An account of the life and writings of Thomas Day, esq

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Printed for J. Stockdale, 1791 - 144 pages

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Page 83 - TO wake the foul by tender ftrokes of art, To raife the genius, and to mend the heart ; To make mankind, in confcious virtue bold, Live o'er each fcene, and be what they behold : For this the Tragic Mufe firft trod the ftage, 5 Commanding tears to ftream thro' ev'ry age ; Tyrants no more their favage nature kept, And foes to virtue wonder'd how they wept.
Page 66 - ... him, each according to his ability. , /• • • • " As to the reform of parliament, I think Mr. Pitt has difcharged his promife, and the very reafons which have provoked of my brother...
Page 112 - Ye gay and young, who, thoughtless of your doom, Shun the disgustful mansions of the dead, Where Melancholy broods o'er many a tomb, Mould'ring beneath the yew's...
Page 67 - ... never be fo entirely engroffed with the dirty ideas of preferving their places as to facrifice truth, confiftency, and public intereft, and piHvate integrity.
Page 66 - ... of making an experiment, is betraying a lamentable ignorance of human nature. I am not myself such a child as either to expect or wish that all government should stand still in such a wonderfully complicated system of society as our own, in order that two or three reformers may try their skill in greasing the wheels.
Page 66 - ... the whole frame of government for the fake of making an experiment, is betraying a lamentable ignorance of human nature. I am not myfelf...
Page 93 - ... flroke that fortune could then have inflicted : Beyond the rage of time or fortune's power Remain, cold ftone ! remain, and mark the hour When all the nobleft gifts, which Heaven e'er gave, Were centered in a dark untimely grave. Oh, taught on reafon's boldeft wings to rife, And catch each glimmering of the opening fkies ! Oh, gentle bofom ! Oh, unfulliedmind!
Page 127 - IF pensive Genius ever pour'd the tear Of votive anguish o'er the Poet's bier; If drooping Britain ever knew to mourn In silent sorrow o'er the Patriot's urn ; Here let them weep their Day's untimely doom, And hang their fairest garlands o'er his Tomb.
Page 67 - Sir, muft be the beft judge of the ends and principles of the gentlemen with whom you act. If they are fuch as I have defcribed, you may at any time command all the...
Page 50 - Were fcrm'd to fetter down the noble foul Beneath the magic of their foft controul. Wherever nature bids her treafures rife, . Or circling planets rufh along the Ikies, Or ocean rolls his ever-ebbing wave, Has fate...

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