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Some Account of the apprehending and trying Robert Perrtau, Apothecary;
Daniel Perreau, bis Brother; and Margaret Caroline Rudd, for divers
Forgeries. —""""""~~ I22*

Account of the Trial of Miss fane Butt erf eld, charged-with poisoning Wil-

liam Scawcn, Esq; _—— — I2 3 5

Some Account of the Proceedings against Capt. David Roach, on a Charge of

having murdered Capt. John Ferguson. ■ ——— [237

Some Account of the Proceedings against Stephen Say re, Esq; on a Charge of
High Treason. • • l239

Supplies granted for the Service of the Tear 1773- - ;244

Ways and Means for raising the Supplies. 'LZ4S


The humble Address of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in

Parliament assembled, presented to his Majesty. Feb. 9, 1775. [247

Protests of several of the Lords, occasioned by theforegoing Address. [248

His Majesty's Message to the House of Commons, on February 10, 1775.

The Petition of the Lord Mayor of London, l£c. presented to the Houje of
Commons, on Friday the z\th of February, 177$. ■—' [*S»

Articles of Confederation and p.rpetual Union, entered into by the Delegates

of the several Colonies in North America, in General Congress assembled,

at Philadelphia, May loth, 1775. [253

Address and Petition of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Commons of the City
of London, presented to his Majesty on Friday, July 14, 1775 ; ivith hit
Majefty's Answer. [2iS

His Majesty's most gracious Speech to both Houses cf Parliament, on Frid y
theibthofMay,\-]-]i. [:56

A Declaration of the Representatives of the United Colonies of North Ame-
rica, met in General Congress at Philadelphia, setting forth the Cauitt
and NeeeJ/ity of their taking up Arms. '[2S7

A second Petition from the General Congress in America to his Maj sty.

j z(s%

The Speech of his Excellency, Simcn Ear! of Harcourt, to both Houses of Par-

liament in Ireland, on Tuesday, October 10, 1775. [266

Address, Memorial, and Petition of several Gentlemen, Merchants, and
Traders of the City of London, presented to his Majesty, October 11, 177?-


Address of another very numerous Body of the Merchants and Traders oftht

City of London, prejented to his Majesty, October 14, 1775. [269

His Majesty's most gracious Speech to both Houses of Parliament, on Thursday,

the zbth Day of October, 1775. [269

Address of the Liverymen of the City of London to bis Majesty. [ 2 71



Sketch of their Majesties domestic Life at Kcw during the Summsr Season,


CharaBer of the lat' !$jeen Matilda of Denmark. ■ 2

Memoirs of the late Pope Clem nt XIV. ——— —— 5

Striking Piffute cf Charles V. eiuring h.'s Retirement in the Monastery ef

St. ,ust, where he ended his days. -^— 11

Political Characters, ty Mr. EdmWn; Burke, in his Speech on American

Taxation, in the Htu/t tfCnimo.i, April l(), 1775; via.

Geo'ge GrtnvUff. »—^—_«. u

M iqiji os Rockingham. ■ 14

Genen.! Contvay. 17

LordCl ,tham. . \i

Charles Tozunjbend. ■ 20

Memoirs ef Allen Bat hurst, Earl Bat hurst. . ■ 22

Memoirs of the Life and Actions of the late Sir Charles Sazxders. 26

A port Account of Dr. H ttiey. Aether of" Tie Theory of tit Human Mind,

on the P-.nciples cf t '■<■ Ajj cintion of ideas." - — 29

An mthentic Account of it e very curious Refeurcbes, czndvaluabis Difwerits,

in the Natural Hist cry and M mufassures cf China, a..J Liber Parts of

Asa, made by the la'e John Bn-dby Blake, Esq; one cf the Englists East-

India Company's Ristdent Supercargoes et Canon, end of the third Rank

in Council th re; a* likewise cf his great and fuci e sfui Endear, ours to

render his Discoveries useful to Mankind in general, and to his Feilow-

fubjeils in particular. •• ■ ■ —— 31

MtmoirsoftiecelbruteJMr.Greiy. — —— 36

Some Account of the Life and Writings of Dr. Smollett. —— 4;

Memoirs of the Life ana Family of tl>e lute Rev Mr. Laurence Sterne:

