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343, et al.

9, 665.

river of Latium, 11, 547; the river. Jāmēns, entis, adj. (ā and mēns), out god Amasenus, 7, 685.

of one's mind or senses; amazed, Amastrus, i, m., a Trojan, 11, 673. beside one's self, frantic, mad, fuAmāta, ae, f., the wife of Latinus, 7, rious, 2, 314; 4, 203; distracted, 3,

307. Amathūs, ūntis, f., a town of Cyprus, āmentum, i, n., a thong attached to the 10, 51.

shaft of a javelin or other

issile ; Amāzān, onis, f., an Amazon, one of meton., a javelin with the amentum,

the race of female warriors, said to have dwelt on the Thermodon, in amicio, icui or ixi, ictus, 4, a. (am- and Asia Minor, II, 648, et al.

iació), to throw around; veil, cover, Amāzonis, idis, f., an Amazon, 1, 490.

1, 516. Amāzonius, a, um, adj. (Amāzān), amicitia, ae, f. (amicus), friendship;

Amazonian (such as the Amazons pl., friendly alliance, 11, 321. used), 5, 311.

1. amictus, a, um, p. of amicio. ambāgēs, is, f. (in good usage in the 2. amictus, ūs, m. (amició), a veiling

abl. sing. and all cases of pl.) (am- or draping of the person; an upper bigo, go about), a going about ; a garment, covering ; cloak, mantle, winding, 6, 29; fig., details, particu. veil, 3, 405; 5, 421.

lars, story, 1, 342; mysteries, 6, 99. amicus, a, um, adj. (amo), loving, ambedo, ēdī, ēsus, 3, a., to eat round; friendly, kind, favorable, propitious,

to consume, devour, eat, 3, 257. of persons, 2, 735; of things, 2, 255, ambēsus, a, um, p. of ambedö.

et al.; subst., amicus, i., m., a ambi- (amb-, am-, an-), an insepar. friend.

particle, round, around, about ; on āmissus, a, um, p. of āmitto. both sides.

Amiternus, a, um, adj. (Amiternum), ambiguus, a, um, adj. (ambigo, go of Amiternum, a Sabine town near

about), going about ; uncertain ; the source of the Aternus, Amiterdoubtful, undecided; 5, 326; two- nian, 7, 710. fold, 3, 180; dark, obscure, 2, 99; āmitto, mīsi, missus, 3, a., to send unreliable, treacherous, 1, 661; hesi- away; to let go, 5, 853; 2, 148; lose, tating, uncertain, 5, 655; in sus. 3, 710; p., āmissus, a, um, missing pense, 8, 580.

1, 217; lost, 3, 341; slain, II, ambio, ivi or iī, itus, 4, a. and n. 868.

(amb- and ), to go round; encom- amnis, is, m., properly, a broad and pass, 6, 550; fig., approach, address, deep stream ; flowing water ;

4, 283; entrap, circumvent, 7, 333. river, freq.; stream, 4, 164; water, ambo, ae, ō, adj., both, 1, 458.

12, 417; amnis Eumenidum, the ambrosia, ae, f., ambrosia, the food of Cocytus, 6, 374. the gods.

amo, āvī, ātus, I, a., to love, be fond of, ambrosius, a, um, adj. (ambrosia), like; fig., to keep close to, hug the

ambrosial, heavenly, divine, 1, 403. shore, 5, 163; without an object, to ambūrā, ussī, ūstus, 3, a., to burn be in love, to love, 4, 101, et al.;

round; p., ambūstus, a, um, blaz- subst., amāns, antis, a lover; loving, ing, singed, 12, 301.

fond wife, 1, 352.

a to move

amoenus, a, um, adj., charming ; plior, us, larger ; adv., amplius,

usually to the sight, delightful, more, longer, 1, 683. pleasant, 6, 638.

Ampsanctus, i, m., Lake Amsanctus, amor, oris, m. (amo), love, affection, in the country of the Hirpini, from

in all senses; the passion of love; its noxious exhalations supposed to love, affection, or esteem, in all hu- be one of the entrances to Hades, 7, man relations, as parental, filial, of 65. friends, allies, etc., 4, 624, et al.; Amỹclae, ārum, f., a town of Latium, of gods, 7, 769; love, liking, fancy, 10, 564. fondness, preference, for things, 11, Amycus, i, m. 1. Amycus, a son of 583, et al.; freq., the hippomanes, Neptune, king of the Bebrycians, or bunch of flesh supposed to appear famous for his prowess in boxing, on the forehead of a new-foaled colt, 5, 373. 2: A companion of Aeneas, and instantly devoured by the dam,

I, 221.

