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Commanlon, with believers, Creeping things, clean, . 34 Deserts, their general char-

Christ maintains,

Crops, failure of,


Complaint to God against Crucifixion of Christ, .305 Degerts, scenes of danger, .





Compact between kings and 57

Cup of wine, emblem of, 526 Destiny, man's, determined


Customs of Idolaters to

by his choice,

Compliments, presents given


· 275 Destruction of Jerusalem by

Cyprns, island

. 191 1 the Chaldeans,

Compound auimal, emblemi


81 Devastations of armles,

of, .

624 Daily sacrifice,

11 Devils, . .



36 Devoted things,

Condition of continued pos Damascus, .

203 Devotion, sacrifices, token of,

session of Canaan, .

Danger of not o

Dew, · ·







Confession in prayer,

510 Dangers of wealth, 389 Dimensions and materials of

Confession of sin to other 642 Dart. jivelin,

81 the temple, . .

Confidence, genuine,

315 David,


Confined pasture, emblem David and Solomon, mira Disbanding soldiers :

of, . . . . .

525 cles in connection with,. 489 Discipline of the army, .

| David chosen king, .

Disease sent by God,
Congregations of the chi

David, commission to, • 563 Disease often painful,

Conquest of Canaan, reflec David's heroes, list of,

230 DISANSA, of skin

Diseases of skin,

tions upon, .

Day and night,

263 Diseases incurable,

Conspiracy against Jesus, .303 Day - labourer

Day - labourers, parable

Disease the token of sin, .


166 the

Disease, recovery from, is

Conscience, 'its universai


from God, .


Dead thie, cut off from the Dishonesty, .

Consis ency required of min: world,

Di-luterested conduct of Paul,


Dead, the, forgotten,

Disobedience Al


Consulting God, danger of *“
Dead soinetiines burned,

danger of,
omitting it,
Dead unlamented some Dispeuser of


Consultation of idols,

176 the,.

892 Deafness,

166 Dissolution of marriage,
Contrasts, wisdom with folly, 384

Death, original sentence, 170 Distribution of booty,
Cookery, emblem of,

524 Deatli, none exempted from, 172 | Distribution of land, .

Copper, .

449 Death of children,

212 Divine appearance, tokens of,


20 Death of Christ predeter Divine decrees,

Corn and wine associated


Divine decrees, lessons from

as the meaus of susten Death of Christ predic


152 Death of the righteous,

Divine care over travellers

Coronation, kingly anoint:


73 and strangere,

ing, .

Deatil, christian hope in, . 174 Divide goodness doubted,


Death, physical change pro Divine goverument based on


duced by, . .

174 proprietorship, .

Court of the tabernacl

Death, preparation for,

Divine presence in heaven,

Cvurts of Houses,

Death, the dark realm of, . 175 Divine prerogatives employ-

Covebant, angel of the,

Death, the penalty of Idol-

ed by Christ,

Covenant, God faithful to atry,

276 Divine protection to the


Death, the wii of God," :

temple and tabernacle,

Covenant; man making, withi

Debt, recovery of, . .

341 Divine service, maintenance

Debt, remission of,

341 of, .

Covenant, obligations to 10 Debtors and credi

Divine sovereignty in provi:
able of the,


139 Decalogue written by God, : 652 Divine 'threatenings againsi

Covenant of God with N 137 Deceit of hypocrisy

396 1 false gode, .

Covenant with Israel,

188 Decrees, divine,

578 Divine revelation, .

Covenant of salt,

136 Dedication of the tabernacle, 696 | Divine revelation, visions :

Covenant, blood of, .


Dedication of Solomon's mode of,

Covedant ratifed and sealed, 136 temple, :

: :


Covenant, the new, . . 140 Dedicatión of the second Divinity of the Holy Ghost,

Covenants, instances of hu




Dedication of the altar, sac: " Dog. .

Covenants, Jews forbidden

rifices at, .

Domestic affection, want of,'
to make, with healben na Dedica'ion, feast of,

Door-porch, gate of houses,
. 141 Dedication of a city,
Covenants, wonderful,
1 Dedication of houses,

Double sacrifice of the sab-

Covenants, ruinous,


| Deer,

6 bath,.

