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Penalty, human, againt mar:

Poor law,

them from

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ence of

Perinission to eat 'animai
Persecution forbidden by
Persecution, 'deliverances



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Page Obey Got's word,obligation to, 657 Patience, . . . 390 Place of birth, attachment to, 209 Obligation to hear God's word, 657 Patriarchal genealogy. 222 Places of residence in travelObligation of keeping vows, 6 Patriotic love for Jerusalen


406 Ols.inate attachment to idol Paul, the apostle, .

Pigue, atry, Paul, disinterested conduct

Plugues, the ten, Occasional dwellings,

Paul, miracles performed by Plains of scripture, Occupations,

Paul and Barnabas, miracles Plan of a selge, emblem o Off-rings, different kinds o

performed by,

Pledges, law of, • omce-bearers, and vestments, Paul's love for the churches, 475

Plenty, of idolatrous worship, . Peace-offerings,

Ploughing, Officers of states,


2 Plamb-line, emblem ol Officers of the army, under Pelican,

Puison of the serpent,
Pevalty against sabbath poll tax,

467 Officers in forei

| Polygamy.

435 Office of angels, 690

Pools mentioned in scripture, 767 Ointment, 510 der,

316. Old age, 413 Pepalty of false

672 Poor, support of t Olives, mount of, 183 Penalty of swearing,

676 benevolence, Omnipresence of God, 239 Penalty of theft,

338 Porters, courses of Omniscience of God, 239 Penitence, a solemn duty,

Portion of sacrifices and holy Omnipolence of God, 238 Penitence, blessings of,

06 things eaten,

616 Orchard, . Perfect revelation, Bible a,

Portions of the sacrifico, 466 Orchestra, the sa 227 Perfection, instances of com

Posterity of Abraham,

223 Ordinances, .

parative, .

Posterity of Isaac, .

223 Ordinances, sacramental

Perfection absolute, not at Postures in prayer, . Ordinary dwellings, 44 tainable on earth,

g .

Poultry, Origin of different language Perjury,

Pouring out the blood of Origin of marriage,

sacriticial victims,

615 Original dwellings,

Power and permanence of Ornameotal trees, • 715

scripture, . Opening the month, the com


Power and prerogative oi inencement of a discourse


802 or answer,

. -

Power and works of d
Di Persecution defeats it own Power of music,

500 Opposition and reviling of end,

Power of the church,

610 Curist, Persecutions in general, :

Praise and prayer,

635 Ostrich, Persecutions, Various forms Praise, reasons of,

036 Owl, .


Praise for daily mercies, 537 Ox,

Praise for special mercies, 637 Palestini,

. 201
various pleas, .

Praise for Christ, and his Palmer-worm, . 26 Persecutions to be avoided. 534 1 blessings, .

537 Palsy,

Persecutors punished by God, Praise for prayers heard, 637 Puraúles of the Old Testa: Perseverance, a duty, . Praise for God's goodness, 637 ment, .

. 773,518 Perseverance promised, 617 Praise for God's providence, 637 Parables, remarks on, . 518 Person and work of Christ, Praise for success in war, Pardon, 581 misunderstood,

Praise for public blessings, Parental affection, ,. 214 Personality of the Holy

Prayer, command respecting, Parental authority, : 215 Ghost,

98 Prayer, forms of, . Parentul authority, r

Personification, Instances of, Prayer, divine promise to to marriage,

427 Personifications of wisdom, 383 heur, Pareni al lostruction, value of, 216 Peter, miracles performed by, 495 Prayer, earnest des Parents, duty of, to instruct Petition, based on the divine

being heard in,

546 their children,'


Prayer, conditions of being Parents, ruty of, to chastise


549 their children,

fidence in God,

Prayer, importance

517 Parents, duty or, to tell their Petition, based upon divine

Prayer, omission o

543 children the meaning of


Prayer, places of,

540 religious ordinances, 216 Pelitlun,' based upon divine

Prayer, seasons of,

539 Parents bereaved, grief of, 213 213 goodness, .

Prayer, barrenness healed by, 209 Partridge, Petition, based upon the

Prayer for deliverance froin Parts of the Tabernacle, : 638 divine glory, . .