3. Another Trojan of the unless intercepted, and used as a same name, 9, 772. love-charm, 4, 516; personified, an, conj., properly introducing the Amor, oris, m., Cupid, Love, the god second member of a double quesof love, 1, 663; pl., amõrēs, um, tion; or, 6, 533; at the beginning m., affections, love, 4, 28; mutual of an interrogative sentence (the love, 5, 334.

first member being suppressed), āmove), māvī, mõtus, 2, a.,

then, or rather, or perhaps, or even, away, take away, remove, 6, 524. 4, 325. Amphitryoniadēs, ae, m., Hercules, Anagnia, ae, f., Anagnia, a town of

the son of Amphitryon (so called, the Hernici, 7, 684. though he was the son of Jupiter anceps, cipitis, adj. (am- and caput), by the wife of Amphitryon), 8, two-headed or two-edged, 7, 525; 103.

fig., twofold, 3, 47; uncertain, wavAmphrysius, a, um, adj. (Amphrysus), ering, doubtful, 5, 654; 10, 304;

pertaining to the river Amphrysus ; perplexed, perplexing, intricate, 5, Amphrysian, an epithet of Apollo, 589. who kept the flocks of Admetus on the Anchemolus, i, m., a Latin warrior, Amphrysus; hence, of a priest or 10, 389.

priestess of Apollo, 6, 398. Anchisēs, ae, m., son of Capys and amplector, amplexus sum, 3, dep. a., Themis, and father of Aeneas by

to embrace, clasp, 3, 607; wind, pass Venus, 2, 687, et al. around, 5, 86; encircle, coil around, Anchīsēus, a, um, adj., of Anchises, 5, 2, 214; fig., comprehend, embrace, 761. in description.

Anchísiadēs, ae, m., son of Anchises ; 1. amplexus, a, um, p. of amplector. Aeneas, 5, 407 2. amplexus, ūs, m. (amplector), an ancīle, is, n., a small oval shield or embrace, 1. 687.

target, 7, 188; pl., ancīlia, ium, amplius, adv., see amplus.

the sacred ancilia, made by the amplus, a, um, adj., spacious, large, Romans in imitation of the ancile

ample, 2, 310; splendid, magnifi- which came down from heaven, 8, cent, glorious, 4, 93; comp., am- 664.

ancora, ae, f., an anchor, I, 169. animosus, a, um (animus), courageous, Ancus, i, m., Ancus Martius, the full of spirit, bold, 12, 277.

fourth king of Rome, 6, 815. animus, i, m., the rational spirit or Androgeos, eo, and Androgeus, ei, m. soul of man; freq., the mind, 1, 464,

1. Androgeus, a son of the Cretan et al.; design, intention, purpose, 4, king Minos, murdered by the Athe- 639; mind, memory, 1, 26; the nians, 6, 20. 2. A Grecian

ief at

heart; feeling, disposition, affection, Troy, 2, 371.

inclination, I, 304, et al.; pl., Andromachē, ae, f., wife of Hector, 2, animi, Õrum, m., lofty spirit, hero456.

ism, 6, 782; daring; courage, conanfrāctus, ūs, m. (am- and frango), fidence, 2, 617; strength ; passion ;

a breaking round; the winding of anger, rage, 1, 57; arrogance, pride,

a way in and out, ravine, 11, 522. 11, 366; fury, 10, 357; of things, ango, ānxi, ānctus or ānxus, 3, a., to life, velocity, 7, 383. squeeze, compress, 8, 260.

Anio (Anien), znis or ōnis, m., the anguis, is, m. and f., a snake of any Anio, a branch of the 7'iber, flowing

kind, serpent, 2, 379; hydra, 8, 300. from the Sabine Mountains through Anguitia, ae, f., Anguitia or Angitia, Latium, 7, 683.

a sister of Circe, worshiped by the Anius, ii, m., a king of Delos and Marsi, 7, 759.

priest of Apollo, 3, 80. angustus, a, um, adj. (ango), strait, Anna, ae, f., a sister of Dido, 4, 9.

narrow, 3,411; straitened, perilous, annālis, e., adj. (annus), pertaining II, 309; subst., angustum, i, n., a to years, or lasting through a year; narrow place, passage, 2, 332.

subst., m., annalēs, ium, annals, anhēlitus, ūs, m. (anhēlo), hard- records ; story, history, 1, 373.

