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OBSERVATIONS on Mr. Thomas Chubb's


Which shew, 1. How far the evidence of Mr. Chubb's Christia

nity seems to arise from his last writings.


II, Some of the blemishes and errors of those his

writings, are pointed out.

To which is prefixed,
An Essay to demonstrate the truth and certainty of a

particular providence.


LONDON, Printed for the AUTHOR ;
Sold by J. Noon, at the White Hart in the Poultry,

J. ROBINSON, at the Golden Lion in Ludgate-ftreet,
and R. WILLOCK, in the Royal Exchange. 1749.



To the CHURCH of ProteSTANT Disc

SENTERS, who meet in BartholomerClofe ; and to my other worthy Friends, in, and about London, the following Sheets are humbly inscribed.


HIS DEDICATION is intended to express the grateful fenfe which I bave of your friends foip.

A Treatise whicb exhibits the Ideas I have been ab'e to form of the Christian scheme, in a fomewhat extenfive view; I thought would appear with Some propriety thus prefaced with the public teftimony of iny esteem and veneration of you.

The countenance you give a protestant-dissent, is from a convi&tion of its being the cause of TRUTH and LIBERTY. Which conviEtion is rational ; fince such disent imports, " that you own no other Law-giver or King in the Church of God, besides “ Jesus Chrift: or as it is an open denial of powe 6c er or authority being vested in any man, or body of men on earth, to make and to enjoin rites of Christian worship, and terms of Christian fellowship. *" And because one may safely predist the loss of liberty, in Britain, to be the certain confe

See the Diffenting Gentleman's three Letters to Mr. White.


quence of an universal conformity to a civil ejtoblishment of religion. It is, it has been the case every where, all the world over.

And yet, many invidious refle Etions are cast on the whole body of protestant-disenters; as if they were all Enthusiasts, Schismatics, Heretics, yea, Fanatics!

Accusations, much more easily brought, than supported. For how will the charge of Enthusiasm have place, where the Scriptures are acknowle ged to be the sole rule of faith and practice ; 'and reason confessed to be the fole judge of that rule ? or, can those men be justly reputed Schismatics, who are of peaceable and charitable dispositions ; and whose separation from the Establised Church, is upon the very same principle, on which the reformation from popery had its existence ?-or can men be guilty of Heresy, who are not immoral ?and with a very ill grace does the Bigot call you Fanatics, who, in your religious profefon, Own but one Lord; and who are not fettered with subfcriptions to any human creeds, or chained down to the observance of human rites and ceremonies.

The genuine principles of a consistent non-conformity, are truth and liberty; however weakly or wickedly many protestant disenters may have miftaken or perverted them.

To the absurd tenets, and inconsistent conduct of such, I am inclined to attribute the growth of Infidelity, or that disgust which some have taken of the Christian profesion.

· Not that the unbeliever is hereby excused. For upon a thorough examination he would have known,


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