1 enemies, . Paschal lamb, the,

513 Petition, based upon provi Prayer for divine grace, Passover, the feast of,

513 dence,

Prayer for divine light,

653 Passover, ins' Itution of, . 512 Pharisee and publican, para Prayer for the divine mercy, 553 Passover, time and place of, 614 ble of the

3 Prayer for enemies, Passover, preparation for the, 5.4

2 Prayer for general and temPassover accompanying sac Philip, 'miracles performed

poral blessings, Tifices

by, .

Prayer for punishment to Passover, sacrifices at the, 612 Phrygia,

202 enemies, Passover, instances of ob Physicians,

169 Prayer forbidden by human Sirving the,

Piciured spiritual scenes, . 626 Pastors, punishment, 'of un: bo

Piety, influence of, upon Prayer iu affliction, . faithful, .


· 404 Prayer in great sorrow and Pasture-ground, 5 Pioneers,

71 danger, Pastures and folds, 9 Pioneering,

601 Prayer in old age and Paternul blessings, 217 Pitcher, . 49 Prayer, social,


35 Persecuitons, 'dono 'under

169 Persecu



. 542

Petition based pinn

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of vineyards


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and destiny of



Page Priyer that enemies be over Propheta, false, panislıment

Record of David's heroes, thrown, 657 of themselves and lupes,

Red sei divided. Prayer, to be offered that Prophets, schools of the. 569 Red wine vineyard, parable mau's labocr in providing Prophets under the New

of the, .

. 519 tood iniy be blest,

670 Re lemption,

773 592 Prayers heard, 9 Prophetic gift, criteri n of the

Redemption in its application 597 Prayers not heard, 550 Prophetic periods, special, 669

Rilemption, its price,
Prayers on behall
Prophetic symbols of animals,

Redemption money, family,

Prophetic qualification, . 565 Reflections on the miracles Prigers, reasons why not

Propitiatory, Christ's death,

16 of Moses, hearil, Prostitution,

Reflections on the starry Preaching of Paul, Protection of vin

beavens, Precious stones, Providence,

Reflections on the conquest Prepiration for boi Providence, divine

of Canaan, temple,

eignty in, .

Reformation, genuine peniPreparation for death, Providence, aspects of

tence followed by, (spiritual.) . .

ward the rightec us

Refreshments in travel, Prerogative of apostles, | spiritual blessings,

Refuge, cities of Presents carrying, common Providence, aspects of,

Regal crowns, embl

624 custom of, 505 | ward the righteous

Regeneration, Preserver, God is. 254 temporal things,


376 Pressure of famine, .

10 Providence, aspects of, to Reins used figuratively as Prido, .890 ward the wicked in

the seat of feeling,

118 Price of kings, 366 sonal punishment,

Rejection, divine,

579 Priest. Christi • 811 Providence, God's, over Rejoicing in God, .

616 Priests, 451 animals,

Rjoicing, times of,

413 Priests, courses of, 461 Providence in spirituai

Relation of Christ to the Priesihood of Christ, 594 things,

Father, Priesthood, sins of, 452 Providence is erer jost, .

Relations of Christ, Priests who returned from Providence often marked in

Relatives, intercourse among, 218 Bubylon, list of

its discrimination,

Religion, ministers of,

476 Primogenituro,

310 Providence sometimes exal Remembrance of Scripture, Privilege and

Providenco sometimes de Remnant of Israel preserved 314 presses, .

from the captivity,

825 Privilege of possessing Scrip Providence, support and de

Removing furniture, emture. liverance in,

blem of, .

525 Processions, public,

9 Pabllo affairs,


607 Prodig il son. parablo of ti 622 in,


23 Product of the field, sim Punishment of kings,

Replies to challenges, inpreparation of Punishment,modes of, among

stances of,

664 troductions of the fields,

foreign nations,

Reproach, Profanation of the Sabbath, 629 Punishment of God against


665 Promieo of possession of


Resolutions, the expression Canaan, . 124 Punishment of

of good,

665 Promises that the enemies


Responsibility, man's, of Israel would be panicPunishments,

2 Restoration of cities, stricken, 76 Punishments under th

R-storation of Jerusalem, Promises to Sabbath-keepers, 630 mans,

Restoration of the Temple Troofs of the resurrection, | Purification of the Temple,

