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Apostles, martyrs, prophets, there

Around my Saviour stand;
And soon my friends in Christ below

Will join the glorious band.
Jerusalem! my happy home!

My soul still pants for thee;
Then shall my labours have an end,

When I thy joys shall see. Amen.

342 “Jerusalem which is above is free. 1 1 JERUSALEM on high

My song and city is,
My home whene'er I die,
The centre of my bliss.

O happy place,
When shall I be

My God with Thee,

To see Thy face?
2 There dwells my Lord, my King,

Judged here unfit to live;
There angels to Him sing,
And lowly, homage give.

O happy place, &c.
3 The Patriarchs of old

There from their travels cease ;
The prophets there behold
Their longed-for Prince of Peace.

O happy place, &c.
4 The Lamb's Apostles there,

I might with joy behold;
The harpers I might hear,
Harping on harps of gold.

O happy place, &c.

5 The bleeding Martyrs, they

Within those courts are found,
Clothed in pure array,
Their scars with glory crowned.

O happy place, &c.

6 Ah me, ah me! that I

In Kedar's tents here stay:
No place like that on high;
Lord, thither guide my way.

O happy place, &c.

343 The city of the living God, the Heavenly


1 BRIEF life is here our portion ;

Brief sorrow, short-lived care;
The life that knows no ending,

The tearless life, is there.

2 O happy retribution!

Short toil, eternal rest:
For mortals and for sinners

A mansion with the blest.

3 And now we fight the battle,

But then shall wear the crown
Of full and everlasting

And passionless renown;

4 And now we watch and struggle,

And now we live in hope,
And Zion in her anguish

With Babylon must cope.

5 But He Whom now we trust in

Shall then be seen and known;
And they that know and see Him

Shall have Him for their own.

6 The morning shall awaken,

The shadows shall decay,
And each true-hearted servant

Shall shine as doth the day:
7 There God, our King and Portion,

In fulness of His grace,
Shall we behold for ever,

And worship face to face. Amen.

PART 11.
1 For thee, O dear, dear Country,

Mine eyes their vigils keep;
For very love, beholding

Thy happy name, they weep. 2 O one, O only mansion!

O Paradise of Joy!
Where teai's are ever banished,

And smiles have no alloy.
3 The Lamb is all thy splendour,

The Crucified thy praise; His laud and benediction

Thy ransomed people raise.
4 With jasper glow thy bulwarks,

Thy streets with emeralds blaze;
The sardius and the topaz

Unite in thee their rays.


5 Thine ageless walls are bonded

With amethyst unpriced;
The saints build up its fabric,

And the corner-stone is Christ.

6 Thou hast no shore, fair ocean!

Thou hast no time, bright day! Dear fountain of refreshment

To pilgrims far away! 7 Upon the Rock of ages

They raise thy holy tower;
Thine is the victor's laurel,

And thine the golden dower.

8 Jesu, in mercy bring us

To that dear land of rest;
Who art, with God the Father,

And Spirit, ever blest. Amen.


1 JERUSALEM the golden!

With milk and honey blest;
Beneath thy contemplation

Sink heart and voice opprest.

2 I know not, oh! I know not,

What joys await us there;
What radiancy of glory,

What bliss beyond compare. 3 They stand, those halls of Zion, . All jubilant with song, And bright with many an angel,

And all the martyr-throng.

4 The Prince is ever in them,

The daylight is serene;
The pastures of the blessed

Are decked in glorious sheen.
5 There is the throne of David,

And there, from care released,
The shout of them that triumph,

The song of them that feast.
6 And they who, with their Leader,

Have conquered in the fight,
For ever and for ever

Are clad in robes of white.
7 O sweet and blessed country,

The home of God's elect;
O sweet and blessed country,

That eager hearts expect !
8 Jesu, in mercy bring us

To that dear land of rest;
Who art, with God the Father,

And Spirit, ever blest. Amen.

The Church Triumphant:

Saints' Days. 344 “Be ye followers of them who through faith

and patience inherit the promises.'
1 For all Thy saints, O Lord,

Who strove in Thee to live,
Who followed Thee, obeyed, adored,

Our grateful hymn receive.

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