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3 Though life itself be waning,

And waves shall o'er us sweep,
The wild wind's sad complaining

Shall lull us still to sleep;
For as a gentle slumber

E’en death itself shall prove
To those whom Christ doth number

As worthy of His love.

4 Then, holy Jesu, hear us,

And keep us free from harm,
Have pity, Lord, and bear us

On Thy supporting arm.
Should storm or calm befall us,

Whate'er our lot may be,
When all is o er—then call us

Home, Saviour, home to Thee.


414 He maketh the storm to cease.”
1 ETERNAL FATHER, strong to save !
Whose arm doth bind the restless wave,
Whư bidd’st the mighty ocean deep
Its own appointed limits keep!

O hear us when we cry to Thee
For those in peril on the sea.

2 O Saviour ! Whose almighty word

The wind and waves submissive heard ;
Who walkedst on the foaming deep,
And calm amidst its rage didst sleep;

O hear us when we cry to Thee
For those in peril on the sea.

3 O Sacred Spirit! Who didst brood

Upon the chaos dark and rude,
Who bad'st its angry tumult cease,
And gavest light, and life, and peace;

O hear us when we cry to Thee
For those in peril on the sea.

4 O Trinity of love and power!

Our brethren shield in danger's hour,
From rock and tempest, fire and foe,
Preserve them wheresoe'er they go;

Thus evermore shall rise to Thee
Glad hymns of praise from land and sea.


Ordination–Ember Days. 415 The priesťs lips should keep knowledge;

he is the messenger of the Lord of

1 LORD of the Church, we humbly pray
For those who guide us in Thy way,

And speak Thy holy word;
With love divine their hearts inspiré,
And touch their lips with hallowed fire,

And needful grace afford.

2 Help them to preach the truth of God. Redemption through the Saviour's blood;

Nor let the Spirit cease
On all the Church His gifts to shower,
To them a messenger of power,

To us of life and peace.

3 So may they live to Thee alone;
Then hear the walcome word—“Well done,”

And take their crown above :
Enter into their Master's joy,
And all eternity employ

In praise and bliss and love. Amen.


Let Thy priests be clothed with


1 Pour out Thy Spirit from on high,

Lord, Thine ordained servants bless;
Graces and gifts to each supply,

And clothe Thy priests with righteousness.

2 Within Thy temple when they stand,

To teach the truth as taught by Thee,
Saviour, like stars in Thy right hand,

Let all Thy Church's pastors be.

3 Wisdom and zeal and faith impart,

Firmness and meekness, from above,
To bear Thy people on their heart,

And love the souls whom Thou dost love;

4 To love and pray and never faint,

By day and night their guard to keep,
To warn the sinner, cheer the saint,

To feed Thy lambs and tend Thy sheep.

So, when their work is finished here,

They may in hope their charge resign;
So, when their Master shall appear,
They may with crowns of glory shine.



41.Recommended to the grace of God for

the work which they fulfilled.1 SPEED Thy servants, Saviour, speed them,

Thou art Lord of winds and waves;
They were bound, but Thou hast freed them,
Now they go to free the slaves;

Be Thou with them:
'Tis Thine arm alone that saves.
2 Friends and home and all forsaking,

Lord, they go at Thy command;
As their stay Thy promise taking,
While they traverse sea and land:

O be with them !
Lead them safely by the hand.
3 When they reach the land of strangers,

And the prospect dark appears,
Nothing seen but toils and dangers,
Nothing felt but doubts and fears,

Be Thou with them;
Hear their sighs, and count their tears.

4 When they think of home, now dearer

Than it ever seemed before,
Bring the promised glory nearer;
Let them see that peaceful shore,

Where Thy people
Rest from toil, and weep no more:

5 There to reap in joy, for ever,

Fruit that grows from seed here sown;
There to be with Him Who never
Ceases to preserve His own,

And with triumph
Sing a Saviour's grace alone! Amen.

Laying the Foundation Stone,


Consecration of a Church.

418 "That Thine eyes may be open toward this

house night and day.
1 This stone to Thee in faith we lay;

We build the temple, Lord, to Thee;
Thine eye be open night and day

To guard this house and sanctuary.

2 Here, when Thy people seek Thy face,

And dying sinners pray to live,
Hear Thou in heaven, Thy dwelling-place,

And when Thou hearest, О forgive.

3 Here, when Thy messengers proclaim

The blessed Gospel of Thy Son, Still by the power of His great Name

Be mighty signs and wonders done.

4 But will, indeed, Jehovah deign

Here to abide, no transient guest? Here will the world's Redeemer reign

And here the Holy Spirit rest?

5 That glory never hence depart;

Yet choose not, Lord, this house alone: Thy kingdom come to every heart,

In every bosom fix Thy throne. Amen.

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