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"dom of die saints upon earth. Besides, they are tyrants "and oppressors of the liberty of the saints, and tie them "to laws and ordinances, mere human inventions. And "here I should put out my fourth light, 8ic. (o.) Then "putting his hand into his pocket, and pulling out a little "bible, he shewed it open to the people, saying, Here is :" a book you have in great veneration, consisting of tw o "parts, the old and new testament: 1 must tell you it is "abolished; it containeth beggarly rudiments, milk for "babes : But now Christ is in glory amongst us, and im"parts a farther measure of his spirit to his saints than "this can afford, I am commanded to burn it before your face. Then putting out the candle, he said, and here my fifth light is extinguished." It became a pretty common doctrine at that time, that it was unworthy of a christian man to pay rent to his fellow-creatures; and landlords were obliged to use all the penalties of law against their tenants, whose conscience was scrupulous.

NOTE, [H] p. 205.

WHEN the earl of Derby was alive, he had been summoned by Ireton to surrender the isle of Man; and he returned this spirited and memorable answer: " I re"ceived your letter with indignation, and with scorn return "you this answer; that I cannot but wonder whence you "should gather any hopes, that I should prove like you, "treacherous to my sovereign; since you cannot be lg"norant of my former actions in his late majesty's service, "from which principles of loyalty I am no whit departed. "1 scorn your proffers; I disdain your favour; I abhor "your treason; and am so far from delivering up this "island to your advantage, that I shall keep it to the ut"most of my power to your destruction. Take this for "your final answer, and forbear any farther solicitations; "for if you trouble me with any more messages of this na"ture, I will burn the paper and hang up the bearer. This is the immutable resolution, and shall be the undoubted "practice of him, who accounts it his chiefest glory to be "his majesty's most loyal and obedient subject,



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