the Cathedral of Amiens ; the South Entrance, Exterior, and Transept of the Cathedral of St. Quen ; Principal Entrance and Nave of Rheims Cathedral; Choir of Beauvois Cathedral. Size, 15 inches by 11. Price, 101. 10s. the set of 12; or 218. each, separate.

A VIEW OF THE WEST FRONT OF THE SAXON TOWER, BURY ST. EDMONDS. Drawn by F. MACKENZIE ; engraved by H. LE KEUX. Size, 11 inches by 9. Price 10s. 6d. ; proofs, 158.,

LITHOGRAPHIC VIEWS, by WILLIAM WESTALL - of St. Paul's, London Bridge, Greenwich Hospital, Rivaulx Abbey, Kenilworth Castle, Nottingham Castle, Warwick Castle, Litchfield Cathedral, Durham, Rich. mond, Yorkshire. Size, 154 inches by 10%. Price 6s. each.

LITHOGRAPHIC VIEWS OF BRITISH SCENERY, by Nicholson, 5 Nos. 10s. 6d. each.

LITHOGRAPHIC SKETCHES, by ditto, 6 Nos. 88. each. Castles in Yorkshire, 55.-Views of Scarborough, 58.-Ditto, 188.--Fountain's Abbey, 18s.

A SERIES OF MARINE VIEWS. By WILLIAM DANIELL, R.A., viz. An Indiaman in a North Wester off the Cape of Good Hope_Off the Cape-A Man Overboard--A Ship on her Beam-ends in the Bay of BiscayThe Edystone Lighthouse during the Storm-The Longship's Lighthouse off the Land's-end, Cornwall-The Kent Indiaman on Fire in the Bay of BiscayThe Dismasted Indiaman_The Cambria Brig receiving on Board the last Boatload from the Kent Indiaman on Fire. 20 inches by 13. Proofs, 21s. prints, coloured, 218.



gaivuvio SiOS! o. unvy uru NULEI, ON TreeT grur.

A SERIES OF LITHOGRAPHIC DRAWINGS OF CELEBRATED HORSES, from Pictures painted by James WARD, Esq., R.A., and drawn on Stone by himself, viz. Adonis, Copenhagen, a Persian Charger, a Cossack War Horse, Soothsayer, Monitor, Primrose and Foal, Dr. Syntax, Leopold, Walton, Phantom, Little Peggy, Marengo, &c. &c. Size, 18] inches by 131. Price, Proofs on India paper, selected and retouched by Mr. WARD, 10 Guineas the Set. Prints, 5l. 58.; and single Prints, 8s. each.

THE PASSIONS OF THE HORSE, designed and executed in Lithography, by HENRY BARNARD CHALON, consisting of 6 plates, 194 inches by 15. Price 42s. proofs on India paper ; prints, 31s. 6d.

PORTRAITS OF THE WINNING HORSES OF THE GREAT ST. LEGER STAKES AT DONCASTER, from the Year 1815 to 1824, inclusive ; painted by Mr. HERRING; engraved by SUTHERLAND. Price, coloured, 71. 78.

THE MARRIAGE OF ST. CATHERINE. Painted by COREGGIO ; engraved by WILLIAM SAY. 18) inches by 14. Price 158. ; proofs, 11. 10s.

THE MADONNA DE S. SISTO, by RAFFAEL, in the Dresden Gallery. Companion Print to the above, same size and price.

A COLLECTION OF THIRTY MOUNTED COLOURED PRINTS, in imitation of Drawings, from the most celebrated Pictures in the Dulwich Gallery. Price 108. 6d. each.

A DITTO of TWELVE smaller Ditto Ditto. Price 8s.


..FOLIO. . VIEWS AND ILLUSTRATIONS OF HIS MAJESTY'S PALACE AT BRIGHTON. By JOHN Nasu, Esq., Private Architect to the King, &c. &c. &c. This splendid Work contains 23 large folio and 6 small highly coloured and mounted Imitations of Drawings, acompanied with as many highlyfinished Outlines. Price 20 Guineas. 250 Copies only are printed.

AN: HISTORICAL ACCOUNT OF THE COLONY OF NEW SOUTH WALES, and its Dependent Settlements, in Illustration of Twelve Views; with an Accurate Map of Port Mac Quarrie, and the newly-discovered River Hastings. Super-royal, price 21. 2s. boards.