Written by himself, and addressed tc his Daughter Miss Lydia Stern*. 50

Sketch of the Character of the late Dr. Hcwihfworth. — $3

Anecdotes of the Life, •with Observations on the Character and Writings tf

the late Paul Whitekead, E/q; ?+

AJhort Account of the Life, Writings, and Genius, of the late Sir John Hill,

Knight of the Polar Star. ———. 61

Aneciiotes of Signiora Gabritli, the celebrated Opera Singer. —— 63

Observation? on the Poison os Copper and Brass, and the very great Danger
attending the Use os Utenfils made os these Metals, and ot far mixed Metals
wherein Copper and Brass make a Part, eipecially in the preparing and

keeping Food and Physic, l3c. _____ ga

Extraordinary Instance os Maternal Affection in a savage Animal. 82

Three Letters concerning the Reviviscencl of Jome Snails, preserved many

Years in a Cabinet. —————— -— 84.

Extraordinary Instance of the Hardiness of Snails to rlfift Heat, which my
serve, in some Degree, as a Confirmation of tbtir Hardiness to resist Dry-
ness, the Subject of the preceding Article. » 86
din Account of the Gymnotus Electricus, er Electrical Eel. —_ 87
Some Account of a Tree growing in Spain, called the Algarroba, Garnfero,
C-rrobc, er Locust-Trie, which produces vast Quantities of Fruit.

Description os a newly-discoveredsensitive Plant, called H ion æ a Muscipuia,

or Venus's Fly-trap. ______ _______ Qj

Description os a petrified Stratum, formed from the Waters of Mat lock, in

Derbyshire. _____ _____ ^g

Glorious Prospect during the Passage of the Strait os Gibraltar. —- 9-


Plan, and Summary of the Reports, Isfc. (He. of the Society instituted in
London, 1774., for the Recovery of Persons apparently drowned; with
plain Directions for the Recovery of such Persons; and cLv of these seen—
ingly dead by any other Species of Strangulation, by Suffocation, by being
frozen, seized with Syncopes, Apoplectic or other Fits, (jfc. st uck wit le
Light/iing, or stupified by Falls or Blows ; likewise e/"over!aiii and even
still-born Children. ————— . on

Authentic List of the Names of Persons either saved or recovered by the said
Society, from its first Inst ir< lion tc the End of\jye. __ |,-i«

Three renarkable Cafes, of a Mar. and two Children, to all Appearance
dead, recovered to perfect Health. — ——— 10;

Homes and Places of Abed. 01 the Medical Affstonts to th' fa'd Society. 11;

Description os a Machine for sav. g Pesns and Fff cts jrorn Fie; wit A
Remarks thereon. _____ . . _ I ~

Generous end humane Advertisement if sime eminent Breviers, offering the
AJJistance of t 'ir Engines and Servant> for extingu;Jhi>g Fires. 1 19

Recife fir On excellent Cosmetic, as well as Preve/aative and Remedy fir
the Scald-Head and Itch, and other Disorders proeee ing from Worms.


Some Account of the Institution and pref nt State of an Undertaking for use-
fully employing Female Children of the Po.r, in the Bicnd and b.'ac': Silk
Lace Manufactories. ■ j,' 1

An Address to the Farmers of Gnat-Britvin en he great Advantages cfjet
(ing Wheat, instead of sowing it in the usual If'aj. ——— 12 J

Method of preserving, l£e, all Sorts of Plants and Roots, for affhrd:ng-

plenty, cheap, wholesome, and palatable Food for the Use of Man. iz6

Simple and easy Method of making Hay. 129

Easy Process for mating Ice, witbeut the Assistance os Snow, Nitre, er any

ether Kind of Salt, even close to the Tropics, and in low Grounds. 130


Certain Objections to the Veracity of the Mosaic History, with regard to the

'Age of the Earth, drawn from the Appearances of some Parts of Mount

Ætna, r.'futcd, from the Changes allowed to have happened in other Parts

of the fame Mountain. ———— 134

Of the little Dependence to be placed on the Description os Eclipses left ms in,

Ancient History, te-wards ascertaining their Dates, &c. 137

QhjeBions to, the Authority of an Apamean Medal, produced by Mr. Bryant,

to prove that the Accounts in the Old Testament of the ancient Patriarchs,

gave rife to a great Part of the Heathen Mythology; with Mr. Bryant't

Refutation of these Objections; and an Illustration of another Coin jlruck

at the fame Place. —— —— ■ 139

Some Account of a Latin Dissertation, entitled, " An Essay in wbicb it Is

proved that the Shipwreck of St. Paul happened on the Coast of the Island

ofMileda in Dn'.matia, and not on the Coast os the Isle of Malta," 141

Account of the Origin os Wakes and Fairs. _____ 143

Description of an ancient Pi Sure in Windsor Castle, representing an Inter-

view let ween King Henry VIII. and the French King Francis I. 147

Orders for Household Servant es, first dt vised by John Haryngtott, in the
Yeare 1566 ; with a Letter from Sir Robert Cecil to Sir John Harringtts.

