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spondent, Mr. D. Hume-Conclusion of the

Paper by Mr. Mackenzie. 56. Mr. Mackenzie. 57. Mr. Craig 58. Mr. Mackenzie. 59. A Correspondent, the Rev. Mr. Greenfield,

Professor of Rhetoric and Belles Lettres in the University of Edinburgh, and one of

the Ministers of that City. 60. A Correspondent, Dr. Henry, 61, 62. Mr. Mackenzie. 63. A Correspondent, Mr. Fraser Tytler. 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69. Mr. Mackenzie. 70. A Correspondent, Mr. Fraser Tytler. 71. Mr. Craig. 72. Mr. Mackenzie. 73. Mr. Cullen. 74. Mr. Abercromby; except the short Note at

the end by Mr. Mackenzie. 75, 76. Mr. Mackenzie. 77. Mr. Craig 78. Mr. Mackenzie. 79. A Correspondent, Mr. Fraser Tytler. 80. Mr. Mackenzie. 81. Mr. Abercromby. 82, 83, 84. Mr. Mackenzie. 85. The Ode, by a Correspondent, Professor Green

field— The rest of the Paper by Mr. Mac

kenzie. 86. Mr. Craig. 87. Mr. Mackenzie. 88. Mr. Craig. 89, 90. Mr. Mackenzie. 91. Mr. Craig 92. Mr. Abercromby. 93, 94, 95, 96, 97,98,99, 100, 101. Mr. Mackenzie.

14. Narrative of a modern Dinner in Company with Col.



15. Description of a new Variety of the Human Race, the

Phusalophagus, or Toad-eater


16. Defects of modern female Education in teaching the

Duties of a Wife, exemplified in the Narrative of



17. Influence of the Neighbourhood of a rich Asiatic, in a

Letter from John Homespun


18. Injustice of the World in forming an Estimate of Cha-

racter and Conduct-Contrasts of those of Cleora

and Aurelia


19. Comparison of ancient with modern Times, much to the

Advantage of the latter, by Paul Pasquin


20. On Novel writing


21. Danger to young Ladies of being introduced into a So-

ciety and Style of Manners above their natural Situa-

tion in Life: in a Letter from A. G.


22. Account of a little speaking Automaton, the Poupée

Parlante, and of some Incidents which happened

during the Author's visit to her


23. Vindication of that Sort of Preference which Women

are supposed to show to Men of Inferior Talents 136

24. Letter from Jeremiah Dy-soon, a Valetudinarian, giv-

ing an Account of the Grievances he suffers from his



25. Critical Examination of the Tragedy of the Fair Peni-

tent-Some Remarks on Mrs. Siddons's Performance

of the Character of Calista


26. Insignificance and Unhappiness of a certain Species of



27. An Examination of the moral Effects of Tragedy 163

28. The same Subject continued


29. Some Account of the late Mr. William Strahan ......... 176

30. Letter from a Member of the Mirror Club, relating some

Particulars of that Society


31. On rural Pleasures and rural Contemplation- A Visit

of the Author to the Country Dwelling of Col.



32. Account of the Colonel's Family and Occupation in the

Country-Sketch of the Character of his sister .... 196

33. Relation of a Visit to the House of Lord Grubwell, a

Neighbour of Col. Caustic's


34. Importance of Feelings accommodated to Happiness


illustrated in the Characters of Clitander and



35. Fallaciousness of that Generosity and Friendship which

are supposed to reside in the Society of Men of Plea

sure and Dissipation-Character and Story of Flavillus 214

36. Narrative of a Country Family raised to sudden Affluence

by the arrival of a Son from India, and of the Taxes
to which the Enjoyment of its Wealth is subject; in

a Letter from Margery Mushroom


37. Effects of the Introduction of ancient Mythology into

the Poetry of modern Times

38. Dream of a Court instituted for the Dissolution of

Marriages, on the Ground of a Deception in some

of the Parties


39. High and brilliant Talents not the most conducive to

Eminence or Success in the Departments of Business

and Ambition

40. Qualifications required in a Country Clergyman by his

Patron or his Patron's Family-Amiable Picture of

the Clergyman of Colonel Caustic's Parish


41. Argument for the Existence of Sorcery in the present

Times-Enumeration of various kinds of modern



42. On the Poems of Hamilton of Bangour

43. The Evils of a good Neighbourhood


44. Narrative of the Happiness of a virtuous and benevolent

East Indian; in a Letter from John Truman 269

45. Second Letter from Jeremiah Dy-soon, containing a

Narrative of his Expedition to England for the Bene-

fit of his Health


46. The Power of Fashion in regulating the Deportment

of Men towards the other Sex, in a Letter from



47. Law of Amasis, for every Egyptian to give an Account

of his Manner of acquiring his Livelihood-Dream

of such an Institution in Britain.

...... 292

48. The Sentiment and the Moral of Time-Reflections oc-

casioned by the Beginning of another Year

49. Observations on Comedy ...


50. The same Subject continued-Moral Effects of Comedy 312

51. Senex on our Neglect of the Improvement and of the

Progress of Time-Proposal by Memory Modish for

a new Sort of Memorandum-book of Things to be

forgotten ....


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