FLOWERS, a Series of 30 Studies from Nature, in Lithography, in Five Parts, each containing six Designs. Royal, 78. éd. each Part.

SMITH'S NEW UNIVERSAL PENMAN; 40 plates. Super-roy. 17. 10s.

QUARTO.. ACKERMANN'S MICROCOSM OF LONDON, 3 vols, elephant, 104 col. plates, boards, 131. 135. ,

HISTORY AND ANTIQUITIES OF THE ABBEY CHURCH OF . ST. PETER'S, Westminster, 2 vols. elephant, 84 col. plates, in boards, 151.

HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSITY AND CITY OF OXFORD, 2 vols. elephant, 84 coloured plates, bds. 161.-Ditto, atlas, bds. 271.

SERIES OF PORTRAITS, containing 32 coloured Engravings of the Founders of the Colleges at Oxford, elephant, 31. 13s. 6d.Ditto, atlas, 46. 148. 6d.


COSTUME OF THE MEMBERS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD, with 17 coloured Engravings, elephant, 31. '13s. 6d.

HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSITY AND CITY OF CAMBRIDGE, 2 vols. elephant, 81 col. Engravings, bds. 161.—Ditto, atlas, bds. 271.

SERIES OF ENGRAVINGS, containing 16 coloured Portraits of the Founders of the Colleges at Cambridge, elephant, 21.- Ditto, atlas, 31.

. . COSTUME OF THE MEMPERS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CAM.. BRIDGE, with 14 col. Engravings, elephant, 31. 38.

HISTORY OF THE COLLEGES OF WINCHESTER, ETON, AND WESTMINSTER, with the CHARTER House, the FREE Schools of". St. Paul's, MERCHANT TAILORS', Harrow, and RUGBY, and the School of Christ's Hospital, 48 plates, elephant, boards, 77. 78. To be had separate also.-Ditto, atlas, 121. 12s. boards.

A PICTURESQUE TOUR ALONG THE RHINE, FROM MENTZ TO COLOGNE, with 24 col. Engravings, and a Map; elephant, 41, 4s. bds.Ditto, atlas, 6l. 6s. boards.

A PICTURESQUE TOUR OF THE SEINE, from Paris to the Sea, with 24 coloured Engravings ; elephant, 41. 4s. bds.—Ditto, atlas, 6l. 6s. bds.

A PICTURESQUE TOUR OF THE RIVER GANGES AND JUMNA, y in India. By Lieut. Col. FORREST ; containing 24 coloured Engravings of the most remarkable Objects and magnificent Scenery on those Rivers ; several Vignettes and a Map; elephant, 41, 4s. bds. Ditto, atlas, 61. 6s. bds.

PICTURESQUE ILLUSTRATIONS OF BUENOS AYRES AND MONTE VIDEO, consisting of 24 coloured Engravings, with Descriptions of the Scenery, and of the Costumes, Manners, &c.; elephant, 31. 13s. 68. bds. -Ditto, atlas, 61. 68. boards..



A PICTURESQUE TOUR OF_THE - ENGLISH LAKES, with 48 coloured Views, drawn by Messrs. T. H. FIELDING and J. WALTON. Demy, 31. 12s. boards."

A COMPLETE COURSE OF LITHOGRAPHY, containing Instructions in all the different Branches and Manners of that Art, accompanied by Illus. trative Specimens of Drawings. By Alois SEXEFELDER, Inventor of the Art of Lithography and Chemical Printing, demy, 11. 6s. boards.


BLAIR'S GRAVE, illustrated with Engravings, by L. SCHIAVONETTI, from Drawings by W. BLAKE, atlas, boards, 21. 28.

CAVE'S ANTIQUITIES OF YORK, containing 40 Etchings, with descriptive Letter-press, elephant, boards, 21.-Ditto, with Proof Impressions of the Plates on India paper, in boards, 31.

ELSAM'S TREATISE, ON RURAL ARCHITECTURE, including Hints on the general Improvement of the Condition of the Peasantry of England, with 11 coloured Engravings, super-royal, 1l. ls.

HISTORICAL SKETCH OF MOSCOW, illustrated by 12 Views, elephant, boards, 11. 118. Od. coloured, 21. 2s.

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