Courteonsness described and Defender, God is, . 254


forbidien, .
388 Delicacies in food,

148 Doxologles,


76 Deliverance from the


22 and power of sin,

Dreams natural, and super-



483 natural,

Creation of the earth, of God, 180 Demoniacal possession

Dress, origin and need of, :

Creation of animals, .

4 Depravity, buman,

Dress for the head, .

Creation, lessons from, .253 Description of Canaan, 124 Dress and ornament put off

Creation, reflections on, 1801 Deserts of scripture,

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in mourning,





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Drega, materials of, . . 166 Elisha, miracles in connec Faithfulness in ministers of

Dress of courser texture,

tion wiin, ..

490 religioni, .

worn by poor persons, 157 Embalming the dead,. . 175 Faithful priests,


Dreng of fuer texture, worn Embassies,

757 Faltof man,


by persons lp bigh stations,


623 Falling on the face, result of

Dress of the priests,

Emblems and

sudden sensation, . .


Dress, ornament, and per-


167 False friends, ..


fume of females,

Kinotions, personal,

390 False prophets,

Dress, Various classes distin

Emotions, relative,

894 | False prophets reproved, . 574

guished by their,

Enactments, agrarian,

3 False propliets, warnings

Dresses worn by the Jews, 167 Enemies, love to,

399 against, . . .

Dresses, special,

Enquiries at God wanswered, 555

65 False witnesses,


Drink (ffering,

· 639 Eut II,




Drinks usually taken or pre Entreaty,

| Family, a divine institution, 205

sented in a cup,

Entry in

| Family, cares and anxieties, 218

Dronglit, . •


02 Family, prayers on behalf of, 205


'Envy, .

Family, prophecy of Jacıb, 217

Drunkenness, evils of,

Ephali emblem of the,. 524 Families, diminutior of, &

Drunkenness, unjust imputa Ephod,

455 sore judgment,

11 ns. re:pecting, .

153 Epilepsy,

67 Famine, pressure of,

Dumbness, . ..

Equality among

Famine, means against,

Duty of apostles,

. 471 ous forms,

01 Famine, instances of,

Duty of pressing

Equestriun scene, emblem of, 625 Famine, God's care of his

fection, .


97 people doring.

Duties of citizens,

• 309 Erection of buildings,

45 Farewell, in travelling, t 100

Duties of the leviteg, • 458 Erection of cities,

52 Fast in, right spirit to, . 142

Duties of the priests,

451 Erection of the Temp

Fasts by divine authority,

Duties of the people to their Eternity of God,

. . 236

236 Fasts, extraordinary,

. 143


9 | Ethiopia, .

199 Fasts private and publlc,

Duiies of redeemed

Evil company to be shunned. 403 | Fat forbidden to be eaten,

Dities, secular,

866 | Evil conscience, in au,

Favouritism in the family, .

Dwellings, origing

3 | Evils of strife,

• 399 Fear, presents given froin, 506

Dwellings, occasional,

Ewe-lamb, paral.lo ofiho, . 518 Fearing God, duty of, . 620

Dwellings, ordinary,

Example, good and bad,

Feast, nuptial, .


Dying charge in regard

Example of Christ, .

| Feast of first-truits,

the body when dead,

Excommunication, Irom the Feast of ingathering,


Dying solicitude for sur-

synagoglie, .

709 Feasts, great. . . .


Exemplary conduct

474 Feasts, invitations to, . 156


Existence of God,

234 Feet, the instrument of mo-

Eales and vinetree, parable Exodus, tlie,

817 tion,

of the,

Exposition of scripture, : 658 "Feet, at the," signifying


Expulsion of tho aborigincs close attendance,

Ear, bad characteristics of of Canaan,

Feet, to fall at another's,

Expulsion or demons, mir: the token of homae,


acles of, .

| Fenced cities,

Earls prevalence of idolatry, External nature, miracles on, Field, produce o

Laruest efforts to obtain Eye as the organ of sight, Linto meal, etc.,

Eye the source of tears,

Fields, productions

Eartli created and furnished Eye dimmed by age or Filial duty,

by God,

180 sorrow, .

• .

