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O bless the Lord, my soul,

His mercies bear in mind,
Forget not all His benefits :

The Lord to thee is kind.

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He will not always chide;

He will with patience wait ;
His wrath is ever slow to rise,

And ready to abate.
He pardons all thy sins,

Prolongs thy feeble breath,
He healeth thine infirmities,

And ransoms thee from death.

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He clothes thee with His love,

Upholds thee with His truth,
And like the eagle He renews

The vigour of thy youth.
Then bless His holy Name,
Whose grace hath made thee whole,
Whose loving-kindness crowns thy days;

O bless the Lord, my soul! Amen.

For those that travel by land or water. 408 “ The Lord shall preserve thy going-out

and thy coming-in.
1 The Lord be with me everywhere,
And shield me with paternal care

By His almighty arm ;
No traveller needs to faint or fear,
If he believe the Lord is near,

Who can protect him from all harm.

2 By sea and land, by night and day,
O Lord, in safety me convey,

Though winds and thunders roar;
Bring me, when every peril's past,
Safe to the destined place at last,
There to extol Thy help and power.


409 “The Lord thy God is with thee, whither

soever thou goest." 1 BE with us all for evermore,

Far parted though on earth we be:
For oh! to yonder sunlit shore

We have no other Guide but Thee. 2 Be with us all, in strength and grace,

For daily need, for holy vow;
Let suffering hearts Thy dealings trace ;

Touch tenderly the fevered brow. 3 Be with us all ! we cannot know

What sudden storm the hours may bring; In all temptation, joy, and woe,

To Thee for aid still let us cling.
4 And where they cease to strive and sigh,

Where time's uncertainties are o'er,
'Mid strains of heaven and glories high,

Be with us all for evermore. Amen.

410 When thou passest through the waters

I will be with thee.
1 O LORD be with us when we sail

Upon the lonely deep!
Our Guard when on the silent deck

The midnight watch we keep.

2 We need not fear, though all around,

'Mid rising winds, we hear The multitude of waters surge,

For Thou, O God, art nearl

3 The calm, the breeze, the gale, the storm,

That pass from land to land,
All, all are Thine, and held within

The hollow of Thine hand.

4 [f duty calls from threatened strife

To guard our native shore;
And shot and shell are answering

The booming cannon's roar ;

5 Be Thou the main-guard of our host,

Till war and dangers cease;
Defend the right, put up the sword,
And through the world make peace.


411 Thy way is in the sea, and Thy path

in the great waters.

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O Thou Who didst prepare

The ocean's caverned cell,
And teach the gathering waters there

To meet and dwell:
Toss'd in our fragile bark
Upon the treach'rous sea,
Thy wondrous ways, O Lord, we mark,

And sing to Thee.

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Borne on the darkening wave,

Safe in Thy strength we go,
Nor dread the unfathomable grave

That yawns below:
For He is nigh Who trod

Amid the foaming spray,
Whose billows own'd the Saviour-God,

And died away.
How terrible art Thou,

In all Thy wonders shown;
Though veil'd is Thine eternal brow,

Thy steps unknown!
Invisible to sight-

But oh! to faith how near-
Beneath the gloomiest cloud of night

Thou shinest here.
Snatch'd from a darker deep

And waves of wilder foam,
Thou, Lord, our trusting souls wilt keep,

And waft them home:
Home where no storm can sound,

Nor angry waters roar,
Nor troublous billows heave around

That peaceful shore. Amen.

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412 He arose and rebuked the wind." 1 WHEN through the torn sail the wild tempest

is streaming, When o'er the dark wave the red lightning is

gleaming, Nor hope lends a ray the poor seaman to

cherish, We fly to our Maker—“Help, Lord, or we

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20 Jesus, once toss'd on the breast of the

billow, Aroused by the shriek of despair from Thy

pillow, Now, seated in glory, the mariner cherish Who cries in his danger—“Help, Lord, or we

perish.” 3 And oh, when the whirlwind of passion is

raging, When sin in our hearts its wild warfare is

waging, Arise in Thy strength, Thy redeemed to

cherish, Rebuke the destroyer—“Help, Lord, or we

perish." Amen.

413 The wind and the sea obey Him."
1 The ocean hath no danger

For those whose prayers are made
To Him Who in a manger

A helpless Babe was laid
Who, born to tribulation,

And every human ill,
Yet, Lord of His creation,

The wildest waves can still.
2 If fierce the tempest round us,

And white the angry deep,
Yet He, when lost Who found us,

Can still His treasure keep;
Nor wind nor wave can harm us,

Though hope itself grow dim,
No tempest need alarm us,

If peace we seek in Him.

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