predicted, Property lost, law concern

| Purification of the Temple Restoration to life, miracles of 494 ing it,

by Jesus,

Results of batlle,

748 Propriccios given by Christ,' 31 Purpose of miracles,

Results of siege,

732 Prophecy.

Purpose of the Tabernaclo Resurrection of Christ, 306 Prophecy, cortaloty

and Temple,

Kesurrection of the dead, 416 fullment of, Parim, feast of,

Restrictions under the JewProphecy fulfiled, Quadrupeds, clean,

ish marriage law, Prophecy, the mains Quadrupeds, unclean,

Retaliation, knowledgo under the f Quails,

Return from Jonrneyings, mer dispensation, Quails, miracle of,

Revelation, divine, Prophecies Illustrated

Qualiúcations of' ight sacri Revenge sinful on the pa Jewish history, fices,

man, Prophetesses,

Revenue and lande, royal, Propriets, the qualification

able of the,

:. 518

Reverence, blessings attachfor,

Raiment, change

ed to,

620 Prophets, communications 1 sents,


375 Prophets, duty of the people Rain,


374 to the,

671 Rainbow, the

. . . 769 | Ribs. Wow, lue, Ribs,

115 Proplets respected, 570 Raven,

Rich and poor,

846 Prophets, fidelity' on the Razor, emblem of the,

Rich and poor, para part of, 566 Reaping and harvest,

Rich fool, paruble of the, Prophets sometimes perse Reason for discrimination Riches not be coveted, cuted,

in providences,

si Riddles, Prophets, false, 572 Rebuilding of the Temple.

Riding, Prophets, false, reproved, 574 obstacles to the,

5 Right be

113 Prophets penalty against Receptiors, unkind,

409 Riots,

727 false, . 674 | Rechabites,

163 Ripe fruit, emblem oi :





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tore the,

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Page Rivers, . 762 Sea,

Sleep and night,

721 Rivers mentioned in scripture. 763 Seas moniloned in scripture, 762 Sling, Roads, . . 190, 504


. . . 259 Smiting on the mouth, Robe, npper wanting, a mau Seat,

. 50 Smiting vpon the thigh, said to be naked,

Seal of honour, right hand, 113 token of grief, Robes of various colours, 156 6 Sects, Jewish,

Snail, Robes, purple, symbul of | Scular duties,

Snow, royalty, . . . 166 | Seed springing up imper

Sobriety, yes, white, much esteemed, 156 ceptibly. parable of the

Rick, name of God and Seli-dental, obedience often Soil of Cans
Christ, .
1891 ip vulves.

Rocks, important uses of, 198 Sell-imprecations, . . 670 Sole to bead, the whole
Rocks, their general charac Self-interest, presents given

person, ter, 188

Solemn cautions about mir: Rout'and pillars of bouses, 46 self-righteousness, forms of, 614 acles, Royal cities, Rosul cites,. . 62 Senses, cousco

Solicitude, undine, Royal bramble, parable of " Serpent, charrning of the

Solitude in various forms, the, Serpent, poison oi the,

Solomon's officers, Royai dress, dignity and Servints, exemplary, and Sorrow, etiqnette, 362 bad,

Source of instruction, ScripRoyal family, extirpaiion of a, 375 S-rvitnde, New Testameni Royal gills, 470 precepts about,

345 Sovereigois, divine, mysterRiyal revenue and lands, 371 Servitude, laws regarding, 844 fous, Rubric 645 Servitude, voluntary,

Sovereignty, divine, often Rilin of the Temple fore

"Sitting the face,"

99. apparently indiscriminate, 683 Ruinous covenants,

141 Seventh month, sacrifices at Sowing, Rulers, their duties,


• 612

Sower, parable of the Sabbath, the patriarchal, 628 Seventy apostles, the. :

Sparrow, Sabbath, the Jewislı. · 628 Seventy apostles, miracles Spear, Subhath, how kept by I


495 Special case of non-obligaSabbath the Christian


37 tion of a vow, Subbatical year, 631 Sleep, symbol of, .

Special instances of false. " Sackcloth worn in mourning, 162 | Sheets,

159 hood, . . 774, 672 Sicred treasury, . . 467 Shem, genealogy of,

222 Speech, . , . 660 Sacred vestments, Shepherd, a title of Chris 527 Speech, figures of

676 Sacrifice, animals used for

SI epherd, parable of the,
523 Speech, impropriety of, .