Filial duty, special k

Eye, the evil,

Filial disobedieuce, sin and

xp ce

Eye, winking with

danger of,


Earth, early settlement of. :

sign of evil intent,

Final dispersion of the Jews. 2:27

Erili, destiny of the,

Eyes painted by women,

Fipal doom of devils,


Eyes, litting up the,

Fives in lieu of offering,

Eartiq. kes' and' volcanic noting begun or renewed Finger,



Fire of the hearth,

E rilquakes 'meniioned in

Eyer, symbol of intelleci


Scripínre, .

and reason,


E ist wind, .

257 Eyebrow, .

101 1 Fish as food,

Laring breail, a general term Eyelid,


fur taking food, . . 145 Ezekiel, commission to, 564 Fishes, clean

Edlom, .

. 194 Ezra, genealogy of,

Elon, peopling of,

195 Ezru's fellow travelle

Fishing, para


196 from Babyon, list of,

1 Flattery,

Egypt, Israel in, .

315 | Face, . ,


LR pl, prophecies concerns Face'to face, symbol of close Flesh,

igit, . .

196 | contact,

Flesh and blood, signifying




Elanı, prophecies respecting

Flesti deno ing humaniiy, .

199 Failli' willi salvation, connec Flesh, signifying corrupt






tion of,

. 472

human nature, .

Elders among the Jews : 460 Failli of miracles, . . . 604 Flesh, signifying the whole

El ction of Saul as king,

1 Faith enjoined.

corporeal pereon, . .

Elijalt, miracles in connec-

Faith and prejudi

Flesti, signifying what is

tion with,.' . . 489' JeWF, . . . . . 331 | common to humanity,

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Page 1

Page 1


Flight in war,

750 God, His existence,

231 Ilandful,

Fluck, multiplication of th 41 God, His works,

253 Hard names not always un-

Flock, tending of the,

89 God, His creation,

180 just, ..

Flowers and aromatics,

God, His providence,

254 Harvest and reaping,


God, His redemption,

255 | llawk, .

Fișing book, emblem of the 524 God, His government,

255 Head,


God, His natural attributes, 236 Ilead' anointed for refresh:

Food, the gift of God,

God, His moral attributes, 243 ment,

Food, human industry nece

God consulted on temporal Head 'covered with dust,

Aury in providing,

earth or ashes, in token of

Food, aniinals used for

God consulted on spirituai

Food in Egypt.

147! things,

554 Ilead, its natural covering of

Food, pr paration of

God consulted on the events


Fuwd, voluntary abstinence

of war, .

Head, often stands for per-

fruin, . .

143 Gou, human appearance and

son or life, . .

. .

Foot, .

20 motion ascribed to Him,

Head sometimes shaven,

Foreign armies, ... God, human organs ascrib Head the natural symbol


715 ed to Him,


Forgiveness of i

God, buman voice ascribed

Head tossed in token or con-


to Him,


Forviration, punishment of, 443 God praised in heaven,

Head was bowed, in token of

Found ition of buildings, 44 God praised on earth,

reverence to God, or re-

Foundation, a title of Christ, God praised in public wor-

spect to men,

Fountains mentioned


536 lleiling of diseases, miracu-


God praised by angels,

635 lous,

Four wiuds, tho,

God alone to be praised, 635 Heel,


20 God faithful to his cuvenant, 138 Heart,

Fowls clean,

Gud, city of,

lleart, all the, that which

Fowls, unclean,

God' rejected as king by God esp cially desires, and



is pleased with iu pious

God's care of his pocplo dur-




1671 ing Lunine,

| Heart, perfect,


Frailty of life,

171 God's cire of wldoors,

lleart, pure,



402 God'y cure over kings, 368 Heart, the seat of evii, . 116

Fro .

04 | God's house, comin.nd

Heart, to apply the, is to

Fruit of the carob

147 Worship in,


Fruits and herbs,

7 God's proridence

Ileart, to harden the, is to per-

bruilless vineyard, i rable


sist in disobediouce,

of the, .

Gog and Magos,

. 198 Ileart, whole,

Furniture, articles of,


447 Heartl, fire of the

Furniture of the Tabernac 690 Gold and silver-smitig, 601 Heaveu, a state of happiness


8 Good example,

• 400 and glory,

Caeg, tlo Greciad,

13 Good kings,

. 365 Ileaven in con

Gates of cities,

54 Goodness of Go

248 scene of,



729 Gont,

Geneali gy of Shem,

Grace a result of redemption, 613 Heavenly luminaries, objects

Genealogy of lam,


of idolutry, .