breathing; puffing, panting, 5, 199. annosus, a, um, adj. (annus), full of anhēlā, āvī, ātus, i, n. and a. (am. years; aged, old, 4, 441; hoary, 6,

and hālo), to pant, 5, 254; of a 282.

furnace, to puff, roar, 8, 421. annus, i, m., a year, freq.; a season, anhēlus, a, um, adj. (anhēlo), pant- portion of the year; māgnus annus, ing, gasping, throbbing, 6, 48.

a complete year, or the great annual Aniên, see Anio.

circuit of the sun, 3, 284. anilis, e, adj. (anus), of an old wo- annuus, a, um, adj. (annus), annual,

man; an old woman's, 4, 641. yearly, 5, 46. anima, ae, f., a breeze or breath of ānser, eris, m., a goose.

air; the air ; wind or blast of the Antaeus, i, m., a Latin, slain by Aebellows, 8, 403; breath, 9, 580; neas, 10, 561. breath of life, the soul, spirit, life, 1, Antandros (-us), ī, f., Antandrus, a 98; life-blood, 10, 908; soul, 9, 580; coast town in Mysia, at the foot of the soul of the dead, shade, manes,

Mount Ida, 3, 6. 5, 81; the spirit or soul not yet in ante, prep., with acc., of place, order,

habiting its destined body, 6, 720. and time, and adv., of time or preceanimal, ālis, n. (anima), a living dence. 1. Prep., in front of, before,

being, animal, 3, 147; a brute anri. 2, 469, et al.; of order or degree, mal, beast, animal.

before or beyond, 1, 347; of time, before, 4, 328. 2. Adv., beforehand, lānxius, a, um, adj. (ango), troubled 1, 673; previously, past, 1, 198; or troubling; disquieting, 9, 89. first, 12, 680; followed by quam, Anxur, uris, m., Anxur, or Terracina, see antequam.

a town on the coast of Latium, 10, anteeo, ivi or ii, īre, irreg. n. and a., 545; a Latin warrior, 10, 545.

to go before ; surpass, 12, 84. Anxurus, a, um, adj. (Anxur), of An-. antefero, tuli, lātus, ferre, irreg. a., to xur, 7, 799.

bear before; to prefer, 4, 371. Aornos, i, m., birdless; Lake Avernus, Antemnae, arum, f., Antemnae, a in Campania, 6, 242.

Sabine town on the Anio, 7, 631. aper, prī, m., a wild boar, 1, 324, et al. antenna, ae, f., a sail yard, 3, 549. aperió, ui, tus, 4, a. (ab and root Antēnor, oris, m., Antenor, a Trojan par, whence pario), to uncover, lay

prince, nephew of Priam, who fled bare, 1, 107; throw open, open, 2, from Troy, and settled in northern 60; disclose to the view, 3, 206; disItaly at Patavium, shortly before the close, reveal, 6, 12; pass., aperiri, to

arrival of Aeneas in Latium, 1, 242. appear, 8, 681; p., apertus, a, um, Antēnoridēs, ae, m., a son or descend. opened, 8, 585; unguarded, 11, 748;

ant of Antenor ; Antēnoridae, the adj., open, 1, 155; clear, pure, 1, 587. three sons of Antenor, Polybus, Age- apex, icis, m., the point of anything ; nor, and Acamas, 6, 484.

peak, top, summit, 4, 246; pointed antequam (or separated, ante quam), flame, 2, 683; cone of a helmet, 10,

adv., before that ; sooner than. 270; a peaked cap, 8, 664. antevenio, vēni, ventus, 4, n., to come Aphidnus, i, m., a Trojan, 9, 702. before; anticipate, prevent.

apis (-ēs), is, f., a bee, 1, 430, et al. antevolő, āvī, ātus, i, n., to fly before, Apollo, inis, m., Apollo, son of Jupiter 9, 47; 12, 455.

and Latona; the god of prophecy, Antheus (dissyl.), eos or ei, m., An- medicine, music, poetry, and archery,

theus, a companion of Aeneas, 1, 181. 2,430; met., a temple of Apollo, 3,275. Antiphatēs, ae, m., Antiphates, son of appāreo, ui, itus, 2, n. (ad and pāreo),

Sarpedon, slain by Turnus, 9, 696. to come into sight, appear, 2, 622, et antiquus, a, um, adj. (ante), done or al.;. be laid open, exposed to view, 8,

existing before; pristine, of old, an- 241; attend, 12, 850. cient, I, 12; aged, old, 2, 714; apparo, āvī, ātus, 1, a. (ad and paro), former, 4, 458; illustrious, noble, to get ready, prepare; resolve, be 12, 529.