663 Sucr fices, different kinds of, Sliew-bread,

Speech, propriety of, 662 Sacrifices under the patriar Shield, buckler, target,


27 chal dispensation, Sled, symbol of protectio

Spies, catalogue of the, .229 8 crificis under the Mosaic

Ships, ·

64 Spinning ard weaving, dispensation,

· Shipwreck,

: 766

Spiritual allusions to forniSacrifices offered to idols, 271 Shoes and sandals,

| cation, Sacrificial, Christ's death,

Shortness and uncertain Spiritual blessing, Scripture Sacrilege, 702 life.

source of, Sicrainental ordinances, 5111 shonider, bordens borne up: Spiritual inefficacy of animal Safeguard against temptation, 6:2 on it,

sacrifices, Saints praise God, Shoulder, badges of honour

Spiritual influence,

598 Salt,

borne upo

Spiritual penalty of i Sult, covenant 6 Shoulder 110 Spirituality of God,

236 Salutations, • 410 Shrubs and h 718 Spot on the forehead,

97 Samaria, 2 Sickness,

Sprinkling of persons,

507 Samaritang, Seiges,

Sprinkling of thiugs,

608 Samsun,supernaturalstrength Signs of age,

Staff of life, bread the,
Signs requested and given, 496 Standing armies,
Samiel, commission to,
Silver, .

528 .

447 Star, a title of Christ,

. . Samuel, miracles in connecSin, warnings against,

Stars, .

264 lion with, Sin and curse of impenitence, 606 Starry heavens,

262 Sanctification, Sin and guilt of idolatry,

State of man, the first,

377 Satan, spirirual scene of, 536 Sin, divine displeasure Statnre of the body, Saul, genealogy of,

Stephen, miracles performed Sayings of Solomon, str Sin, intuence

by, : . . . . Scape goat,


640 sticks and staves, emblem of, 525 Scene of God's glo Sin of unbelief,

Stiff neck, the common symthird heavens. Sin, sacrifices

bol of obstinacy,

. 109 Scenes and modes o

pardon of,

Stones, precious, atrous worship, Sins ascribed to pastors,


354 Scenes of slaughter, Sins of the priesthood,

Store cities,
Schisms foretold an
Sins of ignorance, sacrifices Storms,

765 proved

tor, .


411 Schools of the prophets, . 569


. 395 Streets of cities,
Scotirgo o! providence, war a, 727 Sincerity, obedience involves, 625 Strength, symbolized by
Scourging, .


111 Scriptuse, exposition of Singers, courses of, . . 462 Strife,

396 Scriprure, the source of in Site of the Temple,

98 Strite, erils of,

399 struction,

92 Strong drink,

152 Scripture, iruth of, . .649' Slain in battle, . . 762 Studiousness of mipisters, 476

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if noon others, 405

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's death, 595

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Sword. an lustrument of per





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Pogo Page Subsection of animals

Theft forbidden,

:837 Unicorn, 5 Thigh,.

119 Uuity and incomparability Submersion, emblem of, 625 Things, weeping,

84 of God, Substitutes for obedi

Things voted,
470 Upity of the Church,

610 sacrificpg not,

Third heavens,

265 Unjust judge, parable of the, Substitutionary, Chris


• 148 Unjust steward, parable of Suicide, 416

Threatenings against sell ***

522 : Sunrise 62 righteousness,

Unleavened bread,

5.3 Sunset, Ti roatenings, severe, agalost Unreclaimed land,

• 12 Sunstroke, 91 kings,

Urim and Thummin,

455 Suprstitious observance of Threshing,

Usury, law of,

. 339 the Sabbalb, Throat,

3 Vail, .

. 100 Supper,

114 Valleys of Scripture,

186 šuppurt of the Gospel minis Thunder,

Vanity, try,

Thunder-storm, description Various f rms of falsehood, •

672 Swallow, • of a,

261 Various stations of the ark, 693 Swearing fo 676 | Tin,

19 Vegetable diet,

14+ Swimming, • • • • Tithes, . .

Vegetation, noxious . 13

Vernal trees, parable o
Token of atten

Vessels of the temple, secution,

the ear,
100 Vestments, sacred,

453 Sword a principal weapon of Tongue,

Victory promised by G war, Tongue, associated


• 718 swori girded in the thigh,

and flattery,
108 Vine dressers,

714 Sword an instrument Tongue, government

Vinetree, einblem ol

526 great slanghter, Tongue, sing of the,.