Geirealogy of Japheth,

223 Grasshopper,

Herd, ..

Genealogy of king Saul, 226 Gratituue,

.: 898 Well, the place of the finally

Genealogy. Pittriarchal,

Great supper, parable of the, 622 I wicked,

Genealogy of the tribes,


18 Helmet,

Gentiles as successors to Grecia,

llelmet and

the Jews, prophecies of Grief of bereaved parents,

13 Ieraldry,

Gnard of the ark, iubernucle, 692 llerbs and trees,

Gentiles, church among the, Guarded cities,

58 Heroes, record of David's,

Gentiles fulullinent of pro Guardianship of angels, .631 Heroes, ancient valvur in,

pliecies respecting the,

830 Hail,


Ieroines, .


Genuine penitence followed Ilair, the natural cove

High Priest, .

by reformation,

606 the head,

Hill of Zion, peculiar sacred-

Glits, cheerful,


ness attached to it,

Gf 9, royal,

470 Hard, .

111 IIills and mountains of Scrip-


169 land, vigit, symbol of power, 113 Iture. .

Girile, emblem of the, 525 lland, righe seat of honour, 113 Hivnom, valley of,.

Giving siglt to tbo'blind. llund, leit, used in Idiomatic lloary bair, tlie mark of age

huir.clu un,


and venerable appearance,


Hand, tu lilt the hand against, | Holy city,

Glory of Goil,

· 236

is to rebel, .

Ilvly days,


"Glury." signifying liver in

Hands, to clap the expression

| Iluliness or Go


the llolirow Scriptures, I of sudden feeling, .

12 Holy Ghost,


Gloryiur in ciod,

6 Ilands. to join, token ut com Holy Ghost, divinity of the, 698

Gnashing the to

bination, .

113 lluly Chust personality of the, 598

eigu of ugluy,

107 Ilands, to lift up another's Holy Ghost, special operite

is to comfort,

12tions of the,



Handls, to lay on,

112 Iloly place of the Tabernacle, 690

Goal, symbol of Macedon, 43 Hands, io litt up, the postare Holy of Ilolies or tlie Taber-

Guat, yubol of tbo wicked 42' of prayer. .

112 Qacle,


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544 • 644




Justification without merit in
Juvenile thoughts and pas:


86 410

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utioned in somn



Kings, their characters, - :


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• 223

613 496



Pago Holy of Ilolles of the Temple, 700 Instances of the interpreta

392 Honey,

tion of dreams,


Jubilee, the year of, . 631 Honey, used as food, Instrumental musio,

Judah, captivity of, . 324 Honor, badges of, bo TRO Intercession, persons

Judab, genealogy of,

226 upon the shoulder,

ed from, .

Judas, treachery of,'

803 Hope, .

Intercession requested, 44 Judea, .
Hope in

Intercession, rule tor,
14 Judge, Christ the,

312 Hospitallty, Intercessions for ministers Judges in law,

349 Horn,

of the gospel,
544 4 Judges of Israel,

356 Horn as a symbol, . Intercessions for our country 45 Judgment, the,

418 Horns and carpenters, emIntercessions for saints, :


596 blem of,

Intercessions for victory, *. 646 Justification' by faith, bringHornet, Intercossions in publio dis

ing righteousness, Horse, 29 tress,

Justification not by'works, Horses used as symbols, 30 Interpretation of dreams, Justification leading to good Horse-leech, .

anxiety for the, .

722 works, Houses, apartments o

Invitations to feasts, Houses, courts of, 46 Iron, ,.. .

419 man,

. Houses, dedication of

Houses, door, porch
Isaiah, commission to,

times, Houses, walls of,

46 Isalub, miracles in connec Killing for food, Houses, roof and pi

tion with, .

Kind receptions, Houses, leprosy in,. . 52 Islands mentioned in scrip King, Christ a,

311 Hionses, tenure of,


King, .