State of the English Peerage, from 1603 to 1775. ■ 155

On the Expiration of the Cornish Language, . ■ 157


Th'tights on Free-thinking, and on Free-thinkers, particularly the late Earl
of Shifirsbury, and the late Lord Rolingbioke; with Observations on these

An Essay on Indifference in Religion; by Mrs. Chapone. — 165

'fbegnat Differ,nee in the Slat, os Mora/s, &c. and Taste for the ftmt Arts,

is c. in different Countries at the feme Period, and at different Periods in

the fame Country, accounted fur from the Difference in the State of Edu-

tation and Religion in those Countries, and in these Periods, without any

recourse to the concomitant Circumstances of Soil or Climate. 168

Letter from Ignatius Sancho, a free Black in Linden, to the late Rev, Mr.

Sterne, beseeching him to bestow a little cfl/ii Attention on Slavery; •with

Mr. $t<rne s Answer. 1 —-■ ■ 17°

$ Artumtntl
Arguments drawn from Interest as well as Humanity against tie PraBict ef

Slavery in the French Colonies, applicable also to the Engltjh. 174

On the savage Diversion of Cock fighting. > 176

On Homer's Geography, and Mr. Pope's Transtation. —— 178

Of sentimental Comedy. . ■ '' 185

Of the present Rage for Lotteries. ■ —' 188

A Dissertation on Almanacks ; tuith the Plan of a New One, for the Use of

People of Fashicn. —— —— —— *9l


Ode for his Majesty's Birth-Day, t,th June 1775. ~~~" '9+

Seng to AS lie, Lord of the Cast til of Briftowe, in Dates »f Yore. 19 J

Inscription in a Tower at IV- , in the County of Cambridge. 196

Amusement in modern High Life. ——^ ibid.

The Fatal Sisters; an Ode from the Norse Tongue. •• 1 - 197

Ode to Adversity. By the late Mr. Gray. 199

Verses to Solitude; by Mrs. Chapone. — — — 200

Ode on the Pleasure arising from Vicijsitude. 202

Ode for the Regatta, or Water Jubilee; performed at Ranelagh. 204

Ballad, sung at the same Place, and on the same Occasion. ■ 20;

Epilogue to the Tragedy of the Inflexible Captive. 207

Epilogue to the Rivals. ■ ——— 208

Epilogue to the Cholerick Man ; written by Mr. Garrick. 209

Epilogue to the Comedy ef Bon Ton; written by Mr. Colman. 211

Vers a Mademoiselle Clairon. - —— ZIX

To Mr. Garrick, on the Report of his leaving the Stage. — 213

Grace; by Mr. Garrick. «■ _—_ ibid.

Verses upon Mrs. Crewe, by the Hon. Charles Pox. —— 214

Verses to the Ladies: by Lady Chudltigh, Grandmother to the Dutches of

Kingston. ___ 1 1 . 215

An Old Batchelor's Refletlions on Matrimony. —— — ibid.

The Tombs; from the French of Le Franc. —— 217

Dialogue between a supposed dead Nobleman and Beggar. ■ z 18

An Elegy on Mrs. Bowes; by Lady M. W. Montague. —— 2IO

Epitaph in Halifax Church, . ——— ibid.

Epigram, by Dr. Doddridge, on his Motto. ibid.

In Semnum 1 with an Imitation in Englistt. 220

On a Gentleman's saying he would dance with none but fair Ladies. ibid.

Attraflion and Repulsion; a Fable. — — ibid.

Lines fung by Durastanti, when /he took Leave of the English Stage 221

A Burlesque of the fame Lines; by Dr. Arhuthnot. — ■ ibid.

A Farewell to London, in the Tear 1714; by Mr. Pope. —— 222

A Spanish Madrigal; with a Transtation by Mr. Garrick. 223

A Translation of Latin Verses; from the Arabic. - • 224

Chorus Song, ht the Comedy of Old City Manners. 225

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