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Keen was the trial once,

Bitter the cup of woe,
When martyred saints, baptized in blood,

Christ's sufferings shared below.
3 Bright is their glory now,

Boundless their joy above,
Where, on the bosom of their God,

They rest in perfect love.
4 Lord1 may that grace be ours,

Like them in faith to bear
All that of sorrow, grief, or pain,

May be our portion here!
5 Enough, if Thou at last

The word of blessing give,
And let us rest beneath Thy feet,

Where saints and angels live.
6 All glory, Lord, to Thee,

Whom heaven and earth adore:
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

One God for evermore. Amen.

355 They sing the song of Moses . . , and the

song of the Lamb."
1 HEAD of the Church triumphant!
We joyfully adore Thee;

Till Thou appear,

Thy members here
Shall sing like those in glory.
We lift our hearts and voices
With blest anticipation,

And cry aloud,

And give to God
The praise of our salvation.

Thou dost conduct Thy people
Through torrents of temptation,

Nor will we fear,

While Thou art near,
The fire of tribulation;
The world, with sin and Satan,
In vain our march opposes;

By Thee we shall

Break through them all,
And sing the song of Moses.

3 By faith we see the glory
To which Thou shalt restore us;

The world despise

For that high prize
Which Thou hast set before us;
And if Thou count us worthy,
We each, with dying Stephen,

Shall see Thee stand

At God's right hand,
To take us up to heaven. Amen.

St. Michael and all Angels. 356 “There is joy in the presence of the angels of

God over one sinner that repenteth.1 HARK, hark, my soul! angelic songs are swell


this greet

O’er earth's green fields and ocean's wave

beat shore: How sweet the truth those blessed strains are

telling Of that new life when sin shall be no more.

Angels of Jesus,

Angels of light,
Singing to welcome
The pilgrims of the night.

2 Onward we go, for still we hear them singing,

Come, weary souls, for Jesus bids you come: And through the dark, its echoes sweetly ring

The music of the Gospel leads us home.

Angels of Jesus, &c.

3 Far, far away, like bells at evening pealing,

The voice of Jesus sounds o'er land and sea; And laden souls, by thousands meekly stealing, Kind Shepherd, turn their weary steps to Thee.

Angels of Jesus, &c.

4 Rest comes at length; though life be long and

dreary, The day must dawn, and darksome night be

past; Faith's journey ends in welcome to the weary, And heaven, the heart's true home, will come at last.

Angels of Jesus, &c.

5 Angels, sing on, your faithful watches keeping,

Sing us sweet fragments of the songs above; Till morning's joy shall end the night of weepAnd life’s long shadows break in cloudless love.

Angels of Jesus, &c.

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Holy Communion.
357 Come, for all things are now ready."
1 My God, and is Thy table spread,

And does Thy cup with love o'erflow?
Thither be all Thy children led,

And let them all its sweetness know.

2 Hail, sacred feast, which Jesus makes,

Rich banquet of His flesh and blood;
Thrice happy he who here partakes

That sacred stream, that heavenly food

[3 Why are its bounties all in vain

Before unwilling hearts displayed ?
Was not for you the Victim slain?

Are you forbid the children's bread ?]

4 O let Thy table honoured be,

And furnished well with joyful guests !
And may each soul salvation see,

That here its sacred pledges tastes.

5 Let crowds approach with hearts prepared,

With hearts inflamed let all attend;
Nor, when we leave our Father's board,

The pleasure or the profit end.

6 Revive Thy dying Churches, Lord,

And bid our drooping graces live;
And more, that energy afford,

A Saviour's blood alone can give. Amen..

358 “Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh

away the sin of the world.
1 LAMB of God, Whose dying love

Now Thy saints recall to mind,
Hear us, bless us from above;

Let us all Thy mercy find.

2 Let Thy blood, by faith applied,

Every sinner's pardon seal;
All in Thee be justified,

Every soul Thy comfort feel.

3 By Thine agony of pain,

By Thy precious blood, we pray,
Cleanse our hearts from every stain;

Take our load of guilt away.

4 Burst our bonds and set us free;

Bid our fear and sorrow cease;
O remember Calvary!

Saviour! bid us go in peace. Amen.

359 “ I have gone astray like a lost sheep; seek

Thy servant, for I do not forget T'hy

1 FORGIVE, O Lord, our wanderings past,

Henceforth we would obey Thy call;
Our sins far from us may we cast,

And turn to Thee devoutly all :
Then with Archangels we shall sing
High praise to heaven's Eternal King.

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