856 Haman depravity,

Issue, (dis
167 Kings of Jodah,

359 Human sacrifices offered to Israel in Egypt,

815 Kings of the ten tr idols,

• 271 Israel in the wilderness, 319 Kings not of Israel, mentionIlumility,

Israel in Canaan,

221 ed in scripture, Hunger, • 142 Israel in captivity,

324 | Kings sometimes chosen by Hanting,

Italy, ..

199 | God,. . Husband and wife, separa | Itch, .

365 tion of

435 / Itinérant labourers, . 473 Kingly vices, Husbands, duties of, Jacob,

Kneeling, token of obeisance, Husbandınen, parable of the 621 | Jacob's family at their Knowledge, a result of reHyprocrisy, its punishment, 396 settlement in Egypt,

demption, Idleness,

357 Japheth, genealogy of, . 223 3 Korah, destruction of Idolatry, 266 Jealousy,

440 Labourers, itinerant, Idulatry, absurdity of 231 | Jeremiah, commission to, 563 | Lamb, a title of Christ,

528 Idoliitry extirpated by man, 279 Jeroboam, miracles in con

Lameness. . Idolatry, penalty of 276 nection with,

Lamp of the dwelling,
Idols, names of,

Jerusalem, .

183 Land, charters of, Idols not to be made nor Jewels,

450 Land, distribution of, worahipped,

Jewish nation,


Land, transfer of, Imagors in aliaslon to hell..

Jewish feasts, not binding Land, unreclaimed, Imnuges and idols, objects of on christians,

631 Language, primeval,

660 worship,

Jewish sabbath,

628 Languages, origin of different, 660 Immortality and felicity of Jewish sects,

10 Last passover,

303 God, .

Jewish unbelief,

331 Laver of the tabernacle, . 695 Immutability of God, Jews, their relations to the Laver of the temple,

701 Impenitence,sin and curse of, 06 heathen,

321 Law, administration of, 848 Imperfection of wisdom, 883 Jews, wickedness a

Law of debt,

341 Imposition of hands,

ishment of the

Law of fixed property, 310 Imprisonment, Jews, their condition during

Law of master and servant, 312 Jubringing, final of the Jews, 333 the captivity,

Law of planting the vine, Inceuse,

Laws guarding property, 337 Ino st,

Laws protecting life,

. 834 Inclining the ear, the token Jews who returned from Lawyers,

330 of attention,

Babylon, with Zerubbabal, Laying the hand on the Iacousistencies of ministers,

list of,

mouth, token of reverence, Individuals, providerce in Jews married

Lead, the affairs of,

Lengue with the cunning Indu try,


63 Infantry, 69 1 list of,


166 Infinitide and incomprenen Jews, final dispersion of the, 227 Leaven, parable of tho, . 521 sibility of God, Jews, Onal inbringing of the, Lebanon,

. 18+ Inila'nation, .

John the Baptist, Christ's Left-handed, . 113 Jofluence of plety upon others, | forerunner,.

6 Leg,

. 120 Iogratitude,

398 Joints,

. . 92 Legal support for the poor, Ingratitude, cautions against, 623 Jordan divided under Joshua, 488 Leopard,

17 Inheritance of Joshua and Jordan, on east side, occu Leprosy,

. 167 Caleb, :

pancy of, .
• 128 Leprosy, law of,

167 Inheritances of the tribes, 129 Joshua and Satan, spirituai

Leprosy in garments, Injuries, forgiveness of, 899 scene of,

| Leprosy in houses, Inquest, Joshua, miracles in connec:

Lepers obliged to dwell in Iusects, 25 tion with,

1 separation, ances of famine, 11 Journeyings,.

| Letters,

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• 138






Life, weariness of,

Merchauuise, accounts, etc.

802 Murder


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Mercy of God.'

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Loins, expressive of lineage;
Luru's supper, institution of


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Midnight visitor, parable oi

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Page 1

Page Leviathan,


· 638 Monrners, for the dead, hired, 176 Levi, Meat, postures and customs

Mourning, clothing covered Levi, genealogy of,

with dust in,

. .

162 Levites,


200 Mourning, clothing rent in, 161 Levites and their chiefs, 461 Mediator and intercessor, Mourning, dress and ornaLevites inferior to the priests, 457 Christ the,

ment pot off in, . 161 Levites bad no inheritance,



Mourning forbidden, certain Lice, .