1 Vineyard, Sword, to-edged, Tongile, the instrumento Vintage,

4. 714 Sworl, wherted,

! speech,
108 Violated

757 Sword wielded so as

Tongues, 8

9 Viper, pierce,


502 Virginity, Svoril, a title of Christ, : 629 Trades, Christian rule re * Visions of Scrip Symbol, boru used as a 37 specting

Visits of angels, Symbol of power, right hai 3 Traditions, Scripture

Vocal music, Syimbols, horses used as, 30, 31 Transfer of land,

2 Vows, Symbolic appearances

Travel, means of,

8 Vows, rash, · angels, .

Travels of Paul,

3 Voyaging, Symbolic jestures in sacrifice, 646 Travelling, i'! Sympathy, 399 Treasure ciling,

| Walls of Synagogues, Treasure foun

Walls of houses,


726 Tabernacle of divino origin,

Treasury, sacred,

468 War, a frequent employment, 71 Tabernacle and its furuiture, Treason, false accusati

War chariot, of iron, . . Tabernacle set up,

Treason, instances of,

373 War steed, Tabernacles, feast of, Treason, punishment of 374 War trumpet,

71 Table, Treasons and revolutions,

Wurlike intelligence,effects of, 738 Table of show

Treatles violated,

757 Warning to backsliders, tabernacle,


714 Warnings agaiust falso proTale-bearing, 3 Trespass offering. .

640 phets, Talents, parable of the, 521 Trial of Christ,

304 Warnings as to the violations Tares, parable of the, 19 Tribes, genealogie

224 of God's law, Tarelish, 203 Tribunal, the,

350 Washing raiment, Tax-gathering,

870 Tributaries, aborigines of Watches, night divided into, Tuxes,

Canaan made,

Water, a title of Christ, Teaching of ministers, : Tribnte,

Water, the common beverage, 151 107 Trinity, the

Wealth, dangers of,

389 51 Troops, ancient valour in, 73 Wealth, the gift of God,

774, 697 | True interpretations of dreams, Wealth, very precarious, 388 Temple built by Soloinon,

is from God,


211 Templo of God, desecration Truth of God,

· 245 Weapous of Christian armour, 77 of the, 269 | Truth of Scripture, . 649 Weuriness of life, .

415 Temple, feasts of the 699 Twins,

• 208 Weather, prognostics of the, 260 Temple rebuilt, 704 Two foundations, parable oi ***

Wells mentioned in Scripture, 768 Temples and altars of idola


Whale, emblem of the,. . trous worship,

Two sons, parable of ti

520 | Wicked endure death here, Temptation, 622 Tyranny of kings,

367 1 and bereafter, . Teuding the flock, 39 Tyre,

Wicked, goat a'symbol of the, 42 Ten plagues, the, 483 Ulcers,

. 169 Wicked puuished with naTen pounds, parable of the, 523 Unbelief and its penalty. . 602

tional disaster, Ten iribes, kings of the, 360 Unbelief, sin of,

· 571 Wicked punished with Ten tribes, fate of the, 324 Unbelief, the punishm

572 Special aggravations, Ten virgins, parable of the, 520 | Unclean fowls, . . 34 Wickedness and punishment Tents, Unclean qnadrupede,

of the Jews, Tenure of honses,

Unclean spirit, parable of 1 Widows, Tenure of land,

Uncleanness, cremonial, 508 Wife, duties of the Thanksgiving 'to God, for "Under feet," the token of Wild animals, blessing mun's labour, 144! subjugation,

22'Wild ass,

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ma, parable

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520 War.


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wild goat,

Witnesses in law,

349 Worship paid to devils, 687

Wilderness, sins of Israel In Wives, good,

431 Worship pail to idols,

320 Wives, bad,

Worshipping God. duty of, 651

Wilfal violations


19 Wounded in battle,

Wonderful covenants, 141 | Writing,




Writing, the mode of record


Word obligation to hear God's,657 ing Scripture, . . 651


| Work of Christ, prophesies

Year of jubilee,

. . . 631

Wine, weak, called vinegar,

respecting it,

| Yoke, the seat of the neck, 109
Winking with the eye, a siga Work of divine power, mi: Yokes, emblem of, .

of evil intent,

racle a,

Zeal, obedience demands, 625
Wisdom, the gift of God,

World, non-conformity to the, 623 Zecharlab, commissiou to, 565

Wisdom, means of attaiuing it, 385 Worm,

Zidon, ..


Wisdom of the world, • 382

Worms, (disease)

• 169 Zion hii, peculiar sacredness

ist • 997

• 272 Worsbip oflered' to Christ, 287 | attached to it, . 183

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