ready ; with infin., 11, 117. Antonius, ii, m., M. Antonius, the 1. appello, puli, pulsus, 3, a. (ad and Triumvir, 8, 685.

pello), to drive to ; bring, convey to, Antòrēs, ae, m., a Greek warrior, I, 377; draw up to, moor on the follower of Evander, 10, 778.

shore, 7, 39. antrum, i, n., a cave, cavern, grotto, 2. appello, āvi, ātus, 1, a. (1. appello),

to address; name, designate, call, 5, Anūbis, is or idis, m., a god with the 540.

head of a dog, worshiped by the Appenninicola, ae, m. (Appenninus Egyptians, 8, 698.

and colo), a dweller in the Apen. anus, ūs, f., an old woman, 7, 419.

nines, 11, 700.

1, 166.

et al.

Appenninus, i, m., the Apennines, arātor, oris, m. (aro), a plowman, 10,

the great mountain chain of Italy, 804. 12, 703.

arātrum, i, n. (aro), a plow, 5, 755, appeto,īvī or iī, ītus, 3, a. (ad and peto),

to push for; attack, assail, 11, 277. Araxēs, is, m., the Araxes, a river of applico, āvī or uī, ātus or itus, 1, a. Armenia Major, 8, 728.

(ad and plico), to fold upon ; join arbor (-os), oris, f., a tree, freq.; to; impel, drive to, 1, 616; fasten, timber, wood, 5, 504; an oar, 10, 207. nail to, 12, 303.

arboreus, a, um, adj. (arbor), pertainappono, posuī, positus, 3, a. (ad and ing to a tree or trees; tree-like, mas

pono), to place at or for ; place. sive, 12, 888; branching, 1, 190. aprīcus, a, um, adj. (aperið), open to arbustum, i, n. (arbor), a growth of

the sun ; sunny; sun-loving, 5, 128. trees; a grove ; thicket, 10, 363. aptē, āvī, ātus, 1, a. (aptus), to fit, join, arbuteus, a, um, adj. (arbutus), of the

or fasten to; with acc. and dat., 8, arbutus. 721; put on, 2, 390; get ready, pre- arbutum, i, n. (arbor), the berry of pare, 10, 259; fit out, prepare, 1, the arbutus.

552; with abl. of manner, 8, 80. arbutus, i, f., the arbutus, or arbute aptus, a, um, adj. (obs. apā, lay hold), tree ; wild strawberry tree, an ever

fixed, joined to; joined together; green prized for its delicate foliage. fitted with, studded, 4, 482; fit, Arcadia, ae, f., the central country of adapted, meet.

Peloponnesus, 5, 299. apud, prep. with acc., near to; with, Arcadius, a, um, adj. (Arcadia), of

by, at, before, in presence of; near Arcadia. by, 5, 261; among, 2, 71; with, in arcānus, a, um, adj. (arca, a chest), respect to the mind, 4, 539; with pertaining to a chest; hidden, secret, pronouns, at one's home, on one's 4, 422; subst., arcānum, i, n., ground.

secret, 1, 262. aqua, ae, f., water, I, 105, et al. ; a Arcas, adis, m., an Arcadian, 10, 452; stream, river.

adj., 11, 835. Aquícolus, i, m., a Rutulian, 9, 684. Arcēns, entis, m., Arcens, a Sicilian, aquila, ae, f., an eagle, 11, 752, et al.

9, 581. Aquilo, onis, m., the north wind; wind arce7, ui, 2, a, to inclose, shut in;

in general, 1, 391; wintry, tempestu- restrain, bind, 2, 406; debar, keep

ous wind, 3, 285; the north, 1, 102. off, repel, 1, 435; protect, save from, aquosus, a, um, adj. (aqua), abounding in water, bringing rain; watery, arcessā, īvī, ītus, 3, a. (ar- for ad-,

and rainy, 4, 52.

cēdā), to cause to come ; send for, āra, ae, f., an altar, 2, 514, et al.; summon, 5, 746; hasten, provoke, 10,

funeral pile, 6, 177; pl., Ārae, ārum, 11; draw, derive ; call up, bring, 6, the Altars, a reef in the Mediterra. 119. nean Sea between Sicily and Africa, Arcetius, iī, m., a Rutulian warrior, I, 109.

12, 459. Arabs, abis, m., an Arabian, 8, 706. Archippus, ī, m., king of the Marsi, Arabus, i, m., an Arabian, 7, 605. 7, 752.


8, 73.

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