27 Meditation,


marks and forms of, 176 Light,

Meditation opon Scriptore, 659 Monrning for the dead forLiglit. a title of Christ, . 528 Meditating upon God, duty of, 621 bidden to certain persons, 176 Lightning. . 260 Meekness, i

397 Mourning, sackcloth worn in, 162 Life, a title of Christ,

627 Meekness of Paul . . 475 Mourving, scenes of, for the Lite from the dead, 600 Meetings in trave

409 dead, i. . . . 176 Lie, shortness and uncer Membership of the church, 608 / Mouth,

. . . . 104 tainty of,

Men and spirits, objects of Mouth used in eating, .105 worship,

267 Mouth used in speaking, 105

Mules, . . Lips,


Multiplication of the floc
Merchandise, articles of,

Murder forbidden,
Liver, called "glory in the Merchandise, benefits of,


393 Hebrew Scriptures, 118 Merchandise, vices and dan Music,

499 Locusts, Igers of,

Mustard-seed, parable of the, 520 Loriglugs in vel,

248 Mysteries in providence, 685 Loins,

Mercy of God, ground of Mystio Temple of Ezekiel, 706 confidence, . . .

249 Naked prophet, emblem of Loquacity,

663 Mercy of God prayed for, 250 the, . . . . .

Mercy-seat, Tabernacle, 692 Nakedoess indecorons, . the,


. 262 Names of God given to Lord's supper, benefits and



Curist, caurlons pertaining to the, 517 Metal, working in, . : 603 Names 'of persons, signinLosing the way in travel, 412 Metals and miner

cancy of, Lost money, parable of the, 522

200 Names of places, signinLost sleep, parable of the, 522

Cuncy of, Lot in ancient times, an ap


Naining cities,

52 peal to providence, 687 | Military tactics,

Nution of the J

314 Love, 898 Milk and honey, character


461 Luring God 619 istic of Canaan,


109 Loves, varivus,


504 | Neck' clasped in Joy or grief, 109 Loyalty,

449 Neck, seat of yoke,

109 Lunacy,

Ministers of religion, . Neck, symbol of subjugat Macedonia,

199 Ministers, duty of the people Neck adorned with ord: Mintenance of divine service, 469 to,

ments, Magic and sorcery, 274

Necromancy, Magistrates, 856 of,

Nehemiah, Majesty of God

Ministry, the sacred,. : 476 Neighbourhood, Malios the cause of m 335 Ministry, support of the Gos Nest, .

20 Mau, creation of, 254 pel,

1 Nethinims, Man intellectually, 381 Miracles,

Newness of life,

600 Man morally, 886 Miracles, faith of,


632 Man socially,


Miracles manifest divine Night and darkness, . Man fpiritually, 877 power, . .

Night and sleep,

721 Man's destiny, 418 Miracles of C


114 Man's destiny determined by Moub,

0 Nineveh,

193 hils choice, 682 Miracles under the old

Noah, miracles in connection Man's responsib | Testament,

with, Manslaughter, 836

Nobility and governors, Manna,

Mode and result of the re Non-burial, a disgrace and Mannu, miracle


punisbment, Manuniission,

Mode of recording Scripture, 651 Non-conformity to the world, 623 Blarches of Israel in the Monomania,

69 Nose, . . wlderness,

Monthly sacrifice, : :

641 Nose, the organ of smell, Marriage, Months,

Nose, the means of life and Murriage of '& brother's

Monuments, architectural, 56 breath,
Monuments for the dead, 179 Noxious vegetation

Mortification, (disease,) 169 Nuptial feast,
Moses, his commission, 316 Nursing,

210 Marriage law, Jewish pecale Moses, miracles in connec Number of devils,

686 farities in,

tion with,

Oath, an appeal to God, Marriage of policy,

| Moth,

. 27 Vatn, form of, putting, the Muster aud servant, re lation Mount Ebal,

hand under . . of . .

13 Mouut Epliraim, .

184 Oath, God taking an, . Metrials of buildings,

Mount Zion,

185 va bs, instances of, in the Materials of dress, Mountains and hil

Old Testament, Means ag inst famine, 12 Iture,

Oaths, instances of, in Means 18 well as end

Xew Testament, poiuted, 580

82 | Obedience,

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