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2 Songs of praise awoke the morn
When the Prince of Peace was born;
Songs of praise arose when He
Captive led captivity.

3 Heaven and earth must pass away;

Songs of praise shall crown that day;
God will make new heaven and earth;
Songs of praise shall hail their birth.

4 And shall man alone be dumb

Till that glorious kingdom come?
No;—the Church delights to raise
Psalms and hymns and songs of praise.

5 Saints below, with heart and voicen

Still in songs of praise rejoice :
Learning here, by faith and lovey
Songs of praise to sing above.

6 Borne upon their latest breath,

Songs of praise shall conquer death;
Then amidst eternal joy,
Songs of praise their powers employ. Amen.

269 “ Thou wast slain, and hast redeemed

us to God by Thy blood.1 To Him Who for our sins was slain, To Him, for all His dying pain,

Sing we Hallelujah! To Him, the Lamb our Sacrifice, Who gave His soul our ransom-price,

Sing we Hallelujah!

2 To Him Who died that we might die
To sin, and live with Him on high,

Sing we Hallelujah!
To Him Who rose that we might rise
And reign with Him beyond the skies,

Sing we Hallelujah! 3 To Him Who now for us doth plead, And helpeth us in all our need,

Sing we Hallelujah!
To Him Who doth prepare on high
Qur home in immortality,

Sing we Hallelujah ! 4 To Him be glory evermore; Ye heavenly hosts, your Lord adore !

Sing we Hallelujah ! To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, One God most High, our joy and boast,

Sing we Hallelujah!

Amen. 270Give thanks unto the Lord, for He is

I With thanks before the Lord appear,

Adore His precious saving Name;
His patience, faithfulness, and care,

Our humble, grateful praises claim;
His goodness none can comprehend,

His tender mercies know no end.
2 Worthy the Lamb! let every breath

His lauds in ceaseless strains repeat;
Worthy the Lamb, that for His death

Each pulse should to His honour beat ;
That to His throne the sacrifice
Of prayer and praise like incense rise. Amen.

271 They sung a new song, saying, Thou

art worthy."
1 O LORD our God, in reverence lowly,
The host of heaven call thee “Holy,"

From cherubim and seraphim,
From angel-phalanx, far extending
In fuller tones is still ascending,
The "Holy, Holy, Holy” hymn.

The Fount of joy Thou art,
E’er filling every heart,

Ever! Ever!
We too are Thine, and with them sing,

“Thou, Lord, and only Thou, art King.” 2 Lord, there are bending now before Thee, The Elders, with their crowned glory,

The firstborn of the blessed band;
There, too, their weary conflicts o'er,
Those who have gained the heavenly shore,
In glad unnumbered myriads stand.

Loud are the songs of praise
Their mingled voices raise,

Ever! Ever!
We too are Thine, and with them sing,

“Thou, Lord, and only Thou, art King.” 3 They sing, in sweet and sinless numbers, The wondrous love that never slumbers,

And of the wisdom, power, and might,
The truth and faithfulness abiding,
And over all Thy works presiding;
But they can scarcely praise aright;

For all is never sung,
Even by seraphs' tongue,

Never! Never! We too are Thine, and with them sing, “Thou, Lord, and only Thou, art King.”

4 Come, Lord! reveal Thyself more fully,
That we may learn to praise more truly;

Make every heart a temple true,
Fill’d with Thy glory overflowing,
More of Thy love each morning showing,
And waking praises loud and new.

Here let Thy peace divine
Upon Thy children shine,

Ever! Ever!
And glad or sad, we ever sing,
“Thou, Lord, and only Thou, art King.”


The Christian Life :

Pilgrimage and Warfare. 272 “ Unto thee will I give the land of Canaan,

the lot of your inheritance."
1 FROM Egypt lately come,

Where death and darkness reign,
We seek our new, our better home,
Where we our rest shall gain;

We are on our way to God.

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To Canaan's, sacred bound

We haste with songs of joy,
Where peace and liberty are found,
And sweets that never cloy..

We are on our way to God..


There sin and sorrow cease,
And every conflict 's o'er;
There we shall dwell in endless peace,
And never hunger more.

We are on our way to God.
There in celestial strains

Enraptured myriads sing;
There love in every bosom reigns,
For God Himself is King.

We are on our way to God.

We soon shall join the throng;

Their pleasures we shall share;
And sing the everlasting song,
With all the ransomed there.

We are on our way to God.
How sweet the prospect is!

It cheers the pilgrim's breast:
We're journeying through the wilderness,
But soon shall gain our rest.

We are on our way to God. Amen.

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273 He led them forth by the right way,

that they might go to a city of

GUIDE us, O Thou great Jehovah,

Pilgrims through this barren land;
We are weak, but Thou art mighty;
Hold us with Thy powerful hand:

Bread of heaven,
Feed us now